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Zanroar Pegason

The young human fighter/wanderer

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Nocte


Age: 25
Height: Stands around 5'9.
Weight: Weights 141 lbs.
Hair: Brown shoulder length hair.
Eyes: Brown.
Skin: Closest to light caucasian.


Zanroar is the ESTP type, basically sitting in one place for too long is hard for him, but he's what you would call the reckless hero. This is basically why he couldn't stand being in the army more than five years.


Brown jacket, iron chainmail under it with normal plain white shirt under the chainmail. Zanroar also has greaves on. He usually wields a medieval broadsword.

Zanroar Pegason learned some spells from his father during his childhood.

- Fireball. Basic fireball spell. sends a ball of fire after his enemy that he targets, must see his enemy when casting the spell.
- Heal wounds. Basic healing spell. He must focus on this task more than on his other spells. If interrupted his wounds will be opened, causing bleeding.


(W.I.P. This is just 'bare bones' of the character's History for now till I decide to write more.)
- Born in a farm village.
- As a kid he practiced swordplay with his brother Davkas Pegason, dreaming of joining the army.
- He was schooled by his father who was a mage and the wise man in his village. He picked up some spells while studying.
- Became great fighter at the age of 17
- He joined to the army, served the army for five years.
- Left the army to see some sights of the world.
- Zanroar adventured for two years, now being 25 years old.
- He had gained some fame, people around the towns recognized him.
- Next time he left his village was to explore ruins, inside there was said to be a portal to other realms, only problem there was no return.
- Now he wanders the Multiverse trying to find a place to stay.

So begins...

Zanroar Pegason's Story


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