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The Reservoir Group

The Man in the Weird Suit

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by HolyJunkie


The Reservoir Group... just wants to make money. They have no morals in regards to the treatment of Pokemon. They are a band of mercenaries who hires out their trained goons to whoever can pay. From Team Rocket to Team Plasma, all of them have worked with Reservoir goons at some point.

Known criminal activity:
-Hijacking a Dam for the purpose of extorting a town, sabotaged by Radegast Reginald.
-Torture of a Pokemon - The Mad Ursaring, specifically. The beast is currently rehabilitated and is living just fine in the wild.
-Poaching at the Lake of Rage - Sabotaged by Radegast Reginald.

Known members:
-The Man in the Weird Suit - Leopold Hates Radegast with a vengeance

Known Allies:
-Team Trebuchet
-Many other criminal organizations

Known Neutrals:

Known Enemies:
-Radegast Reginald

So begins...

The Reservoir Group's Story


Characters Present

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The angled, oriental-style exterior of the Bell Tower reminded Radegast of his home, and in turn filled him with an adverse worry. His family was fine- Reggie said so- but his home was destroyed. He had only been there once in six years, but it was still his home. He may have never expected to go back, but it was still something he felt he could eventually return to when he accomplished what he wanted.

“No need to worry,” Reggie spoke as Radegast passed by a pair of trees to emerge at a clearing at the top of a cliff overlooking the town.

“It’s like the Burned Tower now, isn’t it?” Radegast asked as his eyes rested on the ruins of the Bell Tower’s twin.

Reggie didn’t respond.

“I’ll set up camp here,” Radegast glanced to the horizon, where the sun was just dipping below. This left the skies to be slowly flooded with reds and oranges and deep purples. Almost as if on-cue, the Operative emerged and began rigging up her usual silk thread security system.

“Many Rebellion members had been taken down by the forest defences,” Reggie noted aloud, “If not for Lucy’s presence…” The fight would have been less one-sided. They could have squeezed a crushing victory against...

“What’s done is done,” Radegast cut in as he laid back on a grassy knoll formed atop the overlooking cliff. Having been told about the Rebellion’s capture of Margriet’s Raikou, Radegast had yet another name in his “to be rescued” list. His eyes slowly drifted with fatigue as he mumbled wordlessly. “What’s… done is…” The grass here was very comfortable.

“Sounds like mice.”

“Could be a Joltik. We’re gonna have to flush’em out if it’s one of those. We don’t want electric-types near any of the equipment.”

The movement stopped. A feeling of fear accompanied a nervous shudder. If it had sweat glands, the sweat would have been ice.

“You think it heard us?” The two humans could be seen through a grating.

“Eh, We’ll send someone in later. The show’s starting.”

It stared at the television screen through the openings in the vent cover. It then glanced at the hard tips of its legs.

Ecruteak faded into the horizon as Radegast and Elder trekked through a thin layer of early morning fog. The Operative rode on Elder’s head. After a moment, Radegast unfolded the guitar he had received from Gym Leader Roxie, and began strumming a tune. The Gengar hummed deep, while the Galvantula clicked in rhythm, as Radegast strummed and plucked.

As the three of them produced their impromptu sound, they reaffirmed a great truth. There were things to be done, for sure, but that didn’t mean everything else had to be left behind.

“Overhead, the blue sky greys,
Movin’ on and on and on and on and on and on for days.
Carefree and responsible,
Ignorin’ evil more and more when it must be culled.

Power, and Control,
We’ll go when it is time for all of us to pay the toll.
Blue and brown, green and yellow,
Only wanted all along to be so mellow.

Can we go back when it’s all o-”

The music was cut short when a ground-shaking hum emitted from the forests of Johto. The Operative jumped forward and reared her abdomen for an attack. Elder’s eyes scanned the treeline, as Radegast slowly folded up the guitar for safety.

“I KNOW THAT SCENT!” A boisterous, joy-filled voice bellowed, scaring away a murder of Murkrow. Radegast widened and lowered his stance as the three of them spun around in the direction of the voice.

An immense Ursaring bounded out of the forest. “I know your scent!” It shouted, “Your scent is familiar!”

Radegast’s lungs tightened, like a pair of hands gripped tight and restricted his breathing. He stepped back as his Limiter-clad phantom fingers clenched tight.

“You’re the one from before,” The Ursaring rose up onto its hind legs, “The one who I had hurt!” Radegast felt the scars over his chest itch.

“I never thought I’d see you again,” The Ursaring bowed its head low, “I was in such pain, and I was blinded by hate. But it’s alright now!” The Ursaring dropped to its foreclaws and pressed its head low, in an apologetic gesture Radegast recognized as a more human practice.

“It’s you…” Radegast recalled the fight in the depths of that hijacked dam. The time when he had desperately punched the Ursaring into unconsciousness. Seeing the great bear Pokemon alive and… well… was a relief for sure… but… His hands wouldn’t stop quivering.

As the Ursaring raised his head again, Radegast got a better look. One of the Ursaring’s eyes was completely black, matching the side Radegast had punched repeatedly. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what had caused it. “I've told my story to others, and they mentioned who you were to them! The Lord-Regent! Wow! Your scent gives you away, even though you're clad head to toe!”

“Are you… alright?” Radegast asked nervously.

