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0 · 226 views · located in The Aschen Core

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Doubleshot



Name: Valara

Nickname: None

Meaning of name: None

Origin of name: None

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Astrological sign: Virgo

Chinese zodiac: Rooster

Nationality: TBD

Ethnicity: TBD

Race/Species: Aschen

Current status (single/dating): Celebate

Political Party: TBD

Police/Criminal/Legal record: No crimes

Social class: Higher class, priestesshood

Birth date: August 22nd

Birth place: TBD

Current residence: TBD

Occupation: Priestess

Hobbies/Pastimes: Religious: Rituals, communion, rights of passage, religious exploits, fanatical devotion, converting civilians, political influence/dominance. Personal hobbies: Calligraphy, daily prayers, mentoring newly recruited devotees, religious documentation, studying history of religion and politics, practices science, medical and social politics for advancement.

Talents/Skills/Powers: Charismatic, intelligent

Past History: Born into the role of Priestess, Valara was scouted for her uncanny charisma and gifts with social exploitation at a young age. Her parents were kind, devoted to her role and saw to her success. She left home before she turned 17 and lived in solitude as a priestess. She honed her gifts with social engineering and a goal to devote her life to her God/Goddess.

Hometown: TBD

First Memory:

Most important childhood event that still affects him/her; how/why: Her mother took her to a statue that represented a god, or goddess. She was told that she would be a devoted priestess later on in life. Valara remembers the sculpted face and the beauty of the light that cast downward on the stoic figure. Although she was young, she knew then what her role was in society.

Other memories/events that still affects him/her; why/how: Early on, Valara expressed her ability to persuade even the most narcissistic individual to succumb to her whims. Although she was unaware of her sexual exploits, she learned to abuse her feminine wiles to recruit young men into her religious cause. Others feared her, while many respected her ability to dominate even the most intimidating socialite.

Past failures s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about and why:

Biggest role model and why: Her mother was the greatest role model in her life. She taught her everything about medicinal healing and basic survival. Their relationship was more like a mentor/student role, but her mother never failed to nurture her daughter. Rituals and certain rights were passed down to Valara in private. There was an understanding of loyalty to one another, but Valara knew that she would have to choose her devotion to a God/Goddess. When she left home, it was the hardest on herself and her mother. Her mother gave her a moonstone ring to remember her by. The ring never leaves Valara’s ring finger. It’s a reminder of where she came from and who she’s meant to be. Her mother always encouraged her and reminded her of her succession in a line of priestesses.

Biggest disillusions from childhood: Socializing was not as smooth for Valara in the beginning. She had many blunders, but learned from her mistakes. One did not speak their mind, if they wanted to befriend the enemy and earn their trust. They agreed, even when they disagreed. Valara learned that people did not care about you, but that they used you for their advances. She began to adopt this mentality and gained social ranks at a young age.


Raised from a family of priestess that devote their lives to a single temple.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’4

Weight: 120

Posture: Poised

Build: Slender

Skin: Pale

Hair: Black

Widow’s peak: Yes

Ears: Rounded ears, with average earlobes that are always adorned with earrings

Eyes: Blue green and almond shaped, with long lashes

Nose: Straight, small

Mouth/Lips/Teeth: Thin lips, that are always pursed from concentration

Face shape: Sleek jaw, average cheek bones, slender neck

Expressions: Observant, stoic, rarely expresses self

Describe their smile: Thin, purposeful smile

Hands: Slender hands, tapered fingers, with plain nails

Feet: Size 6, fine-boned and defined with an arch

Glasses/Contacts: None

Tattoos/Scars: None

Ambidextrous, left or right handed?: Ambidextrous

Distinguishing features: None

Who does s/he take after; mother or father?: Mother

Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Elegant

How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Religious garments, or simple civilian clothing

Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: Civilian clothing

Jewelry and/or other accessories: Several bangles on both wrists, made of jade. Rings adorn left and right hand. One ring in particular stands out amongst the others: a petite moonstone ring, gifted by Valara’s mother.

Weapons: None

Health: Valara has always had good health and stamina. Unlike her childhood friends, she was able to defend against most illnesses that took lives.

Hygiene: Obsessive, to the point of seeking perfectionism

Physical Flaws: None

Physical Qualities: Slender, poised, graceful

Other Characteristics

Is s/he generally balanced or clumsy?: Due to her upbringing, she is balanced and poised with her gait

Describe their mannerisms/poses/movement:

Describe their walk: Graceful, cat-like

Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: Will sometimes wear gloves during rituals, to avoid touching artifacts. Valara believes in purity above all else.

