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The Tantetsu Clan

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by mord



The Tantetsu Clan

Basic Info

Name: The Tantetsu Clan
Founder: Rai Tantetsu
Leader: Izaya Tantetsu
Location: Iwagakure no Sato

Special Info

Ranking System:

Clan Head: Izaya Tantetsu
General: (0/1)
Financial Leader: (0/1)
Council of the Crown: (0/3)
Captains: (0/6)
Commanders: (0/6)
Lieutenant Commanders: (0/6)
Lieutenants: (0/6)
Privates: (0/6)
Cadets: (0/12)

OOC Ranking System:

Clan Owner: mord
Clan Admins: N/A
Clan Mods: N/A

Requirements for Joining: Permission from the Clan Head, for higher ranks it required a sufficiently skilled RP’er
Requirements to Stay: Activity

Bloodline: Karada Toriatsukai - Body Manipulation
Special Abilities: May or may not develop some form or way of using Chiton (Blood Release), or blood-based Jutsu, even if they don’t actually have the element itself due to their capacity to manipulate their body and, at higher levels, manipulate the bodies of others
Clan Facts:

Common Affinities: The Tantetsu Clan commonly have affinities in Raiton, Katon or Doton, but other elements are prevalent and it is not uncommon to see them eventually possessing all three of their common elements on top of a combination element at much higher levels.
Cultural Facts: The Tantetsu are focused around honor, business, and creativity and usually believe that they have a superior mind to others. They are often ambassadors, inventors, or excellent oratory speakers in general and have the capacity to prove this at any time should they so choose to. The Tantetsu culture is a hybrid of modern day Shinobi actions and abilities, and the morals and beliefs of the ancient
Common Specializations: The Tantetsu tend to specialize in either Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, or Bukijutsu and have their secondary specialty generally being Ninjutsu. There are some that specialized in Kugutsu, or a form of it, or Medical techniques to accompany their Kekkei Genkai, and it is known that this amount is about the same as those specializing in physical techniques and Ninjutsu. The rarest styles are Fuuinjutsu and Genjutsu, and though they are noted to be about average Fuinjutsu users with some of the members rising up through the ranks being quite gifted seal makers they seem to have a tendency to screw up Genjutsu and thus, at times, require a special apparatus to even use them.
Jutsu Information: Tantetsu Hiden rarely require hand seals if they are made using the specialized webbing that they create, which leads to users most often getting their Jutsu off sooner than others. However, their Hiden involving this usually involve molding the things they use with their hands and so may still take around 80% the amount of time it takes for normal Jutsu to be used. Tantetsu Hiden usually scale with the user and it is noted that most of them, unless stated, can have additional chakra added to it to make their thread stronger or to create more clones or something like that. Lastly, most of their Jutsu with webbing also have the ability to have Chakra flowed through it at a range, which allows the webbing to constantly stay active.

Karada Toratsukai:
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Various
Rank: D - S


Karada Toriatsukai is one of the only Kekkei Genkai to make full use of Body Manipulation, something that makes it even rarer once you think about it. The Karada Toriatsukai are also believed to be the ones to originate the Body Manipulation techniques, and can train non-clan, and Tantetsu, body manipulation techniques such as Assimilate All Creation for a 25% reduction in training and for these techniques to count as Hijutsu/clan techniques whenever they use them. It allows those that have it to mutate their bodies to support extra limbs without actually killing for them. Their body is extremely mendable and can assimilate nearly anything into it, which led to the techniques they have of simulating other materials or even insects through their spider-like Jutsu. Of course if the user wants to kill for a special body part then they can. Each limbs or body parts are capable of performing whatever the user is capable of performing, and even operate at peak efficiency if you’re talking about implants. This would allow someone to have two extra arms, or a third eye on their forehead. It is quite useful when you think about it.

