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Wolov Andefor

Best friend of Opum, traveling with the Sateivs.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by lostamongtrees


The current occupants of a small cargo transport shuttle that has been converted into a cross-galaxy live in transporter. Native to the planet Norvnu, which no longer exists.


So begins...

Wolov Andefor's Story


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0.00 INK

Note: to be read to Aurora -- Crian
Written By: Floorgan, claw, Questionable_Object, lostamongtrees


This is a test.

I have finished installing the data storage devices, all 600 of them. Hopefully, this will be enough to properly document our journey through the unknown.
Shaselia thinks this is unnecessary, but I find it would be fatal to our existence to not. Besides, the computer only takes up one room.

Saving now.
Edit: It saved. I have succesfully installed memory into the Auroragon.
Other travelers will be arriving soon.

Our adventure begins now..._The_Inventor


I'm glad Joruv was able to get the log up and running, despite my complaints about the power usage. I only worry for the future of our crops on board. If they start to die, that computer will be the first thing I unplug.
Oh, look at me, already anticipating problems. Well, wouldn't anyone who smokes hujibi? Besides, the crops depend on it, and I don't plan on going without forn. It's bad enough we have to go without Skau meat.
I've to tend the plants. How does one end one of these....logs?_Shasalia


Well this is it! I think I speak for the whole Bagain crew when I say we're all pretty excited to be going into space! It's an honor to be the first ones, and as someone who's been on board since day one I really have to say this is going to be spectacular. Excited to see tat the funding has been put to good use, and excited to wave at those sorry suckers back there! It's my wife, Ephalia , Phetalia and Paricia, our daughters, and myself coming aboard. Unfortunately none of her relatives are alive and well, mine thought I was crazy! They say, "Derud, you crazy entrepeneur you, one of these schemes will be the end of you!" I laugh because, Mother is probably right. I told her i'd vall to her from space, which was a laugh. Ephalia chuckled as well, but I have a feeling she didn't find it so funny.
Can we even do that? Vall from space? I suppose we can't seeing as the video module is disabled...Hm. I'll have to inquire. Well, off to get settled. Plenty of time to tyjab away whilst hurtling through space! _TheBagainFamily


My name is Phetalia Bagain. I am 14 years old, and I am boarding a space ship. What we are doing is completely unheard of, and I'm honestly kinda jet. We've been learning a lot about the old machines like this in class, and nobody has been able to work them apparently. Until now. Paddy funded the project, that's why we get to go on board to space. It's really cool and all, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna miss my friends. Kegelia and Wahilia are like, my arms. I wish they could have come, but there was no way their parents were letting them. I heard Pa mention something to Granna about valling from space. Granna seemed excited about it, so maybe I'll get the chance to talk to the girls. Signing off to settle in, everyone at school donated their music collections to me. They said it was so we could have something aboard to remind us of home, but I think they just wanted their stuff to travel through space._Phet


I have hope.
Whatever lies ahead, I know Paddar would never steer us wrong.
He funded the Ratus Messis, which is the current source of conflict on Novnu.
What was a gift will be the demise of Novnu, I am sure of it.
We embark this afternoon.
I look to space, Haevenia,
Here I come.


Audio log 1 of... Unable to predict memory space.
Audio log transcript operational.
Please enter audio sample for voices...

"Ummm, I'm Lowen." Voice recognised and logged...
"I'm Torem" Voice not recognised....
"I said I'm Torem" Voice not recognised...
"Stupid piece of junk" Voice not recognised... Please refrain from hitting the audio logger as damage may prevent voices from being recognised...
"For the last time my name is Torem"... Voice recognised and logged...
Audio log in 3. 2. 1.

Torem: "Stupid piece of Fartek.."

Lowen: "Wow watch it I think its on, this is supposed to be a ships log and all that, its not a good idea to start off swearing."

Torem: "Huh? Oh its started? Why didn't you tell me?"

Lowen: "It just said it was starting!"

Torem: "I didn't hear it"

Lowen: "Thats because you had your head in that book and were not paying attention, now where were weeeee"... *Sounds of crashing and indecetible words*

Torem: "Who isnt paying attention now?"

Lowen: "Thats not fair, you pulled my damn chair out from under me!"

Torem: "Yeah but you like being on your back."

Lowen: "Torem dearest I dont think our private moments are best shared on an audio logger do you?"

Torem: "Is that thing still on? Where is it?"

Lowen: "I think it fell behind the desk... Wait I see it, can you get it?"