“Oh yes! The time in that human dungeon was terrible, and that man in the suit was pure evil… but humans helped me find myself! I swore I would never let myself be broken again!”

Radegast stared nervously at the rather intensely optimistic Ursaring, but he couldn’t help but crack a smile. “I’m glad you’re alright, really.”

“I recognize your scent, but I don’t recognize the rest of-“ The Ursaring and Radegast hadn’t noticed, but the Operative was shivering, despite standing between the two of them.

“Operative?” Radegast asked.

The Galvantula’s voice was shaky as she clicked the words from her mandibles. “I-I-I’ll protect y-y-y-you, s-s-sir.”

Radegast was about to protest, but the Ursaring took the hint and backed off slowly. “Yes, of course. I remember you most of all,” The Ursaring admitted. The Operative was about to say something, but the Ursaring continued. “You saw the results of what they did to me, and you learned to avoid me. Deep down, I wanted to ask for your help… but I couldn’t. I’m sorry for making your life miserable in that human dungeon.”

The Operative backed toward Radegast a couple of steps.

“I’d understand if you didn’t forgive me. We were down there for a long time.” There was a pause, and suddenly a new light flared in the Ursaring’s eyes- even the pitch-black one. “That reminds me!” It announced, “You helped me, you can help others, right?”

“Others?” Radegast asked.

“Yes, this way!” The Ursaring began a brisk canter back into the forest. It paused to make sure they were following.

The Operative glanced up at Radegast, still clearly shivering. Radegast crouched down and picked up the Galvantula. With both hands softly gripping the sides of the Galvantula’s abdomen, Radegast lifted her onto Elder’s head. “Don’t worry,” Radegast assured, “We’re both much stronger than we were before.”

The Operative said nothing, but moved a leg into a shaky salute. One of Elder’s stubby hands reached up and pet the Galvantula’s head in an attempt to comfort her. With Elder hovering at his side, Radegast followed the Ursaring.

As they moved quickly, the Ursaring told Radegast and the Operative about the aftermath of that time at the dam. A multitude of human nurses, doctors, and trainers came and went, helping recondition the hate-fuelled bear Pokemon to a sense of normalcy. For a good long while, they had kept him in a spacious, yet isolated area, in an off-path section of the Johto Zoo. As people came and went, their harmless at-worst, comforting at-best interactions with humans ultimately culminated in an epiphany for the Ursaring: The Man in the Weird Suit was the only evil in the world.

Radegast didn’t have the heart to tell the Ursaring that there were definitely more. For now, it’d be best to try to handle what they can as they currently stand.

"What is that outfit, by the way?" The Ursaring asked, "It wasn't because of me, was it?"

"Of course not," Radegast returned, although if the Ursaring crossed his mind at the time, he might have used that past scenario as more reason to obtain the armour suit, "I almost got killed recently."

"Who would do such a thing?" The Ursaring asked, as if there couldn't be anything worse. "Was it the human who broke me?"

Radegast grit his teeth for a moment. He didn't want to discourage the Ursaring's recovery, but... "The truth is, there's someone worse than that guy."

They stopped. The Ursaring turned to regard Radegast with a blank expression. "Worse?" He asked.

"By getting that title, and because of my choices, I've made enemies," Radegast admitted, "Enemies I never tried to make, but made them anyway. I've been happy to live and let live, but after what happened..." Beneath the visor, his blue eyes sparkled, "I'm not used to this feeling, but I can't let it go."

"I understand," The Ursaring said, "I feel that way toward the human who hurt me, who hurt us."

A couple of hours later, they arrived at the edge of an immense lake. Radegast recognized it from previous travels as the Lake of Rage. The Gallade smirked as he recalled the last time they were there. When Rage read the sign describing the location, he announced, “MY REPUTATION PRECEDES ME! THIS IS HUMBLING, IF EXPECTED!” The shout had resulted in disturbing a Gyarados, which the group barely managed to trounce by combining efforts.

Elder seemed to remember that, judging by the chuckle. The Operative and the Ursaring glanced back, but otherwise weren’t bothered.

It didn’t take Ursaring’s pointing out for Radegast to see what was wrong. Along the north side, he could see a large gathering of people and a series of boats. On the shores, they spotted a number of crates, which housed reinforcedaquariums slowly getting filled with lots and lots of Magikarp.

Radegast knew they were a delicacy, but he couldn’t help but find the uniforms familiar. With the exception of a small group of what he had to assume were leadership, everyone wore a weird suit, similar to… No, he couldn’t confirm it at this distance. “It’s alright,” He assured the Ursaring, “I’ll get in close and figure out what’s happening.”

“You should hang back, sir,” The Operative suggested to Elder and the Ursaring as Radegast began taking off the equipment he wore.

“Goin’ for recon?” Elder asked.

“Yeah,” Radegast handed Elder every Pokeball, leaving only Reggie’s on his belt. His backpack and guitar were also left behind. Without the added mass weighing him down, Radegast felt light on his feet. He kept his leg satchel on, which carried smaller stuff.

“Be careful, buddy,” Elder waved as Radegast vanished into the woods.

“Last time on Tracy the Tracker!” The voice emitted from the television. The announcement was followed by a series of clips and sound bites from previous episodes. The episode soon started proper.

The Joltik sat in the darkness of the vents. She pressed her face against the grating so all four of her eyes could get a good look through the slits. Unlike last time, that one human with the fat head wasn’t blocking the view.

