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The Multiverse » Groups » Empyrean Norse Kingdom

The Empyrean Norsemen have a well established space-faring kingdom on an isolated island in the Empyrean High Seas, originating on planet Gaia in the Milky Way and waving a dragon banner.


Halfdan Svensson is the current konung (high king) of the Empyrean Norse Kingdom, established by one of his great ancestors on Gaia who had served both Ulfric Ellrufsson the Ulfhednar, and Sigurd Hring the Ringtaker who was once the konung of the Iskjerne Viking Kingdom of Iskjerne Bay long long ago. Prince Logan Haakonsson is the current heir to the throne, being a direct descendant of Astrid Trygvirsdottir, whose brothers and nephews founded the House of Ellrulf in the distant past. The Empyrean Norse Kingdom is a space-faring kingdom that stretches from one arm of the Milky Way galaxy to another. Their culture is distinguished by much embroidered gold and silver, two precious metals they use to craft just about everything, from spaceships, body armor, weapons, great halls and eating utensils. Needless to say, they are very wealthy, but they are also more civil and less warlike than their Iskjerne Viking cousins, being more prone to trading and exploration rather than raiding and conquest. Instead, they rely on the military expertise and covert prowess of the Sjóálfar, or Sea Elves of Gaia, a dryadic elvish speaking folk who act as loyal mercenaries to the Empyrean Norse Kingdom, accompanied by tiny Empyrean faerie-like landvaettir who assist them as spies.

Characters Aligned

48 Characters Aligned, played by 4 Players

Character Portrait: Sigurd Hring

Sigurd Hring played by Sigurd

Sigurd Hring is a legendary viking war strategist and king made famous for killing Ellrulf Trygvirsson and Harald Wartooth at the Battle of Bravellir, and for defeating the Taiyou emperor Shimizu Takayama at Iskjerne Bay.

Character Portrait: Erling Snake

Erling Snake played by Sigurd

Erling Snake fought at the Battle of Bravellir and the Battle of Svolder which made him famous as the Slayer of Olaf Trygvirsson.

Character Portrait: Iskjerne Vikings

Iskjerne Vikings played by Sigurd

Norse pagan explorers and settlers from Iskjerne Bay.

Character Portrait: Dainn

Dainn played by Sigurd

Dainn is a free spirit. Besides this he is also the king of the high light elves or ljosalfar, known for their magic and agility.

Character Portrait: Dvalinn

Dvalinn played by Sigurd

Dvalinn is the king of the dvergar, a strange species of dwarf known for their craftsmanship and abilities.

Character Portrait: The Ljosalfar

The Ljosalfar played by Sigurd

The Ljosalfar are high light-elves from the interdimensional realm of Alfheim..

Character Portrait: The Dvergar

The Dvergar played by Sigurd

Dvergar are a unique race of dwarves from the kingdom of Nidavellir in Svartalfheim, known for their magic.

Character Portrait: Ivar the Boneless

Ivar the Boneless played by Ivar the Boneless

Ivar the Boneless is the crippled son of Ragnar Lothbrok, and the grandson of the legendary viking Sigurd Hring.

Character Portrait: Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok played by Ivar the Boneless

Ragnar Lothbrok the legendary dragon slayer and viking leader.

Character Portrait: Bjorn Ironside

Bjorn Ironside played by Ivar the Boneless

Bjorn Ironside is the grandson of Sigurd Hring, the son of Ragnar Lothbrok, and the brother of Ubbe Ragnarsson.

Character Portrait: Ubbe Ragnarsson

Ubbe Ragnarsson played by Ivar the Boneless

Ubbe is the son of Ragnar Lothbrok, and brother to Bjorn Ironside.

Character Portrait: Hrafn-Floki

Hrafn-Floki played by Ivar the Boneless

Floki is a seer, a shipbuilder, a carpenter, and a viking.

Character Portrait: Lagertha

Lagertha played by Ivar the Boneless

Lagertha is Ragnar Lothbrok's wife and a famous shield-maiden.

Character Portrait: Aslaug Sigurdsdottir

Aslaug Sigurdsdottir played by Ivar the Boneless

Aslaug the seeress, a witch, the daughter of Sigurd the Dragonslayer and the valkyrie Brunhilda.

Character Portrait: Harald Fairhair

Harald Fairhair played by Ivar the Boneless

A powerful and ambitious viking leader.

Character Portrait: Volund

Volund played by Ivar the Boneless

Volund is the leader of the Alfar who inhabit Iskjerne Bay.

Character Portrait: Iskjerne Ulfhednar

Iskjerne Ulfhednar played by Ivar the Boneless

Iskjerne Ulfhednar is a small army or tribe of wolf-skinned warriors.

Character Portrait: Iskjerne Berserkers

Iskjerne Berserkers played by Ivar the Boneless

Iskjerne Berserkers is a small army or tribe of bear-skinned viking warriors.

Character Portrait: Iskjerne Svinfylking

Iskjerne Svinfylking played by Ivar the Boneless

Iskjerne Svinfylking is a small army or tribe of pig-skinned viking warriors.

Character Portrait: Iskjerne Hrafnfylking

Iskjerne Hrafnfylking played by Ivar the Boneless

Iskjerne Hrafnfylking is a small army or tribe of raven-banner vikings, merchants, shipbuilders, fishermen, sailors, wood carvers and rune masters..

Character Portrait: Iskjerne Kattrfylking

Iskjerne Kattrfylking played by Ivar the Boneless

Iskjerne Kattrfylking is a small army or tribe of cat-skinned viking witches and seeresses.

