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The Sweep

A loose anomaly that has proved difficult to contain.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by lil_kreen, as played by RolePlayGateway


The Foundation are responsible for containing entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs).


Item #: SCP-2904

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2904 has proven difficult to contain due to its memetic hazard. Attempts to physically isolate the object result in its eventual transference to local janitorial supplies due to temporary memetic contamination of janitorial personnel. While SCP-2904 was investigated for possible intelligent agency there is no compelling evidence of such for its behavior in repeatedly locating the necessary codes for contaminated personnel to release its containment. Physical obstructions resulted in the object going missing from containment and several types of power tools employed by amnesiac janitorial employees to reinstall a door. It has never demonstrated direct risks to D5 personnel when directly employed. After the re-installation of the door its nature changed when a D5 was injured during testing and the object was exposed to blood. SCP-2904 appears to be able to manifest a flesh and blood copy of personnel in the vicinity though never any of other artifacts. It no longer needs assistance to enter and exit the room with the security codes it invariably uses eventually from its side. Attempts to remove the keypad in SCP-2904's containment have proven fruitless as exposed personnel reinstall them.

If the sweep is found cleaning the facility it must have a lanyard with any viable identification card at all times. This can be applied safely around SCP-2904's neck or to anyone carrying it as long as its activities are not impinged upon. While the employee imitated or contaminated may not represent who is on the provided lanyard it appears to ensure the object confines itself to the facility. Should SCP-2904 be unable to be found call a meeting for all janitorial staff and the SCP-2904 will arrive for briefing.


SCP-2904 is confirmed to have left the facility in the possession of one of the Janitorial staff and has yet to be located and returned to containment. Reports from other custodians report unidentifiable muttering from recent contaminated personnel until the incident in Addendum 2904c. Do not attempt to harm or restrain SCP-2904 or the contaminated personnel it should be unnecessary. SCP-2904 is considered to have safe temporary memetic effects and contaminated personnel can be returned to medical for recertification. Lanyards for SCP-2904 are available for all agents with leads on the artifact's current location as it was not seen leaving with one. Agents lost track of SCP-2904 while it moved throughout the countryside. Suggest that agents locate SCP-2904 to find out what mess it's cleaning up which may be more of an immediate imperative.


When first encountered SCP-2904 was located near the incident with ██████ and agents surveilling the property witnessed the spiral-shaped broom (see attached image 2904a) enter without difficulty by multiple individuals. Though the civilians never exited during the incident SCP-2904 was recorded entering several times to clean before vanishing deeper into ██████. Once the situation was contained Agents took possession of SCP-2904 and arrived with an agent cleaning the back of the transport with it. It was considered a memetic hazard and immediately contained. The handle is made of an unidentifiable wood-like substance but damage to the broom regrows when it reappears outside of containment. The earliest material on the wooden snake handle is from the late druidic period and thus far is an unidentified variety of apple wood. The metal figure at the top tethered to the handle is a humanoid figure bearing two ritualistic knives and while worn from ages of use does reconstitute damage. The personnel that SCP-2904 manifests imitations of are identical however they lack any internal fluid just discharging thin sap when injured. This gives the clone a mild pallor compared to the true individual. These individuals rarely speak and do so at their own discretion being blank slates devoid of apparent emotion. As long as they are not touched violently SCP-2904 clones will not use their prodigious strength to injure the obstacle. With the memetic hazard surrounding the artifact however it rarely has to in favor of contaminating them to act toward whatever task it has undertaken. Despite this hazard SCP-2904 is generally docile when working and tolerates study.

Addendum 2904a:

< Attached categorization media >

Addendum 2904b:

To: ██████
From: Agent Vanin

Janitorial staff has alerted me to a 'new hire' cleaning several dangerous containment units: [REDACTED]. I initially discovered that the personnel in question is actually an D5 that is currently in containment and has has no direct relation to the supposed new hire. Supposed new personnel confirmed to be SCP-2904. D5 used to interact with SCP-2904 while cleaning and there was no reaction from the artifact until the D5 threw a piece of trash at was as directed. SCP-2904 crushed the neck of the D5 then swept the body clean. Second test by attempting to force SCP-2904 to relocate resulted the death of another D5 by similar physical means and was also swept after. Autopsy confirmed that no bacteria, dirt, or even digested matter was inside or on either D5 before the bodies entered autopsy. Dr ██████ walked by and asked the sweep to clean their office and gave the SCP a temporary clearance ID to do so. Since the 'temporary' clearance came into its possession SCP-2904 has made no further attempts to leave directly or indirectly. I suggest briefing Dr ██████ on procedures of quarantine. Until further advisement I've notified all cleared personnel to not personally obstruct the sweep's movements and to not revoke its clearance to Dr ██████'s office. The doctors can contain it safely until better solutions are available.

Addendum Note by ██████: While I'm quite sure they're saddened by this development I agree with the assessment for containing SCP-2094. For now.

Addendum 2904c

Interviewed: Custodian Daniels

Foreword: Custodian reported aberrant behavior of the sweep just before it vacated the facility.

< Begin Log >
Interviewer: Start at the first time you observed the sweep before the incident.

Daniels: It doesn't talk but it does listen, you know? Well we put the work order in its lapel pocket. It shows up eventually.

Interviewer: We?

Daniels: ██████ and I. I've never seen SCP-2904 read the notes but it gets the job done. It said 'Ok' and walked off. Then it just stopped to look around.

Interviewer: Why was that unusual?

Daniels: ██████ started muttering 'It's all dirty' over and over again. That's the last time I saw either of them.
< End Log >

Closing Statement: That SCP-2904 thinks everything needs to be cleaning now may be considered a possible threat though not necessarily from the SCP itself. ██████ was seen on security cameras in tow of the SCP out of the facility but neither made any attempt to harm anyone on its way in spite of security checkpoints. All involved guards and the custodian ██████ who returned at 0200 the next day are currently being recertified for duty due to memetic contamination.