D-Rank - Insect: D-Rank characters have the ability to support up to two extra arms, and if they want they can swap out these arms for the arms of a Kekkei Genkai user at a later date if they can kill them. At this rank it also allows them to implant things into themselves without being a medic ninja, by simply replacing their body. These arms, and the ones they were born with, are capable of creating several types of golden webs, and with Jutsu they can create more. The first type of golden web is sticky, while the second one is super hard, and the third type of golden web is capable of redirecting chakra equal to the rank of the user at the opponent. Now the user can develop D-Rank Jutsu for each of their body parts.
C-Rank - Scorpion: C-Rank characters have the ability to support up to four extra arms. In addition, if they want they can swap out these arms for the arms of a Kekkei Genkai user at a later date if they can kill them. This also allows the user to create and use poison-based Jutsu for their arms now, and lets them inject venom through special retractable spikes that come out of their wrists. Now the user can develop C-Rank Jutsu for each of their body parts.
B-Rank - Frankenstein: B-Rank characters can now use one-handed seals with their arms and are capable of taking on a third eye. In addition they can replace their skin, nails, sweat glands, and teeth with something that has abilities, IE. sweat glands that sweat poison equal to the rank of the user instead of sweating, well, sweat, or nails that can deploy and retract claws at will. Now the user can develop B-Rank Jutsu for each of their body parts. (Each person must run abilities by a mod)
A-Rank - Immortal: A-Rank characters allows can replace the most important organs and body parts with something new, or that of another clan. For instance, the user could absorb the skeleton of another person and take it on to develop their abilities. Finally, they can choose to take on wings or develop new abilities for a random body part of their choosing. Now the user can develop A-Rank Jutsu for each of their body parts.(Each person must run abilities by a mod)
S-Rank - Perfection: S-Rank characters can absorb the bodies of entire individuals, seal them within themselves, and then deploy the bodies and manipulate them by using the special golden webbing that their hands can create. That or they can place a portion of their soul inside of the body and use them over long distances, which means that they can STILL experience the senses of their new tools but they will also feel the pain. This allows them to use the bodies as though they are alive (though they are possessed) with all the abilities, chakra and Kekkei Genkai that they possessed. Now the user can develop S-Rank Jutsu for each of their body parts.(This is restricted to those that have the permission of the the Clan Admins, OR clan owner. It could end up being both, because if one feels uncomfortable they can ask the other to say "yes" or "no", and if necessary a third person can interject. If a third person comes along that probably means you're not well trusted, or that you're hated by some and loved by others. OH, and people will be told when these questions are asked, so don't go around and ask someone else just because one person said no. That's a definite way to get punished not only by the "clan" head with a stern "... yeah, nolol" and get some sort of punishment for being a liar and breaking the honor code, as well as trust being lost) ((Can be used by the Clan Head at Jonin))

The Drawbacks:

D-Rank: The D-Rank version requires the user to be awake to implant things, if they so choose to, and thus it is extremely painful to do so and requires one with the utmost pain tolerance to endure this. This means that even though you are capable of implanting things yourself at D-Rank that you should not do this because it can cause death or permanent damage if you crew up, especially since you won’t know what you’re doing.
C-Rank: The C-Rank rank variation gives the user two extra limbs, yes, but these limbs are stowed away until the user activates them for C-Rank chakra and they are active until the user deactivates them for D-Rank Chakra.
B-Rank: Each add-on developed by the user is unique to that user and can’t be mimicked by one with the same technique, nor can any examples used be used by any of the Body Manipulation users unless the creator of that example or that add-on are asked and allow them to be used. In addition, each of the add-ons require a weakness/limitation/drawback to be thought up for it, and this drawback must have SOMETHING to do with the thing that was replaced. These add-ons are limited to B-Rank level unless taken from another clan.
A-Rank: See the above example. The only difference is that now A-Rank level add-ons are capable of being developed. In addition, the user gets one S-Rank level add-on to place on top of everything.
S-Rank: The S-Rank technique follows the limitations of puppetry, meaning that you can only control one body for each string. In addition, each body that you control through your soul is connected to you and you can feel their pain along with their senses. This also means that when using your soul instead you can only have as many bodies as the amount of fingers that you have, but luckily this doesn’t impede how many you can control through your strings due to the fact that your soul-controlled bodies are separate from you, unless you decide to take full control over them, and don’t pull your concentration. Finally, the massive chakra cost for using the S-Rank version (for the soul variation only) can put your character out of commission, so it is recommended that even though you can absorb bodies without trouble that deploying them without the strings and through your soul isn’t attempted in combat due to it depleting chakra reserves. Finally, each corpse retains the damage they have but can be healed or modified by the KKG (through victims and recycling their body parts, of course. This means that the user can make a thread with some corpse parts they got from actual player characters or through a questi and get to work on their corpses to improve them or repair them), or by being healed by a Medical Ninja... but since they're dead they don't care, but it would really impede their Jutsu use if they had no arms, don't ya think?

