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Xiulan Song

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ArvKyu


The United Pokemon League is the federal government of Ruula and the governing force behind it's military.



Name: Xiulan Song, PhD., MD.
Aliases: The Tigerlily | The Mantis Gorgon
Gender: Female
Age: Apparently 38
Species: Possibly human



Ah, humanity. So fickle, so frail, yet holding such adaptability - adaptability sometimes betrayed by their ignorance and incapability of accepting differences - such potential, and great enough numbers and breeding capacity that they have yet to be eradicated by the foes that they seem to make die on a rather consistent basis, or, just as likely, by themselves. To survive, Xiulan had to be different, stronger, only somewhat of a human to the point that she might not be human at all. She needed to be able to survive the onslaught of herself with her bloodline, and Xiulan's father, though aware of what she would go through, had resigned himself to insuring that his next offspring to have the gift of [redacted] would not have such a problem as he did. After all, a seer told him what would happen otherwise, and, from personal experience, he knew all too well what happened to his first child. Xiulan was different, quite so, and yet still beautiful, and not too small.


Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall, Xiulan has a much slighter build than one would expect to find in one of her blood. Possessing about only half the danger to her at the first glance, one will quickly notice that Xiulan has become one of the most dangerous figures in the great city within which she resides for each step is a careful calculation, yet carried out with the utmost grace, and her muscles are far more compact, and, well, present than one would expect. In fact, even those things holding her hair in place could serve as a weapon. Her cheekbones are fine, her lips plump, and her eyes a shade of amber brown beauty holding within them far more than the usual glint of life. Xiulan is not at all considered to be a weak woman, even if people consider her to have weak blood. Strong and highly capable, she is a renowned martial artist whom, when faced incorrectly, will eviscerate her foes in what those who are aware of her reputation call a ‘transcendental dance of death’. Her body is lithely athletic, showing the efforts of her work to become the woman that she is.


A brunette, she has almond-shaped eyes and frequently wears beautiful and high-end clothing. A golden ring rests on her arm, while she wears her senbon in her hair so that it may be held in place until the senbon are needed. The great war fans that she wields, exceeded in power by a similar weapon only by the legendary Bashosen, frequently find themselves resting in a variety of silken sleeves - the silk, like the dangerous birds that one might find her with, comes from House Song, which has a particular presence of valuables not available elsewhere, or hard to find in as good of quality. Danger is carried by Xiulan’s body just as it is carried in that of her warrior ancestors, just as it is carried in the blood of [redacted] who learned the way of combat so that they may keep peace within their nation as they fight wars without. Xiulan has the might of a dragon, and she will be whatever she is needed to be to survive and achieve her goals.



Xiulan considers herself an impressive specimen. It isn’t necessarily ego or arrogance that causes this, at least not entirely, but rather a self-awareness of the fact that she is, in fact, both impressive and unique. Now the Knight-Merchant of the Song, the Tigerlily is not without her influence, and all that came before has given her unique life experiences. Highly experienced, she wants a life that is both long and interesting. Craves, really. It’s more of a necessity, and she would settle for nothing less. Knowledge fuels her, and living a boring life would be a poor way to live out her blessing.

This has, however, led to Xiulan to be a bit arrogant at times. The line between arrogance and raw ambition is blurred when it comes to her goal to bring glory and honor to her name, and, one day, transcend all that she has ever done, and not only that but to forge an empire of wealth and her battalions so that she might acquire the power necessary to achieve her dreams. Does she truly believe she is as capable as names of old, or does she believe that some kind of unity and want for being better of some kind will result in what she wants? No one knows the truth, save for Xiulan, and in truth it is a mixture of both. Xiulan is a confident leader and a capable woman, but her ambition and thirst for knowledge she hopes will be as endless as her life. They will always be with her. Pushed to extremes, she could do horrible things.

