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The Multiverse » Groups » Council of Chaos


They are Chaos, true chaos, they wish to cause chaos, and panic, and eventually claim their right to riches, fame, and utter power, they will not be defeated.

The signature of the Council of Chaos, is a deck of cards that can summon monsters.

More information will be added as time passes.

Characters Aligned

45 Characters Aligned, played by 2 Players

Character Portrait: The Dungeon Master

The Dungeon Master played by RolePlayGateway

Able to bend reality to his will with strange, obscure powers caused by the roll of a set of die, seems to carry numerous rule books of obscura about him.

Character Portrait: Inferno Date

Inferno Date played by RolePlayGateway

Inferno is the second vampire to come into existence, and the last of the original thirteen other than Markis. He is over two thousand years old and is known as the Angel of Death. The only weapons he uses are a black bladed sword and his spectral scythe.

Character Portrait: Frank Fontaine

Frank Fontaine played by RolePlayGateway

An evil, sly, corruptive, cunning, powerful bastard in Rapture, he has ties everwhere, and all the Plasmids and Adam he wants. Ryan is dead, and he runs the show now. All wrapped into a black business suit.

Character Portrait: Kataki

Kataki played by RolePlayGateway

An incredibly skilled assassin, capable of fighting small armies single handedly if need be. His powers include blood magic, an ability he gained through the demonic seal he used to wield before it left his body for a younger, more powerfull specimen.

Character Portrait: The DoomBringer

The DoomBringer played by RolePlayGateway

A being created by the universe itself to act as balance to the rapid expansion and creation of it's inhabitants. Also a member of The Dimensional Wanderers.

Character Portrait: Sato Kurotsuki, Rising Cresent Moon

Sato Kurotsuki, Rising Cresent Moon played by RolePlayGateway

is one of the founding members of the Kurotsuki family, along with his brother Ruin, they wish to shape the world. Clusmy, and normally tries to earn peoples love and affection, but inside he is a true fighter. He fights to uphold the Kurotsuki name.

Character Portrait: HK-47

HK-47 played by joco3899

An assassination/protocol droid of the HK-47 series model. He is extremely loyal to his master yet does not stop himself from saying his thoughts and opinions. Which tend to be bad. Like most of his model, he hates 'organics' - except his master of course

Character Portrait: EDF

EDF played by joco3899

The EDF, Taking Matters into their own hands around the Multiverse after the recent Surge of Violence. The EDF Has Six Alert Levels, Green: No Alert. Yellow: Minor Alert. Orange: Major offense. Red: Serious threat. Flashing Red: Glass. Purple: Nuke planet

Character Portrait: Count Vladislaus Dracula

Count Vladislaus Dracula played by joco3899

Count Dracula (born 1422 - died 1462; reborn in 1462) Dracula. The Beast of stories thought fake and nightmares dubbed a fool's fear. But he is quite real...Appearing in this realm with his three wives Marishka, Aleera and Verona

Character Portrait: Narika

Narika played by RolePlayGateway

A girl who runs the second largest Robot Manufacturing Company in the world, Intellegence Corporation. She is a master at fixing and making robots, and has an unusual affinity with animals of all kinds.

Character Portrait: Jin Kaze

Jin Kaze played by RolePlayGateway

A fire conjuring half demon. A Seventeen year old boy. A somewhat bland, yet somewhat cheery personality.

Character Portrait: Lero Demonar

Lero Demonar played by joco3899

[quote]The main focus of Project Upsilon until he broke out of the facility and brought down that branch of Altraco. He is now a man searching for the broken parts of his time while infamously doing whatever it takes to do just that.[/quote]

Character Portrait: Daedalus Kokinos

Daedalus Kokinos played by RolePlayGateway

Daedalus is a fallen ,angel he doesnt age and he looks very young, he has brown hair and his right eye is brown, the left side of his head is covered in bandages. Daedalus is a timid and shy person.

Character Portrait: Rikyu Matsuki

Rikyu Matsuki played by RolePlayGateway

An eighteen year old demon without his own memories, which were removed when Origin Centurion supposably killed him.

Character Portrait: Andrew Plywood

Andrew Plywood played by RolePlayGateway

A lost 14 year old boy; he's shy and has a medium English accent.

Character Portrait: Sabata McCloud

Sabata McCloud played by RolePlayGateway

A lieutenant in Satan's army, he has the rest of his 1000 years of life on the mortal plane before being dragged back into the fiery pits of Hell for eternal servitude.

Character Portrait: Deacon_Frost

Deacon_Frost played by RolePlayGateway

Deacon Frost is a nuisance to the vampire community. He believes he can become La-Magra, the vampire blood god. Deacon Frost is one of the most powerful vampires in New York City, and even older vampires are afraid of him.