Speech patterns:

Unique phrases:

Do they curse, and if so, to what extent: No

Write a piece of dialogue that this character might say (can be between someone else):

Describe their voice: Stern, yet pleasant to the ear

Describe their sleep patterns (light/heavy sleeper, no sleep, sleeps too often, etc):

Describe their eating patterns/diet (What do they eat, how do they eat, how often, are they picky, high, low, or average metabolism):

Describe their house/dwelling: Minamalist, with few items that clutter her space. Save for specific ritual garments and items, Valara does not concern herself with fashion, or decorating her dwelling

Describe their bedroom: Single bed with plain bedspread, lighting, shelves to store books, ritual items, some decorative items, incense holders, maps of specific locations, reading desk

Describe their daily rituals: Rises before dusk and prepares room for daily rituals. Bed is always made, while living quarters are minimal with clutter. Everything is in its place. Few items take up space in Valara’s living quarters. Prayers are done in solitude, before breakfast is prepared and served.

Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Intelligence level: Intelligent, for a priestess, both academically and socially. As Valara matured, she became adept at reading social cues, studying people’s behavior and understanding how to manipulate those in her social circle. Academically speaking, she enjoyed higher levels of education in military, science, religion and agriculture. Medicine is another area of expertise that Valara enjoys.

Known languages: Common

Long-term goals/desires in life:

Short-term goals/desires in life:

How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Religious garments, meant to cover every curve. The gowns are either to her ankle, or past. The outfit contains a headdress that is worn out in public and during ceremonies. Colors of garments are subtle, so as not to cause attention to oneself, or personal vanity.

Secret desires: To be blessed by a God/Goddess and to be in some sort of political power, or influence the masses

How self-confident is s/he?: Confident enough to be charismatic in large gatherings

How do they see him/herself?: Kind, devoted, socially accepted, persuasive, intelligent, fast learner

How do they believe s/he is perceived by others?: Fanatic, devoted to God/Goddess, kind, stoic, serious, mentor

What is the character most proud of?: Her achievement of priestesshood

What does s/he like least about his/herself?: Persuasive abilities, poise, intelligence

How do they express themselves?: Through grace, calm, mentoring others, devotion

Is this character generally dominant or submissive?: Neither. Before she enters a room, she decides what role to play

Describe their level of patience: Due to her high level of patience, many come to Valara for advice, or to seek her company during their difficult times. She is always willing to comfort those close to her, but she will be firm when the need arises

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: Emotional intelligence is something that Valara will mask, but she will use it to her advantage during social events. Logic rules her mind, due to her upbringing and conditioning

Most at ease when: She is in a temple and in solitude

Ill at ease when: She is unable to read a room, or persuade others

Describe his/her sense of humor: Dry, but will crack a joke now and then

If granted one wish, what would it be and why?: To be at the side of her God/Goddess in immortality

Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: Charismatic, persuasive, intelligent, calm, motherly, able to bring groups together, socially influence and dominate delicate events

Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: Perfectionism, socialite, manipulative, condescending, lacks fear of superiors, holier than thou attitude

If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be?: Diligence

If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be?: Pride

Biggest Vulnerability (non physical): Sharing thoughts with others, unless it benefits her in a social setting. She detests sharing feelings, because she believes it only helps her enemies understand her weaknesses

Optimist or pessimist: Optimistic

Greatest fear: Losing control of her influence in religious influence

Other fears/phobias: Fear of loss of control, phobia of

Emotional/psychological/social peculiarities:

Biggest regret: Not knowing her father

Other regrets: None

Biggest accomplishment: Priestesshood

Minor accomplishment: Converting a non believer

Musical talents/instruments: Valara enjoys playing the lute on occasion, but she views music as a distraction and form of vanity

Character’s darkest/deepest secret: Enjoys the idea of torturing individuals to conversion

Does this character have a deep/dark secret?: No

What is the secret?: None

Does anyone know about it?: None

Who knew about the secret?: None

How did they find out?: None

What was the result of the secret?: None

Other/minor secrets: None


Likes: Religious rituals, devotion, studies, mentorship, conversion, social events

Dislikes: Heretics, non believers, upstarts, time wasted, betrayal, lack of trust


Color: Red

Clothing: Simple garments made of muted colors and headdresses

Place and why: TBD

Room in the house and why: Her dwelling is simple by societal standards and has minimal decor

Food/drink: Juice and water, does not believe in drinking alcohol

Music genre: Classical

Song and Singer/Band: None

Movie/Tv Show/Performance: None

Actor/Performer: None

Book: Religious scripts

Historical figure: None

Subject in school: Religious studies

Animal: None

Least favorite…:

