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William Anderson

Equal parts drunkard, hero, demi-god.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Sheoul


William Anderson is a tall, and well-built figure looking more like a Viking than an assassin.

He has long, jet-black hair tied back in a short ponytail, keeping hair off his pale face, which is covered in a light beard and many battle scars, matched with piercing blue eyes. For clothing, William wears a black Happi-coat with an emblem of an artistically drawn red flower on the back of it. Lower down he wears jeans and thick, steel-toe-capped boots.

Though often hard to see due to the length of the Hakama he wears, William wears heavy, leather boots with reinforced toecaps for that extra kicking power.

Tied to his side by a raggedy rope is an old, wooden and straw jug shaped like an hourglass, with a simple cork lodged into the top.

Strength and Speed:
William was blessed by the god of the underworld, Osiris whom he beat in a contest of might, given "all the strength of the son of a God, and all the speed of the devil's plans." This means that he is vastly stronger and faster than any regular human. While a god or demi-god would prove to be a solid challenge for him, William hasn't met a single normal human he couldn't obliterate in a single, swift punch.

As part of his power, William has the ability to magically summon two weapons, his Katana and his Claymore, from anywhere in the universe.

While not inherently strong at manipulating any of the elements, William can use the alcohol in his jug as a powerful aid. One such use for it, is it can be frozen instantly if willed to do so. This makes it a great defense technique, as the main use for it, is to spit the drink out at enemies, and freeze it quickly into an icy and sharp breeze capable of creating a cloud of frost.

The offensive counter-part to the defensive ability above, this is the same, the only difference being that it allows William to literally spit fire and flames.


Often William will be seen holding only one thing: his jug.

It is old, but incredibly durable, said to be imposible to even crack. Blessed by Osiris, the alcoholic concotion inside is never-ending, as magic has allowed it to contain more than "fifty oceans worth."

If William ever needs it, he can Shadow-Summon a Katana or a Claymore at any given time.


When William was just a young man, setting sail into new and virgin lands that none had ever seen before, he came upon what is now known to be Japan, and tried learn as much as he could about the strange discovery. The language barrier, and the xenophobic attitute of the Japanese at that time, caused a small fight to break out. Completely unfamiliar with how well versed some of the Japanese were with swords, William figured he was going to win the match with his trusty claymore, however, he was bested and made into mincemeat before he had time to shout "crap!"

When he died, he went to the next life, the spirit-world. There he met the god of the underworld himself, Osiris. It was with Osiris that he disputed his death for many days, never ceasing to pester the god into allowing him to be brought back for a second chance at the swordsman who killed him. Osiris made him a deal - mostly in an effort to shut William up - if Osiris was bested in a duel of might, a hand-to-hand fight between the two, then he would return William's soul to the living world with all the power to gain his vengeance.

William agreed happily, and the two began to fight. Knowing full-well that one could not die or even so much-as break bones in the underworld, Osiris ventured to win by inflicting pain until William gave up. However, no matter how much he punched and kicked, threw and slammed, William would not give up, nor let Osiris dodge any retaliation. The two of them exchanged blows for many days, until Osiris finally gave up, having gotten bored with the fight and now increasingly annoyed by the punches being dealt to his face.

"Okay, you win. I'll send you back." Osiris said, slightly impressed at his opponent's threshold for pain, and determination to win. He handed William a jug, filled it with water from a black river, and said "drink from this and you will have just a taste of my power. This jug will be filled with five ocean's worth of my alcohol, when you have finished every drop, your soul will return to me, you will die, and you will stay dead! Understand?"

William took the jug, a swig, and a cough. It was strong stuff, indeed. Before he knew it he was lying in a field somewhere, half-buried feeling thirsty for vengeance. He sought out the man that killed him, and they fought again. When it came down to it, William was far too strong now. He won almost as fast as he had previously lost. Given the chance to fully exact his revenge, William decided against it. He didn't want to kill the man, and he definitely didn't want to win a one-sided fight. So, he offered a truce.

However, his truce was denied, and again he was attacked. No matter how much he resisted, the warrior kept coming for him. He tried to say "no" but it simply wouldn't work. So, he slapped the man. Forgetting his strength, he knocked the warrior out, and had him in bed for many weeks.

When the warrior recovered, William was there to offer apologies. Despite the language barrier between the two still complicating matters, the man recognised the apology. Not long after, William was introduced to the warrior's teacher, a grandmaster called "The Wise Fox."

The Wise Fox had heard of William's strength and challenged him to a duel by jumping at him with a sword and attacking. William defended himself, but somehow found himself severely trying his damndest not to die again. By some odd twist of fate, the old man was stronger and faster than William. His mastery of the sword and his determination made him a deadlier opponent. So, William resorted to the best method of fighting he knew: fisticuffs. Again, The Wise Fox was better and while William had the strength to keep up the fight, he ultimately lost.

He knew he was bested, but when the old warrior had a chance to kill him, it didn't happen. Instead, William was shown hospitality.

From then, he was taken to a school of martial arts, a small, and very old house within the village. There he was slowly taught by The Wise Fox alongside other students. Over time, the two learned to understand each other, through broken English and bastardised Japanese, they found a friendship. It was there that William was properly trained to use his strength, to harness a weapon to its full potential, and to even use his alcohol as a weapon.

As history tells it, William was often drinking from his legendary jug, and when drunk, he was a better, stronger, and faster fighter, who seemed to harness hidden powers such as conjuring flames and ice through the bitter drink he often drunk. Because of this, The Wise Fox taught him drunken boxing, and various related martial arts as well as a control of inebriation, turning him into a strong warrior and a cunning swordsman.

The rest, as they say, is history.

So begins...

William Anderson's Story

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