The hard tips of her legs were covered in socks made from thickly knit webbing. The socks allowed her to move through the vents without making much noise. Tracy used that trick to sneak past many an evil goon. Here, the Joltik hid from the humans for a good long while- even the ones that had replaced the old ones. These new ones looked weird, with different uniforms than before. However, they seemed to enjoy the same show as before.

Tracy the Tracker was the coolest television show the humans had. While most were about trained pokemon fighting each other or showing off to a crowd, Tracy- an Ariados- was a secret agent, often paired up with her partner, Rick the Venemoth, to go all around the world to fight the forces of evil. The plots were unrealistic, but there was a certain charm to them for most humans.

The Joltik, however, idolized the fellow bug-types. They would be able to defeat that monster that had been moved into the lower quarters. If only they were here… If only my heroes could do something about it…

The Operative clung to Radegast’s back as the Gallade darted between the trees, much like during training with Janine. As they moved closer and closer, the distant voices of the suspicious people became more and more clear. Soon enough, they were close enough to see the whites of the humans’ eyes.

At least, the Gallade and Galvantula would see eyes, but the people present were wearing face-covering helmets. The suits were definitely familiar, almost identical to the one worn by the Man in the Weird Suit. Radegast laid low and listened, while the Operative examined the environment. After a moment, she crawled away and vanished under the shade of trees and thick shrub.

“That’s four hundred.”

“That’ll supply the new recruits nicely. All that’s left is the profit margin.”

“Keep those Electabuzz alert!” An officer barked to a spread-out group of mercenaries. Each one stood alongside at least one Electabuzz, and every one of them kept an eye on the lake for any suspicious movement. Evidently they played a defensive role in…

Overfishing, weird suits, hiding identities… these guys are poachers. Radegast realised. He reached for Reggie’s pokeball, and waited for the Operative to return.

Why are you waiting? Reggie echoed in Radegast’s head.

“She’s setting up something big,” Radegast knew the Operative ever since she was a Joltik. She was always very keen on taking tactical advantage at every turn. She and Elder got along very well in their respective willingness to fight dirty. Fighting dirty was definitely the name of the game here, with over fifty mercenaries milling about, fishing or standing guard.

Soon enough, the Galvantula returned. “We’ll need a distraction,” She chirped quietly.

“You got one,” Radegast grinned as the Aegislash emerged.

The poachers remained blissfully unaware as two shadows emerged from the forests, directly behind two of the crates containing the reinforced aquariums for safe storage of the Magikarp. Radegast pressed himself against the crate, while Reggie swooped low.

The single eye in the centre of the guard watched as Radegast held up three fingers on the Limiter gauntlet. After counting down, the two of them reared both hands and the shield respectively. With a burst of ghostly and psychic energy, one of the crates went flying, sending the Magikarp tumbling out of the open top of the crate and back into the lake.

Radegast’s crate, however, didn’t budge. “Shoot,” He cursed under his breath at his own psychic failure.

Shouts of alarm filled the air, shortly followed by yelps of surprise. The Operative’s trap had sprung, as a series of ribbons made from silk string were flung overhead by being attached to rocks. As the ribbons dropped down, they caught and bound up many poachers.

“Dude you suck!” Elder called as toxic gas flooded from the opposite flank.

“I’ll get it next time!” Radegast joked as he held out both hands. After the fusion, Radegast rounded past his crate and charged into the pandemonium. Radegast bashed with his shield and struck with the flat of his blade; he didn’t want to kill anyone, after all. As the Electabuzz whirled around to attack, a great ice beam shot from the lake and froze an Electabuzz solid.

Crystal dove back underwater after launching that attack. However, as the Electabuzz got a handle on the situation and began charging their attacks, a small shadow loomed overhead.

Chrome hovered high above, with Rage riding on top. With a war cry, the Primeape dropped, and slammed against the ground with an overpowering force. The ground shook, and the great quaking earth had knocked down nearly every remaining Electabuzz.

“Now!” Elder called.

After a moment, the lake waters bubbled and displaced with unseen movement, until suddenly water erupted into the sky, showering the area with a short, yet heavy downpour. A large group of Gyarados emerged.

Radegast smiled under his mask as the furious beasts reared up their heads. Taking that as a signal to get the hell out of there, he bounded back into the woods as quickly as he emerged.

Not many people had ever lived to see a group of Gyarados unleash their respective Hyper Beams at once. It was one thing to see it in mid-afternoon, but legends told of it being a much more beautiful and terrible sight in the dark of night, where the collective beams made it seem like daytime once more. Goons and Pokemon alike were scattered, and crates full of Magikarp were smashed apart. Above the great noise of the blasts of energy tearing through the shores, Rage was laughing.

Radegast found the laughter contagious. As he took cover in the forest, he chuckled heartily. Suddenly, one of the beams cleaved through the trees- missing the armoured Gallade by an inch. “Oh sh-“ He scrambled back to his feet and kept on moving further inside, zig-zagging as he went.

As he moved, Radegast heard the blood-curdling caw of Suros. Whoever the Talonflame was engaging, Radegast felt she couldn't possibly loseto. The Gallade then released Reggie from the fusion. “We need to regroup,” He said, "Could you get everyone together?" The Aegislash paused for a moment, but hummed in affirmation. The fusion was split, and Radegast handed Reggie the belt. Radegast continued onward.