That’s why she has to keep a hand on her rage. Personal loss on Xiulan’s part is the “best” way to “earn” facing her wrath, but Xiulan can be pushed to that in other ways. Despite having mellowed with age, her wrath is… terrifying. Imagine a rage so powerful that it could fuel genocide, and imagine Xiulan as a monstrosity harboring only that rage, all of it directed against you. Another thing that has mellowed is her vindictiveness, but should someone invade her home one too many times you can expect Xiulan to strike them back, at their heart, to insure that their power never crops back up again… or perhaps it’s simpler. Maybe an old foe returns to seek out her assistance against an even older foe, and Xiulan is less than friendly because of a grudge she holds. Xiulan tries to be mature in such things, knowing it is bad form for a [redacted] - who is supposed to be above such feelings - but all leaders have flaws, yes? None are perfect, not even the Gods - but you probably won’t hear her saying that.

Some might view her boldness and bravery as an advantage, and it certainly helps when it seems to inspire loyalty and bravery in kind. The downside is that when she speaks the woman can be brutally blunt in her honesty, and though she has a filter it may seem as though she just doesn’t care if he thinks something needs to be heard. She is not trying to be rude or anything, but may see it necessary to point out that self-righteous behavior, for example, is only going to end up killing someone she doesn’t want dead… or is warning. Thankfully her boldness and bravery makes up for it by allowing the mutant to be one of the more ambitious people that you’ll encounter, with a combination of confidence and bravery working together to create a leader that wants nothing but to revolutionize the world. As ambitious as she is industrious, Xiulan is possibly incapable of not doing hard work, and will almost certainly get her hands dirty if she believes that her presence will help her achieve a goal, or if she needs to take care of more personal problems; sometimes keeping her honor requires that she do something herself.

In and out of battle, Xiulan often remains a certain analytical quality about her, even if she isn’t always calm enough to take full advantage of it. When not beset by her demonic rage, Xiulan is a wise woman who favors the logical route to things, often being disappointed by those who don’t. She is a realist, a follower of realpolitik rather than things of moral or religious bearing. She just tries to merge that political belief with her concept of honor, and is sometimes more successful than she is not.

Xiulan has a quote that sums up her beliefs pretty well. “The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Even the seers know that.” Such words paint exactly what she believes. She knows that one can see the future if one is blessed, but why not mold the future? It is not set. People do things all the time that change the status quo, and Xiulan rails against anything that would keep her from achieving what she knows it is capable of achieving.

Not always one to speak her mind, Xiulan is quiet in more ways than one, and will keep information to herself if she believes it will suit her, sometimes speaking in carefully managed truths or truths that she herself manufactured because of that quote of hers. Don’t confuse this for Xiulan attempting to be dishonest. It is dishonest, yes, but she doesn’t see it that way. Xiulan’s honor does not require her to tell the entire truth, nor does it prevent her from maneuvering events so that certain things are the truth. She simply knows how to get what she needs, what she believes her people needs. Her honor and ability to keep her word is a near-constant. If she feels she has been betrayed or violated, however, she should not have to keep her word, yes? Would you keep your word to aid someone in battle if they had almost gotten you killed with malevolent actions? Not under anything but unique circumstances, yes? See, that is Xiulan’s logic at work.

A sense of danger and charm helps to make Xiulan’s personality what it is; dangerous through her confident strides, clear fearlessness, and her ominous quiet, Xiulan’s charm comes from her quiet, too, that same fearlessness, and, when she sees it fit to speak, her brave words. Not the most sociable person in the world, Xiulan doesn't see friendships coming very easily to her (some might disagree, though), but one can earn her respect. Lately, Xiulan has become far more social. More out of necessity than anything else. She is learning to deal with it, but it has been quite the adjustment.


  • Unafraid to assert authority
  • Bold
  • Brave
  • Intuitive
  • Dutiful
  • Ambitious
  • Analytical
  • Favoring of logical actions
  • Wise
  • Sense of honor
  • Dependable
  • Largely follows the views of a realist/realpolitik for leadership, save for her view on punishments for violating laws


  • Blunt/Coarse
  • Vindictive (though this has mellowed with age)
  • Possessive
  • Loves the thrill of battle
  • Can be arrogant, despite wisdom
  • Prone to extreme rage when actually angered (thus she has trained herself to master her anger), or when suffering an immense loss
  • Stubborn
  • Isn’t as sociable as some think she should be
  • Can be a` bit draconian in the punishments set for disobedience, or the breaking of the law (like, cutting off hands and stuff for stealing-level draconian)
  • Borderline manipulative, though occasionally outright manipulative
  • Never is truly, fully content with her achievements or power, as she hasn't succeeded in her end goal
  • Xiulan is too ambitious, to the point that it might even betray her religion and veer into the realm of evil. She already skirts the lines of morality as is.


