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Sambuco of the Sangue di Bistreo

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by lostamongtrees


A faction of vampyric creatures who reign over the Cursed Wood. "Expect from thy blood no more than thy blood expects from thee."
Archaic line of Vampyric blood, named in the language of their favored region, founders of the Vankoryth Detente, and Domain Holders of the Cursed Wood


So begins...

Zosimos's Story

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#, as written by Rulke
Sitting in the dank dungeon scared out of her mind, she had her weapons taken off and somehow they had taken her cross leaving her neck bare. How had this happened, she had listened to her father carefully about everything, but still had somehow failed? Why had God not protected her, why had she waited and not fired instead?

It did not matter, here she was alone in a cell, the dripping receding from the ceiling and algae and the likes growing around, the cobbles glistening with the water. No rats, no anything just her on her own, how had she let this happen, how? She a Van-Helsing, she rushed in blindly and truly forgot core rule, don't go up against more than one vampire if possible. She had neglected the hypnosis of those foul fiends... Now here she was crying alone in some god-forgotten dungeon... Why had she been forsaken?

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You need not cry,

The voice seemed to emanate from the stones itself. It was old, more so than the voices from before, and had a hint of an accent long lost.

You need not die.

Was there of amusement to the words, and where exactly did they come from? The shadows beyond the bars, it would seem, just out of reach of confinement. The voice taunted, haunted, but didn't reveal it's face. The accent would be placable as Greek.

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#, as written by Rulke
Lifting her head in fury she would yell back, "Show yourself foul beast, I have nary the time or inclination to deal with your kind. You won leave me to die in shame, you are not worth my time." with that she would furiously pound wall next to her, screaming in anguish, her fists beginning to bleed, "Leave I still have my dignity and if I am to die, I will die a Van-Helsing not become some unholy creature and forsake the lord and my father."

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The figure of a man, broad, muscled, paler than moonlight would appear as quickly as a light would snuff out. He stood just within the bars, twinkling eyes fixed on the damsel in distress.

Foul beast,
He drawled, hypnotic eyes fixed upon her, repeating her insults back as if they were spoken in praise.
Unholy creature, forsaken of the Lord, the Father,
a devilish smile revealed fangs that were shorter than expected. They were not to be underestimated.

My kind,
The old vampire advanced towards her, bare chest shimmering beneath his blood red toga. The vampire, though old, was strong. He came from a time of physical prowess, where the mind and the body were worked to their extent. Slowly, he continued towards her, wishing to corner her, wishing to assert his power.

The last two words, he spoke with conviction, with another flash of teeth,
Your kind.

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#, as written by Rulke
Trembling she tried desperately to resist, tried to reason and argue with herself, her fingers clawing walls in utter desperation, "W...why...why can you not... le...le...let me die... I...I...I...I am a Van-Helsing... I AM A VAN-HELSING, I AM A VAN-HELSING, I AM A VAN-HELSING." she kept repeating it to try and fight the hypnosis and it appeared to work, "I am not some weak girl, my father captured and defeated Dracula, he beat you all. I AM A VAN-HELSING. I AM ANAMARIE VAN-HELSING THE LAST LIVING RELATIVE OF THIS FAMILY AND I WILL NOT FORSAKE MY HUMANITY!"

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He cocked his head, delighted. Blood was flowing free now, from her hands, and soon her throat.
Just the theatrics he was looking for.

Yes, you are Van Helsing,
There was a laugh on the edge of his taunt, He came close enough to touch, breathing in deep the scent of her frightened flesh. Yes, any and all would be wise to feel fear in his presence.
Especially when he had the spotlight.

And so you will be a Van Helsing,
He leaned in close, looking deep into her eyes,

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#, as written by Rulke
Spinning around she pleaded, "No... I must remain pure, must die... must die human... why must you change me, are you humiliated that a family unknown before started to reveal the truth, are you so scared by this? Get with the times. I am a Van-Helsing your worse enemy and I will fight until my dying breath." with that she would lift her knee up roughly to try get him in the groin, then elbow his chest and run to other side of the cell, "I AM A VAN-HELSING... And I will not forsake our motto... "We will not give up and despair, We are on a mission from God,"!"

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Easily, almost pathetically, he dodged. Mortals, always on missions from some god or another.