Note: Implants still abide by the rules, and aren't as effective as usual, BUT the effectiveness is upped by one rank compared to normal implants and Medical Ninjutsu isn't required to implant them. (It's two times the amount of chakra instead of three times the amount of chakra)
Note 2: The Jutsu made using the extra arms and not the user's own arms cost one rank higher in chakra. This applies to weapons and anything else that uses chakra as well.
Note 3: Every so often the users of this KKG have to get a check up from a medical ninja so they don't have their limbs and organs fall off or rot, and so that they don't get gangrene and die. How often they have to get a check up if decided on a case by case basis by the clan owner/clan mods/clan admins.

Advanced Chakra Pathway System: The clan’s Chakra Pathway system, when compared to other Shinobi, is significantly more advanced and has gifted them chakra levels surpassing that of other Shinobi with his body absorbing some of that Chakra of their own to enhance itself to levels somewhat below what one would have if they had an SA for that particular attribute. That being said, the Advanced Chakra Pathway System that the clan has makes them stand out like a light bulb while also beiuing an universal recipient for Chakra. This makes it somewhat balanced since their advanced chakra reserves are spread out a bit farther than the average Shinobi’s, but they are still capable of lasting twice as long due to the amount of Chakra he has. The unfortunate downsides are standing out to chakra sensors, a hyperactive metabolic rate that makes him require three times as much food per day than at the average person, in addition at times eyes are red and clan members are generally hypersensitive to sunlight and thus have to wear a special kind of sunscreen to even go outside because of the sensitivity to sunlight. A common sense limitation is that their enhanced physical attributes don’t surpass those of one that has an SAC in that specific attribute, so unless they are mentioned to have monstrous strength on the level of Chakra Enhanced Strength or speed on the level of Chakra Enhanced Speed in another area of their SC's then they don’t have that but only have greatly enhanced physical attributes that surpass the average natural limits.((Note: This is a balance between self-enhancement and enhanced chakra levels, but due to how much it does it is weaker in each area))

Advanced Smithing: The clan members are capable of making weapons that are, in general, more efficient or more powerful than the average weapon, with A and S-Rank characters capable of creating and wielding weapons of legendary power. (These “legendary” weapons will be limited to a select few)



The origins of the seemingly always wealthy Tantetsu clan are more interesting than the origins of most clans, and have led to the Tantetsu being a clan focused on during studies of genealogy and archaeology to see how they relate to younger clans. During ancient times in a world where Samurai ruled and Kekkei Genkai were just being exploited or created as a result of certain genes mixing together, a man discovered that he and his cousins has the ability to manipulate their bodies through more gruesome methods than what the modern Tantetsu use. These gruesome methods meant that the ancient Tantetsu had to devour the bodies of their enemies to survive, and due to it being a time of peace they turned on their own neighbors. To make it worse they could not hide their crimes due to the fact that their bodies mutated and took on the attributes of the other primitive Kekkei Genkai. With actions so horrible and a mutation so terrible that it mutated the user’s body into a Frankenstein-like creature, the Tantetsu and their dozen or so servant clans with their own unique Kekkei Genkai were banished from the city they once thrived in, but not without a fight.

The fight that ensued broke the peace of their city and incited a civil war between those that were outcast, but not yet banished, and those that were so high up on their high horse that they could cast out the honorable Tantetsu. The Tantetsu were honorable, yes, but they were a vicious warrior clan with an army now under their control that ravaged the city they attempted to seize control of. Parts of the city and the outlying villages erupted into flames from the Korai, a clan known for being saboteurs and arsonists who excelled at what they did. The Tokein (Toe-keihn) recruited more to the army that had been built up as recruiters, and worked at the forges alongside the Tantetsu as skilled assistance That was when the Tantetsu’s legendary weapons and armors were forged, and each given to the heads of the Tantetsu and the heads of their servant clans.

