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The Multiverse » Groups » Astrius Academy

Students, Staff, Alumni, all involved past or present are listed here in the records.


Students, Staff, Alumni, all involved past or present are listed here in the records. (Still being worked on!)

This group is involved heavily, but not necessarily exclusively, with Astrius Academy, or at least was at one point or another. Or was at least planned to? Hopefully the latter never actually happens.


Headmaster, Director, Principle, and Head Doctor: Dr. Simon Azler

Millen (Previous/Former Demon King) (Under the Alias Milo to not draw unwanted attention) (Normally Special Classes on Special Class Days, may occasionally take over normal classes)
Dr. Simon Azler (For Special Classes on Special Class Days) (Has crazy powerful magic, no one is quite sure how long he has worked at the school though, and no one seems willing to focus on it either, especially any inconsistencies)
Lord Andolen Thatcher (Elf) (Magical Theory and Formulae Teacher) (May have some other secrets... :3 )
Rivyan Rixy (Magic Arts, and Magic Combat...and occasionally anything else he can help with) (Is also a student for some things not related to magic)
Eric Porter (Human, teaches Physical Development, Master Level Swordsmanship, Advanced Physical Development, and other fields)
Lily Porter (Elf, teaches Magic Arts, Spellweaving, Mana Manipulation, and various other more normal courses including math)


Zakar Verrevia (First Prince of the Rosetta Kingdom)
Acara Verrevia (Second Prince of the Rosetta Kingdom)
Millen (Previous/Former Demon King) (Under the Alias Milo to not draw unwanted attention) (Only in certain subjects, is barely even counted as a part time student in terms of normal classes)
Atrix Akir (Last Survivor of a Nomad Tribe. Also secretly Millen's son, and inherited Demon King Blood) (Meeko's Roommate)
Meeko Maow (Atrix's Roommate in the dorms, Unknown Cat Like Species, possesses unique transformation ability)
Akela Anku (Transfer/Exchange student from the Mauhasinan Empire)
Rivyan Rixy (Mainly for things that don't involve magic)
Aeka Takayama (Taiyou Princess, Transfer Student from Taiyou Empire)
Iziti Rixy (Student) (Former Lab Test Subject) (Quintin's Roommate)
Quintin Melotique (Student) (Prince of a nation on a different planet) (Iziti's Roommate)
Vyro Ruuza (Student) (Royal Bodyguard/Child Soldier from the same place as Quintin, contains abnormally high power)
Proxima (Student/Former Student) (Is incredibly in trouble for missing over 500 years of class)
Hayden Oakley (Student)
Cliff Lyco (Student, Werewolf, Therion's Roommate)
Therion Judex (Student, Mage, Cliff's Roommate)
Aeryn Jace (Student, Son of a Sevrianna Continent Noble with various bad rumors and such about him, family line considered "Demons") (Virgil's roommate)
Oza (Student, Materialized AI)
Rio Aran (Student, his family disappeared after they spoke out against the Jace Noble Family)
Emril Desser (Student)
Petra Meyer (Student)
Virgil Lacroix (Student) (Aeryn's Roommate)
Ruby Ellsworth (Student)
Rosemary Valentine (Student)
Lilian Valentine (Student)
Blaise Arabella Hyperion (Student)
Guinevere Curtis (Student)
Selene Estelion (Student)

Characters Aligned

45 Characters Aligned, played by 14 Players

Character Portrait: Aeka Takayama

Aeka Takayama played by barney_fife

The youngest princess in the Takayama family, snobbish and proud.

Character Portrait: Lord Andolen Thatcher

Lord Andolen Thatcher played by RolePlayGateway

A man stands before you, regal and dire. His countenance is that of an emperor, and it leaves little doubt that he is nobility.

Character Portrait: Petra Meyer

Petra Meyer played by RolePlayGateway

"I'mma heal you real good!"

Character Portrait: Chormynth, Daughter of Nuria

Chormynth, Daughter of Nuria played by lil_kreen

I can't ever be a Mada but I can be a warrior for Myrkul.

Character Portrait: Eric Porter

Eric Porter played by LookingAtPerks

"Huh? I thought this was a normal sword technique, doesn't everyone know it?" "Being able to cut through magic, at a distance, is nowhere near a normal sword technique!"

Character Portrait: Lily Porter

Lily Porter played by LookingAtPerks

"Magic is not something limited, but a boundless possibility where there will always be more to learn".

Character Portrait: Rivyan Mahou Rixy

Rivyan Mahou Rixy played by LookingAtPerks

Subject V. "I am a wizard!"

Character Portrait: Zakar Verrevia

Zakar Verrevia played by LookingAtPerks

One of the King's Grandchildren, and one born with the potential to be a Hero, Zakar has a lot of training and abilities, but tends to favor swords and fire magic. Though, he was also trained to use firearms.

Character Portrait: Atrix Akir

Atrix Akir played by LookingAtPerks

"Where I am from and who I am does not matter...I have to succeed!"

