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The Multiverse » Groups » Dragons of Gaia

Dragons, drakes, and all of the lizardesque beasties on the planet Gaia


D r a g o n s
G a i a

The creatures in this group are simply derived of the same relative genus,
and are in no other way necessarily aligned.
If your character changes designation please contact lostamongtrees for removal

d r a g · o n
a mythical monster like a giant reptile. There are many different draconic types on the planet Gaia. Leviathans, sea serpents, flying lizards, transforming dragons, half-dragons, etc. all have a home on this mystical planet. Here is a list of some types of dragons you might find here, as all dragons are welcome.

Dragons Organizations, Bloodlines, and Clans

To that end, the Twin Gods enacted their final Miracle, and sent the Gaia Stones to the besieged planet, borne by the first and only lifeforms created by Atargatis and Sagittae themselves; dragonkind. These legendary wyrms, larger and more terrible than tales can tell, would be fitting allies against the Colossi, and the Stones they brought with them would serve to ensnare the seething, enraged minds of the Eras’ Children.

For indeed, though the Ithquent had become mighty in absorbing the shredded power of Eras, it was no small feat to slice through a mountain, or slay the very sea itself. In this, the Colossi had one weakness; their minds. The Slayer, Syros, created a spear from the very essence of the Dark Star within himself; a fell weapon that could not only slice through any stone or darkness, but also tear out the minds of its victims. The battles, then, were epic in scale and cannot be recounted here.

The Crystal Tower is located in the middle of the Atargatis Lake and is made completely from glittering crystal inside and out. It has seven floors which depict the seven elements: fire, water, earth, air, light, dark, and spirit. Treasure of great value to Gaia is hidden on each floor, protected by magical wards and a myriad of traps. Earning a Gaia stone is not a simple nor easy task. The tower has taken many lives and it is noticeable by the skeletons that lay mishappen on the floor.

A massive lake which has a crystal tower jutting towards the sky and water colored amethyst. It leave you to wonder what exactly is in that tower and why does it turn the water amethyst?

Slowly but surely, the minds of the Colossi were torn from their immense bodies and stuffed hastily into the confines of the seven Gaia stones. At their removal, the titanic remains of the Colossi, though still living, became still and heedless. Though many have become hidden and shrouded by the eons, the Exalted Mountains on Siv’en mark the remains of Ni’Thorne, and it is said that a great desert of raw ice still blooms forth from the body of Hoargraskr, who was slain at the very crown of Gaia.

Then, the Star Dragons helped the Ithquent construct the The Crystal Tower, placing therein the seven Gaia Stones to be guarded for all time. Syros, weary at his battles, diminished from the world, leaving Sol the Gatekeeper to watch over the Tower and guard it with a lake of acid, so that Gaia need never suffer again the torture of The Destroyers.

Now it was that the Children of Gaia began to count their days again, and once again scattered to the far reaches of The Mother. The Precursors and Star Dragons scattered with them, mating and proliferating in their own ways, but never wholly forgetting the times of Eras’ evil. Nor was the power of the Colossi completely vanquished, but by sheer serendipity it would not reemerge for many an age.

Characters Aligned

19 Characters Aligned, played by 11 Players

Character Portrait: Cynder

Cynder played by Rougeshadow

Cynder is a black dragon with a dark past. She has powers over Poison, Fear, Wind and Shadow

Character Portrait: Toothless

Toothless played by Princess Awinita

Nothing says "Drunken Dragon!" like a Night Fury that has one little child

Character Portrait: Ixu Shen

Ixu Shen played by Princess Awinita

The Daughter of a Night Fury and a Gold Dragon

Character Portrait: Houpetorlivaij

Houpetorlivaij played by Marcus

Beguiler, Theif Lord, Spymaster, you decide for yourself when you come across this Black Dragon.

Character Portrait: Inikhethadaternock

Inikhethadaternock played by Marcus

Sand Dragon of the southern sands and master cook.

Character Portrait: Dilonbeinaud

Dilonbeinaud played by Rougeshadow

Dead Foul Suffer

Character Portrait: Smaragdos

Smaragdos played by lostamongtrees

Emerald Dragon

Character Portrait: Raziel of the frozen north

Raziel of the frozen north played by T_Ax

One of the last of the ancient race known as "dragons"

Character Portrait: Vatra Margarette Soro

Vatra Margarette Soro played by Sambea

Character Portrait: Irral, the First Son.

Irral, the First Son. played by Scorpion01

The First Son of Light The All-Mother, Corrupted, but not lost.

Character Portrait: Tolyl the Unbinder

Tolyl the Unbinder played by lil_kreen

Lesser of Myrkul's Vein, the weapon of wrath.

Character Portrait: Highlord Dorant Magthulia

Highlord Dorant Magthulia played by Fishbucket

Pray that he comes in peace, for you will not survive war with him.

Character Portrait: Zervi, The Gentle

Zervi, The Gentle played by lil_kreen

A contemplative sort inclined not to eat those with a pleasant manner.

Character Portrait: Wave

Wave played by Wolfreader

a sea dragon, female, shy, nice, fast, glow in the dark scales.

Character Portrait: Urakena

Urakena played by lostamongtrees

Beautiful sea dragon with bioluminescent edges

Character Portrait: Sinfrost

Sinfrost played by lostamongtrees

Character Portrait: Alkirina The Storm Singer

Alkirina The Storm Singer played by Butterfly Effect

Character Portrait: Zirkonia

Zirkonia played by lostamongtrees

A white dragon who prefers the cold

Character Portrait: Brennouros

Brennouros played by lostamongtrees

Two headed dragon with lots of internal conflict, leave them alone

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