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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Remæus, as played by Teh Andy


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The sobbing figure of Gambit himself entered the bar he had so profitably owned for many years. The tall, otherwise elegant figure was hunched over in sorrow as he lurched towards the open area of the bar. This was an unusual circumstance indeed, as Gambit was normally a brash and ravishing individual who commanded attention everywhere he went, however rare an appearance it was.

Supporting Gambit was his lifelong friend; a dark shadow in the corner behind the bar identified only by the glowing ember of a cigar and the smoke it so brilliantly highlighted. The sparks flickered and danced as a reflection across the tears on Gambit's cheeks as he walked towards the front door of the establishment, a movement that carried the weight of a thousand pounds of pure emotion and resulted in comfort among the patrons.

Gambit reached for the switch to the right side of the door in a sweeping motion and broke into a soul-wrenching cry as he flipped the light in the door from an OPEN position to the menacingly red glow of a CLOSED sign. Gambit had, quite literally, just closed the door to his own livelyhood. He turned to the few individuals that were currently populating the criminal front he called a bar.

Ladies an' gentlemens, I—

He choked on his tears as they flooded his sinuses. Gambit hadn't been this emotional, ever, and it showed. His head bowed, and faced the oak floors beneath his boots, which indicated the bar's long-standing history.

He looked up, his eyes full of the rage of a man whose wife had just been murdered.

—I am closin' dis bar until da wife of ma wiveses killer izza found.
he slurred, rushing through the words and storming into the back room, the hulking figure of the cigar smoker turning in behind him in a puff of smoke and closing the door in a slamming motion.

--------------Much time passes--------------

Light thuds from heavy boots pad a concrete sidewalk - a sidewalk that looks like it hasn't been maintained in ages, in a part of town that looks like it went from bad to worse. The air is filled in an ominous smog/fog concoction, but one thing pierces through the otherwise bleak appearance of the run down red light district of Wing City: a bright red neon sign that stands defiant of all trials and tribulations cast upon it over the years. Gambit's Bar shines bright, and underneath it lay an otherwise unremarkable run-down building.

Thud... Thud...Thud...

Each step was strenuous. His brown trench coat appeared to weigh him down. A red glow shined around his red rectangle-lensed wire framed sunglasses. Wavy brown hair seemed to move elegantly with his movements despite still air. When inspected closely, even some streaks of grey can be seen on his sides. The weary traveler moves ever closer like a lost soul in desert to an oasis.

"Need... Dew... n' Rum...Neeeeed... Deeeew... n' Ruuumm.."

He arrived finally at his destination. His six-foot figure was dwarfed by the building as he stood in front of the door.

"Ahhh mon amour, I've missed you so."

The magnificent wing span of his arms sprawled out as far as they could stretch, bear hugging the building. He kissed the grimy door.

"N' it seems you've missed me too, no?"

A shutter from a nearby window crashes to the ground, having held on for so long but no strength to go on. The traveler relinquishes his bear hug on Gambit's Bar and with a heavy thud sits down in front of the door staring at it. He rubbed the rotting door of the bar affectionately.

"Le sigh, I should've never let dis happen t' you. I dunno what t' say t' you... I've lost bot' of my greatest loves while away. But you'll never b'lieve de t'ings I saw! I was in dis mountain an' dere was dis crazy guy n' I was all like "Mah friends call me Remy LeBeau, but you... You can call me Gambit!" awww you should've seen da look on his face. Dat line always get's 'em no? N' den dere was explosions n' I was flyin' t'rough da air t'rowin' cards n' taken names n' I got dat piece of my brain back an'....... No... Dat don' make it right. It don' make up for what I've done t' you.. T' Tay... T' Renée... even t' lil' Gabby. I guess she ain't so little anymore. Mon amour, what do I even say t' her now? How do I even find her? I was blind n' I didn't even know it... Dat piece of my brain... It turned me into a monster. I had power dat would've made Xavier grovel, but I lost dis charm of mine. Ya' know I don' know why everyone talks so clean, it ain't got no class. I din't like it, probably de best t'ing about losin' dat piece of me. Anyway... I din't care 'bout no one. I even became one a' da four horseman... I did t'ings, I can't even say it aches my heart so. I had to take it back out... Wit' some help, n' not willin'ly but I done it. Now I'm me again, but... I did what I did, no? I'm still Les Terribles..."

Remy stood to his feet and dusted himself off.

"Well, I know I don' deserve it but you have somet'in' for me dat I've been savin' for dis moment. Le's see if you've got one more drink in ya'."

With that, Remy pulled a golden key with Remy's face on the side out of his coat. He slid the key into the rusty door lock and with a little effort managed to twist the lock. The lock resisted, but eventually gave way. As soon as he unlocked the door, the door fell off the hinges and slammed into the wooden floor of the bar with unreasonable weight. Given appearances the door would not weigh much, but when it landed the full weight of the door managed to cause more damage to the floor than would be expected. Remy walked into the bar and flipped a dusty light switch. A few flickering lights stuttered and let off a yellow glow across the bar. Remy made his way over to the black granite countertop of the bar, laden in a thick layer of dust. Behind the bar he found the minifridge. With some effort he managed to budge the minifridge out just enough and reach behind it with his long skinny arms. After a few moments of struggle he withdrew, and in his hand he held a dusty aluminum green can.

"Ah look at dat, 1999; dat was a good year. I'm gonna do dis Dew like I ain't ever done Dew b'fore."

Remy reached under the bar, and yanked a bottle of Rum from below. He blew the dust off a hanging glass and poured both the can and the rum in. He took a long sip and let out a satisfied sigh.

"Dat's de stuff... Well, now I gotta do what's right."

He dug around in one of the bar drawers and found a pen and paper. He scribbled in poor handwriting "To my lil' girl Gabby, I can never make up for what I've done t' you... But you can set t'ings right." Remy pulled the golden key out of his pocket once more and stared at it intently. He closed his eyes and rested it on the piece of paper.

"If dere's one t'ing my Gabby knows, it's me."

And with that he gulped the rest of his poured drink and rushed outside. His eyes glowed a deep red and shined through his red lensed sunglasses. Red energy outlined his body as he drew a full fan of cards in both hands. That kinetic energy poured into the cards until they too glowed a bright red. He then flicked cards down the street towards rundown lamposts, mailboxes, benches, broken signs on buildings, anything that he could leave his mark on. Small red explosions popped up all around him causing fire and smoke to rise from an otherwise considered desolate area of town. When he was satisfied with the number of personal markings he had laid down, he flicked one more card into his hand: The King of Hearts. He affixed the card to the door frame of the bar with a pocket knife as a final signature.

"I t'ink I look a bit better dan dis guy, but dat should do. Now, I guess I wait n' see what happens."

He wandered back into the bar, grabbed the remains of his can of Dew, chugged the rest and set it down next to the paper on the bar. He then exited into the dark shadows of the back room, his home of old and entrance to the labyrinth of secret passages.

OOC: I've dropped enough inside jokes and hints to prove I am who I say I am. But just in case I will also include my original signatures. Those who knew me can vouch for me.