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Yaten Nezog

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Liquidus


Age: 370 (Look around his mid twenties)
Height: 5'11
Eye Color:Grey-Blue
Species: Pure Dragonborn

ImageAppearance: He is an average sized young dragonborn man with beautiful gray eyes that fade into the deepest blue, a trait taken from his mother's gene pool. His hair is a well kempt and stark white like all of his family, reaching to his neck. The build of his body is that of liquid steel; his muscles are chiseled and sculpted as if crafted by a masterful artist. He has a royal seal tattooed on his upper left arm; this represents his origins and the princess he fights so very hard to protect.

Personality: He is a gentle spoken man with a heart of gold; his mistakes and his past evils were washed away once he became a seeker of the royal court. He is a gentle man, and in tune with nature as well, being respectful of all beast, given they are the same to him. He is extremely loyal and his persistence knows no end. He is well spoken and mostly proper, however he has a temper that will explode over time and unleash hell upon those who has brought his wrath to their doorstep.

Abilities/Skill: He is extremely strong and powerful, and as a dragonborn he has a great weakness to magic, but it seems that his body doesn't produce as much magical power as other beings, so he if left using physical spells and strength to create ranged spells. The classic five elements are at his disposal (Earth, wind, fire, water) and he can use them to enchant his blade and make it's power that much more formidable.


Ganza-His trusted halberd sword Ganza is as beautiful as her blade reflect the world. It is a five feet long wide long by the blade and the hilt is two feet itself. This blade is made to clear groups of enemies with one fell swoop and by the goddess Morganna it surely does so.

Finezia Specialty Medium Armor

ImageHis armor bears the crest of Fenezia's Royal Army, and he is a personal friend of the princess herself. The armor has a metallic smoke grey finished and it has been polished to a mirror shine. It is also enchanted and absorbs a portion of all magic cast at him, adding it to his own power, this is an enchantment that nuetralizes the weknesses of his race well and the armor itself is heavy enough to ward off most blades except heavy blades of course. This allows his to charge any manner of being without fear of being wounded by all but the strongest of weapons.


"The path to a glorious future is one step away, to take lives in the name of your Princess Reiawyn Adanas shall be but a lifestyle for someone such as you. Track the criminals of this kingdom and lay justice to them, go to other lands and use your tongue to secure us allies. You are now a Seeker young man, a seeker of the goddess Morganna and a ally of this most beautiful kingdom. You will represent us, you will be our strength, and you will repay you debt at the merciful hands of the Adanas royal family. Go young man, ride you horse into the heart of the land an perform your duties as a knight."

History surely repeats itself...The small kingdom of Finezia had given birth to this man, and his father had nulla a problem about giving his son up to the royal family as a result of greed. His family still lives, but he does not know the poverty of their daily life, having grown up in lavish and comfort. The embodiment of his status was nothing however for he was treat as a rich peasant. Throughout his life, he was trained in language and combat; but to the lords and ladies around him he fit in like a pig to in a ballroom. Teased and tortured throughout his childhood, he befriended the princess of all people, and she gave him purpose...

In his teen years he would swoon over the woman he loved so much, but hatred reared its ugly head and he was sent away to another lands for training by hatred embodied, the Duchess Faemalin Admaneta for pompous attitude could no longer take the idea of a peasant with a heart for a princess. She was an evil woman, but loyal to Finezia. After Yaten was to return a man, the princess had grown into a woman and her heart had forgotten him, but not abandoned him entirely. She gave him the title of "Seeker" and demanded him to travel in the name of Finezia under the orders of exploration and expansion of her kingdom.

He agreed, seeing not a hint of corruption in her heart, she just wished to bring prosperity to the lands beyond there own...And so travels this Seeker, forever to wander until he returns home again...

So begins...

Yaten Nezog's Story


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Yaten Nezog stepped into gambit's with his armor whispering a soft chank as he walked along the aisle. It had been raining of course so his already magnificent armor glistened with water that dripped from it, hitting the floor. The man slipped into a booth silently, setting Ganza across from him; He then removed his helm, setting it on the table with a sigh of happiness.