It seemed as though the war would result in the victory of the Tantetsu because of the Tantetsu’s excellent skills as politicians and recruiters, and the fact that their warrior sect was on the front lines. Then the monsters that their country’s Emperor had regularly employed during times such as these to eradicate the forces of enemies arrived in the city. The accompanying battle was long, but more and more of the Emperor’s forces were deployed and dwindled down the Tantetsu forces. The Tantetsu sent a letter to hold a meeting of peace, and begrudgingly the Emperor’s general accepted the offer and a peace treaty was forged by them. The only downside was that the Tantetsu had to stow away to lands where they would create a settlement, far away from the city.

The Tantetsu wasted no time, and their leader quickly led a voyage across the Land of Ironinto an area on the edges of the nation where they could thrive and sustain themselves. The land was green, and a clan known for their ability to create seeds and plant them as if they were a machine of agriculture, and even keep these plants going throughout the winter had been drafted, and so they kept the Tantetsu and their servants alive. Soon enough it became evident to the clan head at that time that new forms of leadership would have to be introduced so that governing would become easier, and the clan head issues a proclamation. This proclamation stated that each of the clan heads of their servant clans would no longer just be figure heads that had no power but could actually govern over their clans; systems of civilized law and order were introduced by the council of servants and clades, and thus they began to make use of their new skills as creators of justice; a system of rankings was introduced and these rankings hold true to this day as a hybrid of Samurai rankings, and a hybrid of Shinobi rankings that have general ranks, and ranks for each of the individual servant clans. Peace was finally achieved and the Tantetsu, strained only slightly with a separation of them to come in the far future, would remain in this area until the day of the Shinobi War when they were broken apart.


During this time the Tantetsu slowly began to evolve their ability due to the fact that the attributes of the clans that they had once eaten from in their old city home had sunk into their bloodline. The Kekkei Genkai the Tantetsu had became more “civilized”, and “modern” than the primitive, and downright ability that they had once held. The same ability that had cast them out would become their savior and their burden and allow them to introduce a great and unique form of body manipulation into their bloodline. Instead of needing to feed from other sentients in an act of cannibalism, the Tantetsu simply needed to make use of a skill called self control and they soon enough abandoned these tendencies. No longer were they the vicious warrior-race of monstrosities and Frankensteinian monsters, but now they finally appeared human.

The resulting evolution that the Tantetsu had endured made the older members of the clan long once more for their city, but their banishment was permanent and any attempt to set foot there once more would result in death. It was a saddening feeling that they had to go through, a feeling that made them feel as if waiting just a little bit longer would have led to them being able to stay. Most knew that this wasn’t true, that they would have been outcast anyways because they were believed to have been eternally cursed to be monsters. Some felt as though they should have tried harder and fought harder than they did so that the clan could have stayed within the city that they once called home. The one thing that they all shared was the knowledge that there was no going back to their city, the city they almost conquered, and that they would be squashed if they did so.

It was a miracle that this had ever happened to the Tantetsu, a miracle that the genes they had devoured made it into the next generation and the generation after that and gave the clan a chance of survival. Even the older members got to benefit because the abilities they had were active, but that was a different time, a time when abilities could be gained just by eating someone. Truly, it was a horrible thing that the Tantetsu had went through yet now they felt as though there was a chance that they could better organize themselves. Now their servant clans were no longer terrified that the children they had would be picked as the latest meal, which let relations go on for some time longer. Now they could operate in the modern world to come as beings that were not outcasts, but were instead capable of living in any city or village of their choosing, and that they could live more happily than others had ever believed them to be capable of living.

The Shinobi War + Iwagakure no Sato

Decades after the Tantetsu clan, and their servants occupied a small area of fertile farm land the Shinobi happened; I know it sounds weird to say that an entire culture just “happened” but the Tantetsu aren’t sure if the formation was slow or something else entirely. The fact that they had been holed up in the settlement they were forced into, yet came to love, probably played into this. After all, that meant all the latest news hadn’t made it their way and since their town was normally avoided due to the fact many still believed they were cannibalistic monsters it meant that they weren’t kept up to date. It really was surprising what the world had come to, and the Tantetsu were in all at the fall of power of the Samurai and the creation of new nations. It was the Shinobi War that the town had went through and it meant that the Tantetsu would be split between each of the villages that they had picked once they immigrated outwards.

