Vyri Veyer

Head Knight of the Kings Guard

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Holtzmann


Vyri Veyer
Vyri or Sir Veyer

High Elf
Year 827 of the Rift
Light fair brown hair. Either worn loose or in a bun.
Pale skin
Azure Blue Eyes
6'4 or 76 inches

Castle Valens

Mother and Father both in Trailon
The Moors
Kings Forces
Falcon, Sleipnir Horse (Egregie)

Knight/Lancer. Leader of the Kings Guard.
Cartographer, Scholar, Tactician, Swordmaster

A tall man with a commanding stoic appearance. Vyri's figure is tall and lean like that of the rest of the elves., his muscles are lean and powerful giving him a slimming figure in clothing and a powerful one when fully armored. His pale skin is untouched even from all the battles minus the wound to his right eye. His hair falls down past his shoulders to rest on his back or is tied up when in armor.

Vyri keeps his clothing simple with non flashy cotton pants in black and a v neck long sleeve shirt. A pair of supple leather boots somewhat worn and broken in well. A cloak from his old unit with the Immanitas regiment is some times see on him.

A set of white armor with black trim is worn into battle by the Knight Veyer. The massive shoulder pauldrons and hauberk give him a terrifying look and a larger appearance though the metal is light and strong. He wears no helm only the white eye patch with the black cross on it. Underneath the armor is a silk set of clothes for maneuverability and sweat control.

A sword and shield combo known as The Kings Guard. These weapons passed on to each Commander of the Kings Elite Guard.

A simple hefty lance he rides into battle with while riding. Very few times was it used to fend off foes on foot.

A rather simple and common dagger he received as a parting gift from Rowan Vescis of his old unit.

Ethereal Leash and a Healing Power
Stoic, almost unemotional personality. Fully focused on evils destruction
Chaotic Good
Mastering Himself

We all have our reasons for fighting


Always holding the hilt of his sword
Kings Guard, Imminatis Regiment

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