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Trustworthy. Loud. Fluent in Australian.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RedWolfe


¬Walter, Voice memo #1
"Ugh, how does this thing work? Shit. I think I broke it... okay, no, I got it. It's alright. Hm, where do I start...
Okay, well, I moved here - to Terra - about ten years ago. A mate of mine helped me get to this place, I wasn't too keen at first, but it really grew on me. It was nice to-- Far out. You know what? I might as well start from the very beginning.

My Dad left my Mum before I was born. So when I was born, all I had was a singe mother to take care of me. Most of the other family we had lived in other parts of Australia.. so it was just us. It was really hard at first, according to Mum. We were always really tight on money, I remember not being able to afford even the bare necessities. Some nights we would only have one meal a day, because that was all we could afford. Not to mention the constant electricity and water cuts.

It was really hard, but once I tuned about, uh... 11, I think, my Mum thought that I was old enough and mature enough to stay home by myself. She trusted me to take myself to school, bring myself back and take care of myself whilst she went out to work. It seemed a bit crazy at first, but I soon got used to the responsibility and independence.
My Mum worked long shifts, I would always wake up really early and make her breakfast before she went to work. She would always leave in a hurry. But after that I would clean up, get ready for school and leave the house myself. When I got home, I did the study that I needed to do, some chores around the house and waited until Mum got home. She usually got home (on a good day) at about 7:30pm, and on more of the worse days, up to about 10 o'clock. She worked at a local hospital as a nurse or something. Really long shifts. She was always tired when she got home, she would usually just eat dinner and then go to sleep. Sometimes I would have to cook dinner for myself and leave some in the fridge for her for when she got home late and I wasn't awake. And this was out normal routine, it was really hard and first, and people asked what it was like, I couldn't really explain it. For me, it was just normal, and I had nothing to compare it too.
So, somehow through all that, I managed to keep my straight-A's up at school. I earned lots of academic achievement awards and I was pretty proud of them, too. That all changed when I discovered my power, well, uh... mutation, I guess.

I was just riding around on my bike with some of my mates one day, and it was all fun and games, just riding down the hill up the road like we always used too. I don't know what happened, I think I hit a curb or something. Whether it was a curb or not, I was sent head first off my bike. Something happened when I flew off my bike, some mechanism in my body kicked in or something; 'survival instincts' some would say... the moment I hit the concrete I kinda absorbed the material or something. I don't know how I did it, it just happened, and I've been able to do it since. But the moment I made contact with the ground, my skin kind of... well, uh... absorbed the concrete, I guess.
I was freaked out and first - and no, I wasn't hurt - but I was really confused. I had no freaking idea what just happened and my brain was going into overload. By then, my mates were all staring at me in disbelief. And once I had calmed down, all I could think about was all the cool things I could do with this power. I let my mind run wild with the possibilities. Every day I would try a new material too absorb, find out what I could and what I couldn't absorb. But while I thought it was cool, most of my friends didn't. Most of them turned on me, called me a freak and even went to their parents about it. At first, everyone thought it was just this ridiculous rumor, so I kept my mouth shut and didn't say anything. After all, who the hell was going to believe that there was a living person with powers here in Australia? Seriously? You only see that in movies. Well... that's what I told everyone, anyway.

There was an uproar at the school, because of said rumor. I was deemed and outcast and it really affected the way I learned and worked in the classroom. Finally, the authorities got involved. My Mum and I were forced to move away from our old home, to a new one where hopefully no one knew me... and It was all good for a few months. No one recognized me, and It was all fine.

Until the video.

I have no idea how someone got a video that day. It was a video of me, falling off of that bike at a radical speed, and standing up, unharmed and totally made of concrete. I don't know who took it, maybe one of my old mates, or maybe even someone else whom happened to be walking by. I really don't know. But after that, It was horrible.
We had people trying to break into our homes, get a picture for a story about the 'mutant boy'. My Mum and I handled that rather well, actually, until another group of people came along. They were relentless, trashing our home and yelling at us from outside, trying to get in. Trying to kill me. I don't know why, apparently I was an 'abomination to god' or something like that. I thought those people were crazy.

We were planning on moving again, this time far far away and out of the limelight. But I decided that I should move somewhere else, myself. My Mum shouldn't have to move because of me, it was unfair on her. And to my surprise, she was handling this whole 'mutant boy' thing pretty smoothly. But I couldn't do this to her, I just couldn't. So I moved here to Terra when I was 17.
One of my mates, whom was fully supportive of me, helped me get here. I don't know how he knew of the place, and at the time I didn't ask any questions. I just wanted to leave so that this would all be easier on my Mum.