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He did not bother with words, but simply used this opportunity to attack. Against the wall, then straight after her, barely feeling pain as what hit him of her blows connected. He was old, for the love of!

He was done fooling around now. She was cornered, he made sure, moving his bulk to block her in. The old vampire swooped, one hand going for her throat, the other for her abdomen, to press his prey into the wall. Sirin' time he would think to himself, noting that this was most certainly a worthy opponent.

Strong as a mortal, strong as a vampire.

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#, as written by Rulke
Wincing she would scream out, "I AM A VAN-HELSING I SHALL NOT FORSAKE GOD, I WILL NOT FORSAKE GOD. I AM ANAMARIE VAN-HELSING I WILL NOT SUCCUMB, I WILL DIE... I WILL DIE... I WILL NOT... I REFUSE TOO..." as she feebly fought, she tried anything, tears welling in her eyes as her last word was, "I am a Van-Helsing... I am... I am... I am... nothing..."

With that her eyes would close over...

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Then, he took her soul. At least, that's probably what she though. What he most certainly did take was her blood. Most of it, replacing some of it with his precious siring venom.

Finishing, the vampire pulled back to admire his work. Dead, soon undead. Perfect. Effortlessly, he hoisted the female over his shoulder and went to bring her to a legitimate room. Now that she was blood, the dungeons were not worthy.

I am Zosimos,
He whispered to her,
I am your Sire, you are my Kin,
She most likely couldn't hear,
Welcome to your new life.

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#, as written by Rulke
Within the fever-dream... within the realm she now stood, she heard echos and distant screams, witnessed the Prince of Darkness slaughter many, witnessed the final battle... witnessed the imprisonment of the beast...

She was Anamarie Van-Helsing... but the light faded and darkness engulfed... she must redeem herself, she had been raped with this... she had been raped and forcefully turned away from the father... the lord...

She was Anamarie Van-Helsing...

The eyes would laugh and mouths would see...

She was Anamarie Van-Helsing.

The ears would laugh... and holy rays would shatter her form, death and holy spirit had stopped caring, she was a mongrel... no longer pure...

The eyes still laughed...

The eyes still laughed...

The setting changes from Castle Vankoryth Dungeons to Room of Reason


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The Room of Reason served it's purpose, now more than ever. The Vankoryth Detente had swollen, holding record membership and impressive power among it's ranks. Families flocked from far and wide to pledge their alligience to this powerful group. Dieties had even turned their attention to the brethren of vampyrkind, wishing for support, blotting the sun with clouds so the night walkers could stride at day. Here, in the archaic stone Castle Vankoryth nestled deep within the Cursed Wood, undead powers presently sat themselves around a table carved for truth.

Brethren, Blood, fellow Creatures of the Night,

Casren Bistreo addressed the assembly, bowing to his elders and nodding to those below him. Most members of the Vankoryth Detente were present, the Room of Reason being large enough to accomidate all. Many were armed despite the safety of the room; this unsettled few.
The Vankoryth were not foolish.

All of you know of The Blood Edict,
All of you know of The Humanity Clause,

The Detente had since doubled, Casren noted in his mind.

There is more to be known, settle quickly ladies and gentlethings.
Now is the time to address the issues that have come to rise.

He looked to those with enemies, bad blood, and vengeance in their eyes.

Too many Vampires run unchecked in our domain,
Too many disgrace the name of the Night,
Families broken, kin run rampant.
By the Blood Edict, this unruly nonsense must come to an end.
These Vampires must be quelled in their path to disgrace.

Casren then turned to face the warriors of the group.

Our army grows, our army dwindles, seeming to stay at stagnant size.
While their armour is strong, their spirit is weak.
Where their moves are superior, their mana is lacking.
Do you have motions to fix this, or has the army no more interest in asserting it's athourity?

Casren next addressed everyone, regathering the attention of the room,

Those of us who fare fine on blood,
Do you ever suffer agonizing thirst?
Those of us require heartier meals.
Do you find your gut aching in hunger?
Our current alliances provide us with a steady influx of sustenance, however if any measures could be taken to quell any cravings, please speak your piece.

He gave a slight bow before addressing the next lot of Lords and Royalty that had happened among them. Many influential families placed themselves in the trust of the Detente, which was a pleasurefor everyone.

