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The Reginald Family

The Shield of Light

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by HolyJunkie


Though the implication behind their typical "high-end" attire and their generally authoritative demeanour paints them as mobsters in the eyes of the public, the police know for certain that the Reginalds are every bit as legitimate as their history of championships implies- which is to say they are indeed legitimate. Their family line dates back to the origins of Kanto, when a small family in Fuschia City's son, orphaned at the age of ten, set out to make his fortune... At least, that's the common legend. No one really knows the true origins, but they do know it relates to the old, unassuming city. With the old Patriarch gone, the family line now consists of brothers Marcus and Tarma . Tarma was married once, but his wife only bore twin daughters before her sudden illness. Marcus, however, bore a son and a daughter with Celadon.

THE COAT OF ARMS - Currently with Radegast.
An Aegislash called "Reginald", an ageless blade of indestructible metal said to house the spirits of all Reginalds who came before. After many generations, it is doubtlessly an immensely powerful creature. The shield bears the Reginald coat of arms, a circle of shining silver, surrounded by three black crescent moons, all on a sea of deep sage. The circle represents the Shield of Light, the green represents the origins of the family- the deep greens of Fuschia. No one remembers what the crescent moons mean, however. Many have their theories.
The Coat of Arms is incredibly wise, but very dim. It almost never picks up on lingo and nuance in language beyond the literal definition of words. Despite the dimwittedness, it has lived as long as the entire family line. As a result, it is highly knowledgeable in history, and especially battle strategy.
It acts less like a pokemon, and more like an extension of the user's own mind, very much like a Stand. It would act automatically, with, without, or even against the user's orders. This is because the Aegislash is an immensely powerful, independent creature with an extremely powerful, and extremely specific sense of duty. It will put it's own life before those of the ones it is sworn to protect... though good luck killing it.
Abilities: Stance Change
-King's Shield
-Sacred Sword
-Aerial Ace
-Flash Cannon
-Fury Cutter
-Shadow Ball
The Aegislash can "fuse" with a living blood Reginald to bolster its abilities as well as the human's abilities by a significant margin. Along with this transformation comes the addition of the following attacks at full-power.
-Hyper Beam
-Giga Impact
-Ice Beam
Fusion also negates all type weaknesses inherent to the Aegislash, and in fact renders all type attacks at least half as effective. The cost of such an incredible power is severe... and only a living Reginald can perform this particularly powerful brand of Spirit Bonding.

Moves discovered whilst fused with Radegast:
Slash - Simply any attack with the blade or the shield would register as this.
Icy Wind - A vastly inferior version of the Ice Beam, but still chills enemies all the same.

As the older brother, he is the standing Patriarch of the family. Though he was quite healthy at the age of 60, his health has rapidly deteriorated, to the point where he requires Soundwave, or at least a cane, to move around. The reason for this is a past fusion with Reginald the Aegislash. Most recently, due to fusion, Tarma has lost the strength in his legs to walk again. As the living Patriarch, he is the one who currently commands the Coat of Arms. Compared to Marcus, Tarma is a far wiser, more informed man. With the exception of the Coat of Arms, his closest friends are approximately level 70. All have been absorbed by Reginald the Aegislash
Soundwave the Noivern - A Noivern almost as old as Tarma. Larger than the average Noivern. Tarma's starter. Knows Fly, but the speakers on his head have seen better days.

The younger brother, whose initial dislike of being the younger brother turned into a deeply passionate desire to hold to tradition. This is mainly because Tarma had no sons. Though very cold and blunt, impatient, and eager to conquer his foes in the field of battle, he is a loving father. He is aware of Radegast's intentions, and is surprisingly cool with his son's group's slow, yet steady development. However, he does plan to crush his son on his terms, to show his son the way the world works. When the time comes, Marcus will show his son what it means to be a Ruulan. All of his pokemon are approximately level 80.
Is now the standing Patriarch.
Palkia - Holds a grudge against Radegast. Marcus captured him in order to keep him away from an evil force that's still out there.
Rotom - His most treasured inheritance from his father. Acts very much like a butler.
Golurk - Marcus' personal bouncer, basically.
Yanmega - Marcus' starter. Knows Fly, but his bug-like eyes are graying, and relies on Marcus' touch to know where and how to fly.

Marcus' wife, a terrifying trainer in her own right. She and Marcus teamed up to conquer the Team Doubles tournaments. She and Marcus were two peas in a pod when they first met. Even so late in their marriage, they still finish each others' sentences in a cute way. A natural at the arts of Pokemon breeding. While stories tell of her unparalleled warmth towards others and especially her husband, her son running away had triggered something dark and terrible within. This borderline hatred makes her the most dangerous and unpredictable of all the Reginalds. All of her pokemon are approximately level 80, matching Marcus' team.
Flygon - Knows Fly
Shedinja - Celadon's starter, a tireless bodyguard who protects her from the shadows at all times. The Ninjask who had produced it has long passed away, and was buried in the gardens for unending service and friendship.
Gallade - Often teams up with Marcus' Golurk as personal bouncers.

An incredibly attractive Champion-tier trainer with Hall of Fame entries in both the Kanto and Hoenn leagues. She is a model and aspiring actress, but is easily flustered by the ridiculous name "Marge". She hones her skills in private events, where she was offered many a deal for products. She is her parents' daughter, and sort of resents her brother for rejecting the family business, as well as causing irreparable damage to the family she loves. All of her pokemon are approximately level 60.
Poliwrath - Her starter.
Raikou - A gift from Marcus, and Mergriet's closest friend next to Poliwrath, her starter.

Nadine and Cori Reginald. They're rarely without their respective starters- An Abomasnow and a Ludicolo respectively.
Few ever talk about them, except for Tarma, who always raves about how wonderful his daughters are, and how much they make him proud.
Incidentally, the Twins run a gardening shop, and have not even attempted a Pokemon challenge. Now in their mid-late twenties, they have a chain running, and have recently expanded to Unova, opening a shop in Driftveil City.

The only son. He nicknamed the Coat of Arms "Reggie", which brought laughter from Tarma, but a lecture on "respect" from Marcus. Their relationship is... complicated... Especially now that they know he is alive and well in Unova- up until Radegast disappeared again.
Small note: Radegast is the only member of the family with muscle definition.


As a powerful family, the Reginalds have many a contact either under their employ or under the value of friendship. It is the Guard that makes them appear to be mobsters, but many of them are profoundly grateful for the opportunities they were so lucky to have. The Reginalds have many a contact they can call for many a favour, but the core of their influence is maintained at the hands of three individuals.
At seventeen years of age, Logan is pretty much the son Marcus wanted to have. However, due to the strict code the Reginalds hold, Logan would only be a legible heir if he married Margriet, and Radegast was dead. Though he's a better man than to ever consider murder, he does have a huge crush on Margriet.
Peregrine - A Pidgeot - Level 39
Magmatron - A Heatran, a reward from Marcus for great service, and also Logan's "badge' as Marcus' Right Hand. - Level 50
Marth - An Absol, a fiercely loyal friend, and Logan's original starter. - Level 40
At twenty-nine, he's earned a prestigious position as the Left Hand. Taken in at a young age, he sees Marcus like the father he never had.
Wolverine - A Typhlosion, and Percy's starter - Level 31
Spotlight - A Lanturn - Level 30
Percy's younger brother. Twenty-eight years-old. He also sees Marcus as a father. While he's not as good a fighter as Percy or Logan, Gregory found his calling as an operator. He can drive and pilot many vehicles in Ruula, from cars to planes to boats.
Pin - A Cacturne - Level 29
Spearhead - A Fearow - Level 27


The Reginald Estate was bordered by a ten-foot wall at key positions. Within the walls is an immense garden that spans from front to back, with only the two-story mansion itself to interrupt it. At the far back, a huge, ancient tree still blooms pink leaves every spring, overlooking the entrance to the Catacombs like an undying protector.


A spiralling tunnel leading deeper and deeper, splitting off into rooms full of coffins, empty or occupied. Most of the coffins are empty, due to the owners' bodies and souls being absorbed by the Aegislash to bolster its power. The following is an incomplete list of Reginalds of the past.

-Mario Reginald - The First Reginald. His name is kept secret only by the Coat of Arms, but the gist of his legend is still known. A nobody who set out to make his fortune in an ordinary Pokemon journey, who later discovered the Spirit Bond and used it to give Reginald the Aegislash his soul, so the Aegislash could protect the family beyond death. The Spirit Bond knowledge was lost with him, until rediscovered centuries later. Some argue that the First didn't discover the Spirit Bond first, but others counter-argue the existence of Reginald is undeniable proof that the First did, in fact, discover the Spirit Bond centuries before the official discovery.
-The Second through Ninth - All names also lost, but their stories remain on faded plaques.
-The Tenth Reginald. A rebellious Reginald who defaced the Catacombs in order to try to rewrite history, slain by his son and Reginald, and cursed to be known only as "The Vandal". His coffin has since been removed by Lucy Reginald.
-Illya Reginald - The Tenth Reginald's son, heralded as "Holder of the Bloodline"
-"The Scorpion" - A warrior whose real name was lost to terrible conflict. Lived during some of the bloodiest battles between three other families. The Reginalds were the last family standing by the end of it. The ultimate symbol of the Reginald supremacy.
-Fargo Reginald, the first of his name
-Fargo Reginald II
-Fargo Reginald III
-Fargo Reginald IV, Saviour of Lavaridge.
-Orson Reginald, the first of his name, the "Peacemaker of Johto.” Long, long, very long ago, Kanto and Johto were at war. The actions of Orson from Kanto and his future wife from Johto had formed a peace agreement. Next to Orson’s tomb was a more intricately designed tomb, labeled “The love of my life, Barbara Reginald.”What was not written was that Orson was actually the Supreme Commander of the Kanto armies, and he had claimed Barbara (among other political and resource gains) in exchange for peace between the two regions. As they say, history was written by the victor, and much of that truth was lost in the generations that passed, especially in the fires four hundred years ago.
-Shin Reginald, the Great Ninja. Founder of the Old Fuscia Martial College, where he experimented and discovered leaps and bounds in the studies of poisons and antidotes, and also founder of the style that changed and evolved into what Kanto’s current Gym Leaders now practice. His wife’s tomb was labeled “Keeper of the Great Antidote.” Shin’s school itself was long gone, but many styles of martial arts that incorporate traditional methods use the same methods first applied there, especially those designed to hone one’s resistance to toxins.
-Horace Reginald, "The Kraken.” Long ago, he and Kyogre did battle on the sea. The reasons have been lost, but the two fought to a stalemate, and the Kyogre granted Horace “The Boon of the Sea”, where he and his kin would find a friend in the seas for generations to come.
-“The Jaguar” Reginald II - The master thief, who dedicated his life to helping folk improve on their security. The name is worn-out on his coffin. However, given that he was the son of The Kraken, some theorize his name was also Horace.
-Florence Reginald, "The Family Man” - Had twenty children, never did battle in his time.
-Gregorovich Reginald, The Lion. Father of Tarma and Marcus Reginald, grandfather to Radegast, Margriet, and Tarma's twin daughters Nadine and Cori. Named "The Lion" due to his impressive beard and flowing hair, as well as his ferocity and strength. Wrestled bear Pokemon in his time. Sacrificed himself in the Shadow Dimension to stop a great evil.
-Patricia Reginald, the great evil Gregorovich sacrificed himself to destroy. The mother of Lucy Reginald, had attempted to take the power of Giratina as her own.

