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The Experiment

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Patcharoo, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

The Experiment's Story


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He turned back away, lazily ascending to the top of his stone pillar to rest.

The setting changes from The Ruins to Mjötviðr; The Realms

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It was day two, round two, and Aiya was up early to start cooking a filling greasy breakfast for Zekil and Fen. Eggs, bacon, all sorts of unhealthy stuff that she wouldn't dare touch in favour of her horrible concoction of a milkshake. It was obvious she didn't cook very much, with how she kept asking out loud if things were done (asking who was hard to say) but at the same time she seemed to do just fine, cooking the food to some specific perfection.
It was probabl
y just the AI plugged into the base of her neck twenty-four seven. "Get up, come on!" she shouted, not anticipating that someone might have been up before her.

Zekil jumped from the rafter to land in front of her. "Been up." he told her as he held onto his spell book. "Didja make us breakfest? Aw how sweet." he told her with a grin as he ruffled her hair. "I am not touching that milkshake of yours though..." he told her with a shudder.

Fenrias groaned beneath his sheets as the mouth-watering scent of eggs and bacon filled his acute nostrils. Slowly, he began to squirm his way out from his bed. Hazy dark brown eyes scanned the room, searching for the source of the smell, while he sat up straight on the matress. Lifting up a hand, he ran his fingers through his dark hair, which poked out in odd angles.

The man was dressed only in a pair of plaid boxers that went down to his knees. His torso was defined, well muscled, and athletic, yet not bulky. A thin striped of dark brown hair coursed from the center of his chest down to his carved abdomin.

"Oye..." he groaned while rubbing the sleep from his eyes, "must've stayed out a wee bit too late las' night."

Aiya almost didn't seem to notice Fenrias was half dressed. In fact, every time she had looked at a guy in this competition, she seemed to have been focussed on his fighting ability or weapons. She was just strange like that. But promptly served was the eggs and bacon onto two plates and dumped ungraciously on the table with a clatter. She sat down to guzzle her banana-sugar-egg-something-something milk shake.

"So what's the game plan today? Find out who we're fighting then beat them to a pulp in the ring?" She shrugged. "I'm not a good leader. Plans are things other people do."

Zekil looked at Lyall, "Drinking or studying?" he teased him as he grabbed himself a bar stool as he sat down on it. His wings flapping slightly. He did not mention anything about the encounter he had yesterday with the holy team... or the cleric at all. "Pretty much... Or ya know we can check the board...." he told her with a smirk.

Fenrias smirked at Zekil as he reached for his pants and t-shirt and walked toward the bathroom. His bare feet padded slightly on the ground. The tired haze from his eyes was slowly dissipating.

"Eh, I ain't much of ah night sleeper." he grunted.

He disappeared into the bathroom for a minute, closing the door behind him. After a moment, he exited the room fully clothed in his trademark dark jeans and black t-shirt. The flushing of the toilet bowl preceded him. Fen's eyes were now bright and alert while his hair was more tamed.

"Put the toilet seat down," Aiya said without even glancing in his direction. It was an assumption, but still. "Do you know how many germs get sprayed into the air?" She did. "Whelp, I'm gonna go check out the board, want to join me?"

Zekil nodded as he got up to follow her the food on his plate just gone. He was a faster eater, "Some one needs to guard you." he said jokingly knowing full well that she could handle herself quite easily he had seen her fight after all.

Fen grunted at Aiya's comment before plopping down into the chair across from Zekil. He then began to unceremoniously shovel the food into his mouth after showering it with salt and pepper.

"Aye, I'll join yeh." he said in between mouthfuls.

Aiya was up to her feet in a second, chair knocked from behind her to the floor. She didn't bother picking it up. Off she went, down the halls to check out the notice, with or without the two boys. Her eyes narrowed at the sheet of paper before her. "Wha-? Oh." She turned her head away and rolled her eyes. "How boring."

It was the religious gentlemen. Well, hardly gentlemen, but it was the religious men.
Zekil grinned, "I call the hunter..." he said with an almost evil grin. "I have a score to settle with him." he told them with a chuckle. He wasn't going to let him get away from holding a gun at him and threating to do it again, let the ring decide who was the better, the demon or the hunter. For a moment his eyes had slits in them.

Within moments the plate was empty other than a few stray bloches of yellow egg. He then quickly rose from his seat, slipped on his boots, threw on his leather jacket, grabbed his hat and shades, and trodded out the door after the other two.

"Great, so you get the cool guy in a cloak, hey Lyall, do you want the paladin or the pacifist?" she asked with folded arms. "Jesus, how did these guys make it to the second round?" She let out a frustrated, and disappointed, sigh and stormed off to the arena.

Zekil followed her a demonic grin on his face, "This would only get better if it was an angel I was fighting... Or him..." he muttered not explaining who the the him he was referring to was, though the flash of brilliant white wings edged in gold appeared in his mind. The figure had been masked in light last they battled and had their holy sword at Zekils' throat. He shook that thought away, he needed to stay focused.

Fenrias folded his arms across his chest. His eyebrow rose beneath the concealing shadow of his camouflage hat. "Paladin, eh?" he smirked, "Haven't seen one of dem in awhile... I'll take that langer for eh whirl."

They weren't first to go, so they got to see the other competitors go first. Varius was there, engaged with some smaller opponent in combat, but their blade met the werewolves heavy metal gauntlet and it was obvious who was winning. This was followed by a centaur who seemed to be more about the show than anything, and the only thing going in his favour was his reach and strength. Finally a fighter wielding chains battled a man throwing knives.

And then it was their go. "I'll be right back," Aiya said, walking up for the coin toss. She returned a moment later, mouth falling slightly open. "I lost the coin toss."
"Um. We have to send someone up first."

Zekil nodded, "Lyall you or me?" he asked him. He personally did not mind going first, if it was with the hunter. Who he kept his eys on with a smirk on his lips. The shadows near him coiling around him lightly he was itching for a challenge.

Lyall observed as the other combatants threw themselves against one another. He silently noted the strengths and weaknesses of the prevailing team. The centaur was large and strong, but an abundance of strength usually required a sacrifice in speed and agility, which Fenrias had an abundance of in his feral form - if it came down to that.

Fenrias looked up at Zekil through his shades. "Don' mattah to meh." he shrugged.
"Zekil, you go up. That way we can guage them, or something!" she said. In truth it was because she was confident he could win any fight, and she wanted to play it safe.

But she'd never admit it.

Zekil nodded to her, "Seems my choice has been made." he said as he hopped easily onto the arena with a fake yawn and a bored expression on his face.

Fenrias watched as Zekil leapt into the arena. He leaned up against a wall, crossing his arms over his chest, and waited for his competitor to appear.

The bounty hunter stepped up, taking out both pistols and discarding them to the side, only to let his cloak close tightly around his from again, hiding his arms. "I promised I would face you, and kill you. Demonspawn." He seemed damn near emotionless.

Zekil grinned, "And I say ya won't." he told him as he kept his hands on in his pockets. "I mean you really think you can beat me?" he said with a laugh with a grin. "Better men than you have tried."

"You seem to think this is some sort of a game." A sharp whistling sound suddenly pierced the air as a needle hurtled from beneath his cloak, causing it to billow briefly from the disturbance. It was aimed straight for Zekil's throat. "But a mortal man I am not."

Zekil blinked at the needle as he side stepped from the needle his eyes widen at the sight, "that was too fast... what the hell?!" he muttered to himself as his cards appeared around him swirling with an unholy light as his dagger and sword came out. Seems he got his wish for a challenge.

The cloak suddenly swept around of its own accord, spinning at a crazy speed independant from its owner. "I am the dark herald that appears. The shadow at the edge of the light. The last prayer of desperation for something to save people when all else is lost." As he spoke blades rose, spinning around his body like a circular saw as he slowly strode towards Zekil. There had to be at least eight of them.

Zekil frowned as the man spoke, "That isn't exactly easy to remember... is there a name I can call ya?" he asked him as he saw the blades as his cards spun around him faster, he watched the blades carefully as he got his own ready, his sword and dagger gleaming darkly.
"Not one that will matter in the five moments it takes me to kill you." He suddenly ducked, knives shooting inwards and locking together to form one large weapon, still spinning, and sent hurtling for Zekil.