Your Highnesses, Lordships, Ladies, and Lovelies,

Finally, Casren allowed a smile to slip through.
Families of old and new.
Are you thus far satisfied with the level of security associating with the Vankoryth Detente insures?
How are your lands, Is the Domain hospitable enough?

Looking finally to the oddballs, the outcasts, and the non-vampiric, Casren addressed the beloved remainer of the Detente.

Are you comfortable?
Are you equal?
Is there anything specific to your cause that has not been addressed as of yet?

He elevated his voice, with a closing statement.

All who wish to present an issue are encouraged to do so, by Nyarlathotep.
As many may have noticed, the sun does not shine through the clouds in the day, enough to harm us in our domain. Our nights are clear, our moons our bright, the darkness is on our side. If you have heard of The Crawling Chaos, keep hearing.

Casren nodded solumnly, taking his seat at the round table. He looked from his kin to his brethren, waiting for someone to speak.


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[color=maroon]This place was not somewhere Kaiser had ever expected to return. felt like years of an instinctual, permanently famished existence was not something he had ever hoped to recover from. Kaiser was never one for hope. His once fine clothes, white and red silk, tattered, shredded. His once groomed, crimson locks were dirty, matted, and clinging to his features like a drunk clings to his last drink. He did not walk tall. He did not walk with confidence.

No, even after regaining his mind, the blood fever sated, finally, he still carried himself with the air of a deranged, rabid animal. He could smell the 'Old Blood', even from the hallways, and his curse demanded that he drain them all. Of course, he knew that would be impossible. No matter how strong, he could not attack a coven of Elders and hope to survive...

Dusting himself off as best he could, which would yield little to no results in terms of cleanliness, Kaiser began to muster up as much courage and dignity as he could before entering the south hall, a familiar site, towards the meeting. This was the Detente, and despite everything, he was once a member. Guards would try to stop him, demanding clearance or identification. Who was this disheveled vampyre, who with no grace or respect walked their halls? They were silenced quickly. He had no need for them, nor would he ever. Even his own kind, if newborn or weak, were like paper to his now, almost comically long talons. Screams echoed like thunder through the halls. He made sure not to strike down a single one permanently. No, his 'leader' frowned on that sort of thing.

Only one thing mattered though, and that was that he spoke to Daemala, or Casren, though he much preferred the female. After all, she brought him into the circle originally, before the war with the Wolves. Before his disappearance.

More soldiers. More blood on the stone walls and carpet. Weapons cleaved, armor sundered, and before his eyes was the heavy wooden doors, so ominous and burdensome it was almost like


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As the new militant Vampire entered, a smile swept across Casren's face.

"Indeed, there appears to have been a mistake," Casren said to Kenshin Hio. He gestured to the rest of the room, after offering the newcomer a polite bow of the head. This was, after all, the first large meeting this century. Many of these vampires may have never met, and still many may be old acquiaintances. Kenshin, as of now, was a new face.

"Another from the East," Manik Chakur came to grin, "With the answer to my question." He looked to Casren, wondering if this was orchestrated.

"Ah, yes. The armies and the unsatisfied. Kenshin, have you come across much opposition in your travels? "

"I have," chimed Manik, finding his voice easier with another Easterner present. Reisel's nostril's flared, and Daemala came whirling back into the room. Opposition? Who would dare turn them down. Daemala thought back to the dawn of the Blood Edict, how they had decapitad and scalped Edward Cullen. It was a warning to all Vampires, but also a hand extended. The Humanity Clause had also sparked alliances, and was most to blame for the current health of the Detente.

Louis stepped into the room only to look around at everyone present and shake his head just to then leave.

"These Vampires must be quelled in their path to disgrace." Daemala quoted her Sire, before turning on her heel and leaving after Louis. As she left, the vampiress muttered something about a Magnum Opus, a storm in her step. Casren watched her go, then turned to face everyone.

"They must be quelled, but not before offered alligience. " Casren looked slowly to everyone as he spoke, everyone except for Alexander. "Why snuff the fire that can be tamed?"

"And if we get burned?" There was malice in his voice, but it was an honest concern. Casren turned to Manik, but Reisel responded first.

"We would burn for the sake of the Night," The stone gaze of Reisel never left Manik's face. "What is but a bruise in war?"

"And if we fail?" Manik spit back, aging noticeably, veins bulging.