Clothing: Revealing clothing

Place: Hot climates

Food/drink: Juice and water

Music genre: Classical

Subject in school: Religious studies

Simple pleasures: Rituals, mingling with the public

Greater pleasures:

Where does this character hang out?: Temples

Where is this character’s dream place to live?: TBD

Motto/Personal quote: TBD

Mode of transportation: TBD

Most prized possession and why: Ring of moonstone gifted by her mother

Emotional Characteristics

Describe character’s sense of morals: Believes in doing everything right for her temple

What do they consider taboo (something they personally would never do): Talking about sex, flirtation, revealing clothes, makeup, any sort of sinful desire, or vain motives

Describe character’s etiquette: Poised

Describe character’s sense of self-control: Strong will power

Spontaneous or structured?: Structured

Instinctual or logical?: Logical

How does this character act in public?: Reserved

How does this character act in privacy?: Reserved, but relaxed undertones

How does this character act around strangers vs. how they act around friends?: Reserved and professional around friends, more talkative amongst friends

How does this character act around family?: Loving

How has this character most changed from youth?: Her devotion to her belief has not changed her much

How have they remained the same?: Yes

Has this character dealt with the loss of someone they knew?: Yes

How does this character deal with or react to…:

Conflict/Danger: Logical, will seek solution

Rejection: Understands that rejection is always a possibility and it has nothing to do with them personally

Fright: Will attempt to calm self down in a reasonable manner, by telling oneself logically that there is nothing to be frightened of

Change: Understands that change is part of life

Loss: Accepts loss

Flirting: Dislikes being flirted with and will become disgusted

Pain: High threshold for pain, due to upbringing

Stress: Tolerates certain levels of stress, but has been known to become overwhelmed once in awhile. Will attempt to keep it hidden from public and friends.

Peer pressure: Finds peer pressure a distraction and laughable

Guilt: Only feels guilt if she has done something against the law

Being wrong: Can accept that she is possibly wrong

Being criticized: Accepts criticism, even if she displays offense at first

Being insulted (superficially: name calling, etc): Will not hide her disgust and will make it point to confront the individual in private. She will keep a memory of the interaction and will not seek the individual out for interaction

Offending others: Attempts to keep peace, not only for self image, but for self control and understanding the delicate nature of socializing

Praise: Enjoys praise and enjoys giving praise to others that deserve it

Being loved: Understands that love is possible, even as a priestess

Being hated: Accepts that not everyone will like her, or understand her position as a priestess

Humiliation: Will accept that the humiliation occurred and attempt to distract herself from thinking of the event

How does this character express…:

Anger: SIlent. Colleagues and friends know she is upset, when she devotes more time to studies, or keeps to herself in her daily rituals

Sadness: Prayer helps soothe her sadness

Fear: Prayer soothes her fear, but she will hide this fact from the public and friends/colleagues

Happiness/Excitement: Rarely expressed, but her personality will become more upbeat and talkative

Love (Consider the ‘Five Languages of Love’):

Stress: Soaks in rose water, seeks prayer and understanding

Dislike (of a person, thing, or idea): Avoids anything that she dislikes, or attempts to ignore it in passing

Approval (of a person, thing, or idea): Will make it known that the person has won her approval, or displays things/ideas that she is fond of

How does this character generally express themselves?: Poised, reserved, with charismatic behavior

What does this character think/feel about…:

Marriage: None

Children: None

Family/Family Values: Keeps tradition alive. Will only have a child, if it means to continue the tradition

Children/Youth: Only if tradition calls it

Old age: Accepts it is inevitable

Love: Accepts

Friendship/Other relationships: Reliable and devoted to those who gain her trust

The opposite sex: Friendly terms

The same sex: Friendly terms

Money/Material things: Not materialistic

Politics: Enjoys political scene and attempts to persuade ideas/thoughts/morals

Religion: TBD

Destiny/Duty: TBD

Magic/Myth: TBD

Racism/Races in general: Feels that her race is superior above all others

Science/Technology: Believes in science and religion

Nature/Animals: Believes nature should be nurtured

Modernity: Doesn’t care about modernity

Antiquity: Some

Their past: Came from a loving family

Their future: Devoted to her temple

Their role in society/job/etc: Priestess

Drugs and alcohol: None

Killing/Murder: None

Education: Upperclass

The foreign/unknown: Acceptance

How does the character view life?: Optimistic

How does the character view death?: Acceptance

How does the character view society?: As individuals waiting to accept their God/Goddess for the greater good

What does the character want out of life?: To be devoted to her temple

What does this character consider ‘success’ to be?: Rise in ranks in her temple

What would the character like to change in his/her life?: How the general public views religion

What motivates this character and why?: Religious devotion motivates Valara to an extent. This is due to her upbringing and her family of origins tradition.