Zekil saw the weapon coming at him as he brought his shadow barrier up blocking it as best he could as he was pushed back from the blow. He grabbed a card of his and hurled it at him as it crackled it wiith lightning. Joking over he needed to get serious.

The spinning blades would crash against the cards and hurtle away into the air, but the hunter was not done, dashing off to the side and throwing out two more needles, precisely aimed for Zekil's eyes.

Zekil frowned as he saw the card he thrown be knocked away, "damn it..." he muttered as he saw the needles he managed to block one as the other hit his silver eye making him hiss in pain. "Now you have done it." he growled as the shadows formed around him making his armor from the war as he charged at him his black blood crusting on his face turning into gems as it hit the light.

Momentarily caught by surprise, the demon hunter drew out a short sharp blade to defend himself, his other hand rising to catch the spinning disc as it hurtled back towards him. It landed neatly in his hand. "Are you a fool?" He stepped forward to meet Zekil, blade thrust upwards for the demons chest.

Zekil growled at him his fangs showing as he blocked the blade pushing it down. "I only wear the mask of a fool. Do not underestimate me hunter." he growled at him as he slashed for his eyes, or where he assumed his eyes were with his dagger.

The man had underestimated Zekil, jerking away just in time to avoid a fatal wound, and getting a nasty gash sliced up his cheek. "You are more beast than human," he snarled, suddenly abandoning his cloak. The thing seemed to have a life of its own, parting from the man and floating upwards, only to descend on Zekil, trying to surround him. And on the inside of the cloak was the main knives and needles the man used, all aimed for the demon.

Zekil laughed, "Human? I am a demon not a human remember!" he said as the cloak descended on him as he tried to cut it off. He howled in pain as they punctured his body a blade cutting his wing as he managed to get out growling in anger. He was kneeling on the ground before he got up, pulling out a knife from his arm and throwing it at the mans legs. He was angry and the way the shadows moved around him was proof of that as he melded one into a bow and fired an arrow of pure darkness at him, aiming for his chest.

Not expecting a concealed attack to come from the cloak, his own tactic, the hunter was struck in the thigh, causing him to double over in a cry of pain. In response he raised his spinning blade to attack, only to be struck by the darkness in his chest. He went down, crashing to the floor.

Zekil walked over to him as he looked down upon him. "Don't worry it isn't fatal... you will live with the reminder of what a Shadow Demon, no, what I can do..." he hissed at him. "I am a dark wizard remember that well..." he growled at him as he waited for the countdown.
The man didn't get up and the judges soon declared Zekil the winner. "Ha! Nice one!" Aiya called from the sidelines, folding her arms with a grin. "Hey, Lyall, wanna go up next?" she asked. "You've got a choice of a priest and a pally. Both are probably chumps."

Zekil limped off the arena hissing in pain as he clutched his face. "Damn it all..." he whispered softly as he knelt on the ground panting for breath he was more hurt than he let on as black gems led his trail to where he was at. He tried to keep his darker nature inside him. He looked at them as he nodded to Lyall, "I wouldn't underestimate them Lyall..." he finally muttered to him.

Fenrias nodded at Aiya and was about to meander into the arena when Zekil limped passed him. He raised his eyebrow, "Yeh gonna beh alright, laddeh?" he asked while eying the demon, "Here. Take this." he grinned before reaching into his pocket and withdrew a small metal canteen and tossed it toward Zekil. Upon unscrewing the lid, the strong soothing smell of hard liquor would eminate from the container.

"Don' yeh worry, boyo." he smirked, "I'm usually deh one who gets underestimated... and always deh one dat comes out on top."

Zekil caught it with his good arm as he sniffed the contents with a chuckle as he took a hearty swig. He wondered if he would be healed. He knew he needed that needle out of his eye so... that would heal luckily the others well he needed shadows healers to fix his wing and back and everywhere else.

The healers wandered over to tend to Zekil's wounds, though that in itself may not have been pleasant. Healing came in three forms, light magic, salve and potion. None of which were particularly pleasant for him.

But as Fenrias stepped onto the arena, the two remaining members of the enemy team conversed. Then, the priest stepped up. He held his hands together and gave a soft bow. "I wish to inform you that if you strike me, we cannot possibly win, and that my brother forfeits," he said, gesturing to the Paladin.

He then closed his eyes and held his arms out. "I am ready to be defeated," he calmly said. There was no conviction or heartfelt determination, merely a simple acceptance.

Aiya practically frothed from the mouth. "What a gyp!" she shouted, "This is a fighting tournament! Be a man! You maggot!"

Zekil meanwhile slapped the light healer, "Don't even think about using that on me you daft man! That would lead to more damage. I will take the potion and the salve just get this needle out of my eye and try not to yank it out as well." he barked weakly, yeah he was in pain.

When the priest practically grovelled before Fen like a shamed samurai before his sensei, he raised his eyebrows beneath the shadow of his hat and fought a chuckle. This man was surely either a trickster or a baffoon that got pulled into the competition through peer pressure.

"Interestin'..." he grinned, "So yeh choose teh sacrifice deh priest teh save deh knight? I ain't gonna strike douwn an opponent that wont fight back. So either yeh show meh what yeh got, or send deh othah langer up!"

The priest smiled, rather the point really. "I'm afraid I am the one who has accepted your challenge and as I do not believe in harming the just, I will not harm you. As far as I can see, you have done no wrong. It would be a sin to fight you." And with that, he even turned his back. "All you must do is push me outside of the ring."

Aiya was cursing now, words that a girl even the age of nineteen shouldn't be using. Where she had learnt it was unknwon.

Zekil watched the priest carefully, wondering what was his game, considering he did not attack him... a demon made him lower his guard slightly, could be a friend in the future right now though they were rivals. He winced as the needle was removed from his eye slowly and the salve put on his wings.

Fenrias sighed and almost chuckled, "Just? There is nothing 'just' about my existence... I am a dangerous man, priest, and I have done a lot of bad things. The blood of many rests on my hands." he lifted his palms up for emphasis. "You would be doing the world a favor by killing me."

He withdrew a long blade from beneath his jacket. Its surface glowed with a ghostly purple hue and dark flames burned across it. Fenrias outstretched his arm and pointed the tip at the priest. Then with a flip of his wrist the shadow sword performed a backflip and the flat edge of the blade landed in his palm. The handle know pointed toward the priest.
"At least make it interestin' fer meh." he grinned.

"I would not go back on my vows," he calmly answered, not turning about to face Fenrias. "This is what happens when an immova-" Aiya had made her way around the ring and grabbed onto the mans arms to jerk him off the ring. Then she decked him.

Overseeing the competition, the man in charge seemed amused. "That was an impressive tactic. But unfortunately I seek fighters." The Paladin was moving over now to stop Aiya from punching the priest, trying to wrestle her away.

Zekil watched her, "Oi! Leave the priest alone...Dear Darkness did that really come from my mouth?" he said as he looked at the Paladin. "Don't hurt her." he told him as he got up bandaged now, his injured eye covered as he walked over calmly, "Aiya come on... this may get us a loss." he whispered to her.

Aiya got up and all but marched away, brushing off Zekil roughly as the healers wandered over to patch up the priests bruised face. However, one figure walked from the opposite side of the room, towards Fenrias. "Brother wolf," said the other massive werewolf in the competition, "After today four teams will remain. Yours, mine, the vampires and one other."

Fenrias raised his eyebrow at Aiya's sudden interuption and was just about to intervene when she stopped pummelling the priest's face and walked away. When Varius approached him, he gave a nod in acknowledgement. "Aye, yeh've done well so far. What is this ot'er team?"
Zekil winced as she pushed him away, he bit his tongue to keep from saying anything foolish. He looked at the priest, "You okay?" he asked him calmly as he kept an ear open to Lyall and the others conversation wondering about the other team as well.

The priest only laughed. "If I didn't expect to be hit, I wouldn't have joined, surely?" he answered, reaching out to lightly touch Zekil's cheek before he helped himself up. "I am fine."

The wolf nodded. "I think it matters not. The man is watching," he answered, gesturing to the upper platform they were being watched from. "And he puts us in fights where we are tortured and tricked. This for example." He gestured to the arena. "He puts us in places we will turn on our morals or face our limits."

Zekil blinked as his face was touched, "Good, wouldn't want you to get hurt cause of a teamates anger... sorry about that she has a wee anger problem, otherwise she is a nice enough girl." he told him. "How is the hunter?" he asked a bit coldly. "Sorry if that sounded cold, but he did injure me pretty badly." he said with a shrug.