"I fail to see how!" Reisel began to grow too, grow hair and muscle. His nails defined and sharpened inside closed fists.

Casren slammed his fist into the table, sending a wave of suppressive energy towards both Manik and Reisel. Casren did not care whether the vampires took offense to his actions over them, he would not watch them destroy eachother over peace. With a controlled breath, the elder vampire turned his gaze to Kenshin, and released the energy.
The question of opposition still stood.

Alexander meanwhile stood in the back, watching and observing. He knew his arrival would have been noticed, even if he said nothing here. At the same time, he found himself being careful about what he said. He looked at his father, then back at the others, unable to help thinking about the man again. The one who killed him. Not Casren, not his father, but the one who stabbed him. He had seen him only days again before coming here, hundreads of years later after he died. Why was Alexander killed? If he stayed alive all this time, it could not have been by coincidence. Alexander then connected the dots. Between what Casren was talking about, and what happened to him long ago, then for him to appear in the Domain of the Vankoryth Detente.... This was connected. Whatever The Detente wanted, it had something to do with what attacked him. But what was it?

Asked Casren of all aside the obvious, "Men, Monsters, or Dogs?"

The setting changes from Room of Reason to Castle Vankoryth Upper Level

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#, as written by Rulke
Zosimos waited in the room for his new kin to awaken.

It had been years, centuries perhaps, since he had let his venom slip. Now, he was going to enjoy the result. She was a fiery one, daughter of a famous hunter of their kind. A hunter herself, or so she was.

Silently, patiently, he sat.

Slowly but surely she would open her eyes, blinking and then staring around, she would whimper and say, "Torture the little maiden you did, torture her and drain her... all those pretty photos Mother took are stained now in blood. I once met the man who whispered of such promise, but little Annie knew he lied." she would touch her neck and ask, "Why does it not weep, for I am wanting oblivion, I will take in bed and decapitate her in cruel spread. I shall fly from the window and break my neck, snap, snap and then dead. Little Annie, little Annie you left her dead."

He could hear the murmers of his new kin, and couldn't help but smile. Such torture, such hate, such passion. It was refreshing after all these years, refreshing after seeing what his line turned to and from.

Good luck with that, deary
Zosimos juiced, mocking Casren's Italian accent. His voice slipped lower, into a laugh, which began deep in his throat and came to echo in the room.

You wish to live eterninty with a snapped neck? Don't let me try to stop you, as if it would work,
More of that menacing laughter.

She would stand up and argue, "You broke Little Annie, look at her all dead, why should I not break your head, crush it clean, crush it dirty, crush it all over Casren brain, you hurt little Annie." she would skip along appearing rather deranged, "Death kill, killing death she is dead, just dead. Deader than dead, I want my doll!"

An interesting outcome indeed. It would appear his new kin slipped into the habit of speaking in third person. Still Zosimos smiled, walking close to Anamaria and moving to embrace her. He would be strong, looking deep into her eyes, working to assert his power over his kin.

"]Deader than dead, but more alive than ever" He crooned, "You may have your doll, Annie, but first she must be sewn" Zosimos would walk his kin back, wishing to seat them both on the bed. It was time to explain to her the concept of a flesh puppet.

She would follow cuddling the doll tightly appearing so juvenile and innocent, "Little Annie wants to see the crying... all these wounds tears over her face, all there saline solution her elixir. Make them cry Litttle Annie, make them cry watch them weep and then make them whimper as two points cry crimson drops, drip drop, drip drop all on my tongue... like these pretty little scars on my arms." with that she tears her claws over her arms and watch memerized as the blood fell.

Well, this would not do.
Self harm, no no no. Zosimos reached forward, to grab his kin by the wrists.
"Absolutely not," He said sternly, "Are you to draw blood from yourself. It is why," The vampire added, "There are humans we kill. I do believe they get delivered here. Annie,"
Zosimos looked again into her eyes,
"Annie, are you thirsty?"

Still watching drips from her arm, she would respond, "Little rivers on my Niles little rivers which Little Annie flow down, down into depths of Hades... splash and splish we all fall down and no one will remember, no will think... Little Annie shall instead just watch as the blood falls from the sky, as she creates little inlets over her whole body, she will become the Amazon with lots of tributaries... lots of little crimson paths."