What discourages this character and why?: Any loss of faith, break of trust, etc.

What makes this character happy and why?: New information on religious documentation, higher education, social events, converting the general public. These preferences make Valara happy, due to her upbringing and what it means to her as an individual.

What makes this character sad and why?: When she loses at influencing at others, heretics, lack of social events. Valara is persuasive and charismatic, so when she fails at a social event, it creates a sadness that doesn’t last long. The general public disappoints her, only when they fail to accept the truth of her God/Goddess.

What makes this character angry and why?: Betrayal: any lack of trust with Valara and she will rarely forgive, unless it advances her socially

What humiliates this character?: Lack of faith in her, or questioning her knowledge on her studies, or religion

What most describes this character’s personality?: Prudent

Psychoanalysis (Describe why they act the way they do): Due to her upbringing, her structured lifestyle is about diligence and devotion. Her poised behavior, is due to the way her mother raised her in private schools.

Does it stem from childhood or an event, or chemical?: Her childhood influence her current behavior and way of thinking

Relationships with Others

Relationship skills: In relationships, Valara can be devoted, but she rarely seeks out others to be her companion

Loves: None

Crushes: None

Girlfriend/Boyfriend(s): None

First crush…:

Who was it?: None

How did it start?: None

Did it last?: None

What was the result of the crush?: None

Best friends: None


Confidant/Mentor: Mother

Hates: Uncleanliness, heretics, betrayal, gossip, social blunders

Dislikes: Most of the general public, due to their fickle minds

Rivals: None

Pets: None

What kind of person would s/he consider to be the perfect partner?: She will never marry

How is s/he perceived by…:

Strangers: The general public views her as benevolent. They seek her counsel during times of strife and see her as a compassionate individual

Friends: Professional colleagues view Valara as dependable, reliable, but a little too perfectionist and fanatic when it comes to her devotion to her belief

Coworkers/Colleagues: They see her as dependable, but obsessive with her views on how individuals should live

Significant Others(s): None

Family: Mother (still living)

What happens to change this perception if at all?: Nothing

Is s/he judgmental of others?: Yes

To what extent?: She believes people should live a specific way to please the God/Goddess and that people should strive to be disciplined

Describe their sense of trust: Trust does not come easy to Valara, but it can be won over. She is not naive to the point of blind trust, but she understands that a foundation must be created first

What type of individuals does s/he like or associate with?: Higher class individuals, or those influenced by social politics

How do they treat members of the opposite sex?:

How do they treat members of the same sex?:

What do family/friends like most about character?:

What do family/friends like least about character?:


Immediate family members and their ages: No

Ethnicity and/or species of the mother: TBD

Ethnicity and/or species of the father: TBD

Birth order: Oldest and only child

Extended family: No

Any important/infamous/famous ancestors?: No

Describe their ancestral history, if anything of particular note: The family dynamic was matriarchal in nature and many of the women became a priestess by the time they turned twenty.

Birth parents:

Did this character know their birth parents?: Yes

Are the parents still alive?: Yes

Have the parents been separated either by choice or otherwise?: No

Was this character raised by someone other than their parents?: No

How did the parent(s)/caretaker(s) treat him/her growing up versus now: Kindness, compassion, mentored them

How did this character treat his/her parent(s)/caretaker(s) growing up versus now?: Their bond is undeniable


Did/does s/he have any siblings?: No

Name the siblings and their age difference to this character: None

Have any of the siblings died?: None

Who, why, and when?: None

How has this affected the character?:

Describe his/her relationship with the sibling(s) growing up and now:

Describe the family dynamic growing up: The family dynamic was kind, compassionate and encouraged nurturing of their only child. When her father died, her mother took it upon herself to focus on Valara’s education and seek mentorship in religious background. Her mother encouraged her views and dedication to her gifts.

Describe the family dynamic now: Valara was raised by her mother, after her father died from an illness. Her mother does not have any extended family, so she was raised alone by her mother.

Family history (the family they were born and/or raised with): Valara was raised by a family that was known for their religious devotion. All females in the family became priestesses, or gave themselves to religious devotion of some sort.

Has this character ever been married?:No

Does s/he have a family of their own now?: No

Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: TBD

Does s/he believe in a god/goddess?: Yes

Who?: TBD

What are his/her spiritual beliefs?: TBD

Is religion or spirituality an important part of this character’s life?: Yes

What role does it play and how does it affect him/her?: Valara was raised to believe in a God/Goddess and play the role of a devoted priestess. Her life is claimed by her belief.

Superstitions: Rituals must be performed, or Valara believes that it will decide the fate of specific individuals, or even herself

So begins...

Valara's Story