Tyre Rutherford

Ex-Guardian of Water and Lightning

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by DarKnight36


Just over five feet tall; slender, with dark hair; blue eyes; is very athletic


Optimistic but only on the outside; inside, Tyre often feels left out, and a little unappreciated. Still, he's loyal to his friends, and deadly to his enemies. He'll follow the lead of others, though not because he's a passive person.


Carries a few daggers and a sword; his signature move is summoning a bow of lightning, and shooting arrows of water/lightning out of it. This combination is often used to paralyze an opponent, but Tyre can use it to kill.


Recognized at a young age as a man with talent, Tyre was recruited into the world government's Knights, and then into the elite Guardians, where he met his lifelong friends Tera Roth and Highwind. He left the Guardians when corruption began to seed through the ranks in search of Highwind, whom had gone missing some time back. Eventually, he found his way back into the thick of things and fought alongside the Ultimate Organization.

After the events leading up to the current story arc, Tyre is currently working with Darius & the Brotherhood to help restore peace to Crystalis, but he's really there to keep an eye on Darius.

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Tyre Rutherford's Story