Torem: "Fiiiiiiine" *Sounds of straining as audio logger is lifted*

Lowen: "You know I could have actually reached it come to think of it."

Torem: "Then why did you make me get it? I had to bend over this stupid desk and all"

Lowen: "Lets just say I like seeing your backside and leave it at that." *The sound of a pen hitting the floor at rapid speed*

Torem: "You missed."

Lowen: "I won't miss in a moment" *The sound of the door being locked and the shutters drawn*

Torem: "Forgetting something?"

Lowen: "Hmm?"

Torem: "The logger."

Lowen: "Oh yeah right, I keep forgetting about that thing."

Audio log ended and saved.


To be honest, this is all very surreal. The space shuttle, our future. Was it last night we were sitting in the living room, sipping hujibi tea as a last supper with my sish Wavaria, while her suns explored their new home? We of course gave her and her family the property, seeing as Hudon's brov Meson is coming with us. I do hope he can keep himself under control, lest we have a permanant repeat of Wavaria's Ceremone. I'm giving up my life for this, everyone should know. Leaving behind a successful carreer in cosmetics, a sish and two nephews, a charming home on the third best street in the district.
Of course, all that is nothing if you were to ask me about the future of my son, my baby boy, Vorvo. He is my everything and that is why I am aboard this ship. Yes I love Hudon, but it's my love for my son that dragged me here. My want for his future. I should go finish unpacking our things. We don't have much, but what we do have we should settle. No use having fartek everywhere._Maniria_Caverok


I don't want to be on this ship, let's make this clear right off the bat.
I, Vorvo Caverok,
Do not want to be on this lopting space shuttle of doom.
This is a bad idea, I've said so since day one.
I am not ok with this.


The ship seems to be operating smoothly, from what I can tell of the A.I. I've encountered. To be honest, I don't have much to do with that part of the maintenece on our craft. I handle technical problems. I fix cogs, wires, and sparks. That is what I will be doing, as soon as I finish this log. This is an opportunity of a species that is upon us, and I am eager to do all I can to aid our travels through space. My family has agreed to accompany me on this journey. For this, I am most grateful. I'm lucky to have Maniria as a wife. She is settling for the both of us while I help The Inventor clear the Auroragon for take off. Maniria hates it when I call Joruv by his famename, but here in the logs I will._hudoncaverok


Meson Caverok, 32
I come from the planet of Novnu, traveling with my brother and his family across space and time. Who knows what I'll find out there. Who know's who I'll find out there.
I hope she's pretty.


Ured's Personal journal log 1
Today we have boarded the ship. I was very suprised at the size of the ship. I have seen some ships before, but this was the first time I entered one of the things... It was much more different then I had expected. I'm not sure about the whole thing. I havent ever been away from this planet. The plan seemed like a good idea, but it still is a bit vague. We dont really have a confirmation that it is true. The biggest reason I have come on the ship, is because of my daur, Salentia. She found the idea very good. I am still very unsure about it, but its better then staying on this planet on my own. Salentia seems really optimistic about the whole thing. Roren however, seems to have become a bit drawn back by it. It probably is because he has to leave everything he has known behind... He seems rather sad about it. I am not sure about Celestia though. I havent really talked to her alot. She seemed a bit hostile against Roren though. Hopefully the whole thing will go well, but that is something we all hope.
Age: 72


Personal Entry: Salentia_Leventer 1
Today we have boarded the ship. There were alot more people then I had expected. I've come to the ship together with Ured, my father, Celestia my daur and Roren my son. Everyone seems a bit down at the fact that we have leave our home, but I know it was the right decision. We didnt only leave leave or home and memories, but also depts and trouble. The biggest thing that bothers me is the length of the journey. It think it may be harmfull or damaging to Roren and Celestia. They are still childern after all... They shouldnt go through changes like this. I'm not sure how this journey will affect my Paddar though. I honestly hope that we arrive before age takes him away... The journey might take over 50 years and he is an old man. But well, nobody really knows how long it will take before we will arrive at our destination. We do know that its going to take a while though. Another one of my worries is the education that they will get... I havent seen, nor heard alot about it. It makes me worried that they will not get a proper education. I could try to teach Celestia what I know about being a doctor if there isnt another option though. I wonder how much other people with a medical degree are on the ship. I dont think that Roren would be able to learn those things though, he has a bit of a fear for blood. He also isnt very good at treating and cathering sick people and such. Hopefully I will be able to either get them proper education, or have someone teach Roren something he can create a living with. If this journey goes succesfull, then he will have a very bright future... Maybe something related to engineering. I'm not sure what Ured's job on the ship will be though... Maybe the bookholding or something like that. He is very good with numbers and such. He cant really do any physical work, since he is a bit of an old man. Hopefully I will be able to sort this all out...


