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Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires

A place to organize the various groups of characters in The Multiverse.

Characters Settings Groups

117 characters
41 players
The United Aschen Empire founded by barney_fife

The Aschen Empire, a massive collection of semi-sovereign provinces that reigns over a great portion of the Milky Way Galaxy, paranoid, arrogant, and cruel, a once prosperous nation spirals into poverty, and self-destruction.

386 characters
37 players
TNG Citizens founded by Ylanne

Registered citizen of the Terran National Government

92 characters
32 players
Lutetia founded by Tiko

Citizens of the Lutetian City State of Issunar

74 characters
32 players
The UPL founded by ChaoticMarin

The United Pokemon League is the federal government of Ruula and the governing force behind it's military.

60 characters
32 players
Vankoryth Détente founded by lostamongtrees

A faction of vampyric creatures who reign over the Cursed Wood. "Expect from thy blood no more than thy blood expects from thee."

66 characters
31 players
The Patronus founded by Tiko

A group of battle-hardened veterans. These legendary champions came from all walks of life before banding together in the defense of Terra.

47 characters
28 players
Isiria founded by Tiko

A relatively large nation within the Aurora, Isiria spans several star systems. Isiria is an Aschen member-state.

36 characters
27 players
The Lessard Family founded by Tiko

An up and coming family that seeks to spread its influence. As individuals they have their own goals and desires for the family and Wing City, but as a group, power is the name of the game.

76 characters
25 players
Pokémon of Ruula founded by lostamongtrees

Pokémon are creatures of all shapes and sizes who live in the wild or alongside humans. These are the Pokémon of Ruula.

38 characters
24 players
The Champions of Gaia founded by Prose

A band of adventurers that were chosen for a quest that started out for mere stones through deceit. Nightfall is coming to Gaia with the Second Rising of Eras. The Champions will either plunge the world into darkness or bath it in everlasting light.

37 characters
21 players
The WCPD founded by Script

The Wing City Police Department, dedicated to protect and serve. One of the most formidable law enforcement agencies on the planet, considering the near limitless potential crime for a city on the crossroads of worlds.

91 characters
20 players
The People of Origin founded by LookingAtPerks

People who are often involved in Origin, generally living there, doing business there, or such.

22 characters
16 players
Crawling Chaos founded by Tearen Wover

Under the guise of the old Master, Nealaphh leads these enterprising souls on the path to true power in the hopes of preventing the collapse the Multiverse...

72 characters
15 players
The Erutin Empire founded by DemiKara

An empire of shapeshifters, the Erutins value their twin above all. Largely peaceful, they remain prepared for war.

45 characters
14 players
Astrius Academy founded by LookingAtPerks

Students, Staff, Alumni, all involved past or present are listed here in the records.

25 characters
13 players
The Mira founded by Tiko

Feral and with a ferocity matched by few, the Mira are worthy of both respect and caution. Though of a culture steeped heavily in tradition and honor their lifestyle is one of violence and war.

24 characters
13 players
Bloodstone Pack founded by Tiko

23 characters
12 players
Academia Celestia founded by Arrow

The students, staff and affiliates of the esteemed magical educational institute that is Academia Celestia.

17 characters
12 players
Gae Ceann founded by Gasmask

The original Gae Ceann: An exclusive club of paranormal and normal entities which are brought together for their love of one another, their motorbikes and the underground crime world.

19 characters
11 players
Dragons of Gaia founded by lostamongtrees

Dragons, drakes, and all of the lizardesque beasties on the planet Gaia

12 characters
11 players
Aschen Special Projects Division founded by Tiko

12 characters
11 players
The Transuniversal Explorers founded by Remæus

These are the passengers on board the Orbus, as it departed the Wing City Spaceport for its maiden voyage.

61 characters
10 players
Terran National Government founded by Ylanne

Originally formed after the Tripartite Occupation of Terra, the TNG once controlled all of Terra. Currently, the TNG's jurisdiction includes most of Terra's territory, but not the entire world.

48 characters
10 players
Misrana founded by Moonscar

A handy guide for all things Misranan.

17 characters
10 players
The Kingdom of Skyfall founded by Prose

A nation on the continent of Siv'en. It is led by a King and six Jarls that rule the six districts of Skyfall from the Exalted Mountains down to the Empyrean Sea. Their numbers are large and their armies are mighty.

13 characters
10 players
Terran Militia founded by Nemo

An organization of Terran citizens who have been endowed with legal authority by the Terran National Government to protect and maintain the health and well-being of the Terran community at large.

38 characters
9 players
The Lósénji Imperium founded by Script

The government and residents of Lósénji.

23 characters
9 players
Volarian Monarchy founded by Tiko

13 characters
9 players
Ra'shak Clan founded by Tiko

12 characters
9 players
Voices of Terra founded by lostamongtrees

Informer, question pusher, answer demander, truth seeker.

11 characters
9 players
Scions of Aodhan founded by Knosis

A well known pack of werewolves into organized crime.

11 characters
9 players
Wing City Law Enforcement founded by Awinita

When the original Polce Department shattered and shut down, there was briefly a time of lawless fear; until one woman stepped up and changed the roadmap. Starting anew with the Wing City Law Enforcement

15 characters
8 players
People of Gensokyo founded by ColeMaibara

11 characters
8 players
Forces Vankoryth founded by lostamongtrees

Aligned by the night, these brave creatures are sworn to protect the citizens of Verinotte Hollow, in the name of the Vankoryth Detente.

8 characters
8 players
Scoundrels of the Solinous founded by Rulke

The Revolution of the Sea! Wanted in all ports and guilty of many crimes but freedom loving people.

15 characters
7 players
Corpus Iudicium founded by FizzGig

A brotherhood committed to the relocation of demons and other hazardous creatures. WARNING: Members are armed and extremely spontaneous.

15 characters
7 players
The Apotheoses Lumina founded by Maree

A gathering that seeks out the seven feathers of Dhaelhel in order to banish the taint of Naar on Terra.

10 characters
7 players
LogicRoad Pharmaceuticals founded by Rulke

[i]“We go many paths in life, but with us the logical road is chosen.”[/i] Eros Fletcher - Founder and CEO of LogicRoad Pharmaceuticals

9 characters
7 players
The Vertigan Race founded by Mr. Baneling Squishy

A deviation of humans that originate from the planet Vertiga, the Vertigan Race is a race of warriors who are far more agile and strong then any normal human. Their society is based on combat and survival.

8 characters
7 players
The Heavenly Legion founded by TheNoremac42

The legion of Angels under the command of the God of Israel