So begins...

The Reginald Family's Story


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Radegast looked up at Burgh. “You didn’t see it?” He asked. Somehow, despite focusing more on the music, he had seen the trick Rage had pulled.

Rage hadn’t eaten his Oran berry yet. Using that second-last Seismic Toss as cover from the view of the Gym Leader, the Primeape had popped the berry in his mouth for just that edge needed to take one last blow. It was an immensely risky move worthy of the bards of Rage’s old clan. A read that would’ve left Steelfist staggering in disbelief. “ARRROOOOOOOO!!!” Rage erupted as he slammed his fists into his chest with renewed energy.

“Nice fight, buddy,” Radegast smiled. “Though I imagine your ears are ringing from three Bug Buzzes. Can you hear me?” Rage tilted his head, or body, to the side. To the Primeape, there was nothing but ringing and the soft echoes of the sounds around him. Radegast lowered himself a little and began scratching behind the Primeape’s ear. “Let’s get you to a Pokemon Centre, a’ight?”

As Radegast stood up once more, the Primeape returned to his pokeball. Everyone else returned to their respective balls, save for Elder of course. “Anyway,” Radegast continued as Burgh approached to deliver the prizes. “Thanks for the fight, my friends had a great time,” he replied after Burgh handed him the cash, the disc, and the badge. “Be seein’ you, eh?”

With Burgh’s directions, Radegast slipped into the cocoon and slid down the slide-like shortcut, with Elder following closely.

As they moved to the front doors, Elder and Radegast began chatting about where to pool the prize in terms of gathering supplies. Castelia is a huge city, and the fifteen-year-old boy knew he’d have to pinch his Pokke very carefully. They had decided on a plan just when they stepped through the doors.

“Hey buddy,” A young man, in his twenties, stood outside of the gym entrance before Radegast. He wore a professional suit, plain and black. As simple as Agent X’s, only with an unusual brooch pinned over the breast pocket.

No… No no no no no!!! Was I too slow? No, he had to have already been here. Damn my rotten luck! Somehow, some way, Radegast managed to keep his panic under wraps. However, he was silent for a good spell. On Percy’s belt, Radegast spotted only two pokeballs. That calmed him down somewhat. He only brought the Typhlosion and the Lantern.

“Radegast… You’ve grown… Hair’s pretty long, too. I’m surprised the informant recognized you.” As Percy talked, Radegast took a deep breath, using the conversation as cover to avoid revealing just how panicked he was.

Of course Agent X snitched. The Federal agent type seemed to hold to a respectable principle after all. Radegast didn’t blame him; he was just unlucky that Percy happened to be in Castelia at the same time. “He had a Xatu, read my past,” Radegast replied, “Wish it was memories… At least with memories, you can suppress…” Radegast paused for a moment as he sized-up the trainer in front of him. “How’s things, Percy?”

“Well enough,” Percy reached for one of two pokeballs at his belt, “Your father never gave up on looking for you. You should at least talk to him.”

“I’ll talk with you Perc,” Radegast replied with a smile as Elder eyed Percy, “Not Dad, though.”

“… I guess that’s my only option then.” Percy shrugged. He would end up reporting this to Marcus anyway. One finger stroked the pokeball, but he did not pull it from the clamp… not yet, anyway. “Why are you taking the Gym challenge?” Percy asked, “Doesn’t that go against your ideals?”

“Only if I decided for my friends,” Radegast replied, “I didn’t.”

“You’re really hell-bent on proving your parents wrong, aren’t you?”

“Something like that…” As if it needed to be said, Radegast was not smiling.

“Looking at those badges and that Haunter of yours, (Radegast flashed a glare) I can see that even at my age, I’m out of your league. You really are your father’s son.”

“In a way,” Radegast shrugged, “A Reginald doesn’t go back on their word, after all.”

“That makes two of us,” came a new voice. Fuck! Radegast slowly turned to his left. A seventeen-year-old girl, fit as a fiddle, with eyes that mirrored Radegast’s, and equally brown hair cut short, with bangs that swept over one eye. She wore what appeared to be a brand-new outfit. Radegast could see his sister forgot to remove the tag off from one of the shoes. Her belt held six pokeballs. Though Radegast would never think so, Margriet was incredibly attractive. Her face was plastered on many a modelling billboard and magazine, “The Champion Queen Diva”, they called her. “Hey bro,” she greeted with a condescending, yet amused expression.

“Marge,” Radegast greeted simply. He still faced Percy, “Long time no see.”

“I’m a Champion now,” Margriet snapped, “In the Hall of Fame. Don’t think you can keep calling me that stupid nickname.”

“Champ Schmamp. You’re still my sister, Marge,” Radegast smiled innocently as he turned his head in time to watch his older sister begin to boil. Teasing his sister like old times managed to calm him down somewhat. “How’s Logan?”

“Doing fine, thank you,” Logan’s voice reached Radegast’s ears opposite from Margriet. Now that Radegast was calm, he could see that each of them had two more trainers backing them up. None of the trainers, Radegast recognized. All the extra figures, Logan included, carried at least three pokeballs. By Radegast’s math, they all held thirty-one fighters against Radegast’s weakened six. A fight was completely out of the question, especially since one’s in the Hall of Fame. “We were… worried… for a while, when we found out you were aboard that wrecked ship.”

Wrecked ship…? Oh, back when I met Crystal… They must’ve recovered the ship, checked the black boxes and such… “Lotta big guns for little old me,” Radegast shrugged. He felt like all eyes were on him. Elder, on the other hand, did not feel the same. His eyes darted for a possible opening. There were none he could immediately see.

“You’ve been gone for five years,” Margriet glowered, “Everyone’s been worried. Mom, Dad, Uncle Tarma, even me- as much as it burns me to say it.”

“I’m touched,” Radegast replied, “Really, I am… but I’m fine. I’m not coming back.”

“Not even for Uncle Tarma?” Margriet huffed and rolled her eyes, “He’s not going to last much longer at his age. Don’t you care? You are wearing his hat, after all. You’re the only legible heir!”

“There’s still you, Sis. You should take the Coat of Arms,” Radegast hissed, “Why does it have to be the son?”

“Believe me, if I could I’d make sure you weren’t bothered again,” Margriet’s cold response chilled Percy, but seemed to hold no effect on Radegast. “But you know Daddy just as well as I do.”

“I guess it’s too bad we have such different opinions,” Radegast stuffed his hands into his pockets, “In any case, do you guys have any authority here? Are the police in on this? Moving to detain me in front of an establishment like this gym…” Radegast jerked his head towards the doors. No-doubt there were witnesses who were watching through the windows of many a surrounding building.

“We… can get the permissions,” Percy replied. Evidently he did not think of that.

Yes! An opening! “So you don’t have them?” Radegast asked, “Then you really cannot be blocking me.”

“Come on. We’re not gonna let you up and vanish again. We’re not stupid,” Logan spat.

And the Reginalds are not thugs,” Radegast barked in a way very unlike himself. His eyes were filled with a terrible intensity. It was a commanding shout from a side he preferred to keep under wraps. Percy and Logan flinched, as did every other backup trainer. Even Elder stalled and turned to face the human with unease.

Margriet, however, smirked knowingly. “How about a duel then?” The older sister stepped forward calmly, “A perfectly lawful duel, with these fine gentlemen as an audience. If you win, you walk free, and we won’t follow you. If I win…” she giggled. If the laughter was not so cute and endearing, Radegast would’ve found it grating. “If! Oh! I’m such a joker!”

Radegast’s face did not betray his panic, though his eyes relaxed somewhat. His inherited poker face was good enough to stop everyone… except the only one here who was a Champion, the only one he needed to shake if he were to have a chance to escape. The only one who could kick the collective ass of himself and every one of his friends. Radegast couldn’t do that to his friends. There had to be some way out…


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"Woah! It's a Champion!"

The next thing everyone knew, Maxin was stepping in between Radegast and Margriet, walking up to her and holding out his hand for her to shake, "My name's Maxin Shephard! I'm a HUUUUUUGE fan! I've seen every televised fight, read everything that has your name in it, and...oh my Arceus I can't believe it's actually you! I can't believe I'm actually meeting the real Margriet! What are you doing in Castelia?! I mean, I get it. You're a busy woman and you've got a lot of places to be. And...ooooohhh, I'm just so excited that you're standing in front of person!" Maxin continued to gush and gush, taking a thousand words a minute. He was acting like a fan girl, basically.

Meanwhile, Radegast would be alerted by a tiny tug on his pants leg. If he turned he would see the tiny claw of Drillbur jutting out of the asphalt. She was out of sight from everyone as she had positioned herself perfectly. She pointed towards the Escape Rope Radegast had bought earlier and gave them a thumbs up before her clawed hand disappeared from the surface.

Meanwhile, Maxin was droning on, "Can I have your autograph?!" He proceeded to pull out a whole bunch of pictures of Margriet from his backpack and presented them to the Champion, "Well...a few of them actually. One for me, one for my sister Jay, on for Uncle Tomas, one for Aunt Becky, and one for my best friend Vinny!" He had the widest grin on his face and the most quivering of eyes that only the completely heartless and anti-Politically Correct could say no to.


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Radegast tried so desperately not to smile, or else Maxin’s distraction would’ve been for naught. When Margriet’s two back-ups began to move to keep the boy away from her, Margriet hel up a hand. She clearly relished the attention, and even produced a sharpie to sign the photos with, Logan and Percy were not nearly as dumb. Percy’s Typhlosion darted around Radegast and covered the hole with her thickly coated body. “Not fast enough, little one,” the Typhlosion growled.