This is so lopting jet. I can say that here.
I have been assigned secretary for my family on this machine, which is Mawwan's way of saying Padder can't figure it out. I bet he got stuck on the voice module, I sure couldn't figure it out.
We're going into space, and that isn't even the cryo part. My best friend is coming with us!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right, Wolov's parents agreed to let him come, he's so jet. We are voyaging into the vast unknown, true explorers!
I've got to go unpack. Wolov and I are sharing a room._OpumSatiev


Wolov Andefor
I don't know if I'll be able to hold my stomach. Now that I'm on the ship, it's finally hitting me. I may never see my parents again.
But, if I get off, I let everyone down. I let Opum down, and they were so proud of me my parents.
g2g unpack


Qataria checking in. I'm glad I brought the old GameGame to occupy us, I've spotted a couple kids on board. Gonna check out the garden, I hear it's jet._Q4


I can't believe its happening, its finally happening, I'm so excited its happening!
Not that happy that all this has happened mind you, the world's biosphere collapsing, the ring disappearing...
These are all terrible things but... Now, now we can go to space!
I've always wanted to go to space, though space isn't exactly what interests me, I'm not an astronomer or astrophysicist or even (heavens forbid) an astrologist. I'm a Biologist, a gentecist specifically and it is pretty obvious that space itself is more or less devoid of life. However the way the flora and fauna we'll be bringing with us will cope on the ship and maybe just maybe any alien life we may encounter!
I know its unlikely, at least in my life time with or without the cryo sleep. But to me just the thought of encountering anything alien is... Fantastic.
Of course I know that the purpose of this... Journey I suppose is what everyone is calling it, the purpose of this journey is to find some form of... Paradise, a perfect planet full of life and hope.
Its a nice sentiment and I do honestly hope we find a new home but... I know this won't be some easy going pilgrimage. As I said I'm not an astronomer but I know enough about space to know its dangerous, its inhospitable and... Well this trip wont be fun.
I don't even know if we'll make it anywhere, we may die in the first few months of the flight for all we know.
All I know is that anywhere is better than here and if I die up there...
Well I'll just hope its quick.
End entry_


The setting changes from The Auroragon to The Aurora


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Norvnu - High Orbit
The Final Hours

Note: to be read to Ryan Taubert -- Soul Battles

From space, it would be quite spectacular.

The Auroragon had set space but six days ago, and was still in the greater orbit of Norvnu. This would be it's last cycle before hurtling into space. Joruv and Shaselie looked down at the gray metallic orb of their home planet, Norvnu

What would soon be what was once Norvnu.

At war were the governments. You see, they wanted to regulate the Ratus Messis. The other half of the planet did not. The disagreeing half, according to the control freaks, had to be destroyed. It was the only way.

The eastern most side launched a nuke first.
Impressive was the blast from here in space. It was almost like a blooming flower.

"What is that?" Asked Shaselia Komfeiv of her husband Joruv, pointing to the industrial planet far below. He squinted, his heart dropping, hoping the others wouldn't recognize the blasts. Another appeared on the opposite side of the planet, soon the atmosphere clouded over.

Shaselia slipped her hand into Joruv's, who clenched tightly back.
Below, the gray planet of Norvnu turned brown, quaking as the humans destroyed it while trying to destroy each other. The Ratus Messis, glorious green ring of vegetation, peeked over the horizon of Norvnu. It frowned, as did Joruv.

"Did you hear that?" Hudon rushed into the bridge, moments after a spray of dust hit the side of the Auroragon. Joruv had already set into motion, turning the inner ship gravitational controls on hyper to prepare for immediate jostling. A single tear rolled down Shaselia's cheek as she aimed her alarmed eyes at her husband. He nodded, and she rushed from the room.

Hudon's face darkened on that cue, he ran to warn the others.

Shards of rock and debri had begun to eject themselves from the planet below. Giant pieces of metal were detaching and drifting from the massive planet, which had officially destroyed it's atmosphere and was for all intensive purposes detonated.