Soon, Radegast burst into a clearing. Across the clearing, an injured man stumbled amongst the trees. The man stopped to take a breather only just before noticing he was not alone. Radegast recognized the man, the one in the weird suit, the very same one that had attempted to drop the boy to his death.

"What the hell!?" The man spoke in alarm.

A blood-curdling roar emitted from behind Radegast. The Ursaring had just caught up.

"It's..." The Man in the Weird Suit recognized the assorted scarring that could be seen beneath scarred patches of fur. "You!"

"I know this one's scent," The Ursaring grit its sharp teeth as it landed on all fours next to Radegast. Before the Gallade could do anything, the Ursaring charged at the Man in the Weird Suit.

With a flash of light, the Ursaring was sent back, wimpering in pain. The Man in the Weird Suit, panting heavily, held up a hand that crackled with electricity.

"Don't forget how I trained you, beast!" The Man growled as he turned his attention to Radegast, "And you... Are you part of this sabotage?"

"I'm here to stop this illegal poaching," Radegast replied as he chanced a glance to see if the Ursaring was alright. Whatever was in the Weird Suit had to pack some serious punch. Who could have created such an invention?

The glance was enough. With a second wind to ignore his injuries, the Man in the Weird Suit dashed forward, and held out the same hand- which hummed with a terrible energy.

Radegast barely managed to step back, then slipped to the side to dodge a quick follow-up.

The Man in the Weird Suit grinned. "Psychic connection, eh?" He could feel that Radegast's speech didn't travel like normal speaking with soundwaves and all.

Radegast didn't let the Man in the Weird Suit gain anything by responding. Instead, he slashed an elbow forward. The pinkish blade projection emitted suddenly, which caught the Man in the Weird Suit off-guard. Despite the shock, the Man in the Weird Suit had great reflexes, and barely twisted his footing to get struck by a graze.

It didn't take much for Radegast to realise that this Man in the Weird Suit was incredibly used to fighting his own battles. As a counter-attack to the Psycho Cut, the Man in the Weird Suit planted a palm against Radegast. The armoured Gallade felt a destructive current surge through his body.

Radegast roared in pain as a blast of force emitted from the same glove, which sent him spiralling across the meadow. Radegast came to a stop, and attempted to regain his footing. However, he could feel the electricity swirling around and around his body. Inexplicably, the energy didn't transfer to the ground like normal electricity should. What the hell is this?!

"A present from a colleague a long time ago," The Man in the Weird Suit grinned as he checked on the Ursaring- who was still down, "It's powered by a Rotom's energy, only it erases the Rotom's identity. It really levels the playing field, doesn't it?"

Radegast grit his teeth as he tried to push himself up.

"You know... I recognized some of those Pokemon who attacked. A Gastly with a scarred eye, a Mankey with sunken eyes, a Fletchling with a cold fury and terrible strength... Not many people have fighters like that," The Man in the Weird Suit twisted a knob on the gloves, and the crackling energy dissipated from his hands. "They've evolved. Seems you did too."

Radegast barely managed to push himself to one knee.

"If I had known that the Reginald Heir was the one who came to the dam that day, I would've told my colleagues as soon as I coul- EEAAAUGH!"

The Man in the Weird Suit had pulled the helmet from Radegast, and now saw the face of a Gallade, rather than the dreadlocked teen he associated with the Reginald boy. "What madness is this!?" The Man stumbled back and fumbled for the gloves again. "This isn't like Lucy at all..."

"Lucy... R-R-Reginald?" Radegast flubbed between electric paralysis. "Wha-a-a-t d-d-d-ooo y-"

"She's going to want to see this..." The Man in the Weird Suit calmed down, and twisted the same knob again. The crackling energy returned. "Everyone's going to want to see this."

As the Man in the Weird Suit moved forward once again to apply a knock-out blow, Radegast attempted to use telekinesis to try to stall the Man in the Weird Suit. For a split-second, it appeared to work. However, immediately after, a yellow blur shot from behind Radegast and slammed into the Man in the Weird Suit.

Without thinking, as the two figures tumbled, the Man in the Weird Suit grasped the thing that tackled him with both hands and delivered a full-power blast from both hands.

"That all you got?" The unmistakable clicks of a Galvantula retorted.

The Man in the Weird Suit's eyes widened, as the Galvantula pressed her mandibles on two points on the Man's neck. The electrical current that was sent into the electric spider was, in-turn, delivered into the exposed neck of the Man in the Weird Suit.

With a terrible shriek, the Man in the Weird Suit lay on the ground, frothing at the mouth, and twitching with residual electrical current.

Radegast soon felt the swirling electrical surge suddenly vanish, as the Galvantula pulled the electricity away with her own affinity. "Ugh..." Radegast collapsed in fatigue, "Thanks, Operative."

"Just doing what you'd do for me, sir," The Galvantula saluted.

"Ursaring!" Radegast called, "He got hit too!" The Operative hesitated for a moment. "He needs our help."

The Galvantula bounded to the Ursaring, and absorbed the electrical charge in turn. The great bear growled, but otherwise seemed just as fatigued as the Gallade.

"Is he...?" Radegast raised his head to look at the twitching Man. He didn't feel good in his stomach at the sight.