Brothers and sisters, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, aunts and nephews, they all fought against each other if they hadn’t migrated to the same village as each other. Each capable man and woman was drafted into the Shinobi forces and quickly picked up the basics, soon enough developing their own Jutsu. It led to a drift in the people that wouldn’t be mended until after the Shinobi War and the migration of the Tantetsu and their servant clans, as a majority, into Iwagakure. It was then that the Shinobi world realized that, not only were the Tantetsu dangerous, but they were just gaining their footing in a world new to them. Quite a bit of time passed before the clan realized they needed unity to survive because of their tendencies to be outcast by entire nations, and that was how they came to Iwagakure.

Just after the Shinobi War, after years of infighting, and over two centuries of tension, the clan came together and created a treaty that reforged their bonds together. While things are still uneasy, under new leadership the clan has once more found common ground and is now proud to be a member of Iwagakure. While it is not rare to find members outside of Iwagakure, it is uncommon that one would find a member of a clan that is generally loyal and honorable to a fault outside of their new home village. Now, let’s just hope that they have some peace.

Clarification: Much like everyone else, this clan didn’t have chakra until about a century ago.. or whatever.


Name: Gōrudenshiruku Hassha - Golden Silk Projectile
Rank: D-Rank through S-Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Self, but projectiles can be thrown
Description: The user is capable of creating Senbon, Kunai, or Shuriken with the Golden Silk that their arms create. It is not uncommon for higher rank Shinobi to make equally ranked weapon projectiles, so you could end up with a weapon with S-Rank cutting power, but that usually isn’t needed if the issue is durability. The Golden Silk is naturally durable and is twice as hard as steel, allowing the Kunai, Senbon, or Shuriken created to easily out-do normal weapons of the same type. The downside is that each projectile costs chakra one rank below the Chakra rank to use to use.

Name: Shiruku Ebingu Shōmo-no - Hybrid Silk Webbing Net
Rank: D-Rank through S-Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: 15 meters - 50 meters
Description: Hybrid Silk Webbing Net allows the user to create a net of golden webbing that hurdles towards the opponent and latches around them. It is sticky at first, but when it hardens it tends to stick to skin and it can be painful to peel off because it will take skin with it. The webbing can normally be dissolved by powerful Suiton Jutsu.

Name: Sutikkīgōrudenfurōringu - Sticky Golden Flooring
Rank: D-Rank through B-Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: 15 meters - 25 meters
Description: Sticky Golden Flooring allows the user to create a glob of golden webbing in their throat and then spit it out and attach it to the floor or other surfaces. This sticky golden webbing hardens when anything comes into contact with it, and makes it adhere to whatever it has attached itself to. It can trap Taijutsu users up to one rank above the Jutsu, but the ball can be deflected back at the user by hitting it with at a high speed and with enough force.

C-Rank Jutsu:

Name: Kassei-ka/Mukō-ka - Activation/Deactivation
Rank: C-Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Self
Description: One of the most basic abilities of the Tantetsu is also one of the most useful abilities. Activation/Deactivation was a Ninjutsu developed during a time of peace and tranquility when the Tantetsu realized they no longer needed to appear monstrous, a time when they evolved, the capacity to retract and hide additional appendages and organs was developed. Through their new capacity the Tantetsu are capable of simply paying something equivalent to D-Rank chakra to deploy and retract their additional appendages at will. This also allows the Tantetsu to turn off their poisonous sweat glands, if they have them, and instead act as if they are human. This capacity also lets them reabsorb their S-Rank creations. The only reason this Jutsu is C-Rank is because of the skill it requires, which means that someone has to be at least a fairly skilled Genin to know this.


The ability to retract and deploy their limbs at will can cause lower ranked Shinobi to feel a great amount of pain as their body reabsorbs or recreates their limbs and organs from genetic memory. This means that Genin and Chunin have to deal with large amounts of pain, so during combat situations they rarely use this ability and instead use it when they need to attend something official or a date or something like that. That is about the only downside of this Jutsu, and an unfortunate downside it is for those lower ranked Shinobi.

