Valerie Chambers

A corporate mogul in a secret relationship with a very prominent eligible Aschen bachelor.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Prose


Sex: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Edenite Aschen

Valerie Chambers is the current owner of Daedalus Enterprises. It is a company that fuels the Federation with funds for civil services, and manufactures clones as well as Replicants for the Interstellar Fleet. She is considered the Federation's most wealthy woman and civilian; an invaluable asset to the expansion of the nation.

Valerie Chambers was not always on top of the business food chain. Several years ago she did not exist. She was a ghost in the system and served under the former owner of Daedalus Enterprises, Eris Driscoll. The company was being used by Eris Driscoll in order to mediate her own gain. Valerie Chambers was used as a tool in order to further the motivations of the sociopath. The young woman was used to kidnap, torture, interrogate, and if necessary kill a subject.

A complicated and complex relationship with one of these subjects, Vallen Slava, led to Valerie's enlightenment of Eris Driscoll's evil. It was when Vallen finally left Valerie that her eyes were completely open. A determination set into the woman and she began to plot the downfall of Eris.

The mission became Valerie's obsession. She was going to assassinate Eris Driscoll and take the company for herself. Daedalus Enterprises was a powerful company and Valerie did not wish for it to be wasted. She knew that she could turn the corporation around into something used for good.

And Valerie Chambers was successful. Daedalus Enterprises was completely taken over by Valerie. She used the resources the company held to make the immigrant Terrans a better home in the Azrican Corridor.

Her new status as one of the most wealthy and successful business moguls introduced her to Dominic Hagan. It has been rumored many times that the two of them share a quiet relationship. The most notorious exposure both had gotten was during a business mixer held on Terra. The two were seen showing ample public display of affection and then were seen leaving together from the party. No official relationship has been confirmed as of yet.

So begins...

Valerie Chambers's Story

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#, as written by Prose
A capsuleer deep in the underground tunnels beneath the abandoned slums jolted Valerie Chambers on his shoulder. The Federation woman had been knocked out cold with a simple concoction of sedatives. She now was nothing more than a bag of flesh and bones.

The man named Isaac Holden stopped when the cacophonous thunder of explosions rolled above the thick slab of concrete between him and the surface. His keen brown eyes watched motes of dust fall from between the pipe work.

“Move it along,” Quam ordered Isaac.


Isaac took one more step with Valerie on his shoulder before he collapsed down onto one knee. He clutched at his chest and his breathing became labored. A strange sensation of heaviness was settling itself into Isaac's torso. It felt as if his heart was being restricted by an invisible hand that wanted to crush the very life out of him.

“For fuck's sake. What's the problem this time?” Quam stalked over to Isaac and grabbed his shoulder none too gently to give the capsuleer a shake. When Isaac stayed non-responsive, Quam took Valerie from the man's shoulder before she got dropped onto her head. He dumped the Terran woman into the arms of another capsuleer.

“Get up, you son of a bitch or I'll fucking shoot you,” threatened Quam.

Isaac wanted to say that he couldn't breathe. It felt like he was having a heart attack. His vision swam but there was no pain to make him teary-eyed. It was just heaviness; like something was trying to push him out of his own body.

Quam back tracked on his earlier attitude and knelt down in front of Isaac. It did seem that something was wrong with the other capsuleer. Maybe Isaac had finally gone off the deep end. He had seen one of their kind lose it before and Quam didn't need an encore show.

“Isaac. Keep it together, man. This shit is almost over and then you can get some time in a isolation tank to rest, alright,” consoled Quam. It didn't seem to be working. Isaac fell down onto his hands and knees. The two capsuleers were beginning to fall behind the line as everyone continued on toward the next phase of the mission.

Quam's eyes watched the retreating figures of the capsuleers for a few brief seconds until he returned his attention back to Isaac. The man looked him dead in the eye and Quam saw something that he had never before seen in his lives.

Isaac's pupils dilated as Quam knew by some otherworld sense that the man had died. Isaac's spirit had vacated the body that he had kept for thirty five years. There was no mistaking the lack of soul inside someone's body.

And yet … just as soon as it had happened Isaac's pupils returned to normal and contracted to adjust for the dim lighting in the tunnel. Quam took a step back with a gasp bit back in his throat. There was someone or something inside Isaac.


Sara Weald flexed her new fingers and rolled her neck after she stood up from the ground. She ran a hand across the unfamiliar face she now wore and then looked an unfamiliar capsuleer man in the eye. He took a step back and she tilted her head curiously.

There was a wondrous strength to the body she had invaded. It had amazing tensile strength compared to her last form. Sara was quite pleased to be in a male body once again. Although with the first step she took the chaffing between her legs most certainly caught her attention.

How annoying.

Did men not ever think about what fabrics they wore and how it may affect particular portions of anatomy on their bodies?

“Carry on,” Sara's new basso voice rumbled through the silence as she looked at Quam. The man was too stunned to follow the order. It was clear from the very wide-eyed expression of horror on his face that he was going to be of no more use to her.

Sara—in Isaac's body—blinked once before she aimed her battle rifle at the older man and shot him in the chest twice and once in the head.

There was no room for insubordination when dealing with Sara. Not even for a split second.

The Shadow bent down over the fallen soldier and she plucked his comms device from Quam.

As soon as Paragon's message came through the link a wide and amused smile spread across Isaac's face. How righteous this savior was in his outcry for justice against Sara's crimes. The Shadow laughed as she walked down the tunnels.

“I commit no crime,” Sara responded to Paragon in Isaac's deep and raspy voice. “All this trouble over one woman. Her buying price just increased. Who would have thought that an Edenite could command such attention on this back water planet.”

“If you would like to make a purchase I suggest making an appointment.”

Isaac's body dropped dead in the dust.