  • Predisposed to naming inanimate objects
  • More religious than she appears at first glance
  • Revels in the presence of dangerous weather
  • Xiulan's smile seems to brighten rooms and her laughter is infectious, while her dreariness might make the skies seem darker, the day seem longer, and even seeing sadness setting in. Her power is such that Xiulan's presence is like a drug, even without Xiulan trying, but it is the most insidious kind of drug because you don't notice it.
  • Xiulan likes to collect things; rare items, works of craftsmanship that she considers art, items of power, items valuable to others, valuable items in general, gold, and she might even “collect” people she finds interesting and surround herself with them.
  • Xiulan might have an eidetic memory.

Abilities: These will be explored over time through plots and in-character interaction.


War Fans of the Sleeping Jade Dragon

Potent weapons designed by Xiulan to aid her in her endeavors, they also notably are one of her most valuable possession - a true treasure of war, for war. The war fans are capable of cutting through steel and stone as well as they cut through the simplest and weakest of clothing, and resist dulling and rusting. They cannot have their physical make-up altered by anyone other than Xiulan, preventing foes from manipulating the fans. The war fans are frequently controlled from a distance, and are capable of causing enemies to sleep with a single cut, but to hide this Xiulan attaches things to them [like chain or razor wire] that allow her to control them in a more muted way. Alternatively, they are capable of causing necrosis in areas that they cut, and this necrotic tissue can kill foes if left untreated by a capable practitioner of healing magic. Xiulan states that she uses some custom poisons for the fan, but this is not true. Additionally, Xiulan regularly tones down her use of the fans, making it appear more likely that she is in fact using the chain/razor wire to control them more easily. Her war fans are rumored to be licked by the fire of the gods, and though this probably isn't true at all, what is true is that Xiulan's war fans are far more durable than any similar creations Xiulan has encountered, and will not only last her a life time, but find themselves passed down through countless generations for nothing that Xiulan has seen can sunder the surface of her blades. Xiulan's war fans seem to be dangerous to even supernatural creatures and entities, including those that are spectral, and even the undead; course, there are always limits to that kind of thing, and 'dangerous' doesn't mean that they can instantly kill these creatures, just as they can't instantly kill a human being by slicing them on the shoulder, because the damage is going to take just as much effort and time to do to them as it would to another creature.

Throwing Spikes

Needles are a potent thing when it comes to Xiulan, as these fighting spikes are rather long, and capable of being used in a manner that allows them to kill armored soldiers. Designed for precision strikes, Xiulan can throw them to target different weak points on the bodies of others.


Xiulan is a Pokemon professor, and a leader in her specific field with a history tracing back to before cloning licenses stopped being issued. She studies, among other things, how adaptation functions in Pokemon species when they possess evolution, and it if impacts them in any way. She will also look for links to RNA modification, such as in certain life forms that seem to have hit evolutionary blocks, but likewise no longer need them.

Are Pokemon at evolutionary dead ends, now? Do their species continue to develop?

Can the rapid evolution mechanism be mimicked in other life forms? (Note: Not pokemorphs :P Actual evolution). Will Pokemon one day exceed humankind as the dominant life form? Is it possible to jumpstart evolution or incite its happening in any way?

How do unique type combinations develop? Why aren't they more common?

How and why do ghosts occur? Is there an afterlife, or perhaps a dimension that others travel to, that these ghosts for some reason can't travel to? How and why would humans ever become ghost Pokemon?

What are the differences in physical attributes, abilities, power level, intellect, rarity, and biological, spectral, or other such structures between different Pokemon of different origins (as in, aside from those including terrestrial Pokemon, and including them)? Do all Pokemon share an original origin, or are they just an anomaly?