Fenrias gazed up at the platform through the concealment of his dark shades and the shadow of his camouflage hat. "Aye... T'is langer sure is deh manipulative type..." he looked back toward Varius and whispered, "How 'bout tonight we go an' see what t'is boyo is hidin'?" he grinned.

"The hunter? I begin to doubt his humanity," the priest answered in an almost dismissive fashion. "He will live. We will take our business and leave once we have tended to our wounds. And I see yours are better."

Varius nodded. "I too would like to see what he hides in the back quaters of this structure, before we get to a place where he picks us off. I do not trust him at all." He clenched his fist. "At night, then?"

Zekil waved that off, "Wings will take awhile same with the eye the others... yeah." he said. "Yeah i began to doubt that too..." he told him, "Mainly with the swords and cloak..." he told the priest. "You should be careful around him 'kay?"

Fenrias nodded in agreement to Varius. "Tonight." he said before meandering off of the arena and disappearing into the shadows.

"Worry not about me, friend. I am being watched over, both by my brother of faith and of the man upstairs." With a graceful nod of his head, he turned for the exit.

As people began to disperse, an announcement was heard from what could only be hidden speakers across the entire facility. The man in charge had spoken. "Healing has been banned for all future rounds. Injuries sustained in or inbetween the next two rounds are expected to be kept. Any one found guilty of healing will be disqualified."

With an ominous message, everyone was expected to return to their rooms.

Zekil blinked, "...Well Fuck." he muttered as he walked away, "Can't lose a wing then... I can heal naturally though. He worried about the Aiya though she was human after all. he started walking to his room whistling softly as he did so.

It was night time. Varius was waiting in the corridors, following the rough scent of Fenrias through the halls to try and meet up with him. The bigger, constantly shifted wolf seemed determined to wait up for someone he deemed his brother.

Fenrias silently traversed the dark halls of the building, clinging and wrapping himself in the shadows. In the distance he could sense the presence of the mighty Varius. The scents of the remaining teams filled his nostrils.

"Brother wolf," called a gruff low voice. "Shall we hunt?" He raised his right arm, the massive gauntlet still strapped to him. "I say we start at what is hidden behind the arena floor.

"Aye," he nodded, "Let's do that... After you?" he finished. He looked down the hallway and craned his head. Fenrias was not sure if there would be guards, but it was better to know their presence before they know yours. As he flared his nostrils and tuned his ears, he mentally noted the locations of the several concealed weapons on his person.

Varius lead, heading down the corridors and peering into the arena chambers. The two security guards were there, as if they hadn't moved all day. "What do you suggest?" he asked, "Take them by force?" Behind each of them was a door leading to the next room, presumably the same room.

"Hmm..." Fen thought for a moment, "Best t' not kill 'em. I'd rather avoid unessecary bloodshed, and it won't look vereh good t' have corpses of guards lyin' 'round teh place. Yeh stand back... I'll take care of t'is." he put two fingers up to his mouth and let out a sharp whistle directed toward the guards.

The guards barely seemed to register, one turning his head slightly in the direction of the whistle. Slowly he walked forward, as if commanded to, heading in the direction of the noise.

As the guard drew closer, Fenrias melded his body against the wall and wrapped himself in the shadows. When the guard was just inches away from the man, his arms extended from the darkness and wrapped around the guard's neck. His left formed a choke hold across his throat and squeezed the sensitive vital arteries that traveled up to the brian. Fen clamped his right hand on the guard's mouth to muffle any scream. Once the guard's body fell limp in his arms, Fenrias immediately released him from the choke.

"The laddeh should beh fine in a few hours..." he whispered before retracting a small metal canteen from inside his jacket. Fenrias unscrewed the top and pressed it against the guard's mouth. "They'll think he was drinkin' on deh job an' passed out."

The second guard was still there, though, but blank-faced, as if he hadn't even seen his friend just walk into the shadows. "I suspect something strange," growled Varius. "Lure the next, and let us make haste before a trap is uncovered."
"Aye..." he nodded, "or deez are deh worst guards I've evah seen... Don' worry. I've got t'is."
Fenrias took a swig of his canteen and half stumbled into the middle of the hallway. His stride was clumsy and chaotic as he lifted up his canteen high above his head. He gafve the guard a rather stupid looking smile.

"Hey there, laddeh!" he mumbled. "How yeh doin this fine... hic! ... evenin'? I was hopin' yeh can direct meh to t'e john if yeh don' mind?"

The guard stared for a moment before moving to meet him. "Lights out happened hours ago, what are you still doing awake at this time and out of your room?" the guard demanded, hand raised to grab at Fenrias arm.

"Really?... hic!" he stumbled toward the guard, "By Odin... must've been out longah than I-" without warning, Fenrias gripped the arm the guard stretched out by the sleeve and twisted it. He dropped his canteen and gripped the guard's collar. In one smooth motion, Fenrias stepped between the guard's legs, pivoted on the ball of his foot, and threw the guard forward over his shoulder and onto the hard ground. Immediately Fen clenched his fist and propelled it into the guard's face.

The man slammed into the ground, followed by taking a fist to the jaw and falling unconscious. As if on command the doors both guards were standing before opened. Varius growled. "I think someone is expecting us," he muttered. "I will go forth." He strode for the first door and marched through, one hand clenched, the other open.

"Aye. Even naow this langah seems to be toyin' wit' us." he grumbled while pouring some more of his canteen's contents on the guard. He then followed Varius through the door.

On the other side he was there, in his throne as if he had not moved from the day. The psychic barrier was still around him, as potent as ever. It seemed like it must have been installed into his chair itself. So distorted was the air around him that his flesh was even a purpled colour, and he was all but unseeable except for a few bits of grey, maybe armour? Maybe clothes or flesh, it was hard to say.

"And what is this visit about?" he asked dryly.

Varius growled. "What are you hiding..." But it was rhetorical.

"Ahh... Jus a social visit." Fenrias grinned while folding his arms across his chest, "Eager to get t' know our gracious host."

"If you want me to reveal myself, that will happen in three days, when the winner has been decided. I would appreciate it if until then you did not overstep the gracious boundries I have set for you both."

"Well I don' know 'bout meh friend here..." Fenrias said while taking a step forward, "but it seems to meh t'at yeh allowed us t' come before yeh. So obviously yeh have some[/] reason fer us bein' 'ere."

" he responded calmly, "I seek only to understand your motives. Failing that, I warn you off. There will be repercussions for this action. You may know of them now, if you wish. It will make no change to me in the end. I only seek the best fighter, the one who can push through all fears, hates and losses to still be the greatest one here."

"My reason fer bein' here is curiosity mostly..." he replied, "I don' like not knowin' all deh angals - all the infermation. T'is place also gives meh a sense of... entrapment... an' I really dislike t'at feelin'..."

"Fine," he answered, rising from his seat. When he stood he still seemed short in the face of both men, somewhere between four and six foot. It was hard to tell with the distortion in the air. "In the next round, Varius was to fight the vampires, to satisfy his vengeance against the creatures, and leave the last round free of such emotional ties like revenge so I could see who the greatest of fighters would be. But, for seeking me out, instead your two teams will now face each other."

Fenrias raised his eyebrow beneath the shadow of his hat. "Yeh don' say? By the way... It was nevah quite clear on what deh prize of t'e competition was."

"I am a powerful man," he said, "Powerful men are not to be questioned so lightly. Do you think it was cheap to hire a cruise ship? A private island? If these do not display the extents of my power, I am not sure what does."

Varius let out a low growl. "You would take away my vengeance on a whim?" he snarled, "And pit me against an ally?"

"If you have a problem with it, then... Well no. That's basically none of my business. I have a competition to run."

Fenrias let out a small chuckle at the man. "Toucheh langer, aren't weh? I've dealt with laddehs like yeh 'fore. Eager t' show off yer guns at the slightest snicker. Look boyo. The onleh reason I'm here is fer money. Money means food, and food means I last a wee bit longer."

"And I have plenty of money. So you can return to your room, if it pleases you. As for Varius..." The distortion shifted, presumably the man now staring at the werewolf. "You should take satisfaction knowing that victory in this tournament means you have achieved revenge."

"Gentlemen, I am done with this conversation. Return to your rooms. I will be watching you both carefully tomorrow."

