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Yuna Fujiwara


0 · 504 views · located in Nikeah Protectorate

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Kagerou


The Ruulan Voyagers are a highly specialized branch of the UPL dedicated to serving their champions and nation far away from their homeworld.



Yuna Fujiwara








Yuna is a young woman of short stature, only standing around 4'10" tall. She has thick dark hair that reaches the middle of her back and frames her face. Her skin is fair and she avoids the sun because of this. Her piercing red eyes are always observing and analyzing the environment around her. Yuna's attire is reflective of her home region (Sinnoh) and she is never caught wearing anything less than a sweater. She has a bag that is always with her which contains her team and various items.


Yuna is a hands-off kind of person. It is very hard to get her to open up and see other humans as friendly. She is best when left to her own devices as she is easily agitated over minor things. While she is generally not agreeable, she does warm up slightly if one can look past her facade. In battle, Yuna is very hard to shake off. She is stubborn as she is mean. Her gaze is always calculating the next move. While she has high intelligence, her anger can get the best of her if she is pushed to her limits.


She secretly wants to become a Professor, but finds that her talents are better suited elsewhere. Her general goal is travelling and battling.


Her team consists of:

Alolan Ninetales [Female, Level 52] - Moves: Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray, Blizzard, Hail, and Aurora Veil
Garchomp [Male, Level 53] - Moves: Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Dual Chop, Crunch, Sand Tomb, and Dragon Claw
Gardevoir [Female, Level 49] - Moves: Psychic, Future Sight, Hypnosis, Icy Wind, Dream Eater, and Return
Luxray [Male, Level 55] - Moves: Thunder Fang, Thunder, Charge Beam, Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, and Eerie Impulse
Breloom [Male, Level 54] - Moves: Dynamic Punch, Seed Bomb, Sky Uppercut, Venoshock, Powerup Punch, and Thunder Punch
Mismagius [Female, Level 50] - Moves: Phantom Force, Ominous Wind, Shadow Ball, Mystical Fire, Calm Mind, and Will-O-Wisp


-Knowledgeable about a multitude of Pokemon
-She is talented at tinkering and inventing


-Easily irritated
-She pushes herself and her Pokemon too hard sometimes
-Likes to be in control
-Fear of insects





So begins...

Yuna Fujiwara's Story