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Tiny Tina

World's deadliest thirteen year old!

0 · 296 views · located in Verinotte Hollow

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by FancyPyro


Impulsive, hyper and completely random, Tiny Tina might just be about the most deranged child one would ever meet. And she isn't a crazy kid like those creepy killer kids or a thousand year vampire with bloodlust... she's an entirely different kind of crazy, the kind where you have a child with mild psychosis and ADHD and decided to pump her up with a limitless supply of sugar.

Tina was once radically different, as she was the precious child of a surprisingly loving couple on the death planet of Pandora... until a bandit known as Flesh-Stick decided to sell out Tina's family out to the morally bankrupt company of Hyperion for testing the effects of the left overs of the mineral, Eridian, the left overs being known as 'slag'. Tina's mother managed to sneak a grenade with the panicked Tina, and urged her to use the grenade to escape. As you can see, Tiny Tina did indeed escape, but her parents had failed to have the same luck she did. The experience had severely traumatized her and is a major contributor for the reason she acts.

Life on Pandora had taught her to no longer fear taking another's life, and she will gladly pop someone's skull if they deserve it. Despite her quirks, she's about the best demolitions expert one will ever meet, a result of tinkering with various explosives found around the death planet. Tina can easily create a destructive bomb out of whatever's handy at the time, making her an incredibly dangerous young girl.

So begins...

Tiny Tina's Story

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Sol blinked, finding the envelope on his door-step was a surprise. Furrowing his eyebrows, he picked it up and read the letter. An invitation? To a ball? He... He'd done nothing of importance in the last three years; he hadn't even dueled anyone..... Hell, he didn't have anything to wear. He'd have to get that all put together. When was it? A few weeks from now.... interesting.....

Taking the Letter inside he closed the door, mumbling to himself as he considered his options.

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Character Portrait: Namira Character Portrait: Ulrich Paternosta Character Portrait: Tiny Tina Character Portrait: Josiah Malton Character Portrait: Isa Melanie Character Portrait: Mikage Abe Character Portrait: Sol Vincent Character Portrait: David Haller Character Portrait: Destin Murray
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It had only been a month since Destin arrived in Verinotte Hollow. He had spent some time in Wing City, the place where he'd originally planned to attend university; however, the hectic nature of the city had proven too much for him to deal with after Flight T396 went down. The traumatic event changed him in more ways than one. He needed a change of pace—and here he was. The brilliant rays of the moon shone through the stained windows of his apartment, rousing him from his slumber. “Must be time to start the day.” he muttered to himself sleepily. Living in a city mostly populated by vampires meant that he had to become accustomed to sleeping during the day and being awake at night. It hadn’t been an easy transition; however, a sleeping pill here and there helped to mitigate the process.

Destin rose to his feet and nabbed a pair of pants slung over a chair near his bed. Then, on his way toward the door, he grabbed a clean shirt from a pile sitting on his dresser before slipping it over his head. When he opened his front door, he was surprised to see an envelope laying on the brown placemat sitting just outside of it. “The sigil of the Vankoryth Détente.” he said in a suspicious tone, wondering what business they had with him. After all, he hadn’t been here long enough to make a name for himself. He was a nobody.

He had received an invitation to something called the Ball of Chaos. He wasn’t terribly fond of dances but this would serve as a good opportunity for him to meet some of the locals. Maybe then he could find someone who could help him learn more about his power. Someone who could help him control it. There was one thing he needed to do before then, though: find something nice to wear. So, Destin stepped out of his apartment, hopefully to find someone who could direct him to the nearest clothes store.