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The students, staff and affiliates of the esteemed magical educational institute that is Academia Celestia.


Academia Celestia is a highly renowned school of magic within the Multiverse. Its headmistress, Scarlet Dae, is widely known as a political activist, author and advocate of social and magical change: as well as being known for various heroic achievements involving wars and slaying ancient enemies, and things of that nature. Whilst her celebrity is not all that makes Celestia great, she is the founder and the driving force behind the school, handpicking staff and ensuring that the highest level of achievement is nurtured within. Alongside Academia Everia, its twin Academy across a large lake, Celestia is one of the most esteemed centres of magical education in the Multiverse.

Celestia suffered at the hands of the Orsa of Terminus conflict, with Scarlet becoming one of the Patronus, the school became a target. However, after several sieges and various other traumas, the Academy pulled through and stands strong. It is currently recovering its student numbers after the mass evacuations and student deaths during the war damaged its reputation severely.

Organised Roster:


Scarlet Dae - Headmistress - Arrow.
Tallana Davindral - Head of Department (History) - Script
Natalie Oldburn (status unknown) - Teacher - Imehal
Rhea - Illusion Teacher - Tiko
Katarina Cassidy - Demonology and Black Magic Teacher - Arrow
Selphina - Librarian - Script
Kaleena - Arithmetics and Support Magic - Zephyr

Current Students:

Tessa Cartner - Part-time postgraduate studies - Tiko
Ninian Eoin - Cloasse
Embre - Script


Liam Oldburn - Imehal
Samuel 'Blaze' Torship - Gasmask
Elante Vadrillion - Arrow

Other Related Characters:

Lan Varynus - frequent user of the library, with a pass - Arrow
Aeryn - friend of the headmistress and husband of Elante - Script

Characters Aligned

23 Characters Aligned, played by 12 Players

Character Portrait: Aeryn

Aeryn played by Script


Character Portrait: The Mystic

The Mystic played by Disdain


Character Portrait: Natalie Oldburn

Natalie Oldburn played by Imehal

Patronus - Guardian.

Character Portrait: Tallana Davindral

Tallana Davindral played by Disdain

A dual lore Master Wizard, adept in both the Lore of Light and the Lore of Metal. One of the most highly respected figures in her homeland, and a popular favourite for succeeding as the Lord of the Order of Light.

Character Portrait: Elante Vadrillion

Elante Vadrillion played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Scarlet Dae

Scarlet Dae played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Katarina Blackheart

Katarina Blackheart played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Tessa Cartner

Tessa Cartner played by Tiko

DECEASED Age 19 - Shot by Taiyou Sniper

Character Portrait: Rhea

Rhea played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Kael Winter

Kael Winter played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Samuel 'Blaze'

Samuel 'Blaze' played by RolePlayGateway

A hot-headed and teenage Pyromancer.

Character Portrait: Embre'

Embre' played by Disdain

Student mage, studying divination and mysticism at Academia Celestia.

Character Portrait: Annoura

Annoura played by Disdain

The quietly wise and powerful Librarian of Academia Celestia. A calm and modest demeanour disguise great power, though she is always hesitant about employing it in any significant regard, for reasons of her own.

Character Portrait: Aaron Cassidy

Aaron Cassidy played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Gaius Pennipes

Gaius Pennipes played by EmperorCaesar

Character Portrait: Nanna Cane

Nanna Cane played by Sennen

Strong animals know when your hearts are weak.

Character Portrait: Robin Nieves

Robin Nieves played by Moonscar

Another one bites the dust.

Character Portrait: Alexis Abbott

Alexis Abbott played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Luca Savage

Luca Savage played by Sennen

A young bookworm and aspiring rune mage. He is a student at Academia Celestia.

Character Portrait: Amandine Sawyer

Amandine Sawyer played by Moonscar

A reanimated corpse with a vague memory of her life and death before her resurrection. A student at Academia Celestia.

Character Portrait: Dextrii Agnimus

Dextrii Agnimus played by Unwarranted

A student of Academia Celestia

Character Portrait: Aebbe Dmowska

Aebbe Dmowska played by Rulke

Despite being very skilled in the arts, her own self-confidence holds herself up as does her belief of being inferior.

Character Portrait: Rivyan Mahou Rixy

Rivyan Mahou Rixy played by LookingAtPerks

Subject V. "I am a wizard!"

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