"Just paralyzed," Operative replied, "He was using a non-lethal voltage, so I returned a non-lethal voltage. Still, that's nasty."

Radegast sighed, "He knows Lucy... Maybe we could ask him about-"

The Ursaring rose, and glowered at the Man in the Weird Suit. "I can't..."

Radegast pushed himself up. "You alright?" He asked.

"I can't let this human live," The Ursaring announced, "He hasn't changed!"

"Whoa, wait a second," Radegast brought himself to his legs. For a moment, his stance wobbled, but he soon got his bearings.

"He bounced back from what your friends did to him. Look at his eye!" The Ursaring roared, "But he was back to the terrible things he did before!"

"He won't hurt anyone anymore!" Radegast stumbled between the Ursaring and the unconscious villain.

"Get out of my way," The Ursaring growled.

"No!" Radegast shouted, "It's... It's not up to us!"

"Why not? We're both the ones he hurt the most. He tortured me, and tried to kill you- using me!"

"I..." Radegast grit his teeth as thoughts flooded his mind. Finishing off this villain would stop a future where he would bounce back and continue to hurt people. It would be well-deserved revenge... wouldn't it? Something in Radegast's gut told him 'no', but what about his own desire to get back at the Marine? "I need him alive," Radegast replied.


"He knows about Lucy Reginald," Radegast replied.

The Aegislash returned at that moment, with Elder at his side, and the belt otherwise filled up. Elder then beheld the unconscious Man in the Weird Suit and the barely moving Radegast and Ursaring staring each other down. "What just happened?"

"Ursaring... wants to finish him off," Radegast replied.

"I don't see why not," Reggie replied.

Of course the family hitman, with his near-eternal life, wouldn't see much worth in a short life. "We don't know him," Radegast replied, "We don't know everything about him. But he knows things we need to know."

"Things about Lucy Reginald," Reggie repeated, "Do you have a means to... interrogate this individu..." Reggie paused as he got a closer look at the Man in the Weird Suit. "Curious."

"What's up?" Radegast asked.

"This is Leopold," Reggie replied, "Leader of The Reservoir Group. Last I heard from... They were employed by one Team Trebuchet."

"Trebuchet..." Radegast recalled the name. He had learned about it later on a news report after his stunt in the stealth fighter, but Team Trebuchet was also the group that- according to Reggie- had Lucy Reginald under their employment.

"Trebuchet," The Ursaring glowered, "Then we end them, one by one!"

"Ursaring, please," Radegast spoke up.

"Young Master," Reggie interrupted, "If you believe us to be equal individuals to humans, then you'd already understand why Ursaring is acting the way he does.

Radegast felt his heart ache. It was true. People were different, therefore Pokemon were different. "Then..." Radegast grit his teeth as his mind whirled with conflicting ideas.

"The family history has been bloody, I will never deny it," Reggie spoke softly, "Life is a precious thing, and should not be taken for granted. If you understand that fully, you learn to take responsibility."

Radegast clenched his eyes, tears began to form. "I'm not used to it... responsibility..."

"I know..." The Aegislash handed Radegast the pokeball belt. "Being a Lord-Regent, even as an empty title, brings with it a level of respect from your peers. If you learn to harness it, to keep the trust of your friends, you can accomplish great things."

Radegast stared at the belt. For a good long moment, he stood and thought. Respect and trust... the Ursaring certainly had that, since he waited patiently, albeit with a scary expression on his face. All of his friends too...

His friends... Radegast tapped on a Pokeball, and Chrome emerged. "Can you get in this guy's head, Chrome?" Radegast asked, "I'd do it myself, but..."

"I have always been curious about this man since I saw him in your mind," Chrome admitted. As the Metang first probed, it added "It will take a while."

"Ursaring..." Radegast spoke to the Bear, "I'm sorry, I... I didn't fully... empathize... with your position. As soon as we're done..." He gulped. "We'll learn everything about him... and then you'll make the call... Is that alright?"

The Ursaring stared for a moment, then glanced down at the unconscious villain. The tension in the bear's face seemed to vanish. The bear said nothing as he lumbered to a more comfortable patch of grass and slumped. Evidently, the intimidating look was simply that: a look.

Radegast met Elder's eyes. Elder felt at a loss for words, as did Radegast. Suddenly, Radegast felt a tap on his leg. He looked down, and saw that the Operative had retrieved the helmet. A smile finally returned to Radegast's face as he reached down to retrieve the helmet and the Galvantula. "Thanks, man."

"You gonna be alright?" Elder asked.

"I just can't condemn a person without knowing them first," Radegast replied, "It isn't right."

"But if you know someone, you may end up sympathizing with them," Elder noted.

"If I don't take that risk, I think that would be denying them, and denying us, as people."

The Aegislash looked between Radegast, the Ursaring, and then the Metang hovering over the Man in the Weird Suit. "I recognize this suit," Reggie spoke up.

"Hm?" Radegast asked.

"It reminds me of what Lucy Reginald used... Her technology... it was terrifying..."

"Terrifying, even to you?"

"You haven't felt it... I hope that by the time you do, we'll be able to beat her."

"We'll beat her," Radegast smiled.

Reggie's eye glanced to Radegast, but otherwise the Aegislash said nothing for a moment. Then, he chuckled; a slow, yet still unusual expression coming from the ancient blade and shield. "We'll beat her," Reggie agreed.