“Shit!” Radegast yelped when the larger beast turned her gaze up to the human. His sister, suddenly snapped out of “diva mode” by her brother’s yelp, moved to get at him. She produced her pokeball and unleashed a Raikou… and suddenly dropped to the road with a shriek. No one had noticed the tiny Joltik wrap her legs up with strong silk webbing. “Sir!” the Operative chirped with a hop, “This way, sir!”

Radegast did not need telling twice. With Elder at his side, Radegast burst past the Raikou- lost without Margriet’s command. As Radegast sprinted past his sister for Operative to hop onto his shoulder, he turned his head and shouted, “Another time, Marge!” He had half a mind to thank Max, but he imagined that would paint an even bigger target on the younger boy’s back even more than the attempted escape route with the Drillbur.

Margriet’s face purpled in a Mankey’s rage. Now that she was angry, she paid Maxin no mind at all. After a wordless shout, she barked, “GET HIM!” at the Raikou. The Legendary beast bounded after Radegast, only Elder was quick enough to turn. The Haunter’s eyes flashed bright for a split-second, and the Raikou suddenly found himself in a hazy wonderland. The beast bounded directly into a thick oak tree in the middle of the park, and scrambled and flailed when he dropped to the ground. The Raikou was too distracted by the hallucinations to continue chase.

“Hurry up!” Radegast continued running. The Operative began flinging silk webbing after silk webbing to cover the ground behind them. Elder hovered over the webbing easily, but those on feet would find themselves stuck within several steps.

He suddenly felt tackled. An Absol had used his incredible speed to bound to the uncovered spots. “Marth!” Radegast smiled, “How’s it been, buddy?”

Marth, the Absol, belonged to Logan. The trainer called a command, “Get the Haunter, use Night Slash!”

The Absol almost registered the command when it was suddenly launched high into the sky. Rage had burst from his pokeball and delivered a savage punch directly into the Absol’s underbelly. “LET US RUN, FRIEND-RADEGAST!” the Primeape bellowed as his fury-filled eyes leered at Logan. The seventeen-year-old boy- shaken to borderline paralysis, accidentally dropped his second pokeball uselessly onto the ground.

The Operative stopped flinging webbing- she was incredibly fatigued from producing so much, on top of her weakened state from the gym, and needed to recharge. She braced herself on top of Radegast’s hat as Rage pulled Radegast back to his feet. Elder quickly bumped fists with Rage, and the three of them continued running.

“You got this, Raikou!” his sister’s distant voice inflicted a true dread over Radegast.

Damnit, the Confuse Ray wore off. Elder turned in mid-air, hovering backwards, in time to see the huge beast gaining on them rapidly, almost like lightning. Elder’s eyes flashed once more… but the Haunter was suddenly flung down the street, tumbling and rolling to a stop farther ahead.

Rage and Radegast turned in time to see a sparking, crackling, and infuriated Raikou descending upon them. The Primeape barely managed to dodge an incoming swipe, and returned in kind with a sweeping kick. The Raikou’s powerful leg gave in… too easily. The first leg planted itself back on the ground while the second leg- the one struck by Rage, swung around and came bearing down on the Primeape.

The street cracked and buckled as Rage’s fury exploded with the immense pain he felt. His arms were barred and locked as he barely managed to block the enormous impact. The Primepape’s muscles bulged painfully as the Raikou continued to push harder and harder, aiming to crush the tiny pig-monkey under a single paw. Rage emitted a wordless shriek. It was no battle cry, rather it was a desperate attempt to try to stay conscious. The crushing blow started to make the Primeape’s knees buckle.

“Let go of my friend!” The Raikou’s head twitched as the beast was sent sprawling. The blow to the side of the head did not really do much to such a majestic and powerful beast, but the mere thought of a human making such a move was unheard of. “Ow fuck fuck fuck!” Radegast waved his hand. The scar tissue had split once more, and his knuckles bled profusely.

After shaking off the initial shock of such an unusual move, the Raikou stood up and reared to pounce and finish off the Primeape. All of a sudden, the huge monster flinched in pain. The Operative had inflicted a nasty Bug Bite on the Raikou’s neck. It was not that the bite itself did much damage at all. A proud beast such as Raikou would treat such a sudden attack as an affront against nature, especially on top of the human’s weak, yet impressive punch. The Raikou shook his coat rapidly to get rid of the tick.

However, the Operative had hopped off a second before. As the Raikou shook his coat, his legs remained stationary. When she clung to the Raikou, the tiny Joltik had absorbed an immense amount of static electricity, and she became essentially super-charged. Within an instant after hopping off, the Joltik began to glow white. Once she landed, the Operative was a two-foot arachnid, a Galvantula.

With the extreme boost in power, the Operative darted between the Raikou’s legs at lightning speed, producing so much silk with her larger body, and so much more. Remembering the Pokken fight with the Pikachu, the Operative knew she needed to produce enough string shot to withstand the power this Raikou could produce. She eventually managed to tie both hind legs together before the super-charged effect began to wear off. The Operative scrambled back to Radegast in time for the Raikou to stop shaking his coat.

Within such a short timespan, the tiny bug had managed to make the Raikou trip up. Granted, it did no real damage, but the Raikou’s frustrated howls might as well be the horns of victory. With the Raikou currently incapacitated and the other trainers not too far behind, Radegast recalled Rage, and used the Operative’s empty pokeball to pull the knocked-out Elder to safety. After the Operative hopped onto Radegast’s back, the human burst into a sprint for the North Exit.

With the new rejuvenated form, the Operative continued flinging larger webbing to further slow them down. Eventually, they breached the city exit before any guards could mobilize. They vanished into the forests surrounding the land side of Castelia. Whether Maxin caught up or not, Radegast could not afford to check. Hopefully he fared well and escaped.


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Maxin watched as the Reginald Family and all of their grunts took chase after Radegast, keeping the same act up as they pursued. When the last Reginald rounded the bend, he breathed a sigh of relief. Things didn't go exactly the way he had planned, but at least he'd given enough time for Radegast to get away. That Raikou looked intimidating, but he was confident his new friend and the Pokemon he accompanied would find a way to lose them. He was sure of it.

He smiled and walked over to the spot the Typhlosion had covered, "Okay, Toff! They're gone!"

The ground shifted slightly under Maxin's feet and the Drillbur popped out, rolling her shoulders forward, "Did they escape?" she asked Maxin, eyes quivering with suspense.

"They did," came Snips's voice from above. The Snivy had watched the whole spectacle from a vantage point, keeping an eye on their friends as they left the city, "They'll be fine, I think."

Maxin gave Snips a high-five, "That was a good idea!"

Snips began to climb onto Maxin's back, "That was some good acting back there."

Maxin rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, " wasn't all acting. A part of me enjoyed meeting a former Champion, even if she seemed pretentious and egotistic. It was like the air electrified when she showed up! Couldn't you feel it?"

Snips gave him a cynical look, "I think that was her Raikou, Maxin."

Maxin gave a passing glance towards the spot they had been, "Or maybe it was the Raikou." he muttered before clapping his hands, "Alright! We have some catching up to do! Now that we've dealt with that, we can finally challenge Burgh! Everyone good with that?"

Snips and Toff gave a confident nod.

"Then let's show 'em all why we're the best! TO BURGH'S GYM!"

"TO BURGH'S GYM!" They cried in unison.

And so Maxin began to blaze the trail towards the Bug-Type specialist's gym once more. It was lucky he decided to go to the Pokemon Center while Radegast was fighting. Otherwise, he wouldn't have overheard the two grunts talking to one of the boys about Radegast and hatched a plan. Being nosy had it's perks. But now, he had to concentrate on the Gym Challenge. He just hoped that when those fiends came knocking at Radegast's doorstep again, he'd be more prepared. For now, he'd prepare himself. He'd get more friends to help him. He'd help them grow stronger every day.

And he would see Radegast again.


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Margriet held her hand out to Logan, who immediately handed her a knife. With a swift motion, she slashed through the webbing. “I can’t believe this,” she muttered.

“That he managed to beat your Raikou?” Logan asked. Margriet did not respond. “Well… technically he didn’t. Your Raikou is still in tip-top condition.”

“That doesn’t matter,” Margriet huffed, “He outsmarted my darling. Him and his pokemon.”

Percy compared Margriet’s words with those he heard from Radegast. “I don’t think he did anything,” Percy said.

“He escaped, obviously he did something,” Margriet snapped.

“What I mean is, I don’t think he outsmarted you,” Percy glanced at the road, where droplets of blood beelined all the way to the exit and beyond, where the blood was then hidden in the grass and dirt. “That Joltik seemed to act on it’s own…” he crouched down to one of the droplets of blood. “If anything, Radegast was the one who made the mistake…” Percy dabbed a finger in the spot and confirmed the redness on his finger. Does anyone have a Stoutland?” he called to the backup trainers.

One of them unleashed the huge dog known well for tracking scents. “We need to catch up, set him on the trail,” he ordered, pointing at the blood.

“I’m coming with you,”

“Margriet,” Logan said, “Don’t forget, you have a shoot this afternoon.”

Radegast’s older sister huffed in annoyance. She then turned to Logan as the Raikou stood up and shook his fur once more to remove the dirt of the road. “Send someone to every city in Unova. Tell them to keep an eye out for Radegast.”

“Shall I give chase then?” Percy asked.

“Yes, take everyone here and go.”

“Yes ma’am.” Percy beckoned, and the group of seven headed out towards the city exit.

“How about me?” Logan asked. He was about to go when Margriet stopped him. He straightened himself to appear more manly, though he was a perfectly capable trainer in his own right.

“Tell Father what has happened,” she said, “You can phone him, but I’m sure he’d want to hear it in person.”

The colour ran from Logan’s face. “Yes, ma’am.” he answered automatically.

With a smile, Margriet pecked Logan on the cheek and walked off. She stroked the Raikou’s mane as she headed to a different sector of the city to the photography studio.

Logan gulped, suddenly aware of his own failure in the encounter. Marth had been knocked out upon landing, and he had choked. That Primeape… there was something terrible about that Primeape. The way it’s eyes had never-ending wrinkles of fury, or that constantly murderous, bloodshot stare. It didn’t even hesitate to target himself- a human! How could such a boy as Radegast associate with such a savage… thing?

His hands trembled as he reached for his phone. He took a couple of deep breaths, and then tapped on the icon reading “MARCUS VORPAL REGINALD”.

“Sir, Radegast got away,” Logan’s voice quivered as he willed himself to report as concisely as he could.