Then, it dawned on him.
Necromance and blood worship be damned, she wasn't even supposed to bleed as much as she was. Had he, somehow...

"Annie, do you hunger?" Zosimos shook her, "Do you wish a corpse to play with?"

She would look up and nod slowly, "Little rivers... all dripping over my body, raining down and I am being soaked in them all, pretty little showers soaking Little Annie as she dances around the corpses. So many rivers, so many inlets one cut, two cut, lots of patterns within my flesh. Little Annie desires to patch-work of all her sins, so much delicious elixer, I hunger and desire more. Please Daddy don't hurt those streams, let them flow and never stop, my heart wishes for more."

Zosimos moved to grab his new kin by the hand, immediately making for the door.
There was a solution to this, somewhere. If she was skilled in the art of Blood Magery, had somehow inherited through blood an art long lost to his line, then this could mean very large things.

He had to find another necromancer, another blood mage, another vampire like her.

They made it to the door before he realized exactly how horrible of an idea it was to drag her out into the public like this, looking for who they were looking for. Zosimos sighed, slowing his stride and carefully pulling towards the kitchens.

First, she would have to feed.

The setting changes from Castle Vankoryth Upper Level to Room of Reason


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Casren's eyes flashed to Yves, as the general had the full attention of the room. He spoke of expansion, of nations.

"An established council would be wise," Casren said with a smile, "However, all should elect this council, no? And, perhaps," He looked to Manik, to Reisel, to his Kin, "Not so much of a delegating council as...Committees!"

Manik snorted, but nodded in agreement. It wasn't the worst ideas. He didn't know how he felt about a whole town of vampires, and was certain walls were no way to give a good message. Reisel said not a word, looking to the eldest Dracul. He agreed with most of what Yves said, but everyone knew the General sometimes went overboard.e

Zosimos, however, stood and applauded. It was a slow clap, and as he emerged from the shadows to stand on the table center he swept the room with a twinkling glare.

"Commitees," The greek man relished the word, "Factions," His eyes were alive, fists curled. "Nations!" Zosimos punched the air, striking a dramatic warrior's pose.

"In the night we will rise, in this Wood we will flourish," Zosimos pointed to the shadows. A young woman dressed in a dress and carrying a doll would enter, less imposing and more innocent there were scars on her arms- self inflicted apparently she would giggle and say, "Little Annie knows people know how to kill you are, but united you will be stronger, and in great city walls you will be survivors."

"We have among us one of many, almost one of every. A Necromagika!" He of course spoke of the diversity of the Vankoryth Detente, and of the newly emerged woman of chaos. "Our blood runs thickest, as it is the sum of many. We will be survivors," Zosimos turned to Casren, his Kin. Suddenly, his posture dropped back, and Zosimos kicked his way towards Casren emulating a jersey boy

"You run this shit," Zosimos laid on the accent, "Whatcha gonna do 'bout the ones who doubt?"

"Make them beleive," Spoke a seething voice from behind, Manik Chakur. In response, Casren smiled his wildest of grins.

"An' the ones who won'?" With a nod, Zosimos turned to Yves, "Outta here."

Casren chimed in instantly, "This can only apply for Vampyric Blood. Ah," he sighed, pulling from his coat a parchment and pen, "It appears it is time for another clause to be added. Oh, the Blood Edict," Casren reminded Zosimos' quizzical expression, who was still a bit out of the loop.

Casren set to work writing.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Rulke
"Ah!" Casren looked to Merek, halting his quill motions for the moment. "I don't believe it is the humans that are our true problem. We do need them though they don't need us," The old vampire cast a stern gaze around the room, "Something it would do us good to never truly forget," With a rounded scrape of his quill, Casren finished the clause he was working on and looked it over. Everything seemed to be in order.

"We need to regain control of the Night, but keep on good feet with the humans. However, I see no reason for there not to be a city for us. Certainly, the humans will be glad to have our kind free of their streets. Claim our land as ours, assert that the Cursed Wood is the land of the Night, the Crawling Chaos, and set ourselves truly equal to them. We will no longer be forced to die in their day, they will no longer be a burden on our nights."

Manik looked to Casren, then to Alucard, seeing truth in both their reasoning. "I see how this all can work."