Cloning Stance: Xiulan's stance on cloning and the issuing of new cloning licenses is unknown. It is also unknown if Xiulan and her laboratories hold cloning licenses, as the information is either classified or considered highly restricted in some other manner by Xiulan and her staff, and, if the latter, perhaps for the safety of Xiulan and her staff. Generally, things along an "I cannot confirm nor deny" or a "no comment" are seen.

Note to Self: Xiulan is known to hold multiple degrees, as well as multiple honorary degrees.

Pokemon Team:

Sauron, male Pupitar

  • Dark Pulse
  • Hyperbeam
  • Focus Energy
  • Dragon Dance
  • Earthquake
  • Rockslide

Exodus, female Absol

  • Psycho Cut
  • Razor Wind
  • Hex
  • Double Team
  • Future Sight
  • Baton Pass

Mursa, female Honedge

  • Autotomize
  • Sacred Sword
  • Iron Head
  • Iron Defense
  • Shadow Sneak
  • Shadow Claw

Lochland, male Eevee

  • Double-edge
  • Synchronoise
  • Charm
  • Covet
  • Hypervoice
  • Iron Tail

Rook, male Pawniard

  • Iron Head
  • Feint Attack
  • Night Slash
  • Iron Defense
  • Guillotine
  • Dark Pulse

Masaria, female Aron

  • Head Smash
  • Round
  • Iron Tail
  • Protect
  • Metal Claw
  • Metal Burst

Other Pokemon:

None so far!

So begins...

Xiulan Song's Story


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Character Portrait: Xiulan Song
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#, as written by ArvKyu
Fuchsia City,
Scene of a Crime,
The Manor

”How could you know, how could you know
That those were my eyes,
Peepin’ through the floor, it’s like they know.”

Who attacks a manor and decimates it along with everyone inside of it? Isn’t mankind supposed to be a civilized and ancient species, or is it just in their nature to destroy while sitting fancy bathing in their own idea of a ‘civilized’ society? Were humes always so cruel? So stuck in their denial? Xiulan asked herself about mankind on a regular basis. It was unfortunate that to encounter the designs required for her study that she had to travel to places of tragedy. She needed the knowledge, though, to fuel her. Anything else other than sating that curiosity was unacceptable.

The sun had risen over an hour ago with Xiulan watching it ascend and then breathe into the world the light of life, the light of nuclear fission taking place millions of miles away. The tower of black smoke that dissipated its light as it rose, creating a festival of ash and death in the skies, had disappeared by now. The police and the firefighters of Fuchsia City seemed to do their job well, and, if things like this happened on the regular, then Xiulan was certain that she knew why. Patience was a requirement for this job, the professor understood. Chaos always found a way into one’s work, and sometimes the chaos of those thriving in this world at the expense of others was the only way that one’s work could occur.

Sirens were no longer streaming their sound into the atmosphere, and Xiulan was thankful for that. It gave her team the semblance of peace that it needed to set up a sizeable tent of white fabric filled with electronics and equipment where they could analyze what they had discovered and monitor the situation. The tent rested just outside of a neon yellow barricade of some sort of plastic material plastered with ‘crime scene’ monitored and patrolled by a set of officers. For the past half hour or so, Xiulan had watched the happenings there with eyes of her own, not needing to rely on the technology. Others thought that she was just in thought, but that wasn’t the case. Funny that - when one looks like others they seem to assume that one is like them.

Xiulan was just waiting for the go-ahead of a safety examination. Unfortunately for the police officers, they were a bit unnerved, though it was safe. The reason was the feeling of something being off in their reflection - as if they were being watched by themselves, as if their eyes were seeing something that their brain didn’t want them to see. Still, the reflection was them… right? The origin? Well, Xiulan wasn’t ready to share that just yet. Let’s just say that sometimes eyes are everywhere, and that reflection of one’s own that might be seen has secrets that carry an impending sense of doom more so than even monstrous beings in the in-between, and, like those monstrous beings, every so often the truth will be seen. Generally, though, the truth is a dangerous thing...


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Character Portrait: Titania Brightsmith Character Portrait: Xiulan Song
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"Let her in, Officer. It's structurally sound, time to start determining if this is arson. You never know, maybe someone wants to claim the insurance money. And plus, we can watch each other's backs. I'm scared that this might be related to the Master Blaster, though the destruction is far more localized...maybe whoever's operating it was involved?"