“Logan? I told Percy not to tell you or Margriet,” Marcus growled, “Did he-”

“It’s not Percy’s fault. We found out on our own,” Logan lied, “It didn’t matter, anyway. Radegast’s… but we got people giving chase… and… and…”

Marcus’ voice was suddenly calming and fatherly. “Calm yourself, Logan. Take a breather. I wish to hear this in detail, in person. I will fly there immediately. I’ll see you at Café Sonata in a few hours.”

“Yes sir,” Logan replied. Marcus then hung up, leaving Logan alone on the street. He still shook from the effects of that Primeape’s leer. He took a step, stumbled from having held still for so long, and then regained his pace. Slowly, but surely, his composure came back to him.

In a few hours, a Yanmega landed with a rumbling buzz. Marcus hopped off and strode into the Café. He saw Logan, having recently removed the effects of the Leer with a delicious waffle. “Sir, I ordered a fudge brownie just the way you like it.”

“At-ease, Logan,” Marcus chuckled as he sat down. A waitress brought along a delicious-looking brownie that looked to have escaped the pages of a dessert magazine.

“Pleasure to have you in our establishment once more, Monsieur Reginald,” the Waitress greeted politely.

“Hey, the pleasure is mine,” Marcus smiled. Logan couldn’t help but notice just how similar Marcus and Radegast looked. Friendly, warm, with an underlying, commanding aura. “Let’s hear what happened, Logan. My son was at the Gym, was he not?”

“Yes, he had just won, and we approached him just as he left.”

“With a mob?” Marcus hummed in a monotone.


“I doubt most people would think to get the help of the police on this matter,” Marcus added, “Radegast technically did nothing wrong, so a warrant can’t possibly be filed.”

“That’s… kind of what he counted on too,” Logan said.

Marcus hummed, “Anyway, how did he escape if you had him surrounded?”

“He tripped up Margriet. There was a Joltik, it tied her legs together.”

Marcus burst out laughing, a sight that sent the rest of the café into a silence. The laughter became contagious as Marcus repeated, “A tiny Joltik tied up a Champion’s legs?! Hell, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week!”

Logan couldn’t help but also find the laughter contagious… only a little. “Is she fine, though?” Marcus asked.

“Yes,” Logan replied.

“Good, continue,” Marcus picked up the small fork and sliced a chunk off from the brownie to chew on.

Logan continued the story, from the Raikou giving chase, to the Haunter sending the Raikou into a drunken sprawl after ramming into a tree, Marcus laughed, as did the restaurant now that it began listening in. He then told them about his involvement. His Absol, Marth, had almost captured Radegast, but then a Primeape sent Marth packing, and made Logan choke. The crowning achievement in comedy was when the Joltik managed to trip up the Raikou.

“Holy hell, I can’t believe this happened to my little girl,” Marcus was in tears.

“Actually, it wouldn’t have ended up like that if Radegast didn’t punch the Raikou,” Logan finished.

Suddenly the restaurant was silent. Logan was suddenly unsure of the direction the conversation was going. He felt like a messenger that was about to be killed unfairly. “He punched a Raikou?” Marcus seemed suspicious, as if the absurdity finally crossed a line.

“His hand was bleeding afterward, but he did send it sprawling away from the Primeape.”

“Well I’ll be,” Marcus stroked his chin with his free hand. “Listen, Logan. Don’t feel ashamed for your performance. My son is simply out of your league.”

“Not out of Margriet’s league, though. His pokemon couldn’t do anything to really damage the Raikou, though. He couldn’t possibly defeat the Raikou.”

“And yet, he escaped from the fastest land beast known to man. I’d say he was quite victorious,” Marcus replied, “He humiliated not only yourself and everyone Percy had brought, but also my daughter- a Champion.”

“I’m sorry I failed regardless,” Logan looked down, ashamed. He felt unworthy to be in the presence of such a great man as Marcus Vorpal Reginald.

Marcus reached across and clamped a tough hand over Logan’s shoulder. “Don’t be, my boy,” He smiled warmly, “It’s fine, really. I needed to hear this. I’ve never felt so proud in five years. What’s passed is past, what matters now is what’s happening now. Where is everyone else?”

“Percy took the ones on-call and began searching for Radegast,” Logan replied, “He left a trail from that wound he got.”

“They got a tracker?”

“A Stoutland.”


“Margriet’s currently at a photo shoot, otherwise she’d have joined them.”

“Good,” Marcus nodded, “She’s got her own business to attend to, and I’d hate for her to get humiliated again. Girl at her age, with her attitude… by Arceus… She’s not worthy of the Coat.”

“Radegast did say he didn’t want the coat.”

“Of course he didn’t,” Marcus rolled his eyes, “But it’s not up to him… Tarma’s not going to last forever.”

“How is Uncle Tarma, by the way?”

“His legs aren’t what they used to be,” Marcus sadly replied, “He uses that Noivern of his to get around nowadays… All the more reason to get Radegast back…”

“We have also sent word to get informants set up at every city in Unova. They’ll call one of us as soon as they spot Radegast.”

“Also good,” Marcus hummed, “Now that we’ve found him, we can’t afford to lose his trail. Hell… after five years, who knows how many enemies he’s made… especially that anonymous caller who told us he was here. He sounded like a pro, that one… I wonder what he’s gotten himself into…”

“Frankly, sir,” Logan replied, “I’d be more concerned about what friends he’s made, rather than his enemies.”

The setting changes from Castelia City to Unova Wilderness

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“Is that… yelling?” Elder asked.

“I hear that too,” Radegast put a hand on Elder’s head. He had to rely on the touch, as the thickness of the sandstorm prevented him from seeing the Haunter. He glanced back, only to see thick, swirling brown. He wondered if Percy managed to catch up. Would they brave the desert? Well… He did… Radegast didn’t imagine he was any better than good people like Percy or Logan. Hell, if Margriet gave chase, she’d be blowing this storm away with that Crobat of her’s.

He turned back in time to dodge a barely visible crevice. With Elder’s assistance, Radegast navigated around the opening in the ground and continued towards the source of the shouting.

“Did anyone bring Go-Goggles?” Percy asked in an irritated fashion, “Anyone at all?” The Stoutland was recalled from hitting one too many electrified traps, but they did spot the tracks leading from the forest into the looming sandstorm farther ahead. “Son of a bitch,” Percy muttered.

“Sir!” One of the assisting trainers called, “The tracks deviate. He went to this alcove of water.”

They could not possibly tell what purpose moving to the water would accomplish. It wasn’t like this salty water could be used for quenching thirst in a desert. Percy made a note of it anyway, in case he came across something that matched this unusual tactic. “Well, at least we know he’s headed for Nimbasa.” Percy turned to the trainers he had called. “We’re done here. You guys can go back to your business.”

The good complied. Some brought out surfing pokemon, others brought flyers, others still took the road back to Castelia. As the road to Nimbasa was still incomplete, no one braved the storm.

Percy produced his phone from his pocket, and tapped the icon for Logan’s number. “What’s up, Percy?” Logan’s voice called.

“How was the meeting with Marcus?”

“He’s taken the news very well,” Logan replied, “Then again, the last we heard from him was from a sunken ship. He’s overjoyed to hear Radegast’s alive.”

“You still able to contact him?”

“I’m here,” Marcus replied. “You’re on speakerphone.”

“Radegast is headed towards Nimbasa. He’s going through a sandstorm.”

“Crazy kid,” Marcus muttered, “Did you bring Go-Goggles?”

“Negative, sir.”

“No worries, Percy.” Marcus replied, “I brought my own. I’ll be there in five.”

“Yes, sir!” Percy straightened his stance, despite not being around for Marcus to see. On the phone, he heard a chair being moved away from the table, and Marcus saying “Thank you for the brownie, my good lady.”

“You’re always welcome, Mr. Reginald,” came a young woman’s reply.

After a minute, Logan’s voice came back. “If the Boss asks, I’ll be back with Margriet.”

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“Good to see you again, Marcus,” Percy and Marcus shook hands as soon as he dismounted from the elderly Yanmega. The seven-foot dragonfly’s otherwise red and transluscent eyes were gray and opaque. The Yanmega remained resting on the sandy ground, with wings folded up. It’s tail twitched every time an unusual sound emitted from a great distance.

“So my son’s in there,” Marcus hummed as he shoved a hand into a saddlebag the Yanmega wore. From the bag, he produced a pair of high-tech goggles. “Dangerous place,”

“May I assist you in moving into the desert?” Percy asked.

“Nah, it’s all good,” Marcus replied as he clapped a hand on Percy’s shoulder, “You’ve done a great job locating my son. I’ll take it from here. Palkia!” From a pokeball on Marcus’ belt, a stream of red erupted. The thirteen-foot dragon beast bellowed in satisfaction for the chance to stretch it’s legs. “Form a spacial barrier around us,” Marcus ordered as he recalled the old Yanmega, “Deflect sand and dust.”

The Palkia silently complied. “Get back to your contest work,” Marcus calmly told Percy, as the Palkia’s rumbling growl accompanied slow, methodical movements with its arms. The legs tamped heavily as it positioned itself closer to Marcus. Even through the sand, the earth trembled under the legendary weight of the creature. “I’m sorry this situation impeded on that.”

“It’s no problem. Good luck, sir!” Percy called, clearly in awe of the humongous beast as it formed a protective bubble-like barrier. He stood back as the barrier formed, and waved as his boss entered the sandstorm- which entered through one end of Palkia’s void-like barrier, only to leave an instant later out the other end, as if the particles skipped the entire section of space between them. Percy shoved his hands into his pockets and headed back the other way.

“Your son… huh…” the Palkia coldly hummed, with the volume of a purring truck engine.

“Your grudge will wait,” Marcus returned in kind. “If he is doing what I think he’s doing, then we will face him eventually.“

“Yes, sir.” Palkia harrumphed with an unusual enthusiasm, as if it lived only to serve.

“Sounds like construction work,” Radegast squinted through the goggles. As the storm died down, he pulled off the hood of his hoodie. Specks of sand poured out as he shook the hood free from sand. “Looks like they’re preparing a proper road between Nimbasa and Castelia.”

Radegast looked up at the sky. He could not tell where the sun was, as clouds of dust blotted out a good portion of the sky. The whole area was awash in an even orange-brown, and it was impossible to tell where exactly the sun was. From navigating around obstables, his sense of direction had eventually been tricked, and he wasn’t even sure which way he was going.

“Might as well ask for directions,” Radegast smirked under his mask. He and Elder moved toward the Sandslashes and the figures. “Hey!” Radegast called, “I'm a little lost. Any of you know the direction to Nimbasa?”