Character Portrait: Khorne

Khorne played by RolePlayGateway

The Chaos god of anger, violence, and hate. Every act of violence gives Khorne power, whether committed by his followers or by enemies.

Character Portrait: Valkyrie Unit 00 EVE

Valkyrie Unit 00 EVE played by joco3899

A Valkyrie combat unit created for the soul purpose as to insure the safety of innocent civilians at any cost....

Character Portrait: Mirai Kaoru

Mirai Kaoru played by joco3899

Beautiful and terrible, serene and savage; He is Water. The oceans, the rivers, the tears that trickle down one's cheek. They are all Him.

Character Portrait: Morte

Morte played by RolePlayGateway

[i]A legendary Skeleton built to be near undefeatable. A good tactician, he is much smarter than the average Skeleton, full of wit, snarkyness, and smarts. It is said he has seen more combat than even the most battle-hardened veterans.[/i]

Character Portrait: Valeria Moonshine

Valeria Moonshine played by joco3899

A female dragon shifter with a seriousness to her that could sometimes get to people. She is as kind as she is beautiful.

Character Portrait: FSR-TS13

FSR-TS13 played by RolePlayGateway

Nicknamed [quote]The Berserker[/quote], it is on of Dr. Kervarkian's greatest creations. Using complex genetics to manipulate and splice the DNA of several monstrosities, he gave birth to a violent abomination.

Character Portrait: Romolus Wselwulf

Romolus Wselwulf played by RolePlayGateway

A lonely werewolf who seeks in making a new pack ,he travels alone and is very quiet.

Character Portrait: R??uku

R??uku played by RolePlayGateway

The air becomes charged with the essence of power, a man comes into view, his eyes glowing a bright red, he seems wild.....with a bounty of 5 billion

Character Portrait: The Nameless One

The Nameless One played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Rebels of the Sacred Heart

Rebels of the Sacred Heart played by joco3899

"I said no ball or chain no prison shall keep/We`re the rebels of the sacred heart"

Character Portrait: Nazreal Tasop

Nazreal Tasop played by RolePlayGateway

A demon from the lowest pits of Hell. His emergence is a sign of dark times.

Character Portrait: Iabiel

Iabiel played by joco3899

A Dijin with no master and currently free until some human has the wit to summon her that is...

Character Portrait: Cole Boreman

Cole Boreman played by joco3899

A Teenage Necromancer of 18 years of age. Usually dresses very casual and always has a smile

Character Portrait: the entity

the entity played by RolePlayGateway

An apparation conjured by an inexperienced necromancer, he now uses the necromancers powers to hunt for his next victim

Character Portrait: Link Kazeshini

Link Kazeshini played by RolePlayGateway

Once a man, is now known as the Demon Puppetmaster,

Character Portrait: Kasumi Hyorinmaru

Kasumi Hyorinmaru played by joco3899

Legendary Demon God of Ice

Character Portrait: Gruppenf??hrer Eric Falke

Gruppenf??hrer Eric Falke played by RolePlayGateway

You silly little people. The SS never died, we just left. And now, we don't have to take orders from that silly little man, Hitler.

Character Portrait: Yuki-Ren

Yuki-Ren played by joco3899

Creationist Force of the Divine and Mortal; Heart of Cosmos; Lover of Mortal Trane, and Mother of 'Kiddo'; Pickle and Ice Cream Obsessive; Reality Warper.

Character Portrait: Chishiki (Knowledge)

Chishiki (Knowledge) played by joco3899

Entity of intellegence, Knows everything there is in the universe.Extremely powerful Magic user due to knowledge

Character Portrait: Michael Grant

Michael Grant played by joco3899

"Save yourself the trouble, and give up now!"

Character Portrait: Tekum

Tekum played by joco3899

So many people try to become something great, I just find the objects that are great.

Character Portrait: Caleb Derrice

Caleb Derrice played by joco3899

A handsome and caring typical young man. He enjoys music and nature, living life to the fullest, but knowing when to stop and smell the roses.

Character Portrait: Ak'ru'na

Ak'ru'na played by RolePlayGateway

An evil scourge on the galaxy.

Character Portrait: Avalon Rose

Avalon Rose played by RolePlayGateway

Queen Faerie of the Kingdom of Wells

Character Portrait: Sariel_

Sariel_ played by joco3899

Fallen Archangel; ArchDemon.

Character Portrait: Serite

Serite played by joco3899

Character Portrait: Mark Dercy

Mark Dercy played by joco3899

Character Portrait: Erison Ryuni Kyrite

Erison Ryuni Kyrite played by joco3899

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