After some heated negotiations, a woman with a mix of brown and red locks (was she testing out a new hair color?) finally stepped through, those steel-blue eyes looking right through anyone that dared to meet her gaze. It made glancing down at her generous bust covered in an oil-stained white blouse and baggy, wrinkled khakis a dangerous proposition. She didn't wear her Poké Balls at her waist like most, but kept them among a variety of tools in a metal tackle box she carried in one hand despite the massive weight.

"You. You want to know what happened here. So do I. Let's watch each other's backs and get to the bottom of this."


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Character Portrait: Titania Brightsmith Character Portrait: Xiulan Song
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#, as written by ArvKyu
Fuchsia City,
Scene of a Crime,
The Manor

Murder She Saw

The safety inspection had finished. Generally when one appeared to be as squishy as a human, or when there would be people in general whom possessed the vulnerability of such a species, people were more careful. That, or they took advantage of the innate weaknesses of mankind, and used it to their advantage, whether it be in battle, technology. Sometimes taking advantage simply meant convincing a human population to devastate their own planet for the sake of making money first at the expense of the lower classes, then at the expense of themselves. Xiulan’s depth of study sometimes examined the effects of mankind upon the population of Pokemon. Ghosts weren’t the only Pokemon that could spawn from humans, or at least the actions of humans, and some of these even spawned from pollution or the fact that the Ruulan humans simply make things.

”Every action made by non-Pokemon on this planet impacts the world, yet things like this are still done.” Xiulan thought as she looked upon the manor. Her eyes allowed her to glimpse inside in that manner of which only she knew, and they saw murder. The swirling cyclone of soul-force within had more than likely whipped up new Pokemon by now. Some of those Pokemon might be ghosts inhabiting a sword, though the powerful Honedge by the name of Mursa hovering by Xiulan’s hip senses none of her kind nor did Xiulan. Perhaps there might be Pokemon that arise from the dead allies of deceased trainers, the deceased trainers themselves, or even ghost-type Pokemon that were attracted to the area. Whatever happened, Xiulan knew that she would come out of this with more knowledge than she possessed before regarding the formation of ghost-type Pokemon. Her team’s equipment had gathered information already, after all.

The professor wasn’t certain about what she would encounter. All she knew was that there were ghosts here, quickly formed due to the severity of events, and that those that weren’t captured through Pokeballs would be stored away through a device that some might view as nefarious. The device, no matter how others viewed it, was nonetheless exceptionally useful. It would even capture the residual soul-force in the area, for use in Xiulan’s experiments.

“Professor.” A tanned man younger than Xiulan, but still wearing a labcoat called out. That snapped Xiulan out of her thinking. She turned to face him.

“They’ve assessed the scene and determined it to be safe enough for us to approach. The team is ready.” The man explained. Xiulan hummed in recognition of the man, and then moved towards the scene, her team trailing behind her.

“Officer.” Xiulan nodded to the woman watching the barricade. She flashed her League I.D. badge to the officer to confirm her identity, and then moved under the barricade tape that the officer lifted up.

The Arrival! A Washed-up TRAINER Has Appeared, What Will XIULAN do?

Something was happening even before Xiulan had reached the door of the manor - or what was left, anyway - but it wasn’t exactly what Xiulan had expected. The woman looked back to see a trainer that might be at least around her age, or even older, talking to the officer that had just let her in. Apparently, the trainer had successfully convinced the officer to let her in. Xiulan quirked her head as the trainer approached her.

“Very well, trainer.” Xiulan said.

“I am Professor Xiulan Song of the United Pokemon League.” She gave her greeting, holding out her hand to shake.

“Might I ask who you are?” Xiulan asked.