Percy stood outside of the Castelia City gym. The hole produced by that Drillbur had been patched up. He straightened out his suit jacket and pushed the doors open.

“Welcome to Castelia Gym,” a man in sunglasses called, “Are you ready to bring the heat?”

Percy rose his hand, “Sorry, I’m not a challenger. I’d like to talk with Burgh.”

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As Radegast approached, he would realize very quickly that this wasn't a construction site for a route that lead to Nimbasa City. This was something far more sinister.

The sand storm had died down enough in their current location for Radegast to see everything else from a slightly hazy perspective. But still, it was clear enough. Concrete yet compact buildings were visible, gray and plain. The only accent for design were evenly spaced out window with metal bars. There were a few buildings like this that spanned across the perimeter. In front of them stood the Sandslash, who had been giving commands before from a raised platform. Below it was what appeared to be a mixed conglomeration of Pokemon, all chained to a massive metal thing with metal bits dipped into the sand, or what appeared to be a hoe. Behind it stretched about a mile of rows of sifted sand, undisturbed due to a surprising lack of wind in the area...almost like the sand storm was created around them.

If Radegast would study the group of Pokemon hooked up to the Plow, he would discover that many of them were exhausted and worked to the bone. Many were panting, a couple hyperventilating even. They all looked malnourished and deathly sick. It was very clear they had been doing this for a while. In the heat of the sun, not even the Fire-Types were immune to the strain they were being brought under.

However, everything stopped when Radegast called out to them. The Sandslash looked up in the direction of the shout, spotting Radegast and Elder immediately. Other gazes followed, including those that were chained to the machine. While some eyes were sunken and lacking life, a few had a light of glimmering hope within them. One Buizel may have even shed a tear of joy had he enough water in his body to do so.

But all that hope quickly died when the Sandslash gave a different call, "Intruders!" he cried, pointing at the teen with the dreadlocks, "Take them out!"

Almost immediately, a Dugtrio popped out of the dirt in front of them, a Night Slash heading in the direction of Elder. Meanwhile, behind them, two Steelix appeared from behind and proceeded to throw boulders at Radegast, the familiar move of Rock Tomb being casted upon them. Their goal wasn't to capture...their goal was to kill.

Burgh had just applying the final stroke to his newest masterpiece when he got a buzz from his PokeDex. He set the brush down, sighed exasperatedly, and took it out to see what notification popped up. It was his security manager, tasked to keep people of a malicious intent from knocking on his door and trying to take out a Gym Leader by surprise. He sent him an invoice saying that there was a man who wished to speak to him, not challenge him. Burgh immediately typed out a reply.

"Send him in. And have him use the secret elevator rather than taking the long way up."

It was a common grievance of his. Ever since he built his newest spectacle of a Gym, his security manager always neglected the hidden elevator on the right hand side that led directly to his chamber for when people wished to speak rather than battle. The result was he often got a more pissed off guest because they had to take the long and complicated way around. He tried to avoid that as often as possible, but sometimes it couldn't be helped.

He was in the process of hanging it on his wall when he heard a ding! The elevator door slid open and out walked a man with a sophisticated look about him and an air of superiority in his musk. Burgh turned to greet the fellow.

"Ah, good afternoon my good sir! I was just hanging up my latest masterpiece. I call it...The Martyr," he held his arms up to the project he had been working on for Percy to see. It appeared to be a boy with brown hair and green eyes, his fist clenched, surrounded by dark and wispy, yet surprisingly enchanting and colorful shadows. A mix of black, indigo, and magenta accented the full effect of beauty and terror about the child. Even the eyes...holding a tense look yet filled with apprehension of what was to come...what was to become of him.

"Anyways," the Gym Leader raked a hand through his fiery orange hair as he stared at Percy with an artistic passion set in his eyes, his stance set up to match Percy's, "What can I do you for?"

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“Holy shit,” Radegast whistled as his eyes beheld what appeared to be a prison camp. His hands rose up to remove the goggles. His eyes wavered in utmost concern. He met the gaze of almost every pokemon he could see in that... pit. Every one of them… slaves… this is wrong. This is sick. He clenched his teeth as his tougher side began to broil up to the surface. This… This is against nature…

“Intruders!” called the Sandslash in front of them. Radegast’s eyes were then focused, sharp enough that they seemed to cut deep into whatever he looked at. “Take them out!”

The Dugtrio burst from the ground, ready to take out the Haunter. Before it could launch the devastating dark-type move, one of the trio to taste a foot in the face. It was not Rage, but Radegast, who delivered a mighty kick. He would have punched, but his good hand was still bandaged.

The Rock Tomb was sent directly toward the group, only to explode into fragments as Rage burst from his pokeball and leaped into the sky to intercept the attack. “FOOL! YOU ATTACK THE LORD-REGENT WITHOUT DIPLOMACY???” the Primeape bellowed. “YOU KNOW NOT YOUR PLACE!!!”

“Diplomacy is out of the question!” Radegast scowled at the sight of these… slave-ownersthis scumThey’re torturing these poor pokemon… just like the Ursaring… He followed up the kick against the Dugtrio with as many as he could deliver before the Dugtrio could react. It was a sort of… Fury Attack. “There should never be slaves!” He shouted with a shaky voice as rage-filled tears began to stain the shirt-mask around his eyes. “Why are you tormenting them!?” he demanded with that “booming authority” voice as his eyes pierced the Sandslash farther ahead.

Meanwhile, Rage landed on one of the Steelix, and grabbed a firm hold of a horn. With a wordless warcry, Rage swung a fist to buckle the iron skull of the Steelix. Elder, however, swooped skyward, darting out of the Dugtrio's range as he flew to meet the eye level of the second Steelix. His eyes flashed a Confuse Ray directly into the second Steelix's unblinking stone-like eyes.

Crystal had emerged from her pokeball by then, and the air throughout the camp became refreshingly chilly. She focused the Icy Wind, spread out to prevent damage, over the exhausted pokemon.

“Jail-break!” Crystal called as she followed the wind with an aqua jet aimed to shower the exhausted workers with water. It was not much, but if it could be used to rejuvenate some of the workers, give them a fighting chance.

“Very nice,” Percy’s expression lit up like a Christmas tree. “I heard you were a great artist. Shame I haven’t seen more of your work. You got any pieces in any-” He caught himself part-way through his admiration for the painting. “Heh… Kinda looks like Radegast, actually…” Percy cleared his throat. “Uhm, I’ll get to the point. I wanted to ask about the boy who challenged you yesterday. Brown dreadlocks… well… kinda looks like him,“ He pointed at the subject of the painting, “Though Radegast’s eyes are blue.”

Percy went on to introduce himself. “I work for the boy’s father, Marcus Reginald. Radegast ran away from home five years ago… but that’s irrelevant right now. I wanted to ask what you thought of him as a trainer, how did his Pok…” Pokemon wasn’t the right word. “How did his… friends… fight?”

Margriet and Logan left Castelia. Now that the shoot was over, and she had gotten some good shopping done, she and her bodyguard for the day were headed to Nimbasa. She flew on her Crobat, and he flew on Peregrine, the Pidgeot. “So Rad’s in the desert right now?” she asked for confirmation as they approached a now-dying sandstorm.

“That’s what Percy told us,” Logan replied.

“I guess I’ll have to beat him to Nimbasa.”

“Your father’s in the desert as well.”

“Well…” Margriet flushed, “Well… surely he could use my…”

“He told me specifically to keep you out of it,” The two of them swerved to fly along the edge of the desert.

“Well… Nimbasa isn’t in his way,” Margriet reasoned with a mischievous expression. “Honestly, I do want to bring my brother back, no matter the cost. I’ve missed him.”

“I can’t even imagine five years without contact,” Logan hummed. In reality, he too had no contact with the fifteen-year-old ever since the boy ran away, but Radegast only interacted all that much with the Absol, Marth. The seventeen-year-old was only assigned to Margriet shortly after her tenth birthday and graduation, as a travel companion. He had eyes to look out for the sister, not the brother. It was Marcus’ orders that Logan never got to know the son all that much.

Plus, Logan was an only child. He could never imagine how this feels. “We’ll get him back,” he said, as if it felt… proper to say so.

Margriet produced her phone and tapped a contact. Logan continued scanning the desert horizon. “Hi Uncle!” she chimed, and Logan flinched. Uncle Tarma? Why call him now?

“Sorry, flying right now, there’s a lot of wind. I’ll put you on speaker.” Margriet’s phone had a powerful speaker, which she switched on.

“My niece,” a raspy, yet strong voice emitted through the speaker. Despite the deteriorating health, Tarma’s voice held an air that rivalled that of Marcus. “How was your photo shoot?”

“Very well, uncle!”

“Ma’am,” Logan started, only for Tarma to interrupt.

“Is that Logan?” Tarma asked. “How’s things, Smalls?”

Logan cringed at the nickname, but maintained professionalism. “I’m doing well, sir.” He leaned closer to Margriet and whispered, “You sure we should tell him?”

“Tell me what?” Tarma asked, “Smalls, I may have been a rock and roll legend, but my hearing’s still solid. What’s happened?”

“We found Radegast,” Margriet replied flatly.

“After five years... Guess he didn't drown after all. Fantastic! Hm... He kicked your pretty ass, didn’t he?” Tarma guffawed.

“No!” Margriet flustered, “How did you… I mean… he didn’t! He couldn’t even hurt my Raikou!”

“Only his pride, I imagine,” Tarma’s laughter died down. “His and yours, heh heh…”

“Listen Uncle, we need your help,” Margriet continued, “Daddy’s gone to find him alone. They're in the desert along Route 4 in Unova.”

“Aaah, Unova! I haven’t been there in ages,” Tarma replied with an air of nostalgia in his voice. “Well, if Marky-mark’s gettin’ him, what do you need me for?”

“You've got to convince Radegast to come home,” Margriet replied, “He’s gotten it in his head that he shouldn’t inherit the Coat.”

“Not inherit Reggie?” Tarma asked, “Shit, Reggie’s a riot. Hell, Raddy should just take the guy right now. I got the authority to pass it down before I croak, don’t I? If he’s in as much trouble that Marcus is moving out himself, he’s gonna need Reggie more than me.”

“But... You’re still the Patriarch,” Margriet replied, "And Radegast hasn't been... very responsible for the family, speaking frankly.

