Travis Friedman

Male, Age 21, has two abilities. Lives in Seattle, WA.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by SamuraiMaster


He is about 6'4'', and weighs about 180. He has buzzed short dirty blond hair, and shaved facial hair. His eyes are blue. He wears torn blue jean shorts, and a black Metallica tee-shirt. He wears sandals. He also wears a ring that was given to him by his girlfriend a few years back.

Because he is homeless, he has no other clothing.


Travis lives life in isolation. Keeps directly out of the public, and fears it greatly. There are very few people he puts trust into. When he runs into someone of the general public, he can turn hostile, or very fearful and hide underwater, (as he can survive underwater).

He is known to despise his powers, particularly his telepathy, because they are not in his full control as of now. He has tried to control them, but since they are something he has not always been aware of, he has had trouble with them, mostly his telepathy. He has found out he can control his abilities with the water good on his own.

He is religious in the Protestant areas of CHristianity and prays every night.

Before isolation, he was a very kind and helping person, and can still be to people he cares for, particularly his former girlfriend.

He has morals. Morals which tell him that murder is wrong. He cannot kill, he has said before that if he were to kill someone, he might be physically sick for a long time.




Travis' telepathyis not directly in his control. Becaus eof this, he cannot control the input of thoughts that rush into his head. He has been known to have occasional telepathic outbursts when an unusually large group of people come near his dock. This can happen when a ferry docks. However Travis has been known to make note of the times ferries come and go. During these times, he goes underwater and hides. He has tried to block out thoughts from other people but cannot do a very good job. He hates his telepathy and wishes it to get out of his system.

The Water Ability

No name for this ability can be given. It is one ability Travis has learned to live with the last three years of his life. Travis almost becomes one with whatever water he
is nearby. Whether that water is river water, ocean water, or even water in pipelines and water bottles, he can gain control of it.

Travis, because of this ability has discovered many things about himself. He is immune to death by drowning, as he can breath underwater. To his skin, water is almost never too cold or too hot, unless it is drastic measures. He can swim faster in it, move better in it, see better in it, hear better in it, and pretty much do anything better in it.
Travis, if he focuses hard enough, can control movements in the water. He can defend himself, or others with the element, or even use it as a weapon. He rarely does this.

One example of this movement he said at one time, was he can control wave size, whether it was "as small as a pebble on the sand, or taller than the Seattle Space Needle." However, his emotions in his head also seem to also have effect on wave size and the ferocity of the water near him. In his telepathic outbursts, the waves seem to always grow in size and become more ferocious.

He also has the power to generate water, freeze, boil, or condense water, make acidic rain, and even to a little extent control blood within a person. He rarely does this as it requires a large amount of focus. Each day, he finds new uses of this unique ability he possesses.


Born the 18th of November in 1986, Travis has had a rather sad life, particularly the last three years. His mother died when he was 10, a victim of breast cancer.
After this, his father became rather abusive and turned to alcohol. He went to rehab on multiple occasions, but always went back to drinking.

During this time, Travis met one of the persons he'd love the rest of his life, Krystina Jackson. About a year younger than him, and much shorter, the two fell in love. Travis cared deeply for her. And she cared for him. Travis has said Krystina was almost like a second mother. The two looked after each other for years, until Travis turned 18 and discovered his powers. Krystina, discovering his powers, became very fearful of Travis and ran away from him, despite his attempts to calm her and beg her to stay with him.

Travis discovered his power three days after he turned 18. He had a telepathic outburst and the pipelines of his father's apartment burst. His father kicked him from the apartment and even called Travis a "freak." This moment has scarred Travis for a very long time.

Travis fell into a deep depression and tried to drown himself by falling off Dock 88 into Puget Sound. Travis however was immune to drowning, and decided to live there until he could control his power.

For three years, Travis lived in the Puget Sound area underneath Dock 88. He lived life rather miserably until one day when his whole life changed...

He met Krystina again on the beach, but they had a bit of an argument.

((More to come))

So begins...

Travis Friedman's Story