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A dragon's strength brought to physical form.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Ikiros



Human form-
Name: Xyphos Firebrand
Alias: Xyphos
Race: Dragon Reincarnation
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 214 lbs
Age: 27/ageless
Eyes: Green
Skin: Tan
Hair: Red
Build: Warrior
Class: Blademaster


Dragon form-
Height: 12' 10"
Weight: 746 lbs
Eyes: Molten Gold
Scales: Burnt Orange
Wingspan: 37' 6"
Length: 28' 7.5"


Xyphos is a bit blunt when it comes to others. He's lived his entire life as someone ready to battle when needed, and it shows in the fact that he does what he feels needs to be done, and that's about it. He's no good for anything terribly fancy, and actually prefers to be around people who know how to use a weapon rather than someone who needs help. He's the kind of guy who thinks that the weak get left behind unless they suck it up and deal with it, but there is a soft side to him. Although the soft side almost never shows, there are times when he does get emotional, especially when talking about his village.


Xyphos, being a Blademaster, is able to wield most any edged weapon proficiently, though he prefers one-handed swords over anything else. On average, he carries a sword on each hip, as well as a two-handed sword upon his back. He wears a shirt of super-fine chainmail, with baggy cloth beneath it. His pants are tucked into a pair of armored boots, and his gloves cover the ends of his sleeves, Upon his back in a cloak of fur, though from what animal could be anyone's guess.

He has acquired a new blade, one that has caused his inner being to awaken and take over. It is a blade of ruby mixed with citrine, with small splashes of obsidian within. The blade is heavily enchanted with the element of fire and is also ensorceled so that it will not break under any but the most devastating circumstances. He retains his previous sword, a simple, two-handed steel blade, but the chances of it being used much are slimming rapidly.


Talk to him, and you might find out. It might be unlikely that he'll open up, but give it a try, why don't you.

So begins...

Xyphos's Story


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#, as written by Ikiros
Xyphos stepped into the room more fully, his blade swinging in his hand. He stood there, looking at the boy before him, pondering something that couldn't quite be made sense of. He relaxed himself, his eyes closing for a moment before opening once more.

"After you."

He made no attempt at getting into a fighting stance, years upon years of battles and fighting having taught him that to start in so rigid a form would lead to faults.