Name: Course Chakra

Rank: C-Rank

Type: Ninjutsu

Range: As far away as the webbing is

Description: The user supplements their chakra conductive webbing and gains the ability to course chakra through anything that they have made out of their conductive webbing. This allows the user to maintain their Jutsu by using one hand seal, which is always a one handed hand seal no matter what, and at B-rank they no longer need to use a hand seal. This lets them change the state of the webbing they have created, such as from sticky to solid(but not from one type to another, meaning a sticky/solid golden webbing can’t be made into toxic golden webbing, and also lets them sharpen the blades they have coated or made with their Jutsu. The user can also strengthen their conductive webbing with normal chakra or by coursing elemental chakra through it, thus enabling the user to have their Jutsu act if they were one rank higher. This can be done over a distance or through touch, but it only applies to the webbing, no matter the type, that the user has created. More advanced users can use this to feel through their spider webbing, enabling them a sensory skill. There are several Jutsu based off of this and more than can be developed due to the specializations that are capable of being made, and they usually supplement this, and this allows the clan to make use of their skills to create new techniques as an introduction to their Jutsu.

B-Rank Jutsu:


Name: Kumo Gōrudo Jenerēshon - Spider Gold Generation
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Self - 30 meters
Description: Spider Gold Generation is one of the trademarks of the spidery limbs that the Tantetsu develop when they are genin, and at an older age they develop the capacity to make the substances by themselves and not just using Jutsu. While other clans would require this to be learnt as a predecessor to the webbing-based Jutsu that the clan has, the Tantetsu instead make use of their already innate ability to generate the substances without knowing the Jutsu. When a Tantetsu has this skill they are capable of generating a basic type of golden webbing that has no specialized attributes, but can easily be attached to Kunai or Senbon or used as a rope or string strong enough to be used in construction. Due to its nature this also allows a greater understanding of how things work, and allows the user to reduce the chakra cost of all webbing Jutsu through increased chakra control when using them (At B-Rank this is a 20% decrease, at A-Rank a 25% decrease, and at S-Rank the decrease is 30%)

In addition the Spider Gold Generation Jutsu sets guidelines for the Jutsu below. Each of the types of the Jutsu below are resistant to Chakra and neutral to all types of Chakra until imbued with elemental Chakra, or unless wind comes to blow the gas away (that’s an obvious one). They are all chakra conductive, unless in a specialized state. All kinds of spider webbing is seemingly more durable or potent than the normal substances that it has. Finally, each kind of spider webbing can be used by the user as a form of travel. A special apparatus can be kept on the users back where they store a thick rope of their spider webbing, said apparatus leading to projectile launchers on their arms, which allow the user to launch their spider webbing and grapple things, enabling them to travel large distances or even grabbing onto things during combat.

As a root technique, this Jutsu can lead to the creation of many different types of techiques. This will allow those with this Jutsu, and the techniques in the spoilers below, enables the user to forge new types of techniques and items based around it, as with most Jutsu.

Note 1: Without this Jutsu, or the Jutsu below, the user cannot make techniques that revolve around these webbing types, and can’t create new webbing types without this Jutsu(they also require the other B-Rank webbing creation Jutsu to create new webbing types, since it would require a more complete knowledge of how the spider webbing works to do so), and they also can’t use Jutsu that require more specialized webbing types (IE. Spider Toxic Gold, or Spider Liquid Gold). This doesn’t apply to the clan head as long as they are making Jutsu for the clan as a whole, but until the clan head has this Jutsu and the ones below they can’t make techniques just for them.

Note 2: This Jutsu, and each of the Jutsu below take up a separate slot and act as individual Jutsu (meaning you have to train them all separately)

Name: Kumo Ninkin - Spider Sticky Gold
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Self - 30 meters

General Spider Sticky Gold is a technique that generates two states of itself, and it is the most durable of the Spider Gold types. The Spider Sticky Gold has the traits of being highly resistant to Chakra that isn’t the user’s own, and can at least slightly block chakra once exposed to oxygen. It is capable of blocking up to B-Rank and below Jutsu, and any weapons created by it act as A-Rank weapons.

