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Vicix Nal'adan

Former High Templar who has been retrofitted with cybernetic implants and has rejected the Khala.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by TwilightShade


Psionic Blades - Fueled by psionic power, these energy-assisted blades are able to cut through some weaker metals with relative ease.

Armor - Lightweight armor composed of top quality metallic material. Due to limited psionic reserves, Vicix is unable to construct a plasma shield around himself. It is slightly beefier than the average Zealot's armor, and offers better protection, although his right leg and arm are completely cybernetic.


Psionic Matrix - One of the few remaining psionic abilities in Vicix's arsenal allows small objects to be warped in or out using the Void. This includes the weapons he might have, or pieces of armor, effectively allowing him to travel light and "repair" armor in battle. Currently, he only possesses one extra set of the most external parts of his exoskeleton.

Charge - Like other Zealots, Vicix retains the ability to transform his body into pure energy for a few microseconds at a time, allowing him to move at speeds much higher than humanly possible over short distances. This also gives him a flashing appearance during the charge.


A former High Templar of significant Psionic capability, Vicix originally belonged to the Templar Caste. Upon receiving significant injury in battle, he volunteered to take part in an experimental reformatting procedure, which was being developed in tandem with the Dragoon procedure. Being the only surviving participant, his body has been retrofitted with a unique armored exoskeleton designed to augment his physical prowess beyond that of the average Zealot. Most of his psionic powers have been lost upon rejecting the Khala and joining the Nerazim tribe through the severance of his nerve appendages, though he has managed to master the Void and retains several abilities he mastered as a Zealot warrior before becoming a High Templar.

So begins...

Vicix Nal'adan's Story

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