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Tyiel Carae

Empower you for all eternity; It seems to ease my mind, that you've brought meaning to my life.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Ashes


Little angel go away, come again some other day;
The devil has my ear today, I'll never hear a word you say.


--- Name: Tyiel Carae; Demon of Despair
"Ty, or Tyiel. Beautiful works too~ Don't let the title worry you, I'm merely the... Demon that deals with the paper work."

--- Age: Over 3,000. Though the woman has lived many lives, and the exact number is unknown even to her.
"Like my weight, that is just something you do not ask. Nor will you get an answer to such a rude question.."

--- Gender: Female
"Well, I suppose some might mistake me for a male, but it would be odd of them..."

--- Species: Unknown to most - Daemon (Demon); (δαίμων) are good or benevolent nature spirits, beings of the same nature as both mortals and gods, similar to ghosts, chthonic heroes, spirit guides, forces of nature or the gods themselves. She is both good and evil, despite her alliance setting with Leia Kotira, due to working for the old demon. Though from time to time she will do a good deed, such as putting a sick person out of their misery, or killing off some murderer for his sins; lucky enough for her, she will not be judged by God or Satan, and has committed no sins in their eyes. In truth she helps them both by ending lives so their soul can end up in the right place, but perhaps not in the right time.
"I do believe that's obvious..."

--- Appearance: Deceiving is her looks, her frail lithe body showing that she is some weak woman, when in fact she is stronger then any mere human, and most demons. Soft features showing not only youth, but innocence, the Demoness has even been described as naive. Only by those who know the 'normal' less insane her. Rather, only acquaintances. To close friends.. Well they know the real her. The woman is very small, coming to stand at only five feet and two inches, looking as if she is nothing but bones and skin, yet it is simply the way she is built. Her usual attire is something strange, a dark silk shirt tucked behind her red striped vest, a small tie resting under the collar of the vest. Accompanying the top would be a simple pair of slacks and heeled dress shoes. Her short hair is thick and untamed at times, taking a soft shade and shifting to a dark red at the tips. The only other odd thing about the woman would be small black horns that protrude near her ears, and a long red tail that's always seen lashing about behind her.
"Oh really darling, open your pretty little eyes."

--- Personality: After living for so long, the young looking Demon has grown accustomed to many emotions, yet she only shows a base of three. Before meeting her former Master, she was a sadistic demon out for blood, and nothing more, as her kin usually is. After though, she received three other souls, their prior emotions and personalities intertwining with her own. When by herself, the Demon is often looking to her left or right, and talking as if there were others around her. Through her own eyes she sees three other beings. Naberius is the soul of anger, thus when the Demon becomes irritated at something, the essence is shown in her voice, and actions. Even if she is not some powerful demon, she does have a nasty temper and has been known to destroy the lives of hundreds in a nights time. Kadeya, the soul of sadness and her most used emotion. Not having a purpose in life, the small demon is usually found stalking around somewhere, trying to cheer herself up, which usually never works. Xhide is the emotion of happiness, a rare emotion for the woman, and even when it does show, she seems almost emotionless to those around her. Though she will give smiles and such at times. As of late she has been.. truly happy, having broken her bonds of her previous master, and now serving Leia, she has found true bliss and a point to her life.
"My my, this is rather silly. Why don't you just speak to me, hm? I don't bite. Much."

So begins...

Tyiel Carae's Story