“Margriet… I don’t care about that,” Tarma’s voice grew low to a gravelly rumble. “I just want my nephew to be safe, same as you. For Cella's sake... Mark always… Ah, nevermind. If Marcus is moving into the desert-”

“Oh! I see him!” Logan called. Through the haze of the sand clouds far into the distance, a purple glow managed to bleed through… if only for a second. The glow was approaching what appeared to be a set of flying rocks. “What the…” Logan squinted at the flying rocks, which suddenly exploded into pieces that flew even higher into the sky. Now that he could see from his angle, it looked like the rocks were flying from an eye of the sandstorm. “What's happening there?”

“What?” Tarma asked. Logan told the Uncle about the sighting of the influence of Palkia’s power, and the flying, exploding rocks.

“Is it Radegast?” Margriet asked.

“I’m not sure, but Mr. Reginald’s almost there,” Logan replied, “Should we call the police?”

"We should help," Margriet replied, only she was once more interrupted by Tarma.

“Mark’s too proud to call the police, so that is exactly what you two must do,” Tarma’s voice returned with a serious tone. “If my favourite brother and my favourite nephew are in trouble, then help them right.”

Logan didn’t even care to respond that he only has one brother and one nephew. He simply nodded, and quickly added “Yes, sir.”

“Logan?” Margriet asked.

Help them right, not fast,” Tarma repeated. “Though do be quick about it. I don’t plan to be the last heir. I’ll be seeing you,” With that, he hung up.

Logan and Margriet glanced to each other. "I'll call Percy," Logan said, "We'll need all the help we can get."

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The Dugtrio was caught completely off guard as the savage kick was sent it's way followed by a rapid series of kicks. The human was...attacking? It seemed out of nature for the Dugtrio as it hesitated further, allowing a couple more good kicks in, before it finally snapped back into combat mode. He shot under the dirt and looped around to the other side, out of the way of Radegast's strike. When he popped back up, another attempt at Night Slash was send Radegast's way as he developed a Hit-and-Run strategy. He popped under the dirt once more.

The Stellix on the left took the Seismic Toss like a champ, using the impact to tense it's body up like a coil. When the strike came, Steelix had the immediate follow-up with Gyro Ball, the force of which slammed into the Primeape like a train as it proceeded to pummel Rage into the dirt. Meanwhile, the other Steelix wasn't taking to the Confuse Ray too kindly as it began thrashing about wildly. Steelix returned the favor with a mighty Dragon Breath, a spread attack that would inflict damage upon the three of them with a fairly decent chance of causing paralysis.

The Sandslash stared at Radegast mercilessly as it didn't answer the question, but shifted his gaze to Crystal who was in the process of comforting the prisoners. They were taking the first cool breeze they felt in the longest time, revitalizing their spirits while drinking the water the Aqua Jet was pouring onto them. "Jail Break!" Crystal called out to them and their eyes couldn't hold anything more than gratefulness and hope within them.

Not on my watch...

The Sandslash produced Swift stars that were aimed directly at Crystal. They wouldn't miss their target. Meanwhile, more help for the bad guys began showing up to the scene, as the two Steelix and the Dugtrio were merely the first responders. Two Houndoom began attacking Radegast and company from afar while two Sableye ran in up close, going for the secret Fury Swipe towards Elder. It was swarm tactics being implemented here.

Burgh shot a brow up at the painting on the wall the way Percy described it, "Hmm...well that isn't my depiction of Radegast. In all honesty, this would be right here." He pointed over towards the painting with the heart he had painted yesterday, "No, this is my depiction of someone else. But I figure you're not here to decipher the hidden meanings within my artwork." He began pacing the outside edge of the room, deep in thought as he recalled the fight with Radegast yesterday.

"His friends fought in a way I have never seen it before," he began, rubbing his chin at the memory, "A very peculiar way and a very particular way. Never before now had I seen such a style be implemented. If it weren't for the name he had instilled with all the other Gym Leaders he'd fought before, I'd say he was a Neo-Team Plasma member." He stopped, looking back towards the painting depicting Radegast before staring at Percy directly, his gaze piercing.

"Radegast didn't give a single command," he said, "His friends did all the fighting for him. It was almost like they were the ones who wished to challenge me, not Radegast. He walks among them, supporting them in every way he could, but he didn't order them to do anything. They did it all themselves."

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“Interesting…” Percy replied, still staring at The Martyr, and eventually turning to examine the heart painting, “Neo-Team Plasma, you say? I’ve heard of that group. Mr. Reginald wouldn’t like his son associating with… I guess “gangster” is the most fitting word… Erm, what did the other gym leaders say to make you think so, if you don’t mind my asking?”

His phone rang. “Excuse me,” Percy apologized as he produced his phone. “Percy… Sup, Logan? ... Yes, I know… Ah, alright. I’ll get help right away… See ya,” As Percy slipped his phone back into his pocket, he faced Burgh once more. “Something’s happening in the desert, in the eye of a sandstorm, apparently. I need to get the police, unless you can contact them faster.”

“ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!!!” The Primeape’s fists flew as he straight-up punched the Gyro Ball with the rapidity of a machine gun. The sand around Rage and the Gyro Ball meaning to crush him blasted in all directions as the shockwaves began to form. The Primeape's position dug itself into a crater as the huge spinning steel ball inched closer and closer. It was like two unstoppable forces meeting each other, with all the consequences it brings thanks to physics.

Radegast read the Dugtrio’s next move like a book. Being a fighter at-heart, (much to his dismay) he knew the Dugtrio dropping to the ground meant it planned to pop up where he was most vulnerable.

At least, that’s what the Dugtrio thought. Radegast shifted to the side to dodge the Night Slash, and he saw the Sandslash target Crystal with a Swift.

“Not on my watch!” Radegast yelled as he rapidly stepped between Crystal and the shooting stars. He rose both arms and took the stars like a champ. He emitted a wordless yelp as the stars embedded into his arms by centimetres. Crystal continued to refresh the slaves from her position.

Then Suros erupted from her pokeball, just in time to see the Dragon Breath coming. She darted into the sky to dodge the breath. With a crack in the air, Suros darted not towards the thrashing Steelix, but towards the pillar that held all the pokemon captive via chains. Her powerful beak leaked burning liquid as she readied an ember. With a caw, she sprayed white-hot napalm all over the chains, planning to melt them and free the slaves.

Elder also managed to dodge the Dragon Breath, only he was now being beset by two Sableye. His hands shot around his body to try to deflect as many attacks as he could. If it were one Sableye, he would have managed to divert every strike. Blow after blow managed to get through, despite all Elder had blocked. However, once there was an opening, Elder’s claws dripped, and he thrust two needles forward to inject a deadly toxin into both gem-eyed goblins.

As he was protected by the swirling sands from the shockwaves, the Dragon Breath did not reach Rage. The Primeape was currently busy pounding and beating against the Gyroball. For all intents and purposes, he was useless to the fight at-large. At the same time, no one could get close.

Radegast and Crystal, however, did get caught in the Dragon Breath. Radegast’s shirt-mask was blown off, showing a face very unfriendly, and very full of disgust. As the shirt vanished into the vortex produced by Rage's predicament, the human glared daggers at the Sandslash. “Slave-owner...” Radegast bared his teeth as he pulled the stars out of his arms.

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The Sandslash eyed the human with a smug grin as he saw blood slowly spreading on the shirt he wore. The Swift stars may not have cut very far, but it more than certainly cut and that was good enough for him. He steadied his claws in front of him as he winked at Radegast.

"There is a pecking order in this world," he said, "And you are the lowest of the low. Learn your place, human!" He spat the last word at him as if it was the worst insult to humans were the scum of the earth.

And with that he flung another attack at Radegast. The ground beneath all of them began to shake. Crystal, Elder, and Suros couldn't be hurt by it because they could float, but Radegast was defenseless against a Magnitude 8 earthquake. However, Rage was going to have it the worst, already cratered under the surface by the ever pressing Gyro Ball the Steelix was giving off. It would hurt him twice as bad as any standard attack. Meanwhile, Dugtrio was knocked out cold from the blow. The other Steelix was still more than capable of fighting, but through Confusion, no one was sure how effective it would be. The Sableye, upon being poisoned, now had to deal with their commander's attack, leading them to be severely weakened. However, they pressed on, one stepping away for a moment and flinging a Shadow Ball at Elder from afar while the other stayed up close, getting another Fury Swipe in. The two Houndoom were too far to be affected by the Magnitude. They kept throwing Flamethrowers at Crystal and Radegast.

More help for the Sandslash's side arrived. Another Sableye led the charge of roughly ten Pokemon, a Nidorino and a Simisear among them. They were poised to lead a swarm of attacks upon Radegast's attack that would be rather difficult to survive much less dodge.

But before they could launch it, a volley of attacks erupted from their left. The newly freed slaves were fighting back. Their hope and their desire to escape coupled with Crystal's comforting and rejuvenating wind gave them the strength they needed. Their second whim activated the moment Suros broke the chains, causing a swarm of their own. It may not have done much in terms of damage, but it certainly did enough to push the Sableye led battalion back. That gave Radegast and company a few more precious seconds to deal with their current foes before taking on the new ones.

Burgh's brow furrowed in confusion, "A sandstorm? Those are pretty common out there, I would think. But they don't typically form an eye like you said this one has...intriguing." As he talked, he produced his phone and began calling a number.

"The Castelia police doesn't have jurisdiction in that area, but maybe I can get in touch with a few UPL Agents." After a few moments, Burgh began talking again, "Yes, hello. It's Burgh, the Castelia City Gym leader. I need a transfer to the UPL Defense office." Another pause, a shorter one. "Yes, hello. It's Burgh, the Castelia City Gym leader. I have just received word that there seems to be some kind of trouble brewing in the desert between Castelia City and Nimbasa City...*pause*...yes in the sandstorm...*pause* I haven't received word of an alien ship crash site. Do you think that might be the cause?...*pause*...alright. Thank you sir! Have a wonderful day!"

He ended the call and slid the phone back into his super slim green pants, turning to Percy once more. "There, we've got some UPL Agents heading towards the desert now. Typically, they wave off calls like mine unless they receive multiple calls detailing the same situation. But, there are perks to being a Gym Leader. They take my word seriously enough to investigate on the first try. A bit faster in my opinion. Anyway...they should arrive soon."

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Rage had just managed to land the last punch needed to divert the Gyro Ball away from him. The huge spinning steel ball was sent to the left, embedding itself into the ground and kicking up sand. just in time for the Magnitude to cause the crater to collapse in on itself, and bury half of the Primeape. “FFFUUUUUU-“

Elder retreated from the poisoned and now-weakened Sableye to assist Rage. The Haunter swooped over the Primeape and, with a firm grip, pulled Rage out of the ground. When Elder began examining the damage inflicted, he knew it was clear that Rage was barely standing. “You should retreat,” Elder said.

