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A timeless warrior, who travels endlessly in search of his next fight.

0 · 339 views · located in Forest of Twilight

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Zman


Zman is chiseled from a single sheet of flawless fabric from the universe, and strides through the passage of time taller than the average individual. His frame is covered in compact, yet fully developed muscle groups that define each area of his body beyond what other might call natural. Broad shoulders angle his frame from a thinner waist where muscles stretch underneath his tanned skin. Though one might expect his skin to be blemish free, there are numerous scars that cover his torso, arms, hand, and even some on his face. Even though his face is scarred, he has a natural ruggedness that is portrayed through a solid chin and jaw line with high cheek bones. Black hair is kept in a short cut along the sides and kept slightly long on top that he brushes back, and he keeps a shadow of his facial hair along his jaw and chin. Shimmering golden irises give away that Zman isn’t just your typical individual. Simple attire would be an understatement for Zman’s clothing; a white shirt tucked into a pair of black trousers with a leather belt and a pair of black leather boots.


The Sword: Crafted from scarlet steel, the sword’s design is that of an arming sword with a single-handed cruciform hilt and straight double-edged blade around 70 cm – 80 cm in length. From its forging, the blade has a delicate golden-red color, like a mixture of twilight and crimson. The sword is harder than diamond, immune to rust, generates heat; conductor of spiritual energy. During the forging of the sword, it became a fixed quantum point, and only Zman has the proper resonance to interact with it on a quantum level. Allowing him the leverage required to shift the rest of the universe around the fixed point that is the sword.


Peak-Human Condition (Foundation/basic): Zman’s bodily functions are enhanced to the pinnacle of human conditioning; therefore, his strength, speed, stamina, sense, agility, reflexes, accuracy, longecity, durability, intelligence, healing time, flexibility and combat skills are greatly heightened, but not to the enhanced level. This however, is only maintained with a brutal and harsh Training Regimen. Zman can achieve many different applications with this foundation condition:

Life-Force Manipulation (Foundation/Basic): Zman can create, shape, and manipulate life-force; the fundamental force that allows life to appear/exist, grow and flourish throughout the universe. He can control his own personal life-force that dwells within him, allowing Zman to achieve untold power and great abilities considered to be beyond that of normal beings.

Mana Manipulation (Foundation/Basic): Zman can create, shape, and manipulate mana; the metaphysical sentient source of energy that surrounds living and non-living things, sympathetic magic, or impersonal force of nature that is always moving from one location to another, seeking material elements or people to inhabit. It is also formed within the soul whenever a creature comes into being, though the soul is not necessarily a collection of mana, but the creature itself. When the being dies, the mana returns to the environment waiting to be used again and again. The energy can then be transmuted by the user into magical powers that yields upstanding results in both practice and combat.

Ki Manipulation (Foundation/basic): Zman is able to create, shape, and manipulate Chi; the physical counterpart to Aura Manipulation. By controlling the inner latent energy, he is able to gain superhuman capabilities. Zman can achieve many different applications with this foundation ability.

Supernatural Swordsmanship (Foundation/basic): Zman is able to wield a sword with supernatural proficiency in speed, power, and skill, allowing him to perform seemingly impossible feats with ease. This also allows him access to more advanced sword techniques.

So begins...

Zman's Story

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#, as written by Zman
Dark rich earth and lush glowing flora shifted near a towering behemoth of a tree, a hand slowly rising from where it lay. Its movement snapping the tangled roots and vines as if they were made from dried paper. No sound immediately reverberated through the darkness that was the depths of a forest, until whatever was attached to the moving hand began to shift its entire form. The first sound to echo into the shadows was a snapping of a larger root that had grown over the chest of the entity that had come awake. Rising from the plant sarcophagus, a body was revealed, clad still in whatever attire it was wearing when it found this place to rest. Roots grasped at its feet in a desperate attempt to keep it entangled but sheer strength ripped them from the ground and broken them in half. A large stripe of golden glowing runes and geometric shapes appeared along one side of the rising mass of vegetation. A moment later the hand that had first shown life reached up and grasped it and with little effort tossed it aside.

An audience of animals had gathered around the small clearing beside the commotion its awakening had caused, and the sound of heavy breathing finally echoed into the stillness. With chest heaving slightly and wild eyes, the man that had risen from the earth stood tall and evaluated his surroundings. Clad in what appeared to be old fashioned black dress trousers over dull black combat boots, a thick leather belt that had its color dulled to a gray and a stained white shirt tucked in to his waistband. Gripped in his other hand was a dark purple clothe wrapped loosely around a long item, a silver chain wrapped around one end of the item with the chain wrapped around his wrist as well. The man’s free hand reached up and brushed the extremely long and tangled black hair away from his face, allowing him to finally get a look at his surroundings.

“…” silence came out of the man’s mouth as it opened and his shoulders slumped at this before straightening back up.

Assured strides carried the man from his once resting place and around the large behemoth of a tree, his body slowly becoming illuminated by a blue glow. Stopping as he reached the other side of the tree, his steps falling just shy of taking him into a blue glowing pool of mana. A grin creased the man’s right cheek and his upper body shifted forward before he plummeted into the pool of pure mana in an almost belly flop manner. The splash echoed around the pool as he began to instantly sink into the liquid and it just as quickly sealing the spot he’d sunk into it.

Muscles flared and fatigue driven out, before he rose suddenly back to a standing position in a matter of only seconds after vanishing from the surface. A flare of power came from his eyes and with a flexing of his leg muscles, the man came up out of the pool and landed with ease onto the side of the pool where he dropped to one knee.

“Ah that is much better,” a deep, solid voice came from the man’s mouth.

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The world was writ large here in the ether marching to some foreign tune. Some creature or another rising and Photu was interested in seeing exactly whom. The woman clad in a worn leather duster open that showed two large .50 caliber sandalwood peacemakers belted to her hip. Lithe thick-skinned hands pluck a pocketwatch from the woman's hip from between throwing knives. The button on the top bore an elder sign once pressed by an index finger revealed twirling gears moving ritual chalk across the glass surface. Photu checked the time she'd been in this forest such a long time trailing the marching blue moving about this forest.

Photu watched from beside a tree, leather hat pointed down, as the woman regarded the fountain of blue discharging from the roots. Plants dug deep into the well supplying this area to fount energy welling up everywhere writing over everything. The woman swung her head back and forth but couldn't track the sheer quantity of etheric machines at work. It was very beautiful.

She heard grinding noises in the back of her head looking at the chiseled human man that emerged. Why would have to come later but now she merely observed. The woman's thousand yard stare eyed the man's feet.