Fenrias raised his eyebrow and looked over at Varius. "Well I'm satisfied - for the moment. Yeh have any other questions?"

Varius shook his head, a touch of bitterness to his actions. "Brother wolf," he uttered, "From here we are enemies. I wish you luck until our fight." It was as if he had already decided it in his mind that it would be they two to fight.

Fenrias shook his head. "No. Not enemies... Think of it more as a friendly duel between two comrades... If we end up in the ring together, boyo. Come on, laddeh. We should get some rest." he gave a mischevious smile at the werewolf, as if he had a secret that could not be shared in present company.

The wolf snorted. "That I will. I assure you, that even you will not remain in the way of my revenge." And with that, he turned and headed for the exit, back towards his room.
Fenrias followed Varius with his hands buried in his pockets. When they reached halfway down the hallway, he whispered the the wolf. "Hey, boyo! I managed t' plant eh bug in deh room 'fore weh left. It should give us some ears in dat room, and also worm its way into any computer networks nearby. Weh should know everythin' he has t' hide by tomorrow mornin'."

Varius tilted his head to Fenrias, then shook his head. "Lyall, I care not for the mans secrets. I care only for my vengeance. I don't pretend to understand what everyone else want from this tournament, but if you truly seek the prizes he promises, you should not be so chummy."

He raised his gauntletted hand to Fenrias, an obvious threat. "I have crushed a dozen friends I have had over the thousand of years I have been alive waiting for this chance. And I will not hesitate to end you along with them."

Fenrias shrugged. "Suit yerself. Honestly, I have no interest in killin' anyone 'ere. I was kind of forced into t'is." he chuckled. "If we win... fantastic. If not, then whatevah. To beh honest, I think there is too much blood on meh hands..." he sighed before stepping into the shadows once again. He departed toward his room, and hoped that by tomorrow he will have all of the tiny man's dirty little secrets.

The setting changes from Mjötviðr; The Realms to The Ruins


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He suddenly rose up and over the nearest broken down wall. "I am here," he answered, visor watching her from above. He descended once more and walked around this time. "I did not expect to see you here once more. Last time you seemed to... Leave with haste." His voice seemed cautious, but then it suddenly changed. "I am glad to see you, Analisa."


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He stepped over towards her, which could hardly be a comforting site; a six foot armoured alien marching on. "Thank you... I-" He stopped, head tilting downwards. "I was just speaking to my creators. They did come for me." He was clearly uncertain as to whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.


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"They want me to work for them," he said, then shook his head, "With them."

He walked not in her direction, but to her left, past her. "I think I will accept, but at the same time I am just finding out who and what I am. Could I ask you a favour?"


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"Could you take me to the city?" he asked calmly. "I could find my way to the city, but once inside I would be lost. I wish to... Explore. Mingle? I think that's the word. I want to see what a normal life is before I join Orion Industries and... 'meet my destiny' as they put it."

He turned his head towards her. "You are the only person I really know."


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He tilted his head, then nodded. "Yes... I think I would like that." He wandered towards her, hands dangling loosely at his sides like always. "Please lead me to the city."


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"Museum?" he asked, "A place of history? I think I would like that." It was simple and speculative. He just wanted to know more about people, and be around people for a little while. No doubt Orion Industries had just offered him some dull job or asked him to be a test subject.

The setting changes from The Ruins to Mjötviðr; The Realms

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Aiya was up fast as always, already cooking breakfast. "Hey," she called out, when the first person woke up, "I'm going to go for an early warm up around the place. I'll meet you both later at the arena grounds, okay?" She wanted to get focussed, in the zone before the fight began so she didn't lose her head. Breakfast was hastily chucked onto plates and dumped on the table.

Zekil woke up from hanging on the rafters with a yawn as he hopped down and stretched his wings which he regreted automatically, "Kolnfyzz xy kotfyk swos wilsz!" he cursed in demonic. He still had the bandage on his eye from the needle he knew it was healing but still it bloody hurt. He looked at Aiya, "Be careful Aiya... if you need anything just shout or do something to a shadow I will sense it." he told her as he rubbed his injured arm. He knew most would heal before the fight. Maybe not all but what he needed would.

Fenrias rose from bed a bit more easily from this morning. He sat up in the bed, tossed the covers off, and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. The man was again in a pair of plaid boxers. As his senses began to return to him, the mouth watering scent of food carressed his nostrils.

He rose from the mattress and padded over to the restroom with clothes in hand. His bare feet flexed against the cold floor. A moment later he returned fully clothed and, before coming to the table, he knelt down at the foot of his bed and ducked beneath it. Fenrias emerged holding a small laptop.

The man then strode to the table and sat in front of a plate. "Top of the mornin' to yeh." he yawned as he opened up the laptop.

"Morning," Aiya said, gulping down her horrible milkshake concoction. "Did you hear what I said to demon boy? Just make sure you're at the fight." She set down her milkshake and let out a belch. "Alright, maggots, seeyas later." She marched out the door.

The bug unfortunately seemed either faulty, detected and disrupted or unable to find any sort of computer, like there were none in the room.

Zekil shrugged, "Just a friendly piece of advice, can never be too careful." he remarked with a yawn as he reached into his shadow and pulled out his spell book. He looked at Lyall, "Mornin', how are you and what are you doing with that?" he asked him calmly as he rubbed the bandage over his eye.

Fenrias nodded in acknowledgement at Zekil, and gave a sigh of frustration before shoveling some food into his mouth. "Well las' night I managed t' plant eh bug in our gracious host's main chamber withoot him noticin'." he sighed, "It was also s'posed to hack into any computer systems in the area so I can get a look inteh what t'e langer is up teh... but it seems t'at it didn't detect anythin', which is very strange."

Strange indeed. But the day was only going to get worse from there. There was nothing particularly special about the morning. Only when they arrived at the arena itself would something seem out of place.

Zekil looked at Lyall, "Yeah I had a scrying with the priest on the guy, learned only a tiny bit, like the healing thing... gonna cause havoc with the vamps around..." he remarked calmly. "I am not good at machines... but if you need someone sneaking into a shadow to listen in on someone I am your demon." he told him with a grin.

"That could beh helpful laddeh." he chuckled slightly as he continued to eat his breakfast. "I prefer t' know what's goin' on. This place gives meh t'e feelin' of bein' caged... I hate t'at feelin'."

Zekil looked at the time, "Should we head to the arena?" he asked him as he sipped his water. "Eye is almost healed, frigging needle to the eye and idiot tried to use light magic? Who uses light magic on a demon?" he muttered with a shake of his head.

"Aye, might as well..." he said before rising and collecting the rest of his things. He slid a black switchblade in his pocket, picked up the shadowblade Zekil had made him the other day, and strapped on a sheathed dagger. It had an archaic aura about it. "No idea... Like given an ice-blood a Sunny D hehehe."

Everyone was there at the arena, some going through their preparations. But their opponents today stood out more than they had before. Of the three, one was a werewolf and one was a centaur. The wolf nodded in recognition to Fenrias, while the centaur wandered back and forth in small circles to keep himself warmed up. He was almost comically large compared to every other person in the building, standing just simply taller than most, and the length of his body giving him substantially less moving room on the arena. It was amazing he made it to the island in the storm, let alone this far.

Aiya, however, was no where to be seen. And neither was one vampire. And someone overhead noticed. "The competition will start now, rather than it's usual scheduled time. Can each team select a representative to go up for the coin toss?" spoke the man overhead. It was almost as if he had planned it.

Zekil looked around, "Where is Aiya?" he muttered as he saw the rivals noticing a missing vampire. "Where is the sunny D team member?" he muttered. He had a bad, very bad feeling about this. "Eh? Damn rep needed. Look I am willing to be the rep but I don't like this Lyall... Something is up or I am an Arch Angel." he muttered as he looked at his Comrade.

"Yer probably right, laddeh." said Fenrias. He leaned against the wall and clung to the shadows as he scanned the arena with alert, intelligent, and observant eyes.

The centaur wandered up to the security official who waited for Zekil to join them. "Hey..." he said, "The other teams down a member. Can't we wait?"

The official shook his head. "They have two members, that means they can still win. If their third member shows up in time, they may still compete." He took out a call. "Gentlemen, what do you call? Heads or tails?"

