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Yozakura Keng-Li

0 · 181 views · located in Mezzadrate

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Arcayne


The Giant Sprawling Flying Continent of Mezzadrate a Grand Empire with Four Cities hanging over a planet, the origin of the great Continent been lost to the ages, but no one ventures off of it, on to the planet below.



Age: 25
Family: Keng-Li
Sex: Female
Left/Right handed: Ambidextrous
Occupation: Martial artists
Martial arts:
Tae kwondo
Muy Thai

Fighting style: Aikiddo Kammi stance
Fears: The plague, Growing old
Martial status: Single
Sexual orientation: Bi
Father: unknown
Mother: Yozoro Keng-Li
Siblings: murdered
Noble house: Keng-Li
Title at birth: (no idea)

Strengths: Good at learning, Very witty, Fast
Weaknesses: Not so good with technology
Equiptment: Her clothes and her martial arts wraps (worn around her arms)

So begins...

Yozakura Keng-Li's Story


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Character Portrait: Yozakura Keng-Li
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#, as written by Arcayne
Yozakuro fell to the ground and rubbed her cheek, although she was in pain she didn't cry out being a martial artist she could take a hit. "I'm sorry i got caught up on the way it won't happen again i swear..." she stood up and bowed quickly before taking a seat by the door prepared for anyone who dared to attack or enter unauthorized. Even though she had been late and back handed she still had a sense of duty and she knew exactly why she was but in all honesty she had only shown up because she'd heard Luna would be here and damn she was one hot cousin.

Yozakura would look towards Luna for a second before going back to watching the door making sure that all was good. She noticed Luna wink at the scientist pfff...why that guy? she looked at the scientist for the first time now sizing him up checking him out slightly oh i could easily take him she thought to herself.