“I AM FINE!!” Rage lied as he and the Haunter headed back to Radegast, “I WILL RETREAT BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO WEAK AND A WASTE OF MY TIME!!!”

Radegast was sent to the ground as the Magnitude 8 kicked in. Sand particles seeped through the holes in his hoodie and stung against the cuts. He hissed at the initial shock, but he stood up once more. “That all you got?” Radegast asked. His dreadlocks were a mess, his shirt-mask was missing, and his hat was floating along the edge of the sandstorm. The arms of his hoodie, however, were drenched.

Suros, now finished freeing the slaves, shot back and rained upon the Houndoom with savage pecks. She darted between the two large dogs to throw off their concentration. Her fury peaked as she saw the streams of flame jet towards her human friend.

The flames were to hit Radegast, who still covered Crystal. Just before the flames licked at the human, they vanished in a puff of crackling purple energy. Some sort of Protect barrier had formed between Radegast and the incoming flames, created by a gash in space.

“Shit!” Radegast’s eyes widened as he lost focus on the fight entirely. Elder and Rage had arrived at Radegast’s side by then. The Steelix that Rage had been fighting was suddenly sent careening into the pit from an unseen, majestic force.

“Whoa!” Elder hovered low by instinct. “What just happened?”

“THE POWER!” Rage was hugely impressed.

“RADEGAST!!!” A booming voice swept over the battlefield. “YOUR LUCK IS BEYOND COMPREHENSION, WHELP!”

“Oooooh hell,” Radegast turned. A towering Palkia had just breached the veil of the surrounding sandstorm. In front of the creature stood an older man in a nice suit, salt-and-pepper hair, and blue eyes that mirrored his son’s. In terms of facial structure, Radegast saw himself, only thirty or forty years older.

“Your grudge,” Marcus growled to the Palkia.

“That is why I said what I said,” the Palkia hummed, hugely dissatisfied, but never hesitating to follow the command.

Marcus tossed a second pokeball. From it, emerged a Swampert. “Good to see you’re okay, son of Marcus,” the Swampert gurgled like a boiling kettle.

Radegast did not respond. It looked like the end of the road for him. Five years, and now his father was here, with carnage all around them. The revolting slaves, Suros hounding the Houndoom, the still-confused Steelix thrashing, only to be caught by a huge tear in space brought by the Palkia’s claws.

Marcus then spotted the blood stains on his son’s hoodie. His gaze darted toward the Sandslash, and smiled warmly. “You’re pretty strong there,” Marcus jabbed a finger towards the Sandslash. “And smart as well,” His eyes darkened in a similar fashion to Crystal. “Keeping your distance and all.”

Radegast still did not respond. With some prodding from Elder, Rage reluctantly returned to his pokeball. Elder then motioned for Crystal and Suros to form up. The Dewgong did, but Suros was currently busy with the Houndoom. The human was staring at the Palkia that loomed over the area with a cold rumbling every time it breathed.

“I see,” Marcus straightened his back as he stared at the Sandslash down the bridge of his scarred nose. He had picked up on the pillars and chains and the overworked, weakened pokemon now turning on their tormenters. “You really are lucky, Radegast,” Marcus said as his hand shot out, and caught Radegast’s hat from mid-air. As Crystal returned to her pokeball, (the dragon’s breath did a fair number as-is) the Swampert croaked a war cry, and leaped over Radegast. The Swampert’s maw unhinged, and a humongous torrent of water shot forth. The Hydro Pump was aimed at the Sandslash.

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Many Pokemon were taken aback by the size of Palkia alone, let alone the fact that it was on the other side of the battle they were fighting. It didn't take much for everyone to be sent running into the desert. In fact, only one Pokemon remained.

The Sandslash was keeping his composure, eyeing the new arrivals. The man in the nice suit held all kinds of pleasantries on his face, but the Sandslash could see right through him. He was an older version of the boy he had been fighting, except he was a lot more lax. His eyes may have sparkled, but none could deny that hint of polished steel behind that sparkle...that air of authority and intimidation he always walked with. This man was important and he knew it. When Palkia erupted onto the scene, he had an entirely different reaction. Not one of fear...but one of joy. This was exactly what he wanted to see. And he hoped the right people would be watching.

The Hydro Pump came in his direction. The Sandslash immediately burrowed undeground, avoiding the attack. With his sharp metal claws he knew how to use, he burrowed his way through the sand at lightning speed, suddenly underneath the Swampert.

"I SHALL WIN THIS DAY!" he roared as he shot up, Metal Clawing the Swampert from underneath him, straight in it's belly. This happened a literal second after he dug his way underground, showing everyone exactly how fast this opponent was. In the same fluid motion, he curled up into a spiky ball and rolled out of the way, getting into the same position he did last time.

"I don't care that my allies had fled the coup like weaklings," he growled, eyes flashing with white hot anger, "I'll take you all down myself if I have to."

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“Palkia, Swampert, that Sandslash is annoying. Give my son and I some space.” His words echoed with surging power. Few trainers could ever hold a commanding voice like his.

The sand rippled under the feet of every combatant. An entire section of desert sand warped and shifted with crackling purple energy. The Palkia waved it’s arms up high, and brought them down to dispel the energy. When the purple glow vanished, a rectangular area of sand was suddenly replaced with solid, tempered glass. The Sandslash wasn’t gonna dig around them anytime soon.

“Radegast…” Marcus said as the Swampert took the Metal Claw with nary a reaction to speak of, “You’ve grown…”

It was true. Radegast’s height matched his fathers. It was not the case five years ago. “What do you want, dad?” The fifteen-year-old asked carefully as the Swampert maintained a defensive position on the glass-like flooring that was just produced.

Elder and Suros formed up. In the case of the Fletchinder, she formed up very quickly, and resumed her lazy roosting on top of Radegast’s shoulder, eyeing the Palkia with severe mistrust. Elder, on the other hand, held an expression of pure awe at the sight of the fighting Swampert.

Swampert, in particular, hopped onto the platform and took up a defensive position.

“You’re taking the gym challenge,” Marcus shoved his hands into his pockets.

“My friends are,” Radegast corrected, “I’m just carrying their badges.”

“Why do you insist on this… specific terminology?” Marcus huffed.

“Because specifics form the truth.”

“Your specifics are absurd. You’ve only gotten three badges after five years, and in Unova of all places? Your rate of growth is laughable- a walking parody. If your grandfather could see you now-“

“Well, that’s just your opinion, man.”

Marcus’ eyebrow twitched. “You see why I hold this grudge?” Palkia hummed. The sound travelled through the creature’s exoskeleton and through the glass floor, rumbling and vibrating, but not breaking. His trainer did not respond.

“How’s things, Palkia?” Radegast managed to force a smile. “Swampert?”

“Well enough, thank you,” the Swampert replied, though she kept her eyes on the Sandslash. “This Sandslash is pretty weak…”

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The Sandslash kept his cool, despite the nonchalant taunt thrown in his direction. His claws seemed to move in enticing function, as if he was begging the Swampert to get close so he could tear right through her. However, no one could deny the silent fury settled in his eyes...the way he locked eyes with Marcus's Pokemon. She was only a minor infliction on the situation as a whole. But every action carried enough weight in the Sandslash's eyes for him to see this as her fault as much as it was anyone else's.

His eyes narrowed, "You talk as if you're one of high principle. As if you have any say in the matter of whether I'm weaker to you or not. You are nothing. You're lower than any of the Pokemon in existence. It doesn't matter how strong you really are versus how weak I might be in comparison. I will always be above you in this cesspool of life."

He shifted his stance to that of an offensive kind, "You have destroyed everything I have worked so hard to maintain, and for that you shall pay. Vengeance will be swift and painful...torturous if I feel like it. And I don't mind getting my claws dirty if you know what I'm saying." His eyes gleamed menacingly, a black intensity accompanied the smirk he wore across his face.


A massive snowstorm suddenly wreaked havoc on the Sandslash's side of the battlefield. No one even saw when the clouds rolled in behind him. One moment there was a blistering hot desert with a just a heated Sandslash. The next, nothing but a Blizzard. Marcus and Radegast were far enough away to feel nothing but maybe a cool breeze. Swampert would feel a blast of icy cold air, but nothing on the scale of harmful.

"GAH, WHA-" came the muffled cry from the Sandslash as he took the entirety of the snowstorm's intensity. He would take all the damage this time around.

When the snow cleared the area, the Sandslash was still standing. He had wrapped his arms around himself defensively, but it didn't help. The damage was catastrophic. If it hadn't been for the environment they were in, that strike could've been considered a one hit knock out. Meanwhile, the culprit of such a strike hovered behind the combatants, a view which everyone on Radegast's side of the field could see clearly, but one where the Sandslash had to strain to turn around and see where the sneak attack had come from.

"Huh," Gambit called from above, "Guess I got lucky!"

The Togetic hovered lower to reach eye level with the Sandslash, whose eye twitched at the sight of him, "'re..."

"Gambit of Team Vitality for the Crimson Guild," the Togetic flashed his ornate badge in front of him before continuing, "And I think you're on our top threats list if I'm not mistaken, aren't ya Sabre?"

The Sandslash scoffed, "Please. If you think I'm letting a runt like you bring me in-"

Sabre was yet again interrupted by another assault from behind...this one being physical. A green blur flew past, Air Slashing the Sandslash with enough force to send him staggering once more. Regaining his footing, but only barely, he whipped his head around to see the other attacker mid-flight. This one made his face pale a bit as he recognized the Shaymin instantly.

"Heya, Sabre!" Siena called above him, landing gracefully upon the glass floor.

"B-but..." Sabre shook his head, clearing the slight dizziness the situation left upon him, "Why are you guys here? Last time we heard, you were spotted in-"

"Virbank City?" Siena completed his sentence, "We were there. And the Psychic Rebellion's got some eyes on us, huh?" That made the Sandslash look guiltily to the ground as he realized what he'd revealed to them. "Thought so. All you need to know is that we're here now to take you in. Ready for the ride?"

"Hey Siena!" Gambit had made his way to Siena's side, "Ya want me to guard the special interest target while you deal with Sabre over here?"

Siena stared back at him, "Radegast has a name, y'know? He's a person, not just another job. And I don't think he needs protecting."

Gambit motioned towards the lumbering Palkia towering over Marcus. It was staring at Radegast with a longing hate, "I think I would beg to differ."