Norvnu flashed once, white, then twice, red. Eruptions of whatever lay beneath the crust as cities, civilization, was engulfed by the planetary destruction of war.

"No!" Vorvo Caverok plastered himself against the glass, the Bagain girls hot on his tail. They had felt the shift despite the preperations, heard the alarm be raised, and had to see what was going on.

"Ohmygod," Slipped from the lips of Phetalia, as she and Vorvo sunk to the ground in disbelief. Their planet, destroyed.

Norvnu, gone.

The setting changes from The Aurora to The Auroragon


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Character Portrait: Shaselia Komfeiv Character Portrait: Joruv Komfeiv Character Portrait: Wolov Andefor Character Portrait: Maniria Caverok Character Portrait: Meson Caverok Character Portrait: Salentia
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Note: to be read to Precursus--Dylan Parker

"Get secure!" Hudon came rushing into the room, grabbing Vorvo and moving for the Bagain girls. There wasn't enough time to get them back to the private chambers. Below, the planet Norvnu was becomming what would kill them.

Hudon threw them at the seats in the back of the bridge, whirling on their captain. "Joruv, we have to-"

"I know," The elder man responded gravely, hitting buttons and pushing levers. "We've minutes to turn and initiate hyper blast before..." Joruv didn't bother finishing his sentence.

Shaselia had returned, strapping herself in to the seat besides her husband. Hudon strapped in too, reaching to clasp his son's hand.

"I'm sorry," Hudon said, the words lost on the tears that appeared in his eyes. Words for this situation would never come.

The Auroragon banked, everyone grabbed for each other. They were facing the right way, but would the engines warm up in time? Joruv clenched his jaw.

They better.

The ship jolted again as the second wave of debris hit them, "Shit!" Hudon let slip, as Joruv and Shaselia exchanged a last glance.

Now or never.


The universe stood still as the last wave of destruction approached the Auroragon, sending the Ratus Messis launched into the depths of space, and kickstarting the Auroragon's journey.


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Note: to be read to Elijah Bossenbroek -- I give up
Written By: Floorgan, claw, Questionable_Object, lostamongtrees


Norvnu is, as I predicted, no more. The blast from the exploding planet proved sufficient to give us the extra kick for hyperdrive.
We left no one behind od significance, I'd like to think._The_Inventor


I'm just glad we were able to save who we could. The plants survived the impacts, though some of them seem upset. They've become my everything, ever since...Well, there's no going back now, is there? _Shasalia

Mawwan won't leave her room, and Padder won't leave her side. Neither of them have mentioned the computer, or valling for that matter.

Vorvo and I cried for like three hours. He hasn't talked to his parents either, but I don't think it's because they shut away. I think he's still mad at them.
I can't really blame him, even though they did save his life. I'm sure he would have preferred to...To perish.
There's no use not saying it, because it happened. The planet exploded. We talked about it, Vorvo and I. Apparently his father had discussed a thing or two with him about why they had come into space. Some politics. Vorvo didn't say much, but I'd be interested in learning.
Don't get me wrong, I'm jet upset. Kegalia and Wahilia... It hurts to think about them. They were my bests and...Vorvo threw up when we talked about what we thought happened, to the others. To those we left behind.
I can't be thinking like that! We didn't leave anyone behind. All were welcome to come, select few did. Is this natural selection? We learned about it in school.
Will we be schooling here in space? So many questions. I guess this ship is our last hope. Funny, I'm starting to sound like old Paricia._Phet


I cant believe what happened... The planet, our home has been destroyed. Exploded into nothing but a force and pieces of rock and metal.... Everything we cared about and hoped to save has been destroyed. Memories, home, friends and familly.... Everything we had is gone, and there's no turning back. I still cant believe this is really happening. The biggest question that I have is:
" Why? "
I don't understand why or how this could happen.... I dont understand who had done this.... Why? Should I blame someone for it? Blame the government, the people, Ratus Messis? I dont know... Blaming the thing that has kept an entire planet alive for such a long time seems like a nonsensical thing. I honestly dont know how to judge this.... You cant just judge the destruction of an entire planet on one person, thing or orginisation... Eventhough that is what everyone wants to do.... I cant even think of what Roren and Celestia must be going through. They are still children, they should never have experienced something like this... I'm so sorry that they have to go through this. It somehow feels like its my fault, while there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it. I must sooth them, I cant let them go through this alone. They must know that were still a family and together. I will give them a few days before I'll confront them though. It seems the best option. We have to handle stuff like this carefully and don't force them. I have no idea how Ured will take this and how it will affect him. He isn't that strong mentally... Which may result in some serious problems. What I have to do is keep calm and try to support the rest. I cant be weak and let emotions overflow me. I must stay strong, for them.
I just... How is this possible? I knew the planet was doomed but.... Just exploding? How, how, how? I.... I just can't believe my eyes... They said... But I didn't believe them... What if I'd stayed behind to try and fix the eco-system? I would... I'd be dead... I.... I need to think.... Some time on my own... I need that... Yes... Just... Hells..._Faloria Fanuard

