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~Valveskur Galthur~ (2)

"If a War can change someone, let me ask you: What happens when you change a war?"

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Valveskur


Physical Description; Val enjoys wearing a long coat, along with formal clothing underneath from his military days. He also has a scar ranging down his neck from an old injury. He keeps a bandage around his left eye, {As well as around his entire torso} If carefully studied, any of his well-hidden features can be noticed. His purplish red eyes. His slant to the left. He enjoys wearing white with black. "Opposition is what makes it great." His hair is messy to people who see him, but to himself, it's normal.

War comes for everyone. It only matters if you ran, or faced it first. (Not a perfect depiction, but it works somewhat. Also, all pictures looked up and used; Credit goes to the original artist/maker.)

Race; {Yet to be known}

Personality; He's mainly always in a neutral state. An observer of sorts. If provoked, he will provoke back. What he receives, he'll dish back in kind.

Equipment & Abilities; All that he's ever let be known is that he carries his trusty blade: Zelkak.

War is inevitable. There will always be people that'll disagree with whats been presented.

Historical Background;

He was taken in since he was a babe to defend his Kingdom. His life was everything but easy. He was trained by Kolthur, a General of War, to be fully built in the arts of war. {This, however, does not he has never lost a fight. He has- on multiple occasions.} He's an expert with a single hand sword, but just as deadly with a two-handed sword. He doesn't fight dirty, as he thinks it'd only show him as weak. He was taught this at a young age as well. Passing through the years, he attained through the ranks at a stupidly slow rate, as Kolthur pushed him to his limits.

When Val turned Sixteen, he was offered to join the Hounds of Galantine. Of course, he declined. He felt as if he still had something to prove. He couldn't take something he didn't deserve. Not until he made himself worthy. His attention was fixed upon Avaouk; The Leader of Jouth a group of renegade supernaturals using their powers to take from the weak and kill them. He was also an ex-officer in the ranks of Galantine.

Young and ambitious, Val hunted down Avaouk, contempt on bringing him to justice before the high court. This was in vain. Even though it took him a long time to unravel this, he figured out that Avaouk was doing what the High Court wanted him to do. Hence, causing his search to end and making his return to Kolthur. Soon after, at the age of Twenty-two, he accepted Kolthur's offer and joined the Hounds of Galantine.

In this Regiment, he met Kaju'ha, Vexan, Natri, Polter, and Lovara. (But let's skip to the juicy parts that made him who he was.)

Five years later, he left the Hounds of Galantine- along with Lovara-, to start a peaceful life. He'd grown tired of the pointless war he was sucked into... Just to be sucked into another one.

This war was truly his greatest obstacle. He lost the one person he loved the most. Lovara. After everything they'd been through, it truly hurt him the most. Had he known the ending conclusion, he would've never left Galantine. He pushed through this war, just to see a disappointing ending.
Lovara had been with Kolthur since the beginning. She even faked her death, taking the name Zelkak, to be someone who killed her. Val truly knew what war did to him. It put him to the test. Through the fire which lashed out at him so violently. He had been forced to end Zelkak. But in the end, he truly saved her. He bound her by contract to be his sword. She naturally accepted.

Returning from the war, not as a hero. But as an outcast. He was stripped of his rank. Banished from Voshkal due to what he had to do. The Hounds of Galantine disbanded. Kaju'ha stayed back to rename Galantine, to Gohr'ha. A reminder of his loss. He lost two friends the day that war ended.

Vexan was held as a prisoner, an accomplice to Val's crimes. Polter had settled down with a family, enjoying the rest of his days in peace. With Natri of course.

War is not what defines us. The end never justifies the means. What we do in the war shows people what we are truly made of.

(I'll add the picture later)

So begins...

~Valveskur Galthur~ (2)'s Story