The user uses this ability to secrete a sticky substance from their skin, which they can then switch the state of with the appropriate Jutsu. The user is capable of chewing the sticky substance in their mouth and then molding it into weapons that way, and then solidifying the weapons for use. With specialized Jutsu they can do things other than this.

The issue with this Jutsu is that projection over longer ranges reduces it in accuracy, and the chewing of the material takes around the amount of time it would take one to perform the hand seals

State One - Sticky State One is a super sticky metal-like substance that can be used in a variety of Jutsu, and can adhere to anything it touches.

State Two - Solid After solidification, the sticky substance may meld to whatever it touches and it is always as strong as steel, if not stronger than steel depending on the user.

Name: Kumo Yūdoku Gōrudo - Spider Toxic Gold
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Ninjutsu

Range: Self - thirty meters


General Spider Toxic Gold is a slightly more advanced variation of the usual webbing created by the Tantetsu clan. Due to the fact that the It is imbued with the attributes of a toxin that is equal to the user’s rank. This toxin, starting at B-Rank even if the user is a Chuunin, makes the target sick to their stomach and can make them throw up, can cause intense nausea, it also can cause paralysis, seizures and if left untreated for two hours will result in death. The A-Rank toxin is much more vicious and will cause all of the former symptoms while also causing the user’s chakra to be less two ranks less effective, and cases them from bleed from every orifice. The S-Rank toxin makes the target’s own body begin to turn against itself, causing hemorrhaging, mass organ failure, unconsciousness, the inability to use chakra, and death in 15 minutes.

This Jutsu allows the user to generate the following states and cause them to travel up to 20 meters away before they disperse, and with specialized Jutsu the user may even be able to combine the gaseous and acidic states. The user is immune to the poisonous effects, but not the other attributes of the states of being. In addition, Fuuton Jutsu can blow the gasses away and Suiton Jutsu of equal rank or higher can dilute the acid.

State One - Gaseous The user generates a toxic, gaseous weapon that can act as a biohazard to opponents and with the right Jutsu can vacate entire battlefields. In addition, once inhaled, it can cause the air ways to close up due to it becoming a stringy substance once more.

State Three - Acid The user generates an acid, or turns the gaseous substance into an acid and causes it to turn into a liquid, doesn’t have the rank effects unless it gets in the blood stream or is somehow ingested but it eating through things equal to their rank and easily melting through flesh.

A-Rank Jutsu:

Name: Nankin no Yoroi: Armor of Sticky Gold
Rank: A-Rank
Type: Nintaijutsu
Range: Self


By excreting a sticky gold substance through their pores Tantetsu clan members are capable of creating a powerful armor with 140 durability through Ninjutsu that can block chakra once exposed to oxygen. It is capable of blocking chakra to the point that not even the Hyuga’s Gentle Fist is capable of penetrating the armor. It is strengthened and another post added to how long it lasts by Fuuton attacks due to the fact that Fuuton Jutsu just carry more oxygen to it. The user is incapable of using any Jutsu as long as the Ninjutsu-created armor is active.

Name: Spider Gold Manipulation
Rank: A-Rank through S-Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Up to 150 meters


Through the mastery of their basic clan webbing styles and by making use of the capacity to course chakra through their webbing types, the user is capable of manipulating whatever they generate. Seeing as how each generated amount is rank appropriate, the amount of what they generate can be rank appropriate or below, depending on what the user wants. The user is capable of manipulating their generated webbing and forming it into whatever they want, while also increasing the range that they can control it to over 150 meters. This allows a kind of telekinetic control over the webbing created, making it one of the most useful Hiden techniques that the clan has.

Name: Enveloping Spider Orb
Rank: A-Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: On contact it activates, but the user has to charge at the opponent first


The user generates an orb of sticky gold webbing about the size of a bowling ball (around 6 inches in diameter) imbued with Chakra in the palm of their hand and charges at the opponent after focusing chakra into their legs so they can charge forward at a high speed. After the orb comes into contact with the opponent it covers them completely in sticky golden webbing that then solidifies to be as hard as steel (70 durability). It covers them and makes them appear to be a statue, which can lead to paralysis and, if not broken, difficultly breathing. The substance spreads at a speed of 70, and continues to spread even if the user has broken contact as long as contact was made in the first place. The direct speed of the charge makes it easier than some techniques to counter, which can put the user in direct harm. It also takes a large amount of chakra to use and so isn’t used all that often.