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Hilariously enough, Marcus paid the Sandslash no mind. A man of his immense stature, even if he understood everything the Sandslash said, paid the empty threats no mind. After all, he had more pressing matters. Marcus pinched the bridge of his nose when he brought one hand out of his pocket. “Radegast, you have a legacy to live up to. It’s not fair, I know, but it is what it is-”

“That’s not your problem,” Radegast replied as he crossed his arms defiantly.

“No kidding it’s not my problem! It’s your problem!” Marcus barked, completely befuddled at his son’s absurd behaviour.

“Then why are you so concerned about it?”

Elder shifted closer to his friend. His eyes flashed a semblance of defiance, but the critical gaze he was known for knew just how terrifyingly powerful the Palkia was, to say nothing of the hatred it emitted.

“Because I care about you!”

Radegast then threw his arms into the air. “You care about inheriting Reggie, controlling that power.”

“I CARE-“ Marcus took a deep breath as he caught himself getting angry. “I care about family. Our tradition is law in our family. Radegast Rondo Reginald, you are the heir, and that will never change. We’re too old to have another son, and Tarma won’t last forever. You’ll understand when you have your ow-”

“Then let me do this,” Radegast replied as he placed a hand on his chest, “Let me-“

“Let you what?” Marcus’s exasperation peaked, “Take another five years, get another three badges? Please.”

“We didn’t take five years,” Radegast replied, “I did not force the choice on my friends. They came to that decision on their own. We started the Gym challenge three weeks ago.”

Marcus’ eyes softened slightly. “… Three weeks… on foot, that means…” The man in the nice suit became suddenly calm, the polar opposite of frustrated. “Huh…”

“Sir?” Palkia asked, “You can’t possibly be considering this whelp-“

“Mm-Hm.” Marcus cleared his throat as he crossed his arms. “You may continue the course as you will, son. However,” he produced a small book from his pocket. He opened a page, and every Unova badge was present. “You will face me when you reach the championship. If I beat you despite the best efforts of you and your… friends… you will admit that you were wrong.”

“And if I win?”

“You’ll have accomplished what Tarma couldn’t do,” Marcus replied. He then tossed Radegast’s hat back, “I’d say that’s a win-win for me. Take care, Radegast.” Swampert and Palkia were recalled. The ancient Yanmega was then summoned from his pokeball. The blind Yanmega buzzed an engine-like rumble as the huge wings beat. Without another word, Marcus lifted off.

“Fuck…” Radegast huffed when his father was a mere speck on the horizon.

“You alright, buddy?” Elder asked, “I mean… I’m really glad we’re not getting our asses kicked right now.”

“That’s not the point,” Radegast guessed Elder’s dialogue well enough, “They’ve got their eyes on me now. just like in school.” He rubbed his temples. “It’s only gonna get inconvenient for all of you. Crystal, Rage, Suros… We’re just not free anymore.” Radegast pulled his hat back on and began to pace. “I dunno what to do.”

“Well,” Elder put a hand on the human’s shoulder. “Whatever we do, we go together.”

Radegast had no response. His mind wandered through different scenarios, different plans. It was rare for his mind to race as it did. He preferred maintaining a simple mindset. Tears began to form around his eyes as the awful nature of their new situation dawned on him more than ever before. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

As the human did so, the Haunter spotted something in the nearby dunes. With a quick swoop and dig, he returned to Radegast with a tattered gray tee shirt. “Might wanna get a new one.”

“Same with this hoodie,” Radegast winced as he began to peel off the hoodie- now stained with dry, sand-contaminated blood. His cuts had avoided full-on contamination by the sand, and had already begun to heal. Only a handful of them still drew blood. His toned arms folded up the hoodie and the shirt. With the millions of sand particles caught between threads, there wasn’t enough clean fabric to make some makeshift bandaging. Radegast would have to make the rest of the desert trip with his black tanktop.

It was then that he finally approached. He first stooped lower to the Sandslash. “I’m sorry about my temper from earlier. I just… don’t like people controlling others, you know?

He then stood up to face the other two who had just taken down the Sandslash. “Sup?” he asked.

“Thanks for the assist,” Elder added, “I heard Crimson, is it who I think it is?”

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Returning to the desert, a group of five individuals in matching armor would fly over the just ended conflict down below, leaving it behind as they returned to their own ships a few minutes walk away. Landing at their own arrival site, the group turned to face each other, and devised a plan of action.

"So, right. The only way we can do this is to split up. Thoughts, guys?" Kinoko started. Hana spoke a swift response. "Okay! Sounds good to me! We can make sure we all keep in touch via our Reconnoiters!"

The others seemed to agree. Kinoko smirked. "Well then. We'll split up. Take a direction and go. I'll head back towards the city can deal with the pesky officer.

The group each took off in a different direction, flying high enough to get a good distance away before beginning survey. Kinoko turned around and began walking back towards Nimbasa, past the construction sites and other locations, looking for anything that would pop up on her Reconnoiter.

"So, what does this ball of rock hold for us?"

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Siena stared off into the distance as Marcus left the scene. The Shaymin had some concerns about his father's presence and what that would do to Radegast in the future. But for now, Siena would do her part. That would be taking Sabre back to the Headquarters.

Meanwhile, the Sandslash didn't take to Radegast's words kindly. "Oh, go die in a hole, jerk weed," he retorted before returning to his sulking.

Gambit was the first to respond to Elder, his mouth open, "How do you know about the Crimson Guild?"

Siena rolled it's eyes, "Don't you ever read the information under each job we take on?"

Gambit just shrugged, "I told you. I don't care about the details. I see what needs to be done and I do it. Why bother with the extra reading?"

"It may be useful to know why we're performing the task we need to. Like when you wanted to intervene earlier?"

"Hey, that Arcanine looked like he was going to tear right through him!" he protested.

"That's not the point," Siena countered, "If you had read what was below the assignment, you would have known that we weren't supposed to interfere in any of Radegast's affairs unless it involved the Psychic Rebellion. The pack of Growlithes were wild."

"So you would let someone die if the threat didn't fit under the job parameters?"

"That's not what I said, either," Siena growled, "You doubted Radegast's team's abilities. The same team that took down the Psychic Rebellion's second-in-command. Surely, they could take down a pack of Growlithe. If you don't let someone experience something, then they don't learn from it."

Gambit sighed, "You're just as bad as Dee sometimes."

"Be grateful she's in Nimbasa helping Team Volt right now. Otherwise, she'd be tearing right through you. And you know she will do that," Siena turned to face Radegast, a look of concern on the Shaymin's face, "Speaking of helping others, you're hurt. Gambit, ya got a Wish in you?"

Gambit furrowed his brow and concentrated, a pulsing light emanating in front of the Togetic and flying into Radegast, absorbing into his skin and disappearing. Siena gave Elder a reassuring smile, "It won't work immediately, but Radegast will be completely healed in a minute, no scars or anything. I know he's a fast healer, but you can't risk infections...especially with as dirty a wound as sand can create. Although..." she studied Radegast's body, "It seems like the cuts are pretty clean. I don't see any sand particles in them."

"But anyways," Siena held out her own badge to Elder, a white and red egg with wings jutting out each side and the letters "CG" engraved in the center, "Yes, we are members of the Crimson Guild-"

"Elite members," Gambit added, looking up at the sky.

Siena rolled her eyes once more, "Yes, Elite Members of the Crimson Guild...founded by the same Pokemon you guys fought beside three weeks back."

"Hey, what's that?" Gambit pointed in the sky at a figure floating above them, "It looks human, but it's flying."

"I don't know," Siena turned to stare at the unidentified object, "Keep an eye on it. Make sure it doesn't start gunning for us."

"Alright," Gambit responded laxly.

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Elder and Radegast exchanged looks as the Shaymin and the Togetic bantered between each other. Elder in particular was interested in how they knew about the Arcanine pack. “Whoa, hold the phone. You’ve been spying on us?” The Haunter asked.

“No worries, buddy,” Radegast replied, “I’ll have to get used to being spied on anyway.” Radegast said to the Togetic as he examined his arms. The cuts from the multiple stars intended for Crystal seemed to sow themselves shut at a greater rapidity once the wish kicked in. “That’s really cool.”

It certainly seemed odd to most just how quickly the human can bounce back from terrible news, but Elder was used to that by now. In fact, neither of them really noticed the flying humanoids high above. “In any case, need any help moving this guy?” the Haunter indicated the tied-up Sandslash, named Sabre. He too did not seem phased by Sabre’s insult to the Lord-Regent. It was an empty threat for someone who took a Swift and a Dragon breath without hesitation.

“Welp,” Radegast stretched his shoulders. “Looks like most everyone else dispersed. Guess we should head to Nimbasa, eh?”

“Sir!” Percy Fletcher waved to the flying Yanmega approaching the city limits. Having recently finished his conversation with Burgh, Percy left the gym to let the leader make the calls he needed to make. Marcus Reginald directed the blind beast with the most subtle of touches on the exoskeleton. Together, they landed as expertly as a Yanmega with perfect vision. “Talk to me,” Marcus said.

“I’ve informed the police of something strange going on in the desert.”

“Very good, but I’m afraid the situation has already been resolved,” Marcus replied, “A slave camp run by pokemon… I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Run by pokemon?” If not for his undying loyalty to the father figure he never had, Percy probably wouldn’t have believed the well-dressed man who stood before him.

“My son got in a fight.”

“Where is he now?” The bodyguard didn't really need to ask, as Radegast was obviously not with Marcus. "Did he get away somehow?"

Marcus chuckled. As if Radegast could escape one of the two Reginald brothers. “He’s going to Nimbasa. He is doing the gym challenge, and his resolve is strong. I'd be wasting energy to try to bring him back, so I think we can use his stubbornness to our advantage.”

“How so?”

“I will have to be the champion he faces at the end of the gym challenge,” Marcus replied, “I'll need to make some calls.”

“What should I do, sir?”

“You’ve done an unimaginable service,” Marcus pat a strong hand over Percy’s shoulder, “I’ll have people keep an eye on my son’s progress. Send word to my wife and Gregory. We’ll be living in Unova for a while.”


"She's her own woman. Logan's with her. I'll call them as well with the news."

“And Tarma?”

“Heh… Sometimes I wonder if he’s Tarma’s son,” Marcus joked, "Don't worry, he'll know by now. He's probably on his way to live in the Unova estate as well."

“I’ll call Greg then,” Percy straightened his back slightly.

“Alright. Be seeing you,” Marcus and Percy shook hands and went off their separate ways.