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The Multiverse » Groups » Gardener Matriarchy

Matriarchal society of herbivores that spread out through the empires due to an ecological catastrophe imposed upon them.


Bvetin Matriarchy

Conventional Name: Bvetin Matriarchy
Conventional Short Form: BM, Bvetin
Local Name: Quietus visual approximation resembles an instant of time of Bvetin impacting the land with a verdigris tsunami.
Local Short Form: Quietus short form resembles a laborer made out of woven grass bearing a digging implement and a claw glaive.

Motto: Regrow and Reinforce (Chosen for human interaction)
Anthem: An animated version of Bvetin's name transmitted in concert.
Capital: The hive of Matriarchies, quietus short form is a hexagonal grid with Bvetin's quietus form at the center
Largest City: The Palm of Bvetin
Official Languages:
  • White Quietus - This is the primary language spoken by Gardeners including the Matriarchs. It's a neuroform language and expresses ideas,concepts, and senses directly. It is most compatible with psychic contact of the races that support it. Only the Matriarchs and groups of intelligence caste are capable of using psychic contact directly.
  • English - Words and names were chosen in english for all governmental functions after Bvetin took on Her dreamer but the quietus form is considered 'proper'.

Recognized Regional Languages:
  • Brown Quietus - This is a variant spoken by larger castes that exists primarily in the higher frequencies that carry for longer distances. It’s also much simpler as it leans more on their intellect for encryption.
  • Chirp - Spoken by groups of intel across their link to Matriarchs. Neuroforms are far more regular but vary from Matriarch to Matriarch.

Minority Ethnic Groups:
  • Barren Matriarchs - Sometimes while barren matriarchs are born or their ability to lay eggs is otherwise hampered they are not euthanized. Other healthy matriarchs tithe eggs to them and the barren matriarchies are some of the most adaptive if eclectic. Human habitation that exists is predominantly within barren matriarchies. This is still considered pejorative to many living under barren matriarchies as well as when interacting with male humans of authority. Since Bvetin began requiring other Matriarchs to tithe eggs to barren Matriarchies the word has gained more respect but the history remains.
  • Lesser Matriarchs - While the high matriarchs may manage the grand scheme lesser matriarchs do exist as old eggs eventually hatch into separate individuals if the current matriarch lives to a ripe old age. They frequently take on an allegiance with one of the high Matriarchs until they have a role among them. Regardless of their status they are afforded equal respect among the High Matriarchy's members.
  • False Matriarchs - This is a rank that affords respect to females of any race but not power. It is also used when referring to other Matriarchs of equal status to indicate that the Matriarch is not their own.
Demonym: Gardener (noun), Gardenerian (adjective)

Genus Subspecies:
  • High soldier - Strong creatures used for both war and heavy labor. They are extraordinarily hardy creatures that can tolerate a good deal of damage and noxious products. They require a large amount of food and much like other of the larger subpecies are capable of consuming vegetable shortening or oil directly.
    • Cuticle pores - Chemically inert waxy cuticle layer extruded on the limbs through pores which is groomed onto the skin by themselves or others.
    • Living Armor - Non-newtonian subdermal layer resists sudden blunt-force trauma and small-arms fire. The skin itself is laced with networks of nanocellulose depositing networks of tubules to resist slashing.
    • Robust Micrometere-resistant lungs - Rugged respiratory system capable of ejecting extremely small particles is larger than they need. While the lung layers are less efficient at passing oxygen they are very good at keeping toxins out and tolerating damage.
    • Strong hemostatic - While all gardeners have a self sealing circulatory system this caste’s onset and release times are quite rapid to facilitate quick healing and blood loss stoppage.
    • Blade arms - These blade arms while able to lock large hardened segments in place are flexible when extended and they are frequently used for heavy manipulation. The talons on their edge are sharp on both sides but point down and are prehensile in that they can clamp down to avoid damaging things they lift using them.
    • Venemous bite - While the royal caste is still vegetarian their palps have fangs on them that inject a poison similar in function to ketamine. At the dosages that Gardeners need to paralyze it is quite lethal in humans.
  • Observers - Small creatures with hypersocial dispositions primarily engaged in the gathering or distribution of information. They also serve as the eyes and ears of the matriarch for which they serve. High octane flyers they can consume as much food as the larger royal soldier caste if regularly engaged.
    • Compartmentalized flight system - Branchial hearts act in a separated subsystem to empower the wings during flight. Combined with lateral blood sacs they can sustain burst exertions that produce extreme aerodynamic loads without turning anoxic. Nonetheless while not engaged with flight the hearts support the main body so if gliding can sustain flight over extreme altitudes for hours without oxygen. As the blood supplies are segregated during operation a complete exhaustion of flight muscles will not deplete cognizant function.
    • Gestalt Immunology, pretersympathetic nervous system - These creatures share a form of psionic immunology that communicates protein, and endocrine patterns using background quietus from other nearby known peers. If one observer should successfully resist an exposed poison the successful endocrine or neurological pathway will impress itself as segments of genetic PNA production in its peers. Soon as epigenetic adaptations mount a deadly neurotoxin exposed to kill a group of them may soon become a liability as a significant remainder arrive to poke holes in respirators. Especially once healers later acquire adaptor zero to fabricate vaccines or a Matriarch uses them to breed new lines and concrete the adaptive changes. In any case they ensure a long-term sample for other Observers to refresh their immunity from though it often has serious effects. The Gestalt near adapted observers stabilizes the chemical over the long term and often integrates some of its effects. Rarer expressions and mutations may integrate chemical production into the given Observer's biology. Full integrations of foreign cell matter as gut or surface biotics are possible as the Gestalt stabilizes the source of the immunity.
    • Monochrome active camouflage - Using their very prodigious field of view they can change melanophores in the skin above their light carapace layer to impress a camouflage pattern appropriate to their environment. If well-controlled even warped according to their background given the point of view of a target direction. While not invisibility it remains quite functional to conceal their presence.

