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del C:/Body/Clothes/straightjacket.clth

0 · 142 views · located in The Infinite Void

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Иanophяeak



\\These are his clothes.

sec:("legs");[val:dress, dirty]
\\He's wearing normal dress pants, a bit mud stained.

sec:("torso");[val:restrict, off-white, straitjacket]
\\He's wearing a straitjacket as therapy, otherwise he'd tap his fingers against anything in sight, writing programs habitually until the pads of his fingers bled. He doesn't like it very much...

sec:("head");[val:bandanna, power symbol, corrective sunglasses]
\\He wears a bandanna with his emblem, the power symbol, on it, along with specially constructed sunglasses, made by him. If you happen to get a peek through their tinted glass at his eyes, or sneak a glance through them from behind, you'll notice the world looks just a bit... different.


int*ReverseArray(int*orig,unsigned short int b)
unsigned short int a=0;
int swap;


return orig;

int main()
const unsigned short int SIZE=10;
int ARRAY[SIZE]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10};

for(int i=0;i<SIZE;i++)
std::cout<<arr[i]<<' ';
for(int i=0;i<SIZE;i++)
std::cout<<arr[i]<<' ';
return 0;

((He's insane, and tends to speak in binary or Batch commands. While he's seemingly stable most of the time, aside from the speech, he can go into a rage if he sees technology, usually charging to it and attempting to use it in some way immediately. Considering the high amount of mechs and androids in the Multiverse, this may become a problem. The above is a piece of most likely dysfunctional code))


On the off chance that he gets his straitjacket off, he has a wireless Bluetooth keyboard in his back pocket, along with a Sony Vaio, for accessing the files he doesn't trust to use the machines of others to access. With just these two tools, he has single-handedly hacked the NSA, FBI, CIA, MI6, along countless other agencies, corporations, and rival hackers. Before he went insane, he was the number one most wanted hacker in the world. Of course, nobody will admit to this outside of their own government, seeing as Zerone's whereabouts are still unknown.


The Following Has Been Classified Above Top Secret By The United States Government
Distribution of This Material Is An Offense Punishable By Death

This document contains the facts about globally feared cyberterrorist "Zerone", real name Cadel Piggot, as he has allowed us to know them.
Any attempt to search his name, real or otherwise, through official databases or on traditional search engines, comes up restricted even to the highest-level personnel. The password to the file has been broken, but all the was found on the page was a budget report on how much time and money had been wasted in attempting to break his file. It's clear he has abilities with computers far beyond anything the world has ever seen. Attempts of IP tracing, packet tracing, GPS pinpointing, cell phone triangulation, and all other forms of digital location have been unsuccessful in anything except downloading several hidden viruses directly into government networks and through to the President's own computer. While these viruses were malevolent, the speed and accuracy by which they performed astounded all contactable computer scientists and program writers. Until they saw for themselves, they believed it to be a hoax or a mistake.
If Zerone is spotted, there are official documents demanding his live capture. His technological skill cannot be wasted. Attempts at examining his source code have revealed that he encrypts more viruses within his viruses, and that he's mastered the art of digital disguise. One virus released a blast from the speakers of the computer it was on that promptly caused all nearby consoles to start on fire. Further examination revealed the cooling fans had frozen and the CPU demand increased to maximum, overheating the computers and causing flames to erupt. While it's not understood how he did this, it's entirely possible he encoded a command within the sound played on the infected computer that, when translated into binary by the microphone of the other computers, emerged as a virus.
Zerone is playing games. He knows he could take down the whole world if he wanted to. But he doesn't, so instead he squanders his talent playing games.
Last reports date a year ago, when he was spotted at a Mighty Taco by an off duty agent. He knew the agent was there, and even talked to him. He told him that he "won't be bothering the governments of world anymore. I've got something more important to do."
All computer systems are to be on constant watch until the time that Zerone is dead. Even if he begins to work for the United States government, he is never to be trusted.

So begins...

Zerone's Story