The Invictus Motorcycle Club

A biker gang planning to make streets of Terran cities it's kingdom before moving on to other planets.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Saarai, as played by Sambea


Name: The Invictus Motorcycle Club

Other Names: Invictus MC, IMC.

Founder: Various.

Leader(s): "Ugly" Michael Munroe.

Date Founded: Early 2009.

Public Status: Criminal biker organization.

Allies: The Bad Boy Yardies, The Invictus.

Enemies: Police forces, The Hammer And Star Bratva, White Tiger Triad, Black Hand Triad.

Membership: Made up of men and women of different races, nationalities and even species. Though they mostly consist of Vampire-like Humans who prefer to be called Strigoi. They are one of few biker gangs to allow women to become full patch members.

Colors/Uniform: Members of the Invictus MC sport black or grey leather vests which bear the purple and black Invictus phoenix on the back as well as their chapter and the club's name.

Weapons: Like most biker gangs they use a variety of easily concealed or accessed weapons such as knives, hammers and small arms like pistols or revolvers. Though unlike other biker gangs they are funded, albeit secretly, by the Invictus due to their close affiliation to them. This has given them access to military assault weapons and gear including bulletproof vests, grenades and other explosives.

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#, as written by Saarai
"I will admit that I am in love with Eva Longoria." One of the bikers shouted, "Dude, She's so fuckin' hot." Another responded, "You guys are pigs." A female biker added.

"Stop being jealous. You're just mad that all the guys think you're a butch lesbian." The first biker said, "Yo, fuck you." The woman retorted.

"You're totally a vagiterian, I just know it."