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Virgo Shadowalker

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Mink4life


Virgo has two morphs. Human and Black Dragon.

Human: - Black hair, shoulder length
- Beautiful body (irisistible for almost any male)
- Black clothing, black boots, black jacket (open)
- Bright green eyes (turns bright violet when angry)
-Age 26

Dragon: - North American Dragon (same type of dragon as Spyro)
- Black as main colour, gray as secondary colour
- Horns on top of her head (white) and on the sides of her face, almost on her cheek. (also white)
- Eye colour is same as human
- Large wings
- Medium ear size


Very seductive and sassy. She doesn't take nothing from nobody, unless for a good price. She always gets what she wants, no matter what it takes. She can be extreamly heartless to the people she doesn't know. But when it comes to the close people in her life, she will protect them with her life. Even though she can seduce lots of men, it is just as easy (maybe easier) to seduce her. She has some personalities like a dog (in dragon form, scratched behind the ears, belly rubbed, playing fetch... etc)


Carries a knife.


Living in the spirit gardens (beyond any universe) with her parents and siblings as a younge dragoness, she was always extreamly happy. Spending her days playing with her close friend, Sagittarius and Ophiuchus.
Being the only dragon in her family (besides her father), she was titled the Black Dragon. She was the chosen one with the dragon genes, having the ability to pass on the rare DNA that bared in her family for generations. Because of her rare blood, she was paired with Ophiuchus (the child of Zuse) to be married and have children when they got older.
She trained to be the perfect Black Dragon with her father as her trainer, but still hasn't been able to gain her fire. In place of her fire, she has learned how to form her energy into a black fire, with the ability to freeze objects. In her training, she has also learned how to form into a human, a little girl. (As they grow, so does thier human form. 17 human years = 1 dragon year.)
When she got older, (now 10 human years old) she would visit different planets with Ophiuchus, and watch the creatures and humans wander and live. When visiting a planet one day, she and Ophiuchus got separated. When trying to look for him, she tripped, fell, and blacked out. She woke up with hardly any memory.
She later found a nice man (in his 30's) with an italian accent. His name was Ace. He adopted her and they lived on the streets together, poor. She grew up by his side, stealing and street preforming, always calling Ace her master. Ace later began to love her, more than his own child. He wanted her to be the mother of his children. Virgo began to love him back. But at the age of 24, with no luck of having a child with Ace, she knew she needed to go out. She felt like something was missing in her life... It was heart breaking for her, to leave her master behind, but it was even worse to leave her lover behind. She told him one day she will be back, and he was willing to wait for her, but still to this day, she hasn't seen him since. Today, she travles to different planets and universes, searching for the thing that calls to her. The missing piece of memory she just can't grab. She will fight through what ever she can, even if it tears her apart, to find the past that calls to her.

So begins...

Virgo Shadowalker's Story


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