Trinton .-.

“ WHAT, no I don’t care its all his fault I'm like this…..”

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Son of wolverine
Theme song: shadows by red
He is a little crazy [I blame his father]
Ran away from home when he turned 13 and hasn’t seen his dad since
His mom died when he was 4
When he was 12 he accidently killed his best friend when his friend was being rude to him and talking about his mom rudely saying she killed herself because of his dad
He feels like a monster and doesn’t like being around people because he is afraid he will kill them
His “claws” come out often as he has no control over them
He is about 6, 4 and has blond hair [got it from his mom]
His eyes are a coco/ hazel color and sparkle in the moon light
He is about 16 years old
He feels he can’t be loved that he is not loved that he is just meant to kill and he HATES it
He has a six pack and is really fit

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Trinton .-. pushes his way over to the bar growling slightly. [a human growling not cat or dog like]