Zekil walked up, "Don't worry centaur." he told him trying to put on a cheerful face. "It will just mean less wins and less loss." he said with a chuckle. "Heads." he told him as he rolled his shoulder blades a bit.

"As a centaur I'm more than happy to take Tails." The coin was flipped and arrived at Heads. The centaur pouted slightly. "Can the centaurs team please submit their first fighter?"

Sasha slapped a fist against his bare chest. "I will be the first to represent my team and-" he thrust a finger towards Zekil before he could leave, "It would be the greatest of honours to fight you in this battle."

Zekil blinked, "All right...." he said, "You sure you don't mind fighting a demon?" he asked him calmly as he gave him a slight bow. "Many find my kind.... well Demonic." he remarked as he stood his ground. He didn't mind fighting him, but then again he didn't mind fighting a lot of people.

"Demonic? Ha, I seek the best challenge here. No offence, to your team mate. You and I shall fight, and I will show you the might of a centaur." He retreated to his side of the ring and retreived a javelin from across his back. "I wish you luck, demon," returning the bow awkwardly, "But I will not lose."

Zekil smiled, "Lyall is probably stronger than me." he remarked as he went to the ring edge getting his sword and dagger, "Anyway my name is Zekil, what is your name?" he asked him. "I don't plan on losing either so keep your guard up 'kay?" he asked him with a smile.

"Sasha Bronzehoof," he said proudly, raising his javelin in both hands. Strangely, the object was made of wood. "Are you ready?"

Zekil saluted the centuar, "Nice ta meetcha Sasha." he told him with a grin. "A demon is pretty much always ready to fight." he told him as he shifted his stance slightly. "One of the things that is very handy for me." he remarked with a grin on his face.

"My size is my disadvantage, so allow me to level the playing field." He slammed his javelin into the floor, which failed to pierce the solid stone tiles, but from the tip something grew. At first it didn't seem like much, just a little bit of roots like the javelin was turning into a plant, but along those roots ran sharp thorns, the sort meant for catching and scratching.

And they started to spread across the floor slowly out from Sasha.

Zekil saw the plants and roots blinking, "Well guess that will hurt my wings... again." he muttered as he hunched a bit, "And my height." he told him with a sigh, "Being tall can suck can't it?" he told him as he shook his head. "Anyway let the match begin." he told him as he kept his wings close to his back.

Sasha raised the javelin from the floor, roots snapping from the tip leaving it sharp. As he walked forward, his powerful hooves crushed the thorns. "Let it begin indeed!" he called back with a laugh and a smile, drawing back his arm, rearing up on his hind hooves, then throwing his full weight forward into the throw of his weapon. It was aimed downwards, though, so it would hit the floor behind Zekil if it didn't hit the demon himself.

Zekil saw the Javelin and resisted changing into mist as he turned to the side dodging most of it as it hit his arm making him wince in pain. He took a card from his holder and threw it at him as it seemed to be followed with a gush of air. "Huh air this time, haven't drawn that one in a while." he muttered to himself.

A new javelin sprung up from the roots at the feet of Sasha, quickly doubling over to snatch it up and swipe at the card thrown for him. If it had no other effect, he would break into a cautious charge across the field, javelin levelled like a spear or lance.

Zekil blinked at the knewjavelin that swatted his card away, "well... this is going to be fun." he muttered with a grin as he got ready for the charge as he spun his dagger shifting the grip. "Hopefully no javelin in the knee..." he muttered to himself as he held his sword out to swat the javelin out of the way.

As the javelin was swatted away, the other end swung around, albeit weakly, trying to smack right at him with the shaft. Once more, roots sprung from the wood, reaching out to entangle Zekil's dagger.

Zekil winced as the shaft hit him, he saw the roots coming at the dagger, "Oh no you don't." he snapped as he slashed at the roots. "I happen to like this dagger." he told him with a growl. "First one I successfully made with Shadows." he told him with a smile.

Unfortunately, the roots weren't that tough. They broke like brittle candy. Fortunately, the javelin was tough and Sasha had a chance to jerk it back, then swing it downwards like a staff.

Zekil saw the javelin as it swung downwards and blocked with his sword. He was on the defensive at the moment trying to find an opening to use to attack, hard to do in this enviroment, he hadn't fought in this type for a long time.

The centaur suddenly reared up, front hooves kicking at the air and threatening to catch Zekil in the face in a nasty fashion. Those things actually had horse shoes on them!

Zekil's eyes widen as he saw the horse shoes "Oh hell no!" he snapped as he leapt to the right as the thorns tore into his legs. He slashed at the fore legs with his sword. "I am not being trampled in the face thank you very much."

Sasha let his hooves step onto the ground, stamping left then right proudly. "Many say my size is a weakness," he said, turning slowly to face Zekil, "I prefer to think of it as a great strength. Come on, demon. I've seen you fight harder than this."

He crushed thorns beneath his hooves as he took two steps backwards. By now the field was starting to get more than a little broken up by the invading roots between the tiles. However, it looked like dry, dead plants were the limits of his magic.

Zekil nodded, "That was before I took a needle to the eye, but yeah I shall oblidge you in fighting harder." he told him with a smile, "I find size can be both. For example I can reach things others cannot." he told him as he snapped his card holder open as the cards spun around him with their unholy glow. "Well then here I come." he told him as he charged at thim, the shadows moving gracefully. He stayed on the tiles that remained not wanting to be disqualified for stepping on the ground.

Sasha jerked around in a circle on the spot, pranced even, to put his front hooves on the ground and his back hooves kicking for the air in a vicious buck.

Zekil leapt above the legs and slashed with his sword as he hopped again on Sashas back landing in front of him, for a tall man he was agile. "I am not going to degrade you by pretending to be a cowboy... that would be insulting to both of us."

Sasha let out a cry of pain as the blade cut a neat line on his back. He swung around with his Javelin, trying to catch Zekil in the side. "Ha!" he answered through grit teeth, "A generosity not many would give when this is about winning!"

Zekil felt the Javelin hit his side as he felt his blood ooze out of the wound, "Winning it may be about, but how you win is as important." he explained, "I don't want to make either of us look like we are mocking the fight." he told him as he felt the wound, it wasn't too deep... but still. He charged at the centuar again his sword and dagger drawn, his dagger in a more protective grip than offensive.

Sasha drew his javelin back and thrust for Zekil's midsection, which admittedly meant his weapon was aimed downwards. "I'd take every advantage I can get," he answered right back. But otherwise he held his ground, as if he suspected treachery.

Zekil leapt up onto the javelin as he stood on it in perfect balance as he then leapt off it to the right continuing his run. "Oh I would too, but where is the fun in that? After all that would make the fight over to quickly." he remarked with a grin as he got close to the centuar.

Sasha laughed, jamming his javelin into the floor again. "You've got me there," he said, "I fight for a living. If you ever want to catch up, I fight in Wing City. The Arena." He raised his javeling once more twirling for a moment before he prepared to throw it. "But enough friendly talk. We're opponents."

He cast the javelin, but at a lazy and slow spear, so much so that Zekil would easily see it coming. And as it sailed, thorns started to rapidly grow from it, aiming to entangle whatever they struck.

Zekil grinned, "Will take ya up on that Sasha, I work at Gambit's so you can usually find me there. If I am not saving someone... or fighting." he told him with a chuckle as he dodged the javelin. He felt the thorns wrap his left arm up and frowned as one tugged on his right arm threatening to do the same. "not good..." he thought to himself as they started to wrap around his right arm as well.

Sasha started trotting forwards, hands open. "Looks like you're about to lose, friend," he said, "But go ahead and try to hack off the vines."

Zekil looked at Sasha, "I haven't lost yet." he growled at him as he struggled in the vines. "Don't count a demon out so quickly." he told him as he looked him with his one good eye. "Many angels have done so... it did not end so well for them." he told him with a grin as he watched him walk closer to him. He still had his legs after all. And his magic.

"Yeah, but not many angels have hooftotheface!" he suddenly shouted as he pranced forwards and spun, hooves kicking backwards for Zekil once more.

Zekil winced as a card appeared in his hand, he grinned as he flicked it at the horse, the card was engulfed in flame as he waited for the blow. He knew that would come as he raised a shadow barrier to block most of the blow.

It was like kicking a brick wall! Sasha suddenly shook, followed by the searing pain that came with the jarring jolt of impact. His front legs weren't prepared for this sort of business and he stumbled forwards, nearly losing his footing as he scrambled to stay upright.