We're safe oh thank the stars we're safe... I don't know what to say... I... To think I considered staying, the majority of the people here may be nut cases but... For the sake of the twins I'm so happy I accepted their offer. For now we're safe and thats all I need to know... This won't be easy, I don't know if all these fanatics will get us through but... Damnit I just hope, I may not believe like half of the people on this ship but I hope... I hope there is something, anything out there... I just want my babies to be safe._Yalania Hensosis

Paddar was right, and so was the Inventor.
I know now we are truly the chosen ones. Mawwan agrees, she whispered it to me on my last visit to her. Phetalia thinks Mawwan is shut up with misery, and while this is true, I know she is also hiding her hope.
The Ratus Messis is no more. The radicals were right.
We are the chosen ones.

Lopt it all. Norvnu: Gone. Friends? Gone. Everyone...Gone. All of it gone.
I'm not blessed to be on this lopting chunk of metal. I'm cursed.
Paddar claims I have a thing called survivors guilt, to which I call skautek. Survivor's guilt? I didn't survive, I simply continued to exist. I somehow escaped a quick and sudden death, and now I will rot away on this lopting ship.
Phetalia says it isn't the worst. She claims we could be like her sister, Paricia, head full of delusions finding false gods in fellow men. Does Paricia really have it off worse than we? Her ignorance seems to be pure bliss.
Perhaps she will suffer the least of all. Lopting ironic.

The Inventor claims it was my expert engineering, to which I remind both he and Derud that their funding and research propel my work, that saved us from the blast of the planet. I myself can only attribute fate, and thank the stars themselves I am on this vessel. I can't help but ask myself, if I had been any other person, would I have come? I'm almost certain my wife would not have, which plagues my heart. After all, her sister perished on the planet below. We were adventurers to the likes of her.
Hopefully my son takes interest in the mechanics of the ship. I fear I will need more hands than just my own. The ship AI isn't that good! A joke. It almost makes one wonder what type of man I am to joke in times as dire as these.
A man who wishes to retain his sanity, perhaps._hudoncaverok

So, the home planet exploded. Can't say I saw that one coming. I've officially resigned to the fact that I'm doomed to be single.
On this note, I might as well try to find all the single ladies on this ship. Too soon?_mc

Wolov Anderfor
I'm never seeing my parents again.
I'm never getting off this ship.

I've decided to get completely hands on with the garden. After reclusing for a solid week, you know with the recent explosion of the home planet and all, I think I've finally accepted my fate. In fact, I think I may have found my legitimate calling. it's not every day you escape mass death by boarding an ancient space ship and hurtling into space on a prophecy about some old plant in an old book found in some library.
It totally sounds like a dystop-fiction novel I once read. More about that later, I just spotted one of the Bagain girls. The younger one. Phetalia? Paricia? I get them mixed up all the time. Anyway, she's a gamer._Q4


Audio log 2 of... Unable to predict memory space.
Known loggers present: Lowen.
Audio log in 3. 2. 1.

Lowen: "Well I guess its about time I digged this thing back out, not sure what good its going to do any more, we are the only ones out here now. Our home was destroyed just after we left, a lucky escape really but Torem is devestaded by it, he still had family down there, a brovet and an unkil, I met both of them ya' know. His unk was nothing much try shout about, some back water dealer but his brovet was something else he was smart, funny and a hell of a good dancer I can tell you that. Though he has nothing on Torem."
"I suppose there is nothing much we can do any more, we can only go on and hope for the best really. We have no idea what even to expect in the future, I mean we are going where nobody has been in centuries, where do we even go from here? *Sound of the door sliding open and Lowens chair being moved back*
"Hey Cors, I was just talking about you... Whats wrong?

Torem recognised..

Torem: "Its just." *Sound of sniffing* "Just that we have nothing left except for this ship now."

