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The Multiverse » Groups » Gae Ceann

The original Gae Ceann: An exclusive club of paranormal and normal entities which are brought together for their love of one another, their motorbikes and the underground crime world.



The Gae Ceann are simply put a local group of criminally and supernaturally charged bikers. The club is led by a headless horseman named Benjamin who leads with an aggressive hand, putting his nose into everything that goes around the underground and his stink too. The Mythology flavor is strong with the group as many of the members are refugees from a land that no longer believes in them, and welcomes other entities to join this brotherhood of bikers.

Once a part of the Gae Ceann, always a part of the Gae Ceann. Treat your brothers and sisters the way you would treat your blood. Finally... All heads will roll.

"Benny. Fuckers been here for a long god damn time and he made this club. We owe him a lot. Treat him like he's your daddy and you'll be fine."
There can only be one. The leader of the Gae Ceann and his word is final on all things.
Benjamin Dullahan; 'Benny'

"I'm a fuckin' VP. Vice President. We make sure that you lot are doing the right god damn thing by the club and don't fuckin' forget it mate."
The Vice Presidents of the club are only one below the President of the club. They have the power to collectively veto things, make up plans for the rest of the club and are responsible for breaking in the new members. A vice president is to be honored by the rest of the club and are required to vote on less than legal ventures before embarking on them.

"Enforcers. They're the bread and butter of dis' here organization. They've proved themselves capable and handle anybody whose an enemy or generally annoying."
The enforcers are a generalized name for the more rugged members. That usually means the treasurers, muscle, and sergeant-at-arms types. These men are members of the club though and though, and are not to be fucked with by outsiders. They are the muscle and right hand, and all of them are hand picked by the President and his VP's.

"These prospects mate, they're the fucken' raw newbies who want to join the gang. Suckup or fuck off, yeah?"
When somebody desires entrance into the club, he must first be a hang-around for a period of time and get to know someone in the club well enough for that person to recommend or 'sponsor' him into the club. After the recommendation is made, the entire membership will vote on whether to consider this man for possible membership. If there is one dissenting vote, the man is not considered.

The Cut: The Gae Ceann treat their leather jackets with the utmost respect. They are made of pig leather dyed a stark black, and usually feature a hood. The front displays nickname, rank, years served in the club.
Allies: Vankoryth Detente, any splinter organizations of the Vankoryth Dentente,
Enemies: The WPCD, any lawful organization, any enemies of the Vankoryth Dentente.
Assets: A gunsmith, clubhouse and other frivolities.


The Gae Ceann Clubhouse

Characters Aligned

17 Characters Aligned, played by 12 Players

Character Portrait: Benjamin Dullahan

Benjamin Dullahan played by Gasmask

A biker hunting heads and taking names.

Character Portrait: Croaker

Croaker played by RolePlayGateway

Vampire Berzerker

Character Portrait: Jack Ceann

Jack Ceann played by Gasmask

Vice President for the Gae Ceann. Who happens to be an angry streetfighter and casual werewolf.

Character Portrait: Renny ("Silent Scream") Higgins

Renny ("Silent Scream") Higgins played by Rulke

The forewarning of the inevitable, the scream in the darkness, the emptiness in the end. Oh and she rides a motorbike.

Character Portrait: Evianna Hartley

Evianna Hartley played by AppleSauce

A shapeshifting, flesh eating biker. Enforcer of the Gae Ceann

Character Portrait: Yojimbo

Yojimbo played by RolePlayGateway

"No comment.."

Character Portrait: Gerekn Kelluf

Gerekn Kelluf played by Floorgan

Character Portrait: Aiden Blar

Aiden Blar played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Rayan Doyle

Rayan Doyle played by lostamongtrees

Strangest Danger. Clad in a leather jacket shining with spikes, he rarely smiles.

Character Portrait: Noel Harrison

Noel Harrison played by Marcus

Bishop the cook for those who know me so well. Otherwise shut the fuck up and sit your sorry ass down.

Character Portrait: Kevyn Shikoba Conway

Kevyn Shikoba Conway played by Riverstyx777

The typical Irish hooligan, to say the least.

Character Portrait: Perro

Perro played by CrashQueen

Good boy, King of Hounds

Character Portrait: Awiti

Awiti played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Ruby Geniva

Ruby Geniva played by Rougeshadow

Gunsmith of all kinds

Character Portrait: Fausto Lavoie

Fausto Lavoie played by Dr. Nikolai

A fun loving guy, who likes many different kinds of alcohol and enjoy's many different forms of company......

Character Portrait: Hark

Hark played by Gasmask

An enforcer for the Gae Ceann

Character Portrait: Chico Gallagher

Chico Gallagher played by Dignitas

A large Hispanic man dressed in black leather and kelly green.

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