Xylose Agullian

"Those who use their eyes to see, are easily lost in the twists of fate and destiny. Those who follow their heart and act in instinct, their feet follow a true path."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Fishbucket


Xylose is a monk of the Unalte Order, a long forgotten group who's histories trace back to the dawn of reality and the multiverse itself. They are secretive and few of their members are ever seen publically.

Xylose himself is not a very remarkable specimen, but there is no denying the power his presence represents.

So begins...

Xylose Agullian's Story


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In the Silence of the Dojo sat a single man, his eyes closed in meditation as he sat upon the floor. He wore no coverings for his feet, and was dressed in simple, loose fitting clothes befitting a monk. He was unornamented, unadorned, there was no way to determine whether he was a novice or grandmaster, nothing at all that spoke of his skill or ability, save for the ease of his practiced posture and measured breathing.

Without opening his eyes, he said aloud. "Well then.... I'm waiting."