Meanwhile outside the door, Tiaan was dealing with a stubborn boar, who did not seem to understand why they should unite and especially why politically they should keep their friends close, and enemies closer. Despite all this, she would protest, "Driselda, I love you dearly, truly dear to my heart, but you have no idea how politics work. We can't isolate ourselves and expect to be safe. This is insane and you believing we can live in some dream world and be hermits to our kind. You persauded me to become a vampire, but you seem intent on destroying us with your pride. I love you Driselda and would never hurt you, but I lived in politics most my life, I know what it all pertains too and thus why I keep an eye on it always."

Driselda growled loudly at the elf in front of her, believing her words yet still shaking her head "And i Love you as well Tiaan my dearest, my lover and joy. However I still do disagree with these Half Breeds, Falsifiers, Pretenders and Honorless dogs who would dare to invade your mind, steal your secrets and use your past to their advantage! These are not Vampires, they are common rats who would stab us in the back within moments They are no true Hunters like you and I...they who live among st the prey like sheep themselves! They do not deserve our respect and attention nor should they receive us in this 'Court' they have convened. It is an outrage!!" She said with force behind her words, gesturing to the door with points and fists as if to show her frustration

"They are the swine of this world and I would prefer to see this Detente burn down to the ground in the Light of the Sun and die like the animals they are" She grumbled and turned to look out the window silently, clearly stressed and angry about this whole situation

Sighing she would ask with conviction, "I said once and will say again Driselda, I am not weak, nor am I someone fragile who will break with their senseless attacks. I can build great castles my love composed of Ice and can shatter bones of most men and monsters, do you trust me? Do you love me? Do you understand I won't break, I will not fall into million of pieces..." she would look at her eyes wet, "Just... just... give me this... and you will see for yourself..."

Driselda would turn her head and sigh heavily with anger as her fist crashed into the window as she punched clean through the glass and then pulled itself out "I do not worry about your abilities, nor your skill nor your power. Its THEM I do not like, trust and am completely disgusted over. I find them appalling for using the tactics against prey as they did you. They insult you and I with such cheap tactics" She then turned to face Tiaan and gently took her hand in her own

"Fine...we will enter this room and engage the Half-Breeds....then we will go home and speak no more of this Detente...."

Smiling she kissed her lover's neck softly, "Thank you Dri, thank you... I promise you will not regret this." carefully she pushed open the doors and witnessed immediately a gun going off, then focus turned to the person. Eying scene warily she would whisper, "Once more unto the breach." with that she stepped through just after the German vampire had finished his piece.

Driselda glared at the room around with her lover with her teeth grinding rather loudly in her mouth as her fists shook but kept her mouth shut rather tightly. The Vampires were already firing off guns...what a group this was indeed...

Just watching silently, she would ready her magic to start channeling, and react.

The pattering of feet could be heard against the floor of the castle, Remilia Scarlet and Flandre Scarlet two of the group. Remilia was the only one who was not exactly effected completely by Fear, but she still felt the effects...her doubts...did she want to be part of this whole cherade? She was technically wiping people's asses every day, but regardless..she shrugged it off. She was carrying Flandre on her shoulder, as well as Sakuya. She was unsure if Elisia was following, but she couldn't care..she was more focused on helping her sister and her girlfriend...they needed help...She'd come to a screetching halt as she'd see the group of different vampires. "HELP. Anybody! Someone or something's attacked the mansion..we couldn't hold them off!"

Reisel sprung to his feet, along with the twelve soldiers he had hidden in the shadows. They leapt forth to catch and cater to the ladies.

"Who?" Zosimos' nostril's flared as the elderpyre glared at the girlies. Who were these people, he wondered sensing their power. Meanwhile, Reisel had charged from the room, calling men to arms as he stormed.