The setting changes from fuchsia-city to Genesis


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Character Portrait: Jinhai Character Portrait: Myrkul's Vein Character Portrait: Xiulan Song
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#, as written by ArvKyu
Near the Mountain Eminence,
Aetherius, Realm of the Spirit

Power flowed through the Song, weaving into existence the things that she wished as she flowed through her life as a sea, a non-celestial entity possessing a view of life’s truer things, and then propelling herself through whatever was deemed to be not of that truth. That which she overcame today was humanity, so that she might project her own soul-force across the vastness separated dimensions, catapulting past the Aethereal Plane so that she might come to a place named Genesis. Everything had its genesis, and while Xiulan’s was a secret to so many, she knew that here something new would be born - something that might one day see greatness achieved. Now, here she stood in a realm where the fields went on endlessly, where spirits thrived, where deities died, where dragons of the soul flew through the skies, and where Eminence towered over it all, watching with a silent face of stone. Still, Xiulan’s humanity was thorough enough that even in the Realm of the Spirit she appeared to be a member of mankind, and perhaps it was because of the power she held over herself even in this realm, or perhaps it was a warning with deeper meaning.

Despite the power that Xiulan possessed over her own presence, there was something about her that was different than one would encounter through the usual human. A presence of emotion and mind perhaps along the same line of potency as the beings that Xiulan had come to visit possessed, or perhaps lesser or greater depending on a few things that Xiulan would discover when she neared them, surrounded her like a veil, emanating from her mind even as she did her best to reduce it. It was due to this that Those capable of noticing such a thing would recognize in her something beyond human.

Near the mountain Eminence, in the Realm of the Spirit, there lied the creatures Jinhai and Myrkul’s Vein. Perhaps because of them divinities would fade, lacking the souls necessary to fuel. Inevitably, this would cause lesser beings to seek out those not of celestial might nor of the demonic type, so that their crops might be watered by fertilizing rains, so that their villages might survive. It was an intriguing downtrickle. It seemed that relying on the beyond human was normal for beings in the Multiverse, and those that didn’t were the abnormal. Xiulan didn’t judge, though. Far from it. Sometimes, to be stable in life, something a little extra was needed. Sometimes something a little extra was needed to have a life at all in this age. That was part of the reason why Xiulan was here. Myrkul’s Vein offered something that she didn’t possess - for the moment, at least, though Xiulan foresaw that acquiring it would be more than difficult, especially due to its nature.

Xiulan was hoping that her visit here would be useful and illuminating. Perhaps the beings that she encountered would realize that those with might of the mind such as they possessed could work together to reach common goals. So, she did exactly what one would expect of someone wishing to come to know another. She approached them with gentleness and curiosity, reaching the land of Genesis, and stopping at the great towers that oversaw the landscape. Xiulan would wait patiently. It wasn’t hard to realize that she would probably be noticed quickly by Myrkul’s Vein, by all that they were composed of.

The setting changes from genesis to Fuchsia City


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Character Portrait: Titania Brightsmith Character Portrait: Xiulan Song
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"If you don't know who I am, then I guess I'm doing something right in my efforts to dodge the media." A weary sigh and a practiced mechanic's shrug. "Titania Brightsmith, former Indigo champ. I want to retire and work on cars, but something keeps pulling me back in. Anyway, this place is a fucking mess. This wasn't just a Pokemon battle that got out of control. This was a siege. Who knows what the people that lived here were trying to protect? And does it tie into all the other shit that's going on all over the world? Honestly, I'll give Ruula this, it's nothing like Terra where all the crap was localized in specific cities."

The world-weary ex-champ sent out a Skarmory to help lift the debris and let people get a look at what might be the reason for such wide-spread devastation, explaining that since it was technically outside city limits, this sort of thing was outside Janine's jurisdiction. "See anything interesting in there, teach? That's weird...there's only one human body, but it's scorched beyond anyone's hopes to ID. Must be someone who stayed back and bought time for the rest to get the fuck out. But that doesn't explain how the whole structure went to shit like this. If the supports were knocked out during the battle, the mansion would have fallen in on itself like a controlled demolition. But there's a whole wave of rubble and dead trees out in one direction...oh no."

There was a distinct expression of barely contained terror on Titania's face as she turned toward Xiulan. "There's only one thing I know of that's capable of this kind of mass destruction...the Master Blaster. It's still out there. It's the reason I try to decommission that piece of shit and whoever's using it."