As silence filled the meadow once again, the distant sounds of roaring Gyarados finally died down. The Dragon's Rage had finally ended.

"What should we do while waiting?" The Operative chimed.

"Ursaring's got the right idea," Radegast picked a patch of grass and collapsed. Almost immediately, he dropped into a deep slumber. He didn't even sense the Operative bounding around to set up the usual silk perimeter.

Elder dropped onto his back, and also immediately began snoring. The brawl that happened today did take a number out of everyone, after all.

The Aegislash and the Metang- both tireless as they were- remained awake, performing their respective duties.


"Leopold, a mercenary- a good one at that, since he helms the Reservoir Group. Whenever an organization requires extra manpower and no questions asked, they're the cream of the crop."

"Didn't seem like it," Elder jabbed.

"They're used to taking care of nosy trainers," Chrome continued, "As a matter of fact, there have been only two blemishes on their record, including today. The first was the last time you crossed paths."

"By Tarma's old contacts," The Aegislash added, "We know they have done work for Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, and countless others. Personal creed came second to a paycheck. One of their favoured benefactors is Team Trebuchet."

"Project Siren, and Metronome," Radegast nodded.

"And that virus," Elder chimed in, "When we met Doc Holiday."

"Most importantly, Lucy Reginald," Chrome continued, "Apparently Leopold volunteered for some experiments to better himself. His memories seemed to view Lucy in an oddly positive light."

Radegast gave the unconscious form of Leopold a weird look. "Well, different strokes," The Gallade shrugged.

"Lucy developed that weird suit- which gave him those electrical palm weapons, bolstered his abilities, and also enabled him to walk again."

"Say what?" Radegast spat.

"His legs never worked since the age of three," Chrome elaborated, "He grew up in a wheelchair and crutches. Until Lucy made the suit, he always dreamed to be a cyclist and travel the world. Well, he's lived the dream now."

"Does it excuse him?" The Operative asked.

"It would explain his loyalty, at least," Elder replied.

"Among other things," Once again, Radegast gave Leopold a weird look. He then cleared his throat. "In the end," Radegast looked to the Ursaring, "It's up to him. Anyway, what does he know about Lucy?"

"She was the head researcher of Team Trebuchet. It's mostly stuff we already knew, only we can credit Project Siren and the Virus to her. Leopold knew this because he was actually in the base at the time- though he didn't know you were there."

"I know I never saw him," Radegast admitted. After a pause, he did a double-take. "Wait, was?"

"She recently cut communications with the other higher-ups of Team Trebuchet. When Leopold asked, they replied she was undertaking personal development."

"Personal development," Reggie hummed with a sudden clarity of thought, "So that's why she joined the Psychic Rebellion."

"That doesn't seem like the best option for personal development," Elder said, "Don't they hate humans?"

"I'd be hard-pressed to call whatever she turned herself into a human," Reggie retorted.

"Well, better tell Ursaring everything." Radegast said. Chrome agreed, and moved to brief the great bear.

"It should be right up here."

Everyone froze, except for Reggie, who instinctively moved between Radegast and the source of the voices.

The voice was faint and barely heard, coming from the gang's left. (Radegast Characters of Choice) turned towards it, but the foliage around them blocked their immediate line of sight, making it impossible to see who was speaking, human or Pokemon, friend or foe. However, they could hear the ever so slight crunching of multiple feet in leaves and a positive tone to the words spoken. If anyone was truly paying attention, they might realize that the speaker in question sounded familiar to at least a few of the party.


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(written by NeverEndingFlip and HolyJunkie)

Elder immediately recognized the voice. The Operative jumped onto the Gengar's head to get a better view, but they must've been too far off because no one was in sight. The footsteps were no longer within earshot. After a moment of silence, Radegast turned to Chrome, who just finished briefing the Ursaring.

The bear stood up- now rested- and approached Radegast. "I appreciate your understanding, Lord-Regent. You are better than the rumors I had heard. Most importantly, you still have a capacity to do more."

"Hey," Radegast smirked sheepishly, "What's a little electrical torture between friends, eh?" He bumped a fist against the Ursaring's shoulder.

The Ursaring chuckled, and playfully slapped Radegast's shoulder- which knocked the Gallade into the grass. Elder burst out laughing.

Everyone else emerged from their pokeballs to exchange farewells. The Operative even managed to stutter less than three times when she "shook hands" with the bear.

"Take care of him," The Ursaring growled softly.

The Operative technically could not smile in response.

With everyone back in their respective pokeballs, and only Elder at his side, Radegast stepped out of the clearing. "We're lost, aren't we?" Radegast asked.

"If we make it back to the Lake of Not Our Rage, we'll be back in the clear," Elder replied.

"Which was... this way," Radegast pointed. Elder nodded, and the two of them strolled through the forest. They left the Ursaring and the unconscious Leopold behind.

They had barely gone a minute before they began to hear splashing...lots of splashing. Curiosity got the better of them, so Elder and Radegast picked up the pace while trying to silence themselves.

The shores where the goons had been stationed were heavily scarred from all the blasts of energy. Bits and pieces of crate and aquarium littered the place, making it dangerous for bare feet to step through. Radegast was about to call everyone out to help him clean up the glass shards when he saw the source of the splashing. A number of Gyarados had resurfaced in a much calmer state of mind than the last time, as was prevalent by the destruction around them. There were three or four of them facing the shore, talking to the three Pokemon that sat there. One was a Togetic, hovering aimlessly and seemingly carefree. One was a Dedenne, whiskers twitching attentively as she remained focused. The last one was a Shaymin in Land Form, staring calmly at them while the group of Gyarados continued to speak.

