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Violent D

.... Stay out of this one's way.

0 · 146 views · located in Hiafa III

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Sheoul


Name: Violent D [AKA Richard L. Harriet]

Age: 22

Richard L. Harriet is a young man who spends every waking minute living in the shoes of his dangerous alter-ego: Violent D.

When forced to be as Richard, he typically wears dark suits, and keeps his short, brown hair kept slicked back. He also wears glasses over his dark green eyes.

However, when he is Violent D he dresses entirely different. Violent is, to put it bluntly, a crossdresser. Typically sticking to frilly dresses, maid outfits and anything even remotely "Lolita," Violent keeps as feminine an image as possible.

A fickle thing indeed. Each personality seems to be controlled by an entirely different person within the same body, leading to each aspect to be a complete juxtoposition from the other.

As the exact opposite of Richard in every way, Violent is just that: Violent. She wants nothing more than to cause fountains of blood, carnage and mayhem wherever she goes, and will fight anyone who so much as looks at her funny.

On the other hand, Richard, is an extremely quiet man with very little to say and only speaks when spoken to.


When the personality of Violent D, Richard takes hold of super-human abilities.

Violent is incredibly fast and could outrun Usain Bolt with ease. Along with this she is amazingly strong and see no challenge in lifting trains as weight training.

Coupled with this is her ability with weapons, explained below.


Violent D is in love with finding new ways to maim her enemies. On her back is a sheath for a long, silver sword that has had the handguard broken off. To her left is a golden cutlass, and held to her right by a thick leather strap is a weapon that resembles a sword, with the difference being that the blade works like a chainsaw. Essentially, a chainsaw for the modern samurai.

So begins...

Violent D's Story