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Ursarkar Schaeffer

Second Admiral of the Fleet, Cybran Battlefleet Reiter

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Tank Emperor


A Nation built from war, owning a galaxy well out the way of the goings on in the multiverse.


Race: Human
Gender: male
Date of Birth: 31/08/000185BH
Age: 40
Hair: Short black hair
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Emerald Green
Height: 6'7''
Weight: 115 kg

Place of Residence: HDS Nightschourls
Place of Birth: Unavailable to this user

Relatives: Unavailable to this user
Enemies: Unknown
Allies: Cybran Nation, Waffen FS

Occupation: Second Admiral of the Fleet (Cybran Battlefleet Reiter), based in the Casgrax System.

Appearance: Image
(Work dress, "Dark Blues"): Dark Blue uniform with three white lace stars on his shoulder along with four white lace stars on her left breast shirt pocket. Dark Blue trousers, knee high jackboots with steel studs.
(Parade Dress, "Light Blues"): Light Blue uniform with the same appearance of stars as his work dress (see above), light blue trousers, Cybran officer parade belt, knee high, well polished jackboots.
(Off duty, "Civies"): Normal fashion worn by members of the public.

Fashion of Choice: Military
Weapons of Choice: Combat blade, auto pistol

Religion/Philosophy: Cybran

Sexuality: Straight

So begins...

Ursarkar Schaeffer's Story

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Schaeffer nodded, pulling on his cap as he put his left bionic hand in his pocket, the skin covering real but the hand fake. He looked around at the ship before shaking his head, "Yes. These politicians that think they rule over us don't understand. We are a fighting force, one not to be dismantled for idiots to try and put back together. Yes?" His emerald eyes watching the small vessel closely. He knew he was not the one the comment was directed at but didn't care.

Rmeinhardt nodded, before she turned, putting her back to the small vessel, whispering in his ear, "I know, which is why we have this one here. If this doesn't work, we get the Emperor or the head of Parliament out here to see this. It may be old but it was still usable." She sighed before she continued, watching the deck crew behind her prepare, "This could end up in a war. I have heard from Rooseavet not too long ago. He is headed for the Casgrax. I'll try to get him out. They can not simply take our only defence in the system away and declare it a military free zone. The should take the research else where. We don't have time for this."

He nodded in reply, "Do you wish me to head back up to the control centre? I could get a section prepared." He glanced around, his icy glare watching the Black Temple Monks, 'Those things creep me out.' He swallowed before he turned and looked at her, "This better not be a waste of time."

"No. Don't, I want you here, by my side. I may be you commander but I need you with me." She sighed as she shut her eyes, turning back around before the Waffen FS Commander turned and walked towards the deck crew.

"You ready for this?" He smiled, turning at their side, watching the vessel as it slowly came through the air lock shields. He pulled on his cap, turning his watch to his men and the crew. This was in theory his battlestation, but he had to share it with the Navy, surprise, surprise.

The head of the deck crew nodded, pulling on his soft cloth hat, watching the screens and other equipment as the vessel did the floor of the deck, a small stair way coming down before the doors opened, letting the people inside get a breath of the very old recycled air. It was almost... Stale.

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Military Resource Meeting,
Room 432,
Hisoal Building,
North side,
Casgrax II

"When do we move the new Sector system into effect in this area?" Admiral of the Battlefleet Reiter, Nicole Reinhardt snapped, staring out the window as she stood next the the dirty thing. It needed cleaned, as did some of the staff in this building; Well actually, in this room, a few could do with a shower, of blasting. She turned around in her smart light blue uniform, boots gleaming in the dim light room as she glanced around at each of the members at the table, "This is something we need to do now. We have these new Nations appearing at our door, and sooner or later, they will end up attacking us. We need to get Parliament to give us more funding for new fighters and battleships, as well as tanks and weapons. We have to do something now before that something happens."

She blinked, turning back around to look over the city of Griasfrask, her left hand twitching, a common thing for her when she was in a meeting like this. She had every reason it express her feelings to this Military board. It would then be taken up in the next mass Parliament, but that wouldn't matter if the enemy that was sitting at the Cybran Nation's boarders attacked. They would be forced to fight back with the full might of the Cybran Nation. Pulling her hair into the neat bun again, she swallowed, pointing to the computer screen showing simulations of any fighting that would take place, "We have sat here long ago talking about this and nothing has been done. We need to take it up in Parliament, understand?"

Admiral Therodore Starship nodded, putting his data sheet on the table. "The new sector system is being put into effect at the end of the month, Ma'am. There is a mass group of new Dreadnoughts being built, the Rhineland Class. They will have new weapons systems and weaponry as well as all the other things that we need to create a force of Dreadnoughts, but they will be deployed in the groups and Battlefleets they are needed in." The battle hardened Admiral stated as he rubbed his forehead. Sitting down in his seat, he looked at the other members of the board, whom, just simply nodded in agreement. His right hand moved down into his jacket pocket, pulling out a small box of tablets, for the sharp pain now hitting his head. The box was soon set on the table as he moved his hands to pull the metal tray out and popped a tablet into his mouth.

He swallowed the pill, watching the rest of the table carefully, “Unless the Waffen FS want to provide something to help the ever pending situation?” He eyes went straight to Supreme Commander Ingualt Rooseavet, sitting smartly in his black uniform, without saying a word throughout the meeting.

“I suppose it can happen, the Fourth FS fleet has just came out of repairs, the HDS Nichtjager will be ready and moved towards the border within a few days, the repairs are not fully complete and the ship needs a major uplift in terms of technology and weapon systems. There is not a lot I can do in order to speed this process up,” He paused for a second, his left hand wrapping around the icy cold glass of water. “I am willing to prepare the forty-eighth Waffen FS fleet into position, along with the One-thousand-and-fourth tank division onto the local battlestation, which I believe is also being upgraded in these times of peace, if the Peace goes on for much longer all the Military and fighting forces will be degraded. “

Rooseavet got to his feet sipping the glass of cold water, “Unless we prove that we still need this military force, we will be made redundant.” His eyes glanced over to Reinhardt before back down to the glass. He shook it around to mix the last of the ice and the water, “We could attack one of the smaller Nations in the outer systems of the galaxy. We could claim they attacked us, then we have the right to make a full scale invasion; yes?”

The lights flickered as another member spoke up, General Notterburg, “That would show them, but the other way to do this is by making explosions on the closest planets to parliament, then the Government will have to give up more supplies.”

“Why are we talking about this?” Snapped a younger military economist, Adolf Nighdale, “We have enough money and enough weaponry to force any nation to its knees. We would have enough money in three Cybran Years to update the forces we have. It is not all about numbers, and if it is, we would still win any battle. Our men and women are well trained and well equipped. We don’t need to add more money into the mass forces. All we have to do is pour it into research, which we can see going on around us right now. This planet is the most scientific planet within most of the Cybran Nation. It is all just a matter of updating the forces we have; yes?”

Reinhardt snapped around, nodding, “For once I think I have heard a good idea. The Navy needs to update and install new technology into the ships, not create wave after wave of new ships. The Rhineland class should be the last of the dreadnoughts that we build, even though we do have enough resources in the Industrial planets to build thousands more; do we not?” She smiled, rubbing his eyebrow as she moved forwards towards the table, watching the other members with a close eye. ‘This might work,’ she thought to herself, smirking. “Yes, I say it is time we done this.”

Rooseavet swallowed, “I will do the same with the Waffen FS, this should be very interesting to see the end result.”