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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by KeitaKoneko


[The Drama Llama followed me home, so there are two sides to this character, one for Serious, deep RP, and the other for Laid-back, relaxing, fun RP. I really find both types of RP fun, but hey, I might as well be flexible, eh?]
[Some notes. Serious Weruit is completely committed to his mate, but Laid-back Weruit hardly even knows what sex is, so take that into account when you decide who you want to RP with. And feel free to skip over one section or the other in this thing - you'll get all the details through RP anyway.]
[Oh, And I LOVE long-term RPs more then anything. It's okay if the RP goes over many different sessions, I like that!]
[One last thing: If you're just looking for a RP partner in general, tell me your idea. I'm willing to try out almost anything once.]

General Description:

Weruit is a little over 7 feet tall, which is average for his race. His face looks a bit young, as if he's not fully grown yet. He is covered with short, muddy-brown fur. His features are somewhat like a dog's, although his face is more akin to the mythical "Anubis" creature that some stories are told about. His ears are tall and pointed, although his left ear ends about halfway up, the rest of it lost in some long-ago battle. His eyes are bluish-green, with a slight golden tint to his pupils. He has well-formed muscles hiding under his fur, the project of long years of manual labor. His hands are human-like, but each finger has a short, sharp claw instead of a nail. His feet are more dog-like, although larger and shaped slightly differently, since his legs and knees are formed like a human's.



I'm open to basically any type of RP, but here's Weruit's profile, if you wish to RP with this character.

Serious RP:
Age: 25
Weruit typically stays silent, although he will speak up if something is on his mind or if he sees injustice being done. He is very kind to both woman and children. He is a fan of handmade things and of anything with a long history attached to it. He is always ready to help someone with a project, in fact, working with his hands seems to calm him and to help him forget about all he has lost. He enjoys the outside, the feel of the rain against his fur or the sun warming his back. He is not a fan of humid weather, having grown up in a desert. He is still left in awe by the sight of various things in nature. He is very religious, often whispering prayers to both the sun(Aten) and the moon(Sekah). He is a very good swimmer and hunter. Although he cannot read, he enjoys the feel and smell of old books, and treats them as if they were all sacred.

Laid-back RP:
Age: "Immature"
Weruit is a typical wild, curious member of his race. His days are mostly spent hunting, swimming, and exploring the desert around his tribal home. He's not exactly old enough to take a mate or the full responsibilities of adulthood yet, so he mainly just helps with the chores and rarely participates in anything official. He's well-behaved enough to always check in with his tribe before he plans a long journey and to share the fruits of his labor once he gets back, but besides all that.. He's free to go anywhere and to do anything he wishes.


Serious RP:
When he came into this world, Weruit was wearing the following: a bone armor chest plate, stitched cloth pants, a bone bracer, steel greaves, a gold ring, and a cloth bandanna. There was a copper sword and a bone knife strapped to his waist. He has put much of this aside, however, and currently wears just his gold ring, and the leather pants with the sword and knife strapped to his waist. He has stored the rest of his belongings in a safe place, however, and can return to get them anytime he wishes. His sword and his ring are the most important things in the world to him, and he will never give them up for any reason.

Laid-back RP
Weruit wears very little, preferring to run around just in simple cloth pants. He still has his bone knife attached to his waist, but it's used more for carving then for hunting. If in a colder area, he may put on a light cloth tunic, but typically his fur protects him from the elements well enough.


Serious RP:
Weruit was happy. He had a family - a mate and children to take care of. He had built them a home with his own hands, provided for them, even made the bed his kids slept on. He had a sister traveling the world and bringing back tales to him, a loving mother and father. His tribe was doing well. His city - Nefarka - was thriving, and slowly, more and more Anu were being born. It seemed the worse was over - no more demons, no more fighting, no more wars. The gods were good to him.
And then the world ended.
Suddenly, there was no more mate to love, no more family to care for. Nefarka was gone. The Anu were gone. The world was gone. Everything had simply ceased to exist.
Weruit slept. He slept for a long, long time.
Time passed. The world fluxed, it turned, it breathed. It tried to come back into being, but forces unknown kept beating it back. There were whispers, talk that the world may never come back, or if it did, it would be in a completely different form then before.
And then Weruit woke up. The world was still gone, but Weruit was not. Somehow, he had traveled.. had drifted elsewhere.
He has no idea where he is. He has no idea how he got here. And he has no idea if his family is still alive.
All he can do now is survive, and wait. Maybe, someday, he'll find a way back home.

Laid-back RP:
Who really cares about chores, anyway? There was way too much to see, and Weruit was not going to be stuck in Nefarka his whole life. He'd already seen the Ocean once, and he knew there was even more interesting things to see out there. There were those rumors of a abandoned village.. and his parents always talked about the flatfaces who lived nearby.. plus, he still had to get back at that Desert Witch for messing with his ear! Besides, Aten always watches over his children.. why should Weruit worry about anything? He might even get lucky and find something out here in this strange place that could benefit his Tribe..

So begins...

Weruit's Story


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