Zekil watched as the card came back to him as he looked at it more closely, "Oooh it was an illusion card..." he muttered as he looked at the Centuar. "Yeah. Shield of Darkness." he told him as he looked at his cards, "And you guys are useless again." he muttered to them as he stayed bound in place struggling to break free.

Sasha spun around, or rather nearly flopped sideways and caught himself, then stood back upright. "Ow," he more stated than anything, "That kind of hurt. What are you made of? Iron?"

Zekil laughed, "No I am fleshy. Well among other things, but iron nope." he told him as he looked as his cards spun, "That was my shadow shield, a spell I made long ago and still use." he told him as he looked at his bleeding hands already a small pile of gems was forming. His mind was racing quickly. "Well come on I am still bound." he told him with a smile. "Most likely will be for a bit."

Sasha's eyes narrowed, then laughed. "I've come across many fights in the past. It's finally a nice change to fight someone on my level." And with that, he marched forward, making no suddenly movements, and reached one hand out to shove Zekil's forehead with his hand.

Zekil nodded, "Yep this whole tournment has been fun, well the Orc was easy... but still pretty fun." he told him as he dropped his dagger to the ground catching it with the tip of his curled shoe. when he was pushed back he kicked the dagger at him not aiming for a killing blow of course. Hey he didn't want to kill him after all. That wasn't his goal in this at all.

The dagger would hit his gut, causing a sharp wound and a lot of surprise in the centaur, who immediately used a hand to shove off of Zekil. "Ah-sh-" his hooves worked to stop himself from stumbling back too far. He would have found it amusing in any other circumstance that a bound opponent was causing him more trouble than a free one.

Zekil fell to the ground with a thud as he pushed himself back up etting on his knees quickly, "It won't kill you or poison you. That Dagger is just made for the simple stuff." he told him as he got up still bound. "I told you, just because I am bound does not mean I am out, never underestimate a demon." he told him calmly as he walked to him. "You wanna continue?" he asked him calmly. "I do not seek to kill you or anyone here... well that Hunter I wouldn't mind..." he admitted. "And if there was an angel here sure." he remarked with a shrug. "But you? Nah you seem like a good guy, would be a waste to kill you here."

"D'aw," Sasha said, reaching down to try and cover the wound found on his gut, "Cute you think you can still win like that. You only got so many tricks, buddy, but let's face it. The only way this fight is ending is by ring out, surrender, or KO."

Recovering slowly, he tried to stand upright, but the wound obviously wasn't so good to him.

Zekil looked at the centuar concern on his face, "Don't move to much." he remarked with a sigh. "Again I say don't underestimate a demon." he remarked as he smiled, "After all I did just land that hit on you like this..." he remarked, "And yes I do have tricks, I am a demon, what demon doesn't have tricks?" he asked him as he shifted his stance looking at his cards briefly.

"Unfortunately," Sasha answered, raising one hand to gesture to Zekil, "My one trick is a pretty effective one." The thorns began to grow further, encouraged by his magic, moving to further bind Zekil where he was.

Zekil winced as the thorns tightened around his arms digging deeper into them. He kept himself from hissing in pain. He looked as they bound his arms together with a slight frown, well that wasn't good, but his hands he could still move at least. Which was a good thing. He looked at Sasha, "I agree it is a nifty trick." he told him with a smile as he stood his ground.

"Yield," Sasha said calmly, puffing his chest out.

Zekil looked at the centuar blinking a bit, "Um no. I am not going to yield. I didn't yield to the Angels, I am not going to yield now... I am stubborn like that." he remarked a grin on his face. "Besides the longer I draw this out then maybe Aiya will show up…" Zekil thinks to himself, wondering where that girl was and praying it wasn’t what he feared it to be.

Sasha shook his head. "Nice," he admitted, "An opponent who just won't give up. I admire that. But you're trapped and its over." Extending out from the roots was a new javelin, stretching towards Sasha where his hand waited to take it.

Zekil looked at him, "I don't consider myself out of the fight until then I wouldn't suggest you thinking the same he told him as he tried to reach for a card. "Come now the fight still lives on." he remarked with a grin.

With the javelin fully grown Sasha leaned forward to poke Zekil with it, jab him towards the edge. "Go on, it's over."

Zekil stood his ground as he grabbed a card, "Luck be with me..." he muttered as he felt a heat come from the card. "It ain't over until one of us falls..." he told him as he grasped the cards, he kicked out at Sasha. "And I don't plan on losing on a fall out, I'd prefer a knock out."

Unfortunately Sasha wasn't within kicking range, but he wasn't exactly trying too hard to shove Zekil out. Having decided his victory already he was just playfully poking with his javelin.

Zekil stood his ground as the card continued to heat up, "Quit poking me with your javelin Sasha!" he snapped at him as he held the card he glanced at the edge, he was close to it now. Too close for his comfort.

"Naw, this is fun," he said with a grin, "Isn't that what fightings about?" Jab jab. He wore the stupidest grin on his face.

Zekil took a step back as his card started to glow brighter, "You look a demon who just found a tasty soul." he told him as he tried to side step the javelin. "Come on now this isn't the way to end the fight Sasha..."

Sasha held the javelin in both hands now, like a bar, and walked towards Zekil. "Sure it is. A wins a win, ain't it? What, you really want that K-O?"

Zekil looked at him, "Better a K.O. Than falling on the ground he to him. "A win is a win true but a knock out of the arena? Doesn't suit me...." he told him as he continued holding the card feeling a spark leap from it. It was taking a while for the fire card to start going, an odd thing actually.

"Oh fine, I'll give you a warriors defeat." He took two steps back, taking up the javelin like a baseball bat. "Any final words?"

Zekil looked at him, "Final words? Huh odd thing to say.... ah well if I have to have them then I suppose mine are, let the Darkness embrace me." he told him as a crackle came from behind his back a small flame coming from the card.

Sasha completely missed the smell of burning as he swung the javelin for Zekil's head.

Zekil ducked under the javelin as the card started to eat away at the thorns, burning himself in the process, which ade him bite his tongue to keep from hissing in pain. He tried wiggling one hand free of the thorns as the dug into him as he did so. a

Sasha raised the javelin back up to his other shoulder. "Hey man, stand still and take it like a m-" he said as one hand reached out to shove Zekil's shoulder (despite risk of getting jabbed with his own thorns). But then he smelt it. That acrid burning stench of dry plant matter. He sniffed twice. "Hey what's that smell?"

Zekil broke his hand free as the fire died out, he managed to get one hand out, "Told you don't underestimate a demon." he remarked as the rest of the flame died down. "Always a bad idea... though seems I only got one hand free.... weak fire card this time."

Sasha suddenly reared up, front hooves kicking at the air where Zekil was. "I'll keep that in mind."

Zekil saw the hooves kick at him as he dodged one, but the other managed to hit his shoulder making him hiss in pain as he felt a bone snap. "Damn it..." he muttered as he felt that arm go limp.

A voice came from overhead, unimpressed. "I don't want either of you," it said. There was an awkward silence for a moment. "The centaur didn't deliver a winning blow when he had the chance to. This isn't about fun, it is about winning. Why should either of you continue to the next round?"

"Hey, c'mon man, lighten up a little," Sasha answered the stern voice.

Zekil looked at the voice and rolled his eyes, "Better do what the guy said." he told him. "Like a child..." he muttered as he looked at the voice. "I mean we have kept up so far... how about this? Last blow for both of us?"

"No," the voice said, "This match up was scheduled for one reason. I was tired of seeing one sided battles, and battles not decided by combat. For once, I wish to see a fight I can enjoy. Get off my stage. Send up Lyall and Varius. I want to see how they fight.

The two security guards momentarily looked at each other before one stepped up and mumbled, "Can you please step off of the arena," to Sasha and Zekil. Looking mostly offended more than anything, Sasha stepped off the ring, throwing confused looks to his opponent.

Zekil shrgged as he got off the stage looking at Sasha. "Sorry about that, you probably would have won." he told him he was just as confused as Sasha, "I don't trust him..." he muttered to Sasha.

Sasha shook his head. "Me neither. But it looks like you guys are out this round," he said with a shrug. "Even if your guy wins, we've got a third on you. Where is that girl of yours, anyway? Maybe you want to look into that." He sighed.

