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Thellyn Mackindre

A traveler from a noble family

0 · 232 views · located in Collenham Mountains

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by funsunfish


Name: Thellyn Meldinia Mackindre of Galdelle
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Noble with partial Royal lineage
Gender: female
Background: Thellyn was raised in a wealthy family with a prestigious reputation. Her uncle, who married into the family, was a direct descendant of the crown, making her family's political and social influence very strong. She was raised with stressed importance in education, diplomacy, and philosophy. Her father encouraged her to seek her own knowledge and experience, and thus sent her off to travel and gain as much as she could in the way of learning. Luckily, she was accompanied by her two servants, Kandor and Behrek, who she treats with kindness and mutual respect. She still expects them to do their jobs, but after growing up with servants around her all the time, that is nothing out of the ordinary.
Personality: A tad bit naive, but overall well meaning, Thellyn has a taste for discovery and won't hesitate to talk to new people if they appear friendly enough. although she tends to be a bit subconsciously pretentious and a little ignorant, her general sense of respect and cordiality make her social flaws a lot more tolerable.
Weapons: a set of modest but effective daggers hang from her belt, however her preferred weapons are the pair of silver reinforced gauntlets that act as a pair of knucklers during combat. She usually doesn't have to defend herself much if her servants are with her, but if she needs to she can be quite the lethal weapon. She has decent proficiency in nearly all classes of weaponry, but specializes in close-combat.
Flaws/weaknesses: Having grown up in a relatively sheltered life, Thellyn doesn't have much experience in the way of survival in difficult conditions. She also tends to be easily manipulated, and often falls for even the most simple of scams and tricks. She also tends to be overbearing when it comes to her naivety, and can sometimes be completely blind to the full aspects of a situation; particularly negative ones.

So begins...

Thellyn Mackindre's Story

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The sun was crisp as it edged over the rocky horizon. Pine needles crunched under the horse's large hooves as it tromped along through a clearing surrounded by large trees. Thellyn yawned and patted it's muscular neck before sliding off onto the frosty ground.
"This looks good. We'll set up here for now. At least until I can figure out this damn magic map."
In her hands she held a tattered parchment to the sky, letting the sun shine through the back of it. Apparently, it was supposed to show the surroundings of wherever they were, but it was only showing up as faded green splotches that looked nothing like the landscape.
The servants riding behind her dismounted their steeds and began loading supplies onto the ground. The tents went up quickly and efficiently, and a little campfire crackled cheerfully in no time. Behrik, one of the servants, strode towards her casually.
"Have you tried scrubbing it?" He asked, with a slightly amused tone in his voice.
"What do you mean 'scrubbing' it?" Said Thellyn with a puzzled grunt.
Behrik plucked the map from her hands and picked up a handful of dirt from the ground. From a clutched fist, he let the dirt trickle down onto the map in a steady stream, shaking it every once in a while. He then proceeded to rub his palm over the page in a circular motion until the green splotches turned to delicately detailed mountains. After giving it a light blow to clean it off, he handed it back to her.
"That's incredible!" She exclaimed, flattening it onto her lap. "Look, that's us!" Her thin hand pointed to three small circles that followed them wherever they went. "That's me, there's you, and this one must be Kandor!" They looked over at Kandor, the other servant, who was humming to himself as he tended the fire. Thellyn folded the map into eighths and slipped it into her breast pocket. Rising to her feet, she jogged over to the fire and found a nice rock to sit on. So far things weren't going too bad, and the mountains presented an incredible view. She wondered if anyone else was around.

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A wooden cart rolled slowly into view, its old wheels creaking slightly. Two shimmering blue outlines of horses could be seen pulling it; it was obvious to any who studied spell craft that they were creatures summoned from the otherplane. Two girls in their mid-to-early twenties sat atop a pile of crates. One had curly brown hair and was dressed I a leather breastplate and long sleeved cotton shirt as well as leggings- travel gear, clearly. The other was wearing similar clothes, despite having a different color of shirt, and had white hair and red eyes. Both had their hair in messy buns and looked sleepy, as if they had recently woken up. In the front section of their cart was filled with leather bags which a black cat slept against. As the strangers made their way closer, the heavy magic odor made clear the enchantments on their weapons and wares. The brunette leaned over and kissed the white haired one on the nose, causing both to giggle. It was hard to decipher whether this confidence of security was warranted...