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The Multiverse » Groups » Cybran Nation

A Nation built from war, owning a galaxy well out the way of the goings on in the multiverse.


<Connecting to Cybran Database>
Cybran Nation

Non-Authoritarian |---------------------I| Authoritarian

No Government Control |-----------------I----| Total Government Control

Open Society |--------------I-------| Closed Society

Hawk Lobby |---------I------------| Dove Lobby

Interventionism |-------------I-------| Non-Isolationism

Members of Goverment
Emperor - Doctor Hinreich Bubbava
Adviser for Terran Relations - N/A
Supreme Commander - Sup. Commander Ingualt Rooseavet
Production Commander - Lord Joseph Crimsao
Waffen FrotiSturmquwer Commander - Lord Commissar Josphe Hiast

German (75%), English (10%), Brookjai (15%)

Notable Military Commanders
Lord General Creed (0000001 GH - 0000080 BH)
Commander Chenknov (0000380 BH - 0000470 BH)
Gerenal Al'Rahlem (0000480 BH - 0000500 BH)

Current military Commander - The Emperor of the Cybran Nation


The Cybran Nation is an unknown power to the Multiverse, masses of men and machines ready to go to war if needed but they are almost pease seeking. After thousands of wars and a number of Emperors within the last century, the Cybrans are, at this point in time pease seeking, but will go to war if any other Nation attempts to attack them in anyway. With spies located in a number of locations within the Multiverse, the Cybrans have a constant flow of information coming through a web network with allows files to be sent from one galaxy to the other in mere minutes. All of this comes at a cost however, the Cybrans as a whole are unhappy with the on goings of the Empire and want to bring a democracy with someone that knows sense at the head. This is also the military cost, but many soldiers get sent back to their homeworld have a year, and depending on the homeworld, it could be ten Terran Years.

The Cybrans use Cybran National Time, which is just like Terran time as the first Cybran settlers were once Terran, The Nation itself has changed a vast amount of times, and with the recent change currently happening.

Military: Please see the new wiki (Work in progress)
Government: Wiki will cover this too
Research: " "
Civilian information: " "

Characters Aligned

24 Characters Aligned, played by 4 Players

Character Portrait: Admiral Starship

Admiral Starship played by Tank Emperor

A battle hardened spaceship commander.

Character Portrait: Supreme Commander Ingualt Rooseavet

Supreme Commander Ingualt Rooseavet played by Tank Emperor

Character Portrait: Cybran Drachen Battle Fleet

Cybran Drachen Battle Fleet played by Tank Emperor

The first Cybran Battle Fleet to enter the Milky Way

Character Portrait: Steven Lindemann

Steven Lindemann played by Tank Emperor

Character Portrait: Nicole Reinhardt

Nicole Reinhardt played by Tank Emperor

Admiral of the Fleet, Cybran Battlefleet Reiter

Character Portrait: Rottenführer Heinrich Ritter

Rottenführer Heinrich Ritter played by Tank Emperor

The second in command of Squad 103AHI102, located on Terra.

Character Portrait: Lillian Eitoph

Lillian Eitoph played by lostamongtrees

Senior MP of the Cybran High Council

Character Portrait: C.A.A.I.

C.A.A.I. played by claw

A unit support A.I.

Character Portrait: Obersturmbannführer Adolf Landers

Obersturmbannführer Adolf Landers played by Tank Emperor

Commander of the HDS Pegasus

Character Portrait: Ursarkar Schaeffer

Ursarkar Schaeffer played by Tank Emperor

Second Admiral of the Fleet, Cybran Battlefleet Reiter

Character Portrait: Alexander Wulan

Alexander Wulan played by Tank Emperor

Cybran Minister

Character Portrait: Admiral Gorshkov

Admiral Gorshkov played by Tank Emperor

Cybran Admiral of the Fleet

Character Portrait: Obersturmführer Adolf Feynman

Obersturmführer Adolf Feynman played by Tank Emperor

Cybran Character

Character Portrait: Cybran Heer Marines

Cybran Heer Marines played by Tank Emperor

Character Portrait: Cybran Anti-Nazism Fleet 12

Cybran Anti-Nazism Fleet 12 played by Tank Emperor

Cybran Battlefleet designed to hunt out old Cybran War Criminals after the Cybran Civil War

Character Portrait: Cybran Navy

Cybran Navy played by Tank Emperor

The entire Cybran Navy

Character Portrait: Battlefleet Firesturm

Battlefleet Firesturm played by Tank Emperor

Character Portrait: Battlefleet Jioka

Battlefleet Jioka played by Tank Emperor

Character Portrait: Alexia Pane

Alexia Pane played by CrystalRose

What a bitc...

Character Portrait: Johnny Larson

Johnny Larson played by CrystalRose

Character Portrait: Bruce Withers

Bruce Withers played by CrystalRose

Character Portrait: Graai 'Renegade' Biiao

Graai 'Renegade' Biiao played by Tank Emperor

Character Portrait: Justin Agus

Justin Agus played by Tank Emperor

Character Portrait: Mitch Rooseavio

Mitch Rooseavio played by Tank Emperor

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