Character Portrait: Dr. Simon Azler

Dr. Simon Azler played by LookingAtPerks

Director, Principle, Headmaster, and so much more of Astrius Academy.

Character Portrait: Millen

Millen played by LookingAtPerks

The Demon King that was slain 1000+ years ago....or at least, was supposed to?

Character Portrait: Meeko Maow

Meeko Maow played by SugarNspikeS

"What was done cannot be forgiven."

Character Portrait: Primaris

Primaris played by claw

"In the Alovai's name."

Character Portrait: Akela Anku

Akela Anku played by Butterfly Effect

Character Portrait: Quintin Melotique

Quintin Melotique played by SugarNspikeS

"Life is music and music is life."

Character Portrait: Iziti Oculus Rixy

Iziti Oculus Rixy played by LookingAtPerks

Subject IV. "With these eyes of mine, I have control".

Character Portrait: Proxima Centauri

Proxima Centauri played by Ersatz Creed

"There are Dragons that still need wings to fly?!...Primitive...but adorable."

Character Portrait: Halitrax

Halitrax played by SugarNspikeS

"Yours is not the only planet with Demons"

Character Portrait: Acara Verrevia

Acara Verrevia played by LookingAtPerks

One of the prince's of the Rosetta Kingdom of Origin, and also a user of magic and spellcraft.

Character Portrait: Rosemary Valentine

Rosemary Valentine played by Floor

Aggressively magic gay pink nurse girl who brags about her mom a lot.

Character Portrait: Ruby Ellsworth

Ruby Ellsworth played by nobody-

A soft spoken, introverted alchemist.

Character Portrait: Lilian Valentine

Lilian Valentine played by Floor

A powerful healer with a dark secret.

Character Portrait: Ellie Sinopa

Ellie Sinopa played by Lilyfloof

Student at Astrius academy

Character Portrait: Aeryn Jace

Aeryn Jace played by LookingAtPerks

"I am my own person, so stop refering to me as just my father's son".

Character Portrait: Virgil Lacroix

Virgil Lacroix played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Vyro Ruuza

Vyro Ruuza played by LookingAtPerks

"Dance to the musical beat, since you cant escape my rhythmic sounds".

Character Portrait: Rio Aran

Rio Aran played by Ersatz Creed

A student of Astrius Academy, he originates from the Sevrianna Continent but moved to the Rosetta Continent after his family "mysteriously disappeared" after crossing the Jace Noble Family.

Character Portrait: Cliff Lyco

Cliff Lyco played by LookingAtPerks

"Yeah. I am a werewolf. There are perks, but there are also downsides....some kinda embarrassing..."

Character Portrait: Emril Desser

Emril Desser played by Ersatz Creed

An Astrius Academy student who is an exceptional prodigy of calculations, whether they be for normal stuff, advanced science, or arcane magic, he has a good grasp on what things are.

Character Portrait: Selene Estelion

Selene Estelion played by Revenant Sorrow

Character Portrait: Guinevere Curtis

Guinevere Curtis played by Revenant Sorrow

Character Portrait: Oza

Oza played by LookingAtPerks

A student at Astrius Academy, and also a materialized AI.

Character Portrait: Therion Judex

Therion Judex played by Sepokku

"The more magnificent your hair, the better Magi you are"

Character Portrait: Blaise Arabella Hyperion

Blaise Arabella Hyperion played by Revenant Sorrow

Character Portrait: Ollie Luna

Ollie Luna played by LookingAtPerks

"Dont let my appearance fool you. I am quite strong!"

Character Portrait: Asti Sorren

Asti Sorren played by SugarNspikeS

"I'm the cute one"

Character Portrait: Asta Sorren

Asta Sorren played by LookingAtPerks

"I am the adorable one!"

Character Portrait: High Wizard Traf Uchini

High Wizard Traf Uchini played by Awinita

A high wizard, emphasis on the high, and no, he may sound like a pasta, biut he's not

Character Portrait: Calvance Stelare

Calvance Stelare played by SugarNspikeS

"I'm not that kind of angel."

Character Portrait: Linda Perrault

Linda Perrault played by Awinita

Character Portrait: Jaune Al'asfar

Jaune Al'asfar played by LookingAtPerks

"Don't be surprised by my name. Its all the rage, don't you know?"

Character Portrait: Shinku Rouge

Shinku Rouge played by LookingAtPerks

"Red was always my color anyways".

Character Portrait: Luna Bell

Luna Bell played by LookingAtPerks

"Just watch me, as I become the greatest made of all time! Stop giving me those pitying looks!"

Character Portrait: Astral Aezro

Astral Aezro played by LookingAtPerks

"Prepare to face my ultimate power! Astral Disaster!"

Character Portrait: Aedrios Gael

Aedrios Gael played by LookingAtPerks

The Leader of the Mages Guild, and a powerful figure on Origin.

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