Zekil nodded as he looked at Sasha, "Yeah.... worried about her... anyway mind getting the thorns off my hand?" he asked him calmly.

Sasha nodded. "Yeah, sure," he said, reaching out to grasp the thorns. They practically snapped on their own under his guidance of magic. "Look, I'm gonna go give my captain some emotional support, but you- I mean... With one of the vampires missing? I'd go looking. Good luck, though."

He wandered towards the massive werewolf standing on the side who was stepping up onto the arena. "Brother," he barked, come face me.

Zekil nodded as he looked at Lyall, "Stall em..." he muttered as he ran off hitting a few shadows as he did so. Trying to get a read on Aiya. "Where are you?" he muttered to himself.

Fenrias had watched the battle with mild interest, and observed his surroundings carefully like always. His intelligent and alert gaze would notice things others would not. The man had also kept an eye out for Aiya. Where had that lasseh run off to?

"I'll try... Though I ain't sure how long I can control mehself." he said to Zekil as he walked up towards the arena. "I think the lasseh's in trouble. Yeh should go look fer her."

Varius stood tall and proud, a vicious warrior by trade from the ancient days of Rome. His left hand was strapped in a sturdy gauntlet, making his claws all the more dangerous. However, it seemed as if their hand couldn't move inside, unable to make a fist. This was rectified by having a massive blade of some sort, for the purpose of rending flesh.

"Because of what is on the line today, I will not lose to you."

Aiya was no where to be seen, but if Zekil happened to near the teams room he might hear a noise. A male voice further down the corridor.

Zekil nodded to Lyall as he walked down the hallway heading to his teams room. He heard a voice and melded into the shadows as he appeared on the other side still a pool of shadow, he blended in with the other shadow in the room as he looked around.

"Well..." Fenrias said as he stepped up into the ring. "Let's level t'e playing field, shall weh?" he grinned beneath the shadow of his hat.

The man casually slipped off his leather jacket and tossed it to the side. He did the same thing with his hat and shades, revealing dark brown hair and eyes. Suddenly, Fenrias grit his teeth and eyelids before collapsing to his hands and knees. The sound of bones crackling, bending, growing, and joints snapping in their sockets echoed throughout the arena. He craned his head upward and revealed ghostly whites eyes along with long yellow canines that jutted from his upper and lower jaw. Fenrias opened his mouth as it stretched, cracked, and grew. A bone-chilling howl resonated from his now wolf-like maw. Thick silver fur grew across his body, his clothing tore at their seams, as he transformed into a fierce beast.

A deafening roar erupted from the werewolf's throat that shook every glass, plate, and bowl in the audience. It would likely draw water from both ends from some observers as well.

Varius let out a matching vicious roar to meet Fenrias. But seeing the other transform into a wolf spurred on his deep instincts. He broke into a run, casting aside his sword with a clatter as he swiped his guantletted arm from left to right, aimed for the gut, snarling the whole time as his body pivoted sharply to get the maximum swinging strength, leaving his right arm in the air.

Up ahead of Zekil was an unnerving scene, Aiya pressed against the wall sporting a black eye, face clenched up in pain or fear, turned slightly to the side. The vampire was present gunblade pressed to her throat, grinning wickedly. Aiya's gear was no where to be seen. "Aye, cher not so fast without all 'o tha' gear, are ye? Is jus' you n' me now missy."

Zekil looked at the scene as he moved forward leaping from shadow to shadow trying to blend in, so this was what delayed Aiya. No wonder, good thing he had heard the voice then. He gripped his sword lightly as he drew closer to them.

The silver werewolf peeled back its lips, revealing its enormous razor sharp yellow canines, in a terrifying, vicious, and mocking grin. It glared at the other lycan with white glazed eyes filled with bestial fury before emitting a low growl from its deep throat. Suddenly, the beast vanished in a snowy blur, like an ancient feral blizzard toying with its prey before sending it to Odin. Fenrias appeared again behind Varius, on the opposite side of the arena, and released a mocking laugh that seemed more akin to a series of growls.

Never one to miss a beat, the mighty gladiator planted their left hand on the ground for the briefest moment to balance themselves before they pushed back up, left claw swiping sharply for Fenrias new position, slobber hurtling from his mouth as he let out a vicious growl. Alpha instinct was all but over-riding his battle sense.

Sword pressed to Aiya's throat, the vampire reached for her shoulder, fingertips gripping at the joint and digging in. "Cher gonna lose tomorrow Missy. No matter what you do." She let out a cry of pain, and it looked as if the vampire was going to pop her shoulder right out of the socket, if he didn't accidentally lean in and slit her throat first. But he was unaware of Zekil's presence.

Zekil appeared close to the vampire his own sword poking them mid back as if to sever the spinal cord. "I suggest you put the gun blade down." he whispered in their ear coldly. "a simple tap is all I need to sever your spine. Probably can do that fast than you think." he threatened.

As Varius swiped, the white werewolf reacted with unholy speed and agility. Instead of dodging the blow, the beast dove foreward, passed the range of the blow, and charged Varius like a speeding freight train. The werewolf crossed his arms - dagger-like claws pointed outwards - across his chest as it tackled the darker rival. Its eyes were that of an intelligent yet feral beast, void of humanity, mercy, and restraint. All that mattered now was the battle between the alpha males. Deep within the monster's bloodhazed mind, Fenrias desperately attempted to hold back the beast from slaying his new friend.

As the claws penetrated through the fur and flesh of Varius chest the Roman reached his arms out to latch on and grip tightly around Fenrias neck if he happened to follow too far through, or his body if his neck was not available. This was accompanied by a full strength jerk of his body to the side, aiming to dump the other werewolf to ground in a vicious wrestling throw.

The vampire suddenly dropped, cloak billowing out to the sides as he darted sharply to the side and rose once more, now half a dozen feet away. He grinned. "Cher just in time. I was jus' leavin'," Donovan promised with a tip of his wide-brimmed hat. He turned around and wandered away.

Zekil looked at Donovan as he kept an eye on him. When he left he let out a soft sigh of relief, one of his arms hanging limply to his side. "Aiya are you okay?" he asked her in concern as he turned to face her.

When the white werewolf felt the gladiator latch onto his neck, it slammed the ball of its paw-foot into the top of Varius's own foot, ceasing its momentum and channeling the fierce power of the tackle into the appendage. The lycan then extended its arms in an outward sweeping motion in an attempt to dislodge Varius's grip before propelling his cranium in a vicious headbutt.

The headbutt struck hard, causing Varius to jerk his snout upwards and his grip loosened. One foot slipped backwards to catch himself from stumbling, and the other rose for a firm push kick aimed for Lyall's gut. Something seemed to have knocked some sense into him, either the clawing or the face smash.

Aiya almost immediately moved for Zekil and reached out to grab the lapel-area of his clothes to grip on, and pressed her head against the much taller individual's chest. She was probably trying to hide tears, based off what had just happened. One of her hands suddenly slipped back, then thumped into his side weakly. "...Thanks demon boy," she mumbled, voice trembling.

Zekil blinked as she held onto her, "Sorry I didn't come sooner... had a match..." he told her. When he was thumped in the side he pretended to look hurt, "Ow." he told her as he smirked. "Welcome Human girl. Anyway the fight I was in was a tie I think, plus have a busted arm." he explained. "Did Donovan do anything to you?" he asked her in concern, "He didn't bite you did he?" he asked as he saw her black eye.

The werewolf grunted as the powerful kick collided with his abdomin and sent him falling backwards. However, instead of landing on his back, he threw his body backward, landed on his hands, and performed a back hand-spring. He landed in a three-point stance, and glared at Varius with ancient eyes filled with bestial fury and feral rage. A fierce snarl rumbled from his throat as spittle dripped from his lip and landed on the ground with a wet plop.

Varius dropped to a matching stance, loud clang of metal on tiles as his gauntletted claw smacked into the floor. Blood dribbled from his nose from the head on muzzle impact, drowning his sense of smell in the scent of his own blood. He barked as he lunged forwards with powerful back legs, throwing him forward in a tackle. Fangs opened and aimed for a bite right on Fenrias nose.

Aiya shook her head. "'M fine," she mumbled into his chest, "Can you just take me back to the room?" It sounded almost pleading, completely unlike her. She was clearly pretty shaken, but other than the black eye there wasn't any physical harm done to her.