Government: Meritocratic Matriarchal Theocracy
Leader: High Matriarch (Bvetin), Dreamer (Harlow Valentine)
Legislature: Multicameral - (Polycentric law)
  • Matriarch of War (Nemesis) - Deals with matters of the military.
  • Matriarch of Architecture (Hestia) - Triplet sister of Hephaestae and Hecatate. Tends to worldwide infrastructure
  • Matriarch of Tools (Hephaestae) - Triplet sister of Hestia and Hecatate. Manages tools of all kinds and their manufacture as well as the installation of parts in electrical infrastructure.
  • Matriarch of Knowledge (Thothess) - A hive that tends to knowledge itself and the retention thereof. They store everything they can get their hands on that they do not already have.
  • Matriarch of Defense (Aerios) - Busies herself with defending the holdings of Gardner-kind and ensuring they are secure. Engages in a great deal of exercises and war-games which other matriarchs assist in for their own goals.
  • Matriarch of Bounty (Volla) - This matriarch busies Herself with the storage and distribution of goods among the hives as well as trading with nongardener races
  • Matriarch of Growth (Croana) - Terraforming the world falls under this matriarch's purview as well as farming their meager food supply
  • Matriarch of Care (Hygieia) - This is the primarily medical matriarch who is engaged with understanding human medical systems and tools to ensure the good health of other dreamers she may take under Her care. She also is the lineage of most healer caste.
  • Matriarch of Induction (Croana) - This is a recently ascended matriarch that concerns Herself with immigration and management of the vast quantity of gardeners now off-world to avoid starvation. They have the most english 'speakers' among the hives and fill out all paperwork generated by a Gardner's interaction with a foreign government.
  • Matriarch of Understanding (Oculi) - This matriarch busies herself with topics of research rather than the management of personnel. She is the matriarch with the most citizens by fiat by way of the Hive Matriarch. She has a great deal of the Watcher of Exotics and Scrier of souls that operate under Her auspices.
  • Matriarch of Conduction (Hecatate) - Triplet of Hestia and Hephaestae and Matriarch of the equator this matriarch deals in power generation primarily solar and wind in nature. The most well connected of the matriarchs she has regular contact with a great deal of the matriarchy and serves often as a neutral party to disputes. Hestia maintains the infrastructure that Hephaestae builds for Hecatate. She employs Nemesis and Aerios to heavily defend the access points found into the ring station around the planet.

Other Agencies:
  • Agent of Hives (Tankus, Royal Soldier caste) - Concerns itself with holdings by the Matriarchy that are off-world such as safe houses as well as the movements of royal soldiers while off-world.
  • Agent of Seeds (Greenthumb, Worker caste) - Tasked with the redevelopment of the planet and terraforming their planet to a more natural state.
  • Agent of bonds (Told, Worker caste) - This is their prison system and tracks any holdings on Gardener soil owned by contractors or those otherwise not natural citizens.
  • Scrier of souls (Eyes, High intel caste) - This is a new caste that concerns itself with developing psychic phenomena in the matriarchy as well as the other castes. It also busies itself with using those powers to study alien races.
  • Watcher of exotics (Torn, Intel Caste) - This caste tends mostly to mundane interests of research castes that are offworld or contracted non-gardner research groups and facilitating their studies.

