The Ibrex Race

A Space faring race involved in the multiverse. They are incredibly peaceful but yet they are Biological Super Martyrs

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Arietraekos


6 tentacle eyes watch down at you with a 6' 5'' average height, Their colors ranging from all hues although the males are normally a type of green/blue/grey and females a type of red
/pink/orange... They're bodies consist of an almost seahorse like build if it wasn't for the fact that they had Arms and legs, they have 2 large frills on there neck/head area with a large beak for a mouth.

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One of the most enjoyable and peaceful races that exist throughout the entire multiverse, they have never been in war. Nor do they have the desire to engage in it. The only irony to this is the fact that they become "Explosive"


Considering that they are walking anti-matter bombs (yes you heard right, the inside of there spine isn't filled with marrow or cartilage, but instead super vacummed space with filled with antimatter the total amount stored in each of there bodies varies due to age and bone size. How it got there is so secret to the species, that if one were to give it out... well you don't wanna know. When deceased it is custom to use their bones as the cores of any of there weapon's and or defenses, although they have never been used yet. It has been rumored that they have a store of spines exceeding 4 billion, and that's just the deceased. They also have a built in form of telekinesis, which allows them to move objects, and to build things with sheer thought. One Ibrex alone can lift around 400 lbs. But in groups, they can build monuments and buildings within minutes.

Other equipment:

Ft220 Eye scanner: A Surgically attached super scanner is applied to the back of each of there eyes, each scanner having a different effect; includiing nightvision, heatvision, Area scanning, Normal vision, X-Ray vision, and a de-cloaker

Certain Ibrex's will also have custom weapons but these are never specified as to follow there races customary beleif of peace, but due to the necessity of them not becoming injured, there weapons are also critically advanced.


Hailing from the Cyrillian galaxy, the Ibrex were so far away from the Multiversal district that they were never even rumored to exist. Although through the use of worm hole key's they have been able to travel the large distance. (Several trillion lightyears) The first ship sent in purposefully was almost immediatly contacted by a spacial race known as the Xindhi. Luckily, they were able to remain on peaceful terms with these undead looking aleins and simply reurned to there original galxy for several milennia, but they have slowly been attempting to re enter the multiverse. The first project on there mind *Planet real estate*

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The Ibrex Race's Story