Note: This is required for the use or creation of any variants of this Jutsu

S-Rank Jutsu & Kinjutsu:

Name: Saikōsetsukaki - Great Interconnected Webbed Seeking Darts
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: From 5 meters up to 200 meters

This is a devastating offensive Jutsu that allows the user to use each of their hands to create a massive array of darts that are 8 inches long and 1 inch wide made from their sticky webbing. The user makes use of the seeking darts, which detect their opponents through Chakra Coursing which makes the darts difficult for lower ranked Shinobi to avoid, a reason supplemented by the amount of darts, and the darts strike everyone within a 100 meter radius with enough force to break stone, and it strikes them in vital areas. For every moving person, or puppet, in the 200 meter radius a dart is made. After doing this the darts extend a long double sided hook that is horizontal, and the user pulls back and rips out chunks of flesh. This is an indiscriminate, high cost Jutsu and it is recommended that it is only used as a last resort.

Name: Korada Toriatsukai: Kage Niku Bunshin no Jutsu - Body Manipulation: Shadow Flesh Clone Technique
Rank: A-Rank through S-Rank (Kinjutsu)
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: As far as the user can go

The Jutsu:

The Kage Bunshin no Jutsu redefined Shinobi warfare and allowed diplomatic ninja to be in more than one place at once, while maintaining some form of network between users. When the users of the rare Korada Toriatsukai mastered this Kinjutsu through their mastery of Ninjutsu they created one of their own, and it developed into one of the greatest clone techniques ever to exist. The Niku Bunshin no Jutsu is unique because it invigorates the flesh of the user with enough chakra that it can be replicated, and then molded into a capable form. Like the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, the Niku Bunshin no Jutsu allows the receive the memories of the clone once dispersed. It is a vicious Jutsu that, once the Niku clones are burst, releases the chakra-infused gore onto the ground and allows it to be reformed with half the chakra it was originally, or they may manipulate this gore as if it were an extension of their body; in addition, for the usual amount of Chakra, the user can use the .

At A-Rank the Jutsu gives the user the capability to create what equates to the flesh version of Shadow Clones, which are capable of using Kekkei Genkai on top of normal Jutsu. The flesh clones are dangerous compared to other clone techniques since the chakra is split evenly and it can easily fool those who see chakra. It has become a Jutsu which the members are devoted to mastering in an attempt to acquire a clone Jutsu that is supposedly the pinnacle of techniques in this area. However, the costs of the Jutsu amount to the same cost that the Kage Bunshin Jutsu have. Luckily this makes up for it by the clones being what they are.

Unlike the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, the Niku Bunshin no Jutsu allows the user to experience information in real time due to the fact that it is interconnected.

At S-Rank the Jutsu has reached its pinnacle, and it allows the user to create a perfect copy of themselves that they can give commands over long distances as if they were another body, though this clone will normally act on its own. This clone is alive and, while it can disperse like the A-Rank version, it is quite literally alive and thus the user can regenerate the amounts of chakra that they had lost. That means that once the clone is made that the replenishment period will be undertaken and that the clone, and the user, will eventually return to full power of themselves. This level of power is why the technique has become one of the most feared Ninjutsu underneath the might of the Tantetsu clan.

The Drawbacks:

General: Due to their nature, blood clones are vulnerable to what their user is vulnerable to. In addition, the items on Blood Clones may be as durable as the original thing but don’t have the abilities that the item had. Blood Clones still require food and such, they are basically a copy of the user.

A-Rank: The A-Rank Jutsu splits the user’s Chakra by half for each clone created and spreads the chakra evenly between them, thus allowing them to create an accurate representation of themselves.

S-Rank: The Chi Bunshin Jutsu, at S-Rank, take 75% of the user’s chakra to make due to the fact that the user is creating an entirely new being. This makes the S-Rank Chi Bunshin Jutsu to be a hassle to use in combat due to the fact that they are difficult to make, and so it is recommended a short thread be made for each Chi Bunshin created.

So begins...

The Tantetsu Clan's Story