Zekil nodded at her, "All right..." he told her. "Lyall better win the fight...." he thought to himself as he looked at the door. He contemplated picking the lock before he decided to blow it off it's hinges. When that was done he looke at her, "Don't worry I will set a barrier in place." he told her softly.

As Varius charged at the white lycan, Fenrias planted his other clawed hand on the ground and reared backward like a viper coiling for a strike. Instead of forward however, the werewolf released the tension of its inner springs upward. The beast flew into the air in a blur of white, and then landed again behind the gladiator. This time however, the werewolf charged at Varius with unnatural speed - claws and teeth flashing like deadly daggers.

Varius slammed down on his front claws heavily as he tried to stop, his gauntlet scraping against the tiles loudly. It caused him to spin slightly towards his left until he was side on with Fenrias. Unfortunately, he had nothing to use to stop whatever Fenrias charge lead into.

The moment the door opened Aiya all but rushed from Zekil to her room, shoving the door open and disappearing inside.

Zekil looked at her as he closed the door behind him setting up a barrier around the room though it taxed him to do so. The shield he made earlier was stronger than usual. He sighed as he rested on the couch. He turned on the T.V. to Lyalls' match, "Come on Lyall..." he muttered softly.

With the speed of Death itself, and the unholy power of Odin at his heels, the white werewolf unleashed a deafening roar that thundered across the amphitheater. Its foundations shook like the elk's knees as it met the bloodthirsty eyes of the tundra wolf. The sky echoed the fierce roar with its own rumbling symphony. Lightning flashed across the sky - revealing the oncoming storm of ice, snow, wind, and hale.

The ground beneath the Ice Wolf froze beneath his bestial stride, though it remained unhindered by the freezing sleet that continued to spread across the arena. A misty fog flowed from the beast's silver eyes - silver eyes that resonated with feral hunger and icy hatred of a being that was not Fenrias, but something that echoed the onslaught of the endless dark winter - silver eyes with red red pupils, round as the moon.

And then it struck. The massive storm unleashed, Varius had nothing he could do but bare the brunt of the ice and hail as it beat down upon him. It was a small favour that over the years his coat had grown thick and his flesh tough, but he had no Roman god backing him. There was no Jupiter or Pluto to provide him salvation. It was just his own brute force and massive hatred, the ever-lasting desire for revenge that drove him to fight, that ancient hate for all blood drinkers.

His gauntletted hand grasped the tiles and ice hard, refusing to give an inch of ground, but unable to do any more than watch. Beneath this cruel winter he could not move forward.

The Ice Wolf collided into Varius's form with a loud thud and crack. However, the beast would not stop there, but send both of their frozen bodies flying out of the ring and into the concrete wall. It sundered beneath the force of the two brutes. With inhumane eyes the beast glared into those of Varius, and it spoke in a deep, guttural, bestial, yet intelligent voice that felt both ancient and powerful. It was not that of Fenrias, but something else...

"The blood moon cometh..." it growled.

The security hurried over, weapons that looked like a mix of cattle prods and police batons in hand. "The fight is over," said the first, noting that they had left the ring. However, there was an amused chuckle from overhead. The figure hadn't expected such a thing, and they were impressed.

Varius didn't seem to notice the other noises though, locking his eyes onto Fenrias with a snarl, followed by a wince of pain as his broken ribs began to heal themselves. His claws reached up to snatch the other wolves, trying to shove him off. But it wasn't a strong fighting gesture. It was just a push.

He knew he'd lost, both in terms of the competition, and as in a pack of wolves.

The white beast glared and snarled fiercely at the guard who spoke. Slowly, a layer of frost began to spread across Varius's arm where the Ice Wolf gripped him. Suddenly, however, the red glow in its eyes faded, its grip loosened, and the beast collapsed onto the ground. Bones snapped, crunched, and groaned as the naked form of Fenrias took shape once more. A layer of frost and snow covered his body and he was shivering violently. His eyes were wide with terror - like an elk gazing into the eyes of the wolf.

Varius, stuck firm, let out a low growl of amusement. It was partly to try and scare Fenrias, but also because he found the fear in the others eyes genuinely amusing. "Brother," he uttered, a heavy breath, "Well fought."

Fenrias looked up at Varius. "H-h-he i-i-is c-c-c-coming..." he stammered before passing out from exhaustion.

Varius gave a sharp tug of his arm and sent it smashing into the wall to shatter the ice. "Someone get him a blanket," he snarled as he headed for the exit of the room. In his passing, he snarled at the vampires, but at the same he chuckled. Theirs would come soon.

The setting changes from Mjötviðr; The Realms to Wing City Plaza


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At an almost coincidental time, an alien-looking figure wandered towards the museum with his companion, Analisa. They had visited a few museums over the past few days much to his pleasure. He seemed to find history fantastic. The achievements, the rise, the fall. Every little nuance had the armoured purplish alien further curious. Oftenly had his gecko-like three fingers been pressed to glass, usually followed by the clunk of a visor. "I think this is the last museum," he spoke, or rather projected. It never seemed to sound like it came from his mouth.


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"Oh hm..." was the uncertain response as his eyes drifted upwards to a banner displayed proudly overhead. 'Today, Orion Industries reveals mystery stone tablet'. Zee tilted his head down guiltilly. "Let's see the tablet last. I think they have something on the founding of Wing City." The presence of the name 'Orion' hung over his head. It reminded he couldn't enjoy museum hopping forever. He had to give them an answer.


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He shook his head. "The company who owns the tablet... They're my creators. The ones who wanted me to come work for- with them. I'm sure you can understand my apprehension about involving myself with such people." He fell quiet as he ascended the stairs to the entrance. "But maybe seeing it will help reveal what the company involves itself in."

He suddenly seemed happier. "Let's go see it." And with that, he ascended the stairs.


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"I guess," Z answered with a shrug. "Should I know more? I know they created me, so they obviously work with clones." He slowed in his movement when he spied Markuss and the leaving Adam, but he didn't stop. "I see we are not the only ones with an interest in this. Should we greet them? Him."


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Z was already distracted with the tablet, his attention captivated for a moment. He then snapped back to attention, visor turning to stare at Markuss for a moment. "Are you both okay?"

"The tablet, yes." It was a sudden shift of tone in his projected voice. He began to dictate from a small plaque in the glass.
This tablet was uncovered in a recent mining operation out in the Wastelands. From preliminary translations it was determined the tablet contains an ancient prophecy of the people who engraved it.

The setting changes from Wing City Plaza to Main Street


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They were an unusual figure, one of a pale-purplish flesh and lengthy tail which swayed behind them with each step of their kangaroo-like feet. Well, they would seem kangaroo like, but the figure clearly walked only on the ends of them, leaving the heels raised off the ground. Each hand sported three knobbledy fingers, like a geckos hand, and maybe the creature was reptillian, but it was hard to say behind all the armour they wore.

They were bottom heavy, which made the chest plate seem like more a precaution to protect their soft spots, but at the same time one had to wonder just how heavy those shoulder pads were, and the gauntlets which covered their wrists and frail-seeming arms. The helmet was the biggest indicator, making their head seem lengthy and reptillian. A black visor hid their eyes.

He paused in his footsteps next to the hoverbike, cocking his head in curiosity, but for the moment just staring.


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He paused, then turned his head away, perhaps a little guiltilly. "Apologies, I did not mean to stare." His voice didn't seem to come from his mouth, but instead seemed to project just from him into the air. "I was curious to see what you were doing. But I should really have my attention elsewhere."


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He seemed uncertain, but nodded, lowering himself down to sit cross-legged. Well, not quite. His knees were raised too high and his legs didn't actually cross, but it looked like he was trying to sit cross-legged. "I am Zee. I am looking for a friend but I do not know where they could be. I am not from the city. Have you met Analisa?" From the sounds of it he hadn't been around people too much before.


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"Perhaps we could be friends, though... I guess I should be hesitant to start making them." He turned his head to the side to look down the street. "I will be working for a company soon. I think I will not have much time for other people. Whether this is good or not I do not know. But it is my purpose."


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He turned his head back towards her, confused. "I see," he responded, though there was a certain emptiness to his voice. Blankness. "I have never gotten close to anyone before now, except for physically, and even then contact is a fleeting thing." He nodded. "But it seems sensible."


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He shook his head. "I never had someone, not since my creation. Maybe the company will fill that void." He looked upwards to the sky, as if it was meant to be something significant.