"We felt this rumbling over in this area and...well, you can clearly see the rest," the front most Gyarados was saying, "I dunno what they were doing with our young, but we blasted the shit out of them, that's for sure!"

The Dedenne was the first to respond, her voice rigid, yet energetic, "Yes, we can see that much...what caused the rumble? Earthquake?"

"There was so much movement, I couldn't make any of them out," the Gyarados replied, "We just tried to hit anything that moved. And obliterated the aquariums, of course."

"Hmm..." the Shaymin hummed, "Thank Arceus the Magikarp are okay, at least."

"We'll take a look around, see what we can gather," the Dedenne added, "We'll let you know what we find. Does your leader Apollyon know what happened?"

"W-We haven't told him yet," the Gyarados admitted, "He's gonna be furious when he finds out though."

"I would be," the Togetic spoke earnestly. He clearly sounded younger than his counterparts.

"When you do work up the nerve to tell him about this," the Dedenne twitched, "Try to keep him from going into rage mode, please? Or at least wait until we've left."

The Gyarados turned to look at each other nervously. The Shaymin let out a small giggle.

"She's only kidding," it said, "But like she said, we'll figure things out here and let you know what we find."

"Thank you all," the Gyarados said before submerging with his fellow kin. There was a small moment of silence.

"Dee, you really suck at jokes," Gambit said with a chuckle.

The Dedenne raised a brow, "Since when do I joke?"

"Alright, team," the Shaymin grabbed their attention before the conversation got carried away, "Let's try to piece together this puzzle. Gambit, you go check around the aquarium remains since you can fly. Dee, you analyze the forest, see if you can find something like a footprint or claw mark or anything that can tell us more identifying information other than humans and Pokemon."

Dee's jaw dropped as she glanced at the destroyed forest. Multiple trees were felled, bringing their obstacles of sticks and leaves and wood chips and broken bark to embark through. She turned back to the Shaymin, "In that?"

While he would have been happy to help out the trio in their investigation- especially since he was the cause of the mayhem- the words of the Gyarados implied that they wouldn't view him as separate from the poachers. As Radegast shifted his weight behind a destroyed tree to get a better look, he accidentally stepped on a set of twigs. Elder willed himself not to hiss.

The group froze, all turning towards the noise. Dee's whiskers twitched and Gambit immediately flew higher to obtain a better vantage point. The Shaymin kept a concentrated eye on the area where Radegast was hiding.

"Think they're the poachers in question?" it whispered.

"Don't know why they would come back, though," she responded, "Nothing's salvageable. Could be the wildlife returning to the area..."

The Shaymin nodded in agreement. "Hey!" she called out suddenly, "We won't hurt you. We're just trying to figure things out!"

"Heck with it," Radegast muttered as he rose both hands and slowly stepped out into the open. Decked out in armour, with a black gauntlet on his right hand, Radegast stepped out, and used his other hand to pull off his helmet. "Sup?" The face of a dreadlocked Gallade smirked nervously.

Elder poked his body/head out from behind the same tree, and hopped over to Radegast's side. "Yeah, hiding would've been awfully suspicious anyway. Let's just walk out of cover, in front of Gyarados who don't yet know we helped them."

"No time like the present," Radegast's nervousness seemed to ease at Elder's familiar critique. "Anyway, hi." He continued towards the trio, "You uh... wanna know what happened?"

The three Pokemon turned to look at each other, intrigue in their stare, before glancing back at the Gallade. "And who are you?" Dee was the first to speak up. Gambit's mind seemed to be racing as he stared at Elder.

"I'm..." Radegast paused for a moment. He didn't know if he should just drop his name. However, a spark filled Elder's eyes. "Hey, I remember you guys. Back in the desert against that Sandslash guy, right?"

Radegast stared at Elder, then he too remembered.

"Anyway, I'm Elder- if you remember- and this is-"

"Radegast..." Gambit cut in, unable to stop his staring, "What happened to you?"

Radegast shrugged, "Guess I had a makeover since last we met."

"Two, in fact!" Elder chimed in.

"It's a long story, though," Radegast rubbed the back of his head, "Let's get this cleaned up, eh?"

Elder tapped each Pokeball, and everyone emerged. "Lotta glass littering the place," The Gengar briefed the others.

As Radegast recalled what happened to the Shaymin, whom they recalled the name of as Siena, his friends- sans Reggie- cleaned up the shore. Suros mostly roosted, but her immensely hot flame was used to melt the glass into a safer-to-handle blob- which they added onto as they went. The Talonflame's fire was also used to burn bits of the processed wood into ash. Dee and Gambit helped as well, the Dedenne's rapid approach to picking up the debris and stockpiling it while the Togetic's approach was to view from overhead and clear out the hard-to-reach spots.

All the while, Siena listened thoughtfully to Radegast's story. "Interesting," she said after the Gallade had finished, "Your friends said you had changed, but they didn't explain how. This was a lot more literal than I imagined."

"Huh?" Radegast asked, "Did you... talk with the Seven Clans? How are they doing?"