Elisia ran after the group of females as they moved through the castle. She ran as fast as she could. She didnt know why she was running, but she did it. Otherwise she would be left alone and the group would disappear. Everytime that she slowed her movements, she could hear the foot-steps of the doctors chasing her. She had to stay with the group, otherwise they would catch her. And that was the last thing she wanted. She was getting out of breath though and it made her a bit dizzy. She wasn't used to running and such. Those things were normally not done alot by here. She wasn't exactly sure what had happened. One moment they were in the mansion... Were she had woken up from some kind of nightmare. The maid.... She was stabbing herself. Was that the reason they were so hurried? Because they needed help.... A doctor. Elisia would then slower her pace at the thought of it. She was going to be trapped even if she followed them. They were actually going to some kind of doctor... But they did it to get help for the maid. She wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not. She decided to simply follow them, seeing that there wasn't really another option. Stopping would only result in her getting caught. She would rather be with the group. She took a quick look at her hands as they ran. The blood on her hands.... It seemed so familiar, yet still terrifying. She should be used to blood, but this was different. It was the blood of herself and the maid... Combined. She had gotten some cut wounds on her hands after grabbing the blade. It didn't hurt though. The shout of the girl didn't calm her, but worry her. Hopefully the maid would be okay... She still wasn't sure what had happened. She had a bad dream... With her parent in it. But she couldn't remember her parents... It was very confusing to her.

"I smell flesh," Manik said, a smile creeping onto his face.

"Ah, shit," muttered Casren.

The new clause would have to wait.


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#, as written by Terrus
Dakida gave a silent sigh before standing up. Looking to Casren, and everyone else who had voiced their opinion, and gave a silent bow. Before standing straight back up."I am sorry, but if its politics, then I'm not interested. Call me when there's real action going on. When we plan on actually doing something. Or if someone needs to get caught." The tone in his voice sounded like that tone you use when you want someone to fuck off. With the words spoken, he lit up a ciggarette and stuck it in his mouth. Taking a long drag and blowing the smoke out of his nose as left the room to go back to the entrance hall.


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Glancing up he would sigh annoyed before saying, "Well appears we got bigger concerns, but I refuse to drop this point of the Nation of Vankoryth. I shall send some men to scout the Scarlet Devil Mansion and see what took place." with that he would point to some men, then towards the door, "If you see anyone you don't know, question then shoot them. We cannot allow people to wander around here, and threaten us." with that he would place a hand on Ember shoulder, "But what does my daughter think of this entire idea, she is after all new to the fold and I do believe we should allow her to voice her thoughts."

Kaiser would only study the offending corpse, at first. He could smell the absolute hatred that wafted off almost every single soul in the room, all of it intended for him. The one who shouted of nations annoyed him. The patrons and elders
bothered him. They all probably thought that they were better off without a 'disease' like him. Those with Kaiser's particular curse were never well recieved by their own kind, mostly...out of fear. Lazarus had meant to either intimidate or
offend him, however, he would have to disappoint the bandaged buffoon. Swiping the hair out of his own eyes, the devourer of kin and onced fevered Kaiser set to work. "If you hadn't stood in my way, welp, you would've lived to slay another..."
he whispered to the deceased soldier...before ripping into him, claws and fangs ablaze, making quite the mess. Already soaked in the sanguine wine of life however, the sloppy feeding didn't really bother Kaiser, as much as it probably disturbed
the others

Ember looked around nervously at the carnage and looked up at Yves. "We're being attacked??"

Sighing he would nod, "Appears so, but Ember what is your thoughts on my plan, I may be only a General but I think we need to take a look at this group and realize we need leadership, we need action, a nation would prosper peace and 'special' cases..." he would pause, "Try anything Kaiser and you will die in this very room." with that he would cough but continue, "As mentioned 'special cases' even they shall feel welcome in this nation for who is it for us to decide what vampires should be part of a nation, they would of course be part of the Detente but it's time we saw the truth here ladies and gentlemen, we have the chance to set foundation for a nation that could outlast us, which is momentous and beautiful thing." turning he would draw his Desert Eagle and think a little, before going on, "But, first we will need to realize one fact here today. We are divided and facing wars on many fronts, WW1 and WW2 taught us, wars like this can't usually be won... But we are lucky in that we have everlasting members to make this possible. If we form a nation we will achieve the impossible, we will have mortals scared, but also cure them of their problems of Vampires within Wing City, thus having this nation and city we would actually appease those fools..."

"But... I digress, I am not happy with all who are here, but I will not start a fight and weaken bonds, this is moment of truth and if you are think for second we can last without some proper leadership, no offence to my lords..." he would bow respectfully, "I am just saying we have grown to capacity that makes this impossible, so here and now I say this. We will be a Nation and we will be safe haven for all who stand with us." taking Ember's shoulder he would carry on, "I am aware I am only a General and can never hope to be as powerful as any around here, but I do believe as someone who knows history, we need to act now, or face this group falling apart."

