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Uzol gro-Narzul

"Might not be a full blood orc, but my Tribe accepts me just the same."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by EmperorCaesar


Uzol gro-Narzul


Nickname - Uzul

Title - Uzul the Half-orc

Gender - Male

Age - 22

Height - 6'2"

Weight - 164lbs

Race - Half Orc- Half Imperial (Though he prefers to be called Orc, seeing he completed his rite of passage and is considered an adult among his Tribe.)

Ethnicity - Member of the Orc Stronghold Narzulbur

Species - Half-blood

Hair color - Dark brown almost black

Style - Long Dreadlocks, often worn tied up.

Eye color - Humanish looking and having golden irises.

Skin color - green-ish, with slight hint of gray.

Former Affiliations - Group of Orcish Bandits called that themselves The Green Menace.

Current Affiliations - Narzulbur Orc Stronghold, Imperial Legion

Alignment - Neutral Good

Outfit (s) --

He is often seen wearing some fur clothing along with several little animal bones and such when lounging about the strong hold or mining or even helping around with some other work that needs to be done. Even though his stronghold is in the middle of the woods and snow of the Veldth mountains, he doesn't really seem to be bothered that much by the cold.

When he's engaging in some manner of activity that requres formal attire he will often wear a nice set of clothes, or a set of Imperial Light armor if it is a military event.

When he's out adventuring and treasure hunting and so forth he will often be seen wearing a nice set of Steel armor. Or when he's fighting with the Imperial Legion he will be seen wearing Heavy Imperial Armor.

Tattoos - White markings over his left eye and on his arms, chest and legs.

Piercings - None

Scars - Several. On his arms, chest, legs and back.


Uzol is a follower of Malacath and he reveres the Nordic Hero-god Talos, also known as Tiber Septim. However, he does not worship Talos, as if he were to do so, the Thalmor would find him and execute him. He worships both the Imperial Eight Divines and the Orcish-god Malacath, however he does not say that he worships Malacath, outside of the orc strong hold and merely says that he 'respects' him and reveres him as an Orc hero. Again... Thalmor and all that. He is quite fond of drinking and well... quite frankly getting into trouble, for he likes to fight, especially when he's drunk. His favorite drink is Fire-Brand Spiced Wine and if some one gives him a case of that he will surely be their best friend for life. Urzol is an excellent smith, possibly one of the best Orcish smiths in all of Tamriel. However he might seem like a rather happy and nice fellow, but looks are decieving, he is still an orc at heart, no matter how much that Orc-blood has been diluted. Many still have caution around him because Orcs have been known to go into a fit of rage or become angry at the smallest things. With that being said, he also holds a bit of resentment toward the Orc-Chief of Narzulbur for killing his Orc father and marrying his Human mother when he was but a child. He vows to defeat Warchief Karzakh and bring honor to his name and the stronghold once again.

Sexual Preference - Heterosexual

Religion - Follower of Malacath (i.e. The Code of Malacath) and The Eight Divines.



- Tribal Garb :: The clothes he wears when he is with his Bretheren.

- Tribal Bone Warhammer :: His weapon he uses when he is with his Orc Bretheren.

- Steel/ Heavy Imperial Armor :: He wears this when he is out adventuring and looking for treasure and whatnot.

- Tempered Steel Warhammer :: His preferred weapon, seeing he has broken his Bone Hammer several times.


- Berserker Rage :: During Berserker Rage, Uzol takes half damage from enemies and deals twice as much damage. It will affect any physical damage dealt, making bows deal double damage as well as melee weapons, but not spells or enchantments on weapons.


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So begins...

Uzol gro-Narzul's Story


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so shall we do this thing?

The setting changes from gambits-bar to Auroragon Bridge

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Character Portrait: Uzol gro-Narzul
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"Oh," said Phetalia, shrugged, and hung back to keep watching. She was glad to hear they were going to help, but was more interested in the technology they brought along than anything else.

"Thank you," Joruv responded to Nyaidia with a light bow of his head, "I'd like to formally invite you to join us in a meal when the day is done. I'm not sure if we have the same diet, but if we can stand the same air surely our similarities extend beyond. Our protein processor malfunctioned, I'm afraid, so we've minimal to offer of that specifically. However our garden is a true treat."

Shaselia nodded and smiled greatly at the mention of the garden.