"No, not them," Siena admitted, "Technically, I didn't meet with anyone. But some other members of the Guild met with your friends at the Treehouse and I was caught up. It's a safe haven now."

"That's what it was made to be," Radegast smiled, "I'm glad it's bigger than me."

The Shaymin smiled, "Indeed. But I'm also pretty happy you were able to help us fill in the blanks about what happened wih Demonbreath. We'll need to talk to Crimson about what to do from here."

"All I know, regarding the Regicide Crew, is I'm gonna take them down. Anyway," Radegast shifted his seating position, "What happened here, there's this human group called The Reservoir. They're mercenaries, and they were hired to poach Magikarp for another human group called Trebuchet. I'm not entirely sure why, but-"

"Probably money!" Elder dropped in as he passed by, with a pile of glass shards in his hands.

"True, they did mention profit margins," Radegast nodded with a chuckle, "Anyway, we sabotaged their operation, and the Gyarados helped us out- though I dunno if they knew we were the ones helping."

"Probably not. Most of them are the kind of creatures to destroy first and ask questions later. But we can clear that up, no problem!" At the mention of that, Siena let loose a loud, yet smooth angelic whistle. Not a moment later, the water broke and a massive Gyarados emerged from the depths of the lake. Unlike the others before it, though, this one was bright red in color.

"Ah, Apollyon!" Siena greeted the massive leader, "I assume they finally told you."

"That they did," Apollyon replied, then glanced at the Gallade with malice, "You found the perpretrator?"

"Nope," Siena very calmly stepped in between the two of them, "This here's Radegast. He was helping you guys out with taking care of the poachers and was caught in the crossfire."

Apollyon grunted, "Tell me, Gallade. What happened on the surface?"

"So it went down like this," Radegast began, "I met an Ursaring I knew a while ago, he told me there was something up here. We arrived and saw these guys in suits doing a lot of fishing, with Electabuzz standing guard. My friends and I snuck up to him and launched an attack to sabotage their operation. Rage- the Primeape over there- performed the Earthquake, then a bunch of you guys came up, and all hell broke loose. Everyone scattered. We came across the leader in the forest, and we took him down. I don't think you'll be hearing from those guys anytime soon."

"Hmm..." Apollyon glanced towards the site of the destruction, which was just about cleaned up, "Well, in any case, I appreciate you all cleaning up the lakeside instead of leaving it like this. And, of course, for saving our younglings."

"Ay, it's no problem at all," Radegast slauted. He felt a sudden sense of nostalgia. The King of Depths, Absolute, now this Gyarados, Apollyon. The Gallade wondered if he was establishing a pattern of getting on the good side of primarily water-type communities in general.

"Well, when all is said and all is done, your clan was only trying to protect the lake in any way they could," Siena reasoned, "So try not to be too harsh on them when you do address them."

Apollyon nodded, "I'll keep that in mind. Thank you, Crimson Guild. You responded surprisingly fast."

Siena shrugged with a smile, "We were in the area."

Apollyon submerged and the Shaymin turned to Radegast, "You should come with us. Crimson's gonna wanna talk to you after all this."

Radegast nodded slowly. While this seemed to be playing into the hands of some so-called "destiny", the Xatu can go to hell. "I wanted to ask him something anyway." Everyone was soon finished, and a large bead of glass lay on a patch of dirt. Suros named it "Reservoir Dogs" like some sort of art piece. Radegast did not understand the name at all. Once more, Radegast and Elder stood side-by-side.

"RIght then!" Dee approached the two of them, "Everything's just about done. Mission accomplished!'

"Nice. Can you call Unix then? Ask them to bring two Dragonites this time. Radegast is coming with us."

"Will do. Want me to forward a message to Crimson and tell him we found Radegast?"

"That's a good idea," Siena nodded, "He'll want to know."

Gambit fluttered down, "You guys think we should stop by Fuchsia City?"

Dee frowned, "We found everything we could at the blast site. Why do we need to go back?"

Suddenly, the Aegislash emerged. Even Radegast flinched, "No, please. We need to stop by there."

All eyes turned towards the imposing Aegislash. Dee glanced over to Radegast, "Friend of yours, I presume?"

"Family," Radegast nodded.

"I don't see why not," Siena shrugged, unbothered by the aura that oozed out of the Coat of Arms, "We're not in any big hurry."

"Woooooaaaaahhh..." Gambit hovered closer, examining Reggie's shield, "You're really cool looking!"

"But why do we need to go back?" Radegast asked.

"Police would have investigated, but they wouldn't know what exactly they'd need to investigate," Reggie replied, "What's the ETA on the ride?"

"Estimated Time of Arrival?" Radegast clarified in the form of a question. He wasn't entirely sure if a lot of Pokemon knew some human slang and code.

"Unix is pretty fast, soooo..." Siena thought for a moment, but Dee was the first to answer.

"Approximately three hours to get to Fuchsia City. Lucky for us, it'll only be a twenty minue detour to the Crimson Guild. Still, we'll arrive at the Crimson Guild HQ tomorrow morning if the weather's nice throughout." She concluded with a confident grin.

"Or I could try Metronome," Gambit chimed in, "See if I can bring about Palkia's power to travel through-"

"NO!" the crew shouted in unison.

Gambit began to laugh hard at the unified response, "Now THAT is how you tell a joke."