*Sound of the chair being pushed back and rapid footsteps to the door*

Lowen: "We still have each other"

Torem: "Always?"

Lowen: "Of course. Even if we no longer have somewhere to go back to we will always have each other. Think you can say something to be put in the log?"

Torem: "I can think of something. *Double sets of footsteps moving closer* "I remember reading some things in some old books, I think I may be the only one to be able to read them really now. *Sound of the chair being moved closer and sat in* "People in these journeys often get the chance to turn back, to give up and go home. But they didn't because they had something to fight for. Something to believe in... We have nowhere to turn back to so we have to continue walking in the dark. But we arnt alone, in the dark we still have hope and if we loose that... We still have love... Because like it or not we are all a family now, and family keeps together."

Lowen: "Always. It always keeps together."

*Sounds of laughing/sobbing*

Lowen: "Hey hey, don't want to damage the logger... And besides I hate to see you like this."

Torem: "I know... I'm sorry"

Lowen: "You have nothing ever to be sorry about. And never will. Now lets go and see how the others are getting on hmm?"

Torem: "I think I can manage to look back down there, might as well get it over and done with then"

Audio log ended and saved.


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Phetalia, Opum, and Wolov ran down the Through towards the Loading Bay. Aliens were coming on board! Opum kept jumping up to tap port tops as they passed under, and Phetalia would not shut up. Wolov couldn't get into the spirit.

"Hey guys I'm going to grab some of the others," Wolov called to Phetalia and Opum, who had barely noticed he stopped a way back. He wondered what Reven was getting into. Wolov didn't remember seeing him at the bridge, but he hadn't been paying any attention either. Worst case scenario, he'd just go back to his cabin. He preferred it there anyhow.

"I can't wait to see the ears up close!" Phetalia's voice echoed down the hall. Wolov rolled his eyes and disappeared into the Residency Capsule.

Opum whooped with glee. The giant door to the loading bay was in sight. It didn't have a very large window, but it was enough for the two to cram their faces in. They stared into the black expanse of space and waited for the arrival of their visitors. Phetalia wondered what they were going to have for dinner. Likely something good, as this was cause for celebration!


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Almost as soon as the hologram on the bridge said it's farewell and vanished the larger of the two Lakkadian ships made it's way to dock with the Auroragon.

On the the Bridge of the craft named the Silent Sister Nyaidia spoke to the holograms of 7 Lakkadians.

The one in the middle spoke. "The conclave approves your request and you are to find out everything you can about this ship and the people on board. Also we know they seem friendly.... but keep your guard up. Good Luck Commander."

With that the holograms vanished and Nyaidia was left alone. Activating her comm she gave her orders. "The five Selected engineers and my Personal Blackguards will meet me in the airlock... Keep your weapons peace tied... but don't tie them too tight... they seem peaceful... but after those pirates... well I have never trusted anyone anyway... You have your orders... XO you have the conn."

Several long moments later the Silent Sister pulled up alongside the Auroragon's airlock. Once the ships where connected Nyaidia followed by the five engineers and flanked by two Blackguards on ether side. The Blackguards where female and wore a skintight black armor covered by a hooded cloak as black as night. Each one had a pistol and short sword tied on her belt. Nyaidia wore her black uniform with a pistol an her thin deadly sliverblade tied on her belt. The engineers where three male and two female they wore simple red jumpsuits and each carried a backpack full of tools. They where unarmed.

"Permission to come aboard?" Nyaidia asked as the airlock doors opened.


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"Permission granted," Joruv crackled over a speaker in the airlock. Opum and Phetalia jumped back as the airlock doors woooshed open allowing Nyaida and her guards on board. At sight of the bodyguards Phetalia and Opum took a hard step back. Those chicks were scary. From their all-black attire to holstered weapons at the hilt, Opum considered never even so much as looking at them out of the corner of his eye wrong. Phetalia, though intimidated, had to admit there was something impressive about the display of femme bravado.

"What's that?" Phetalia questioned the last of the engineers as they filed through, referring to their backpacks. Part of her wondered if they had any new games- but she knew better than to ask.

"This is so jet!" She gushed under her breath to Opum who eagerly nodded. The two followed the party of aliens as they made their way towards the bridge, jumping ahead to press the right buttons to open the right doors. They finally arrived at the bridge. Opum and Phetalia both had smiles plastered ear to ear as they scrambled to be the one to hit the button, to open the door of the bridge of the Auroragon, for the first time, to anyone other than the survivors of Norvnu.