Character Portrait: Iskjerne Hornuglar

Iskjerne Hornuglar played by Ivar the Boneless

Iskjerne Hornuglar is a small army or tribe of female viking warriors and shield-maidens..

Character Portrait: Iskjerne Hestahar

Iskjerne Hestahar played by Ivar the Boneless

Iskjerne Hestahar is a small army or tribe of viking equestrians and war cavalry.

Character Portrait: Allaran_Darkbane

Allaran_Darkbane played by Allaran_Darkbane

Grand Majister Allaran Darkbane, also known as Allaran the Wizard, or Allaran the Trifling, is a Sindorei Dhampir, Blood Mage and former Mentor of the Dark Arts.

Character Portrait: Wōđanaz

Wōđanaz played by Sigurd_Hring

Wodanaz appears to be a wandering old man with a long grey beard and dark blue cloak wearing a wide brimmed helm of gold.

Character Portrait: Thorvald Asvaldsson

Thorvald Asvaldsson played by Sigurd_Hring

Thorvald Asvaldsson, father of Erik the Red.

Character Portrait: Halfdan Svensson

Halfdan Svensson played by Sigurd_Hring

Halfdan Svensson is the great grandson of Hethel Svensson.

Character Portrait: Goffre Alvisson

Goffre Alvisson played by Sigurd_Hring

Goffre Alvisson is a Norse jarl under King Halfdan Svensson, and the great grandson of Stryder Alvirsson.

Character Portrait: Erik Thorvaldsson

Erik Thorvaldsson played by Sigurd_Hring

They call me Erik the Red.

Character Portrait: Ragnar Sigurdsson

Ragnar Sigurdsson

Ragnar Lothbrok is the son of Sigurd Hring.

Character Portrait: Ragnar Lothbrok Sigurdsson

Ragnar Lothbrok Sigurdsson played by Sigurd_Hring

Ragnar Lothbrok is the son of Sigurd Hring.

Character Portrait: Svegdir Staghelm

Svegdir Staghelm played by Sigurd_Hring

Svegdir Staghelm is a Norse explorer.

Character Portrait: Empyrean Norsemen

Empyrean Norsemen played by Sigurd_Hring

The Empyrean Norsemen serve King Halfdan Svensson of the Empyrean Norse Kingdom of Gaia.

Character Portrait: Wolfgang Yorisson

Wolfgang Yorisson played by Sigurd_Hring

Wolfgang Yorisson is a Norse explorer.

Character Portrait: Karvi-3

Karvi-3 played by Sigurd_Hring

Karvi-3 is a small 25-foot-long convertiboat, one of the escape pods belonging to the Stjornhestr, an Empyrean Norse spaceship.

Character Portrait: Robert I of Ellaria

Robert I of Ellaria played by Sigurd_Hring

Hrollaug Sigurdsson, formerly the Norse prince of Iskjerne Bay and a prominent leader of the Vikings, now a French nobleman.

Character Portrait: Empyrean Ulfhednar

Empyrean Ulfhednar played by Sigurd_Hring

Empyrean Ulfhednar are the elite bodyguards of the Empyrean Norse nobles and royal families.

Character Portrait: Grimnir the Hooded

Grimnir the Hooded played by Sigurd_Hring

Grimnir is a quiet, peaceful, mysterious old man with a gold hooded cloak and long white beard.

Character Portrait: Alruna Halfdansdottir

Alruna Halfdansdottir played by Sigurd_Hring

Princess Alruna is the wife of Prince Logan Haakonsson of the Empyrean Norse Kingdom.

Character Portrait: Empyrean Sjóálfar

Empyrean Sjóálfar played by Sigurd_Hring

The Sjóálfar or Empyrean Sea Elves are an elvish-dryadic speaking faefolk and elite mercenary unit for the Empyrean Norse Kingdom in service of Prince Logan Haakonsson.

Character Portrait: Snorri Jonasson

Snorri Jonasson played by Sigurd_Hring

Snorri Jonasson is a talented Empyrean Norse skald, poet, writer, storyteller and musician.

Character Portrait: Stjornkona

Stjornkona played by Sigurd_Hring

Stjornkona is one of three magically endowed space-faring Viking longships belonging to the Empyrean Norse Kingdom.

Character Portrait: Rufus the Bald

Rufus the Bald played by Sigurd_Hring

Rufus the Bald is the champion of King Halfdan Svensson.

Character Portrait: Fudorn Auricsson

Fudorn Auricsson played by Sigurd_Hring

Fudørn Auricsson is a jarl, shipbuilder, smith and the great grandson of Fudørn Ivansson the Wise.

Character Portrait: Logan Haakonsson

Logan Haakonsson played by Sigurd_Hring

Prince Logan Haakonsson is a descendant of Erling Snake and Astrid Trygvirsdottir, heir of the Empyrean Norse Kingdom, and leader of the Empyrean Sjóálfar, married to Princess Alruna Halfdansdottir.

Character Portrait: Stjornhestr

Stjornhestr played by Sigurd_Hring

Stjörnhestr is one of three magically endowed space-faring Viking longships belonging to the Empyrean Norse Kingdom.

Character Portrait: Kelsey the Healer

Kelsey the Healer played by Sigurd_Hring

Kelsey the Healer is an Empyrean Norse völva, a sort of witch doctor and medicine woman with knowledge of herbalism and healing arts.

Character Portrait: Birger Torvesson

Birger Torvesson played by Sigurd_Hring

Birger Torvesson is a Norse Gaelic artist, mapmaker, and explorer for the Empyrean Norse Kingdom.

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