Vance Walker

Vortex Whiskey to Command. Set the airstrike to my coordinates.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by VindicatedPurpose


Name: Vance Walker

Callsigns: Vortex Whiskey, Swordsman

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Occupation: United States Armed Forces/Military

Rank and Unit: Fireteam leader/Captain Joint Task Force Operational Unit Jupiter-27L - Fireteam Raven

Zone of Operations: West Africa

Physical Appearance & Attire: Vance is normally decked out in his usual combat utility suit as a soldier. He stands at exactly 6'0" tall, without any combat boots or shoes on. He has brown hair that he keeps short due to regulation buzzcuts. His eyes are a dark brown. He has a skin color of pallor Caucasian.

Personality: Vance is calm, a strategic person who accesses a situation and never lets it get out of hand. This was one of the reasons that he managed to become a JTF Fireteam command officer. Despite this, Vance is capable of thinking on his feet as well, improvising whenever necessary. He's a hardened combat veteran, after witnessing the deaths of many comrades over the years.

Prior to his command of Operational Unit Jupiter-27L (Fireteam Raven), Vance was part of a section known as the FREELANCERS. These were missions given directly from the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. These were single man, black ops, which required Vance to attain a new identity. Survival rates for said missions were at most ten percent. Ops were usually sent to third world countries for intelligence, security counter-measures, political assassinations, and many others that would not pass red tape. Of course, all of this is completely rumored, with the files of said ops locked away somewhere within the catacombs of Langley Falls.

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