Political Parties

(To Do)


Area: Bvetin has unified all other hives and returned them to sapience the entire planet is Hers.
Water (%): 12%, Currently in worldwide drought ecological conditions as a large quantities of water has locked at the poles.
Population: 900 million on-planet, 1.2 billion off-planet
Population Density: Sporadic, primarily concentrated in megacities constructed as very dense hives.
Currency: Chit
Current Conversion Rate: While on planet the race does not accept foreign currency. Barter or chit only. Merchants of the Matriarch of Bounty only do business in other currencies not their own.

Independence: Recent. ~30 years ago foreign agents tampering with their biology and ecology were evicted after Bvetin acquired a dreamer.
National Holiday: Birth of the Matriarch, (regional, high matriarch)
Constitution: Autocratic in nature. Bond of care by the high Matriarch updated by a council of Matriarchs.
Legal System: Agent of bonds, Watcher of Exotics, Task groups of high workers
Suffrage: Any Gardener approved to a task group by their Matriarch.
Citizenship: Birth from a Matriarch, induction of a Dreamer, citizenship by Matriarchal fiat. Nonracials may only possess citizenship by the sufferance of the Hive Matriarch Bvetin and it can be revoked.
Tourism: None, casual tourists are not tolerated and ejected. The Matriarchy of exotics is permissive to scientific outfits but all paid mercenary presence must be Gardnerian. Non Gardener presence is essentially limited to contractors only.

Military Resources

Standing Military: ~3 million (active), ~14 m (Offworld)
Space Fleet: 3 vessels, cargo and personnel by purchase, Matriarchy maintains safe houses for chirp and dimensional 'Hop' between points.
Technological Advancements: Dimensional 'Hop' is expensive but allows instantaneous low-volume transit between sufficiently strong Matriarchs and receiving locations.

The Hands of Bvetin
Headquarters: The Spines of War

Lesser Matriarch of Void (space-capable vessels)
Lesser Matriarch of Water (maintains specialized caste for water and related vehicles)
Lesser Matriarch of Sky (Air caste, includes transport caste and intelligence caste. Some purchased vehicles.)
Lesser Matriarch of Blood (ground troops, artillery, specialized air caste, and such)
Lesser Matriarch of Enemies (interacts with the high matriarch of Knowledge to collate military intelligence)

The lesser Matriarchs are assigned royal soldiers by high Matriarch Nemesis though the lesser Matriarch of enemies may have access to human mercenaries or contractors. As the royal soldiers are used for heavy labor they comprise a fairly large portion of the race's population though only about 3 million perfect their craft and skills on a continuous basis.

Hive Matriarch (Bvetin)
Matriarch of War (Nemesis)
Lesser Matriarch
Hive Agent

Other People:

Characters Aligned

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Character Portrait: Jaunt Bvetin

Jaunt Bvetin played by lil_kreen

Nope for Hire

Character Portrait: 'Smudgie' Bvetin

'Smudgie' Bvetin played by lil_kreen

I see. I hear. I know. For Bvetin.

Character Portrait: Vinculum Oculi

Vinculum Oculi played by lil_kreen

We investigate power for Oculi

Character Portrait: Armful Bvetin

Armful Bvetin played by lil_kreen

I has thumbs!

Character Portrait: Gardener High Matriarch Bvetin

Gardener High Matriarch Bvetin played by lil_kreen

We are the first to dream of freedom, we will not be the last.

Character Portrait: Sienna Oculi

Sienna Oculi played by lil_kreen

Yes, I *am* 'the cute redhead'. You're just jealous I'm the one Stanton brushes.

Character Portrait: Sprinkles Thothess

Sprinkles Thothess played by lil_kreen

Bvetin encouraged my matriarch to take chances. So here I am!

Character Portrait: Rhia Nemesis

Rhia Nemesis played by lil_kreen

Sullen weaponsmith with a store to mind even if she likes feeding people.

Character Portrait: Pale Oculi

Pale Oculi played by lil_kreen

Now you see the needle, and now you don't.

Character Portrait: Earthrend Hestia

Earthrend Hestia played by lil_kreen

Dig Dig Dig. What? I like my job. Want some statues?

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