Indicating to Ember, he would whisper softly, "Okay daughter, you may speak now."

She pulled a lock of black hair behind an ear as she glanced around at the others, trying not to get all nervous and focused her words more to Yves. "I agree. Like you said we have reached capacity here, we either need to expand to other places or stop expanding all together, which isn't really an option. I think it is entirely plausible that we could one day have control of more than just Wing City and surrounding areas, maybe the world?" She looked down at her feet, fearing she may have said something wrong.

After his little snack, Kaiser would wipe the blood from his mouth, chew, and swallow. It felt good to be in civilized company once again. And to have his self control back, after months of succumbing to the Blood Fever. "Ahem...No need to such threats, man of war.
Its not as if I would try anything, at this junction, at least." A smile crept onto his features, sly and lewd, his eyes wondering over the 'young' woman who had just spoke. "You did well. I can smell your anxiety, girl. However, I have to agree. In all honesty, nothing could truly stop us, if we played our cards right, proper planning and all that."

The smile only grew, perverted thoughts racing through his mind, not only of her, but Daemala, and others of the fairer sex as well. It had been months since he had seen a pair of breast, or any sort of curve what-so-ever. "I still retain all my contacts, despite my disappearance. Before my arrival, I went to my office and called up all those at my disposal. I still have my fair share of allies at my disposal, and thus, our collective disposal. Smugglers, politicians, religious zealots, law enforc-" He paused, growling...

Scowling he would interrupt, "Religious zealots?! I would rather hang myself than deal with the dogma of Catholism and it's lie of Christianity... Although if what you say is true, then I have to ask, why would they consort with us, I know of few zealots in Wing City, one is known as Jean-Paul and he serves the Assassins, there also seems to be a girl known as Daria... They both make it clear they want us dead, so I have to ask what can we offer them and why do they wish to serve us? Surely they can't have all fallen that far?"

Kaiser would cough, an eye raised. "I do not speak of them. I don't even know of them. Nor do I speak of the so called Christ and his sheep. No, I speak of cults. The Order of Mysticism, for one. As for why they would follow us, its very simple. The three motivations of mortals. Money, power, and fear and/or love. Emotion. The Order, to say the least, praises all things immortal, has hundreds of clerics, coffers filled with gold since the dark ages, and historical secrets going back since before the Dark Ages. The companies and law men, its money and fear. Its all very simple, as long as you use the right words, when needed, and kill who needs to be killed, when needed." He would lick his lips, flipping his hair back, almost dramatically. "Some have a way with manipulation, and some do not."

Just then then one of the occupants of Scarlet Devil Mansion would look up, her eyes wide, "THAT'S WHO IT WAS, THAT'S WHO IT WAS, SHE CALLED HERSELF THE EMBODIMENT OF FEAR!"

Having been about to say more Yves would frown at this outburst.

Ember folded her arms across her chest and gave Kaiser a glare, but a small smirk as well.

Alucard folded his legs and sighed. He traced a gloved finger over the lip of his wine glass. The elder vampire grew bored with the proceedings. So far the only interesting things to have happened were the abrupt interruption of the Scarlet Devil girl, and Kaiser devouring the poor sap in the corner.

"I have always found cults to be quite amusing." he sneered. "Christianity, to me at least, is simply another cult that devours itself from the inside. It is consumed by hypocrisy and politics. Ripe for the picking I say!"

Merek groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. He knew he should probably say something to bring order back to the meeting, but how long would it last? Three seconds? This was a chaotic lot. Why were they even bothering?

Lazarus had found his way back into the room,his claw's clicking together feverishly,he had seen Kaiser devour a corpse. The Chaos happening around him and heard all this talk of Cult's and Nations. He didn't entirely care,He was new and aside from that he was on the verge of going insane. It had been a week since he had killed something and the lack of spilled blood was driving his Theranen brain to the edge. The pad on his weapon fizzed to life as he lifted his arm up to show the other's

"Nation's will always rise and fall. All that changes is the blood that is spilled. I will be here to spill the blood, nothing more and nothing less. I care not for your squabbles or your ranking, I am a hunter not a politician." It would read,before fizzing out again and leaving him to stand there in silence,spinning his weapon endlessly after the message had been read, his red eye's even more blood-shot and flitting about the room.