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The Multiverse » Groups » GUNDO

GUNDO stands for Godspeed Underground Networking Dedicated to Overwatch




GUNDO operates from one main base of operations, Enegia, a large base that holds approximately 30,000,000 people who are either Enegia citizens (they were born on Enegia) or they are confirmed agents working for GUNDO. GUNDO accepts any applicants hoping to keep the peace among the known Milky Way, although very few know anything about the organization itself, besides the fact that they take out warmongers, dictators, anyone meaning to do harm to a civilization, civilian, planet etc. GUNDO makes sure that there are at least 100 agents on any given planet at any time. They have a very organized ranking system. What every applicant needs to be a registered agent of GUNDO are as follows...

1.) Willing to follow orders
2.) Willing to keep the peace no matter the stakes
3.) Clean slate (Some crimes will slide though, such as minor theft, minor assault etc.)
4.) Willing to kill if necessary

Characters Aligned

4 Characters Aligned, played by 1 Players

Character Portrait: Harry Ozmindius

Harry Ozmindius played by Gundo

Mysterious hacker working for a secret agency known as Gundo. He is also referred to as Hathom

Character Portrait: GUNDO

GUNDO played by Gundo

Secret peace keeping organization that keeps a watchful eye over hundreds of star systems

Character Portrait: Heather Hartshaw A.K.A (Lady Hartshaw)

Heather Hartshaw A.K.A (Lady Hartshaw) played by Gundo

Princess of the Hartshaw family, and secret leader of GUNDO

Character Portrait: Artis

Artis played by Gundo

A combat robot with a human interface manufactured by GUNDO

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