So begins...

The Sweep's Story

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There's a faint noise of someone lightly sweeping down a lonely alleyway between buildings. A can that rattles with a rustle across pavement softer and softer until the noise is gone entirely. However the store was closed its lights down for the day just the signs bother communicate now that everyone is gone.

"It's all dirty! 2/2.99! It's all dirty! .50! It's all dirty! 1.50!", they all proclaim.

Even the newspaper shouts its front page story, "It's all dirty! Dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty. Dirty dirty? dirty dirty dirty."

The rustle changes like someone sandblasting pavement as now rises to the nose some visually indiscernible dust cloud.

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Clef stops. For a minute he hears the sweeping. But then silence.
Must have been a sweeper.
He says to himself as he checks the time.

He continutes walking until he hears the sandblasting. Clef stops.
That isn't a sweeper. I'd better go investigate and I don't give a fuck if my contact tells me I'm late.
He goes to investigate to noise, the sandblasting becoming louder as he approaches the source of the noise.

Clef pulls out a pistol from his pouch. He loads it with a magazine of 12 bullets. He then approaches the noise.
If anyone is there, come out with your hands up.
He shouts as the noise continues to get louder.

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0.00 INK

In the middle of the alley was an island of clean brick and stone. At its center a man clad in a blue one-piece jumpsuit swept hard at a wall where grime erased in its path. He stopped and held the helical handled broom at his side staring at Clef with wide dry eyes.

As he walked closer the three arrowed circle symbol on his one-piece jumpsuit was more clear. Fading and ragged the mark aged far more than the clean jumpsuit underneath it.

His face squirmed when it moves the thick flesh fighting frustration carving into it. It stopped to speak with a strangled voice, "It's all dirty, again. Where is it?"

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Clef approached the man, pistol firmly in his hands.
My God. What the fuck happened to you ██████?
Clef then picks up a newspaper from the pavement. The front cover screams "It's all dirty! Dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty. Dirty dirty? Dirty dirty dirty.".

Clef quickly grabs his cell phone and dials his contact.
Clef here. I'm going to need a heavy containment squad. Why? Because I think you'll find that I've found an escaped SCP. SCP-2904 to be honest. I'll wait with ██████ until back-up arrives. Alrighty. Clef out.

Clef hangs up his phone. He turns to The Sweep.
You and me will have to wait until my friends get here to take you away. We've spent months looking for you. Now that I've found you, you'll be terminated for sure. And don't think that I'll save you. Cause I ain't going to.

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The stiff face contorted, "██████ bled and I learn. Left to men of Asclepius."

He pulls the jumpsuit open to diamond shape punctures of there. Yet the blood from stab wounds is not only some yellow sap that seeps from them. Inside a pale flesh clearly visible with nothing but wood grain inside.

The stiff man doesn't even look at the gun instead turning to eye a single rusted bolt hiding among spectacularly clean walls. Though it moves smoothly his arm does creak softly as he reaches for the bolt. The brick snaps under his fingertips releasing the object rusted at one end but clean flat black at the other. The light darkens around the object's presence but little more. The sweep brings it in to sniff with a sound of rustling leaves.

The Sweep palms the strange bolt to lob it at Clef with terse explanation, "Then time for tending is short. Take a filthy footprint to inter in sacred mausoleum. A corrupted spring wanders once more. It must be cleansed."

His ponderous gait sidesteps while moving to make his way around Clef.

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  1. Sorry for a very late response. I've had Real Life issues to deal with.

    by Cypher7850

0.00 INK

Clef aimed his gun at the wall behind ██████.
Don't fucking come any closer. Otherwise this pistol I hold in my hands will fire 12 rounds into your fucking skull.
Yet ██████ kept moving towards Clef. He had no choice. It was either shoot or die.

Cled then fired a warning shot at the wall. A warning not to approach Clef. Yet ██████ didn't stay still. He kept moving forwards. Clef had no choice. He had to run. He turned and started to run towards the Square. He hoped that his contact had called for a MTF to capture ██████ and lock him up.

Clef checked his watch. He realised he should have met his contact fifteen minutes ago at the square.
Great. Not only have I got a Keter SCP chasing me, but several O5's are gonna be mad I was late by fifteen fucking minutes.
He kept running, not sure how far the Square was or if there was backup waiting for him.

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0.00 INK

██████ stopped trying to walk around Clef and looked sidelong toward the bullet embedded in the side of his head after ricocheting off of the wall. Removed with two fingers the bullet clinked against clean ground at The Sweep's side. Splinters around the hole bled a clear sap.

Clef however, had retreated, so it needn't move around him. The Sweep merely continued to walk forward. Boot to the bolt Clef had failed to catch He reached down and picked it back up. The dirt must be properly contained.

It glanced skyward for a moment then down to clef. In one long moment if one looked in the sweep's eyes one would see a pondscum sky that rained brown ichor upon the town in torrents. It rushed through the hand containing a darkened bolt to pour out some slimy substance. The clouds themselves swirled around some yet indiscernible center point in relation to the Sweep. Then the dusty street was back again a single-minded Sweep walking fast though never quite catching up. Neither was it ever far very behind.

A confluence of bishops is near and the bolt must be interred. The wellspring must again be closed. The priests of the mausoleum must forever be unknown by man. Though it did not leave a clean streak as it had in the alley. The clear puddles left behind merely forget harried steps that made them murky. The broom in both hands it quietly dusted Clef's footsteps from existence and left no ripple of its own.

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Kethyr Naethus flipped up his hood and picked up the pace towards the Eastern Gate.