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Character Portrait: Titania Brightsmith Character Portrait: Xiulan Song
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#, as written by ArvKyu
Fuchsia City,
Scene of a Crime,
The Manor

Xiulan quirked a brow. Interesting. So, the woman had seen fame before, but did not wish to keep it? Perhaps Xiulan should give mortals more credit than she had so far. She was always picking at their flaws, the very things that make them mortals in the first place, and even the natural inclinations that seem to spread wide and far among them. Titania, eh? Interesting. Perhaps things would start looking up in this realm of Ruula.

“I thank the Gods for that. From what I’ve seen, Terra seems to be a mess at the best of times.” Xiulan responded. Thoughts of Terra and frozen plains where rumors of frost golems not of the kind type ravaging it filled her mind. Hopefully her associates would take care of that problem some time soon so that the plan could continue. She motioned for her subordinate to bring over a suitcase. After he opened it, she pulled out a device, and pressed a button. From it projected a scene that wasn’t exactly what Xiulan wanted in terms of quality, but would achieve what Xiulan herself doing would cause too many questions to be asked - the reconstruction of a crime scene.

“While studying evolution one will learn that everything has a past and a future that traces back even before the conception of that thing. This device allows you to view the various stages of evolution. It’s a prototype right now, but it should give us an idea of what happened.” Xiulan said. She was concerned by the mention of a ‘Master Blaster’. Some kind of weapon?

The scene before her answered that question as the projection fizzled out into static before resetting. Xiulan paused it, and exhaled heavily.

“I see.” She said. The faces of the people in the projection were blurry. It’d be so much easier just to do this herself, to get more detail, or to even have a more sophisticated device, but she couldn’t. Not right now. She had to ‘develop’ a more sophisticated version of this device to do what she needed to.

“We need to acquire that weapon at all costs, Ms. Brightsmith.” Xiulan continued.

“Shall I rewind it? After a time it will become more distorted, but we could perhaps garner valuable information.” She said. The device relied upon forensic evidence, energy scans, emotional resonance, and could harness slight temporal capabilities to provide color to thing and make the projection more detailed. Unfortunately, it still had its limits, and they were quite severe.


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At that moment, they heard a roar of a creature coming from above them. Both Titania and Xiulan could look up to notice a figure flying above them and descending quite rapidly. As it zoomed closer, more people started to recognize the purple dragon descending upon them that was known as an Aerodactyl. As the wind gusts of the Pokemon's flapping wings could be felt, the people would recognize the face of the one that was riding it. The snow white hair was telling enough, but the sharp blue eyes gave the teen an iconic imagery of his own. He wore a white T-Shirt and blue jeans seemingly by design, like he was supplementing his natural features. But what might even be more iconic than he was the one that was on his shoulder.

"Squirr squirr!" Lucky exclaimed, pointing towards the charred remnants of the building they were landing next to.

"I know, buddy," Winter nodded in agreement, "That's pretty nuts."

The flapping of the wings stopped as the teen finally landed, sliding off the Aerodactyl. He turned back to face what was obviously his own Pokemon and patted his back.

"Thanks Rio," he grinned, "Always appreciate ya."

Rio grunted contently in response before the flash of red enveloped him and he disappeared back into the PokeBall. Now Winter turned to face the two women, easily recognizing one of them. His eyes lit up and the grin turned into a full blown smile.

"Titania!" he exclaimed with jubilee, "Long time no see! I thought you were down in Alola doing your own thing."

He remained vague about what in particular she was doing down there, knowing full well she preferred to be left alone. In stride, he stepped forward, extending a hand for the former Champion to shake. Even though he did claim the title from her as the Indigo Champion, he still held her in high regard and respected her deeply.


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"Winter?! Holy shit, don't scare me like that!" Titania put a hand to her chest and took a few ragged breaths before calming down somewhat and accepting the handshake. "The Unovan champ Touko called me out of retirement. Something about a Master Blaster that's going around causing mass devastation. The one saving grace is that this menace appears to be entirely homegrown. She wants me to use my engineering skills to take it apart for good, but we need to find this damn thing before it finds us."

A cautious glance over to Xiulan. She couldn't talk about the secret mission in front of civilians, but judging from the boy's return, it was completed. "So. Any leads that the Kantonian government is pursuing? From what I saw in Alola, this might not even be the only one of its kind."