Yosif Pain

Half of Pain and Sorrow, a pair of assassins for hire.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by OldManPsycho


Image Yosif Pain stood at the doorway, seven feet tall and silent. His salt and pepper hair was cut short in a military style and a there was a deep scar that reached from the top of his forehead to his bottom lip. The thirty-eight year old rested his rifle on his shoulder as he watched Sorrow getting out of the shower. "If I wasn't gay girly, I'd tear that ass up." He said with a smile.

"All you need to do is ask, Yo-yo" Sorrow added as she bent over to grab her towel.

Yosif chuckled as he turned away, bored with what he saw. His focused his attention on the array of weapons sprawled across the king-sized bed. His mind raced through all the possibilities and outcome of the coming mission. The former solider was cunning and calculating and took no chances when it came to business.

There was a small beeping noise coming from his wrist. Yosif Glanced down to look at the time. "Come on Maddy, we're going to be late. I hate when you make us late." He growled.

The grumpy assassin put on his vision-enhancing goggles and adjusted a few settings. His outfit was now complete. Armed to the teeth with weapons, ammo, and armor, Yosif was ready for war.

It had been years since the first job that those two worked together, and they had been inseparable ever since. Yosif took it upon himself to be a sort of father figure to the younger gunslinger, who had an uncanny ability to stay alive during a fire fight. Being homosexual, Yosif never found Madonna attractive physically. He was drawn in by her ruthless and raw behavior, falling in love with the way she dealt death.

So begins...

Yosif Pain's Story