So, yeah, that's how I came to be here. My grades had dropped rapidly in highschool and I found it hard to get a job at first, but using the money that my mate provided me (whom was, fortunately for me, the CEO of some large mining company), I was able to buy a house, a car and all the things I needed to live here. It was good, but I found myself getting bored with all the time I had. So... I sought out a job, and now I am a chef at Gambit's Bar. Yeah, not a really 'good' job I guess. I'm planning to start my own restaurant, once I get enough money to do so, I'm sure that would be gre- talk about work, I have to go.

I kinda went a little too in-depth here, but who cares, it's not like anyone going to listen to this anyway. Now, ugh... how the hell do I turn this fucker off?"

Walter Image

Age: 29
Sex: Male

Height: 5'11''
Weight: 174 lbs
Birth Date: 6th of October, 1983
Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
Iris Colour: Light Blue

Matter absorption and increased durability

Occupation: N/A
Full Name Walter Ashton Yates

Distinguishing body features: N/A

Tattoos: N/A

˚The beach
˚Playing guitar

˚Hot days
˚Small dogs

So begins...

Walter's Story


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Walter opened the door to the bar. He walked through the threshold as his pale blue eyes scanned around the room for people. The Australian's eyes locked on a person whom looked to be in their late teenage years - very early twenties give or take. But what Walter couldn't figure out if it was a male or a female. Walter wore a plain white shirt and on it a logo of a band he never even listened to anymore, a black-unzipped jacket that hung loosely over his shoulders, dark jeans and worn sneakers. This was what he usually wore when he came into work.
Without giving the person a second glace, the Australian walked straight behind the counter, fiddling with a few things unseen by anyone on the other side. Walter looked up to Kumatora a friendly smile on his face, "Welcome to Gambit's... Uh, can I get you anything?" The Australian asked with an incline of his head. Before he could heed the reply, however, he heard a loud clanging sound from in the kitchen and rolled his eyes. Walter mouthed 'one moment' to the patron, turned on his heels and walked into the kitchen. After a few moments he re-appeared in the kitchen doorway, one hand holding a plate of food, and another shooing away the bot that was int he kitchen. "Go. Go. Go." Walter muttered irritably to the robot. The Australian watched it as it retreated off to wherever they keep them. After the robot had moved from his line of sight, he walked over with the hot plate of food and placed it on the counter in front of Kumatora.

"Take it that's yours." Walter said with a smile, "Steak. Good choice." He mumbled under his breath, moving down the counter slightly to where the cash register was. After fiddling with it for a few moments he let out a sigh and looked to the patron, "Your first time here?" Walter asked.


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Walter looked up from the register and smiled, "Right. Okay." He said with a nod, his eyes lowering once more. "Standard protocol... some stupid people decided that everyone's first time at this bar - they get a free drink and / or a meal and it can get very confusing." Walter knew now, then that this was a woman. The Australian sighed and closed the register, the sound of closing register filled the bar for a few short moments. He fell silent for a moment and chewed on his upper lip in thought.

"But... you know what?" Walter said with a small smile and pointed to the meal before Kumatora. "You can have that on the house, since, well-" The Australian shrugged, "-this is the first time I've seen you here." This was his kind of small, silent rebellion against the bosses and work that he didn't enjoy too much.

Walter strolled over to the fridges behind the counter and pulled out a beer for himself, popping the cap with his thumb. The Australian looked back to the single patron, "How long have you been here for - uh, Terra, I mean." He asked, pulling a stool outside from behind the counter and sitting by the resister.


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smiled at her comment about being low on cash. "It's just a job, I do it for fun and I don't really have anything to lose to it doesn't matter. Also, it's nice to help another person 'ere and there." The Australian commented.

He took a slip of his beer, raising an eyebrow just as he lowered the bottle to speak. "Trying to survive?" Walter nearly laughed at that. "What kind of 'survive' do you mean? There are a lot of weird people here. I assume you mean trying to survive in the big, intimidating city of Terra-" Walter said with a gesture and a wiggle of his fingers, "-It could either be that or you are being chased down by weird people with weird powers trying to kill you or whatever?"


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smiled at that. "Ah, that's what I thought. You don't seem like you would be carrying around a burden like that around. Just in the way ya' carry yourself, I guess." The Australian said with a shrug. He smiled and took another swig of his beer, "Good. Great." He said as his eyes darted around the bar. Walter was about to say something else when he caught sight of another person entering the bar. He straightened, sitting up to attention, beer still in his left hand.

Walter blinked at the girls audacity. "Excuse me?" The Australian said, "But I am sure you have been here before - I haven't necessarily seen you but you seem a bit too confident to have not been here before." He grinned, humored. "Well then, tell me what you like and I'll get it for you." Walter narrowed his eyes, however.

"But no alcohol."