Theresa "Tessa" Grey

A girl who thinks she has a simple life, which turns into a much more complicated one. Looking for anyone to finally tell her the truth. She's done with lies.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Cecebelike


Theresa Grey has grown up with a simple styled life in the House of Edenhelm, with the tension between the houses for the throne. She keeps herself away from the tension, exploring the mountains and always being adventurous. Over the years, people of her family have been expressing the beauty she withholds physically and emotionally. People say that her eyes glow with her emotions, something she believes is unbelievable. But, someone had left her a book, a journal, that explains everything about her. Angel blood runs through her veins. Tessa doesn't know what this means, but she wants to find anyone to help her understand. She wants to feel normal, again. Not to be